FanFic - Crossovers
"Secret Lives"
Part 1
by Jessi Lori
Disclaimer: We own none of the characters used in this story. They belong to Joss Whedon, Melinda Metz, and Jason Katims. We're just using them and will return them till the next time we feel like screwing with their lives. :)
Summary: Liz has a secret that could endanger everyone in her life.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
Authors Note: Post-Destiny. Not speculative. Jess and I know that what we're writing about would never happen.

Faith walked along the Harbour Expressway in Canada. She shivered a little in the night air before turning around. There was nothing there. Get it together Faith, she thought to herself before turning back around. She walked a little farther and just as she reached the intersection of Balmoral St. and Harbour Expy. she was jumped from behind. Faith hit the ground with a thud and immediately turned over to see her attacker. Well it wasn't a vampire that was for sure. But whatever it was it was ugly, it was snarling at her, and it had really bad breath. Okay enough personal assessment Faith. Time to kick ass. She tried to push it off and herself off but the thing had a good grip on her and it wasn't letting her move. Faith started to get a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach when the thing's hand or claw as it was moved to her neck. She took the opportunity to notice the blank stare it was giving her. Oh God. she thought and then with a snap she thought no more.

Cotswold, England-

"We need to decide. The time has come to call a new slayer."

"So Faith finally bought it?"

"Don't be boorish Peter." Maxwell said.

"Gentlemen the subjects at hand are the employment of Rupert Giles and Wesley Pryce." Thomas said.

"We should let them back in."

"I second the motion."

"All in favor?"


"The aye's have it. Contact Rupert and Wesley and let them know that they're needed in Roswell, New Mexico. The new slayer's name is Elizabeth Parker."

LA- (City of Angel's)-

Cordelia Chase sighed as she finished typing the invoice. That was the last one. She stretched her arms over head and then stifled a yawn. This last week had been exhausting. She had thought now that TPTB had changed their minds and brought Doyle back, that the visions would go away. But they hadn't. She had had 3 visions that week. Each one worse than the last.

But she could handle the visions... it was the look on Doyle's face that was killing her. He looked... stricken. And guilty. He thought it was his fault that she had them. And she knew he would do anything to take them away from her. But there was nothing he COULD do. And she would do anything to take the guilt away from him. Because she knew the truth. TPTB had wanted to teach her a lesson. A lesson in compassion

The phone rang then getting her attention. She picked it up. "Hello Angel Investigations."

"Is Wesley Wyndam Pryce there?"

"Wesley Wyndam Pryce?" Cordelia stifled a laugh. She had never known Wesley's middle name. Never cared to find out to be truthful. "May I ask who's calling?"

"Maxwell Donovan."

"Let me see if he's in. Hold please." Cordelia put the phone on hold and looked at Wesley. "Well Wesley Wyndam..." Wesley blanched upon hearing his middle name. Cordelia continued, "you have a Maxwell Donovan on the phone for you!"

"Maxwell Donovan?" Wesley looked shocked. "Are you sure?"

"Duh Wesley! Its what the man said!" Cordelia said, rolling her eyes. "Like I would make up a name like that!"

"It's just that Maxwell Donovan is part of the- Never mind." Wesley took the phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Wesley Pryce?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yes it is."

"This is Maxwell Donovan. Head of the Watcher's Council."

"I'm aware of who you are."

"A vote came down yesterday and you have been reinstated as a watcher along with Rupert Giles. You will receive instructions pertaining to your new slayer in a few weeks." *click*

Wesley stood there holding the phone in his hand with a shocked expression on his face for several minutes.

"Cordelia!" Doyle hissed.


"Check out Wesley! What do you think was up with that call?" he asked, with a curious expression on his face.

"I don't know but he's looking majorly confused. Where's Angel?"

"Downstairs. Meditating."

"Well go shake him out of it. We're gonna need him."

Sunnydale, CA-

"Okay Giles what's the big emergency?" Buffy Summers said as she flopped down on Rupert Giles' couch.

"I got an interesting call this afternoon" Giles said mysteriously.

"About what? Did a demon get polite and call ahead before he ransacked Sunnydale?"

Giles grimaced, "Cute, Buffy. No this call was from the Watcher's Council. It appears that I am to be reinstated as a Watcher."

Buffy's eyes widened, "So we're gonna be official again?"

Giles cleared his throat, "Well, actually I am to be assigned to a new slayer."

"A new slayer? Why would there be a new slayer?" Buffy asked, confused, slowly comprehension dawned, "Something happened to Faith finally, didn't it?"

"A few days ago in Canada. Her body was found on the Harbour Expy. badly mutilated." Giles said in a grave tone. "The new slayer lives in Roswell, New Mexico."

"Roswell? The place the aliens supposedly landed? That Roswell?"

"Yes. I'm to go there and begin training her. Her name is Elizabeth Parker."

"So why are you telling me this?"

"Because I think you should come with me."

"Come with you?" Buffy says in disbelief. "To Roswell? But what about all the demons and vamps here in Sunnydale?"

"Willow, Riley, Xander and the rest are perfectly competent to handle everyday stuff. If anything big comes up they can call us and we'll come back."

"WE'LL come back?" Buffy asked with hope in her voice. "I thought once you were assigned a slayer you had to stay..."

"Well, in a normal situation that would be the case... but I wasn't the only watcher reinstated, or assigned to Miss Parker."

"What are you talking about? Who else was reinstated and assigned?"


Buffy nearly choked. "Wesley? Are they insane?"

"No, actually, from what I understand they have the right idea of it." Giles said, though he wasn't able to keep the disbelief out of his voice either, "According to Angel, Wesley has been quite valuable to them in the past few months. Seems he is finally proving his skills."

Buffy sighed at the mention of Angel and his new life. "Okay fine so is he going to be there as well? Or is it just gonna be us for a while? And where are we staying?"

"Well, since you and I have more experience, we will be going out there first. We will introduce Miss Parker to her fate and get her started in her training. After a few weeks Wesley will join us, and a while after that, you and I will come back home."

"Okay when do we leave?" Buffy asked. She knew there was no way out of this. Slayer's duties yada-yada.


"I better get packed then. Oh what's the cover?"


"Yeah am I your daughter? Your cousin? Your niece? Your much younger wife?" Buffy made a face. "Strike the last one."

"How about my niece? That should stave off suspicions yet you wouldn't have to call me by 'Dad'." Giles shuddered

"Cool. See ya later Uncle Rupert." Buffy left and headed for her house.

Roswell, NM-

Liz Parker frowned. That blonde was back again. Only it wasn't Tess this time. This blonde was noticeably nicer.

"What are you staring at?" Maria DeLuca whispered.

"That girl with long blonde hair over there in the booth. She seems to be spending an awful lot of time here lately. And I'd never seen her before this week. Do you recognize her from anywhere?" Liz asked.

"No. But I can tell you that Michael is almost as paranoid as you are." Maria pointed to where Michael was staring at the blonde girl. "He wants us to 'keep our distance'."

"Well, you know he has a point. Seems like all the recent newcomers to town have caused us mounds of trouble." Liz replied

"Especially if they happen to be blonde and female." Maria rolled her eyes. "Anyway she's sitting in your section. Better go see what she wants."

Liz sighed and braced herself, walking quickly over to the blonde. "May I help you?"

Buffy looked up. "Uh sure. I'll have the um special and a diet coke." She studied Liz curiously. "You're Liz right?"

"Yes," Liz answered cautiously, "How did you know my name?"

"It says so on your uniform." Buffy smiled. "I'm Buffy."

"Oh!" Liz replied, feeling slightly stupid, and a little relieved. "Nice to meet you Buffy." Buffy, what kind of name is Buffy?

"Thanks. I just moved to Roswell with my uncle. We have one of those old Victorians on the east side of town."

"Those things are gorgeous."

"Aren't they though? I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. You should come over sometime, I'll give you a tour!" Buffy said, with a smile calculated to keep Liz at ease with her.

"I'd like that. I've always wanted to see what one of those looked like from the inside. I get off in an hour. Can you wait?"

Buffy smiled, relieved, This is going so well, "Sure! I'll just sit here and munch on my lovely alien themed meal!"

"Okay I'll be right back with your soda."


Buffy and Liz walked down the street towards Buffy's new digs.

"Wow. Nice place." Liz commented when she saw the two story home with the covered porch.

"Yeah, its very cool. Much better than my digs in other places." Buffy said, as they walked in the front door. "Giles! You here?" she called out.

"In here Buffy."

"In where?"

"The family room. Come down the hall to the breakfast room and make a left."

Liz stifled a giggle as she listened to this exchange, Yes, they were definitely new to this house. And it was HUGE. Obviously easy to get lost in. She looked around as they walked through the hall. Boxes were strewn all over the place. Strange things appeared to be in them... were those WEAPONS?

"Giles, this is Liz Parker. Liz this is my uncle." Buffy introduced and noticed Liz's staring. She looked at what she was looking at and noticed the weapons as well. "Giles couldn't you have cleaned up a little bit?"

Giles frowned, "Yes, I suppose that would have been best, wouldn't it have been?" He sighed, "Well I guess this means we are just going to have to explain the purpose of our sojourn into Roswell sooner than we expected."

"Should I leave?" Liz asked motioning to the door. "This sounds like family stuff."

Giles cleared his throat, "Well, in a way it is, but you are now a part of that family."

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Stop talking in riddles Giles. We're in Roswell because of YOU Liz."

"Because of me? I don't understand. I've never seen you people before." Liz looked at Buffy and then at Giles and then at the book lying on the table. "Blood Lust: A History of Vampires?"

"No, you haven't ever seen us before, but we were destined to meet. We are here to teach you your destiny," Giles said.

Liz groaned, "NO! Not another destiny! Destiny already destroyed my life, I don't want a repeat of it! Just stay away from me," she yelled as she backed out the door.

"Liz wait! Listen to me for just a second." Buffy said. "Have you been experiencing bursts of energy lately? Weird dreams?"

Liz froze. Last week in the Crashdown she'd nearly broken Tommy Jordan's hand when he got a little to touchy feely and the other night she'd dreamt of something with horns coming at her.

Buffy noticed her reaction and continued softly, "It was a few years ago when I first started having those symptoms. If you stay, we will explain what they are, and what they mean to your future."

"Can I sit down? I have a feeling I should be sitting for this."

Giles jumped up and grabbed a chair for her, "Here. Would you like a glass of water?"

"Yes. Please."

"I'll get it. Giles don't start talking till I get back okay?" Buffy went into the kitchen.

"I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here. Buffy's not your niece right?"

"No, she's not. But I'll wait until she returns before I start explaining the dynamics of our relationship." Giles hedged

"She has returned." Buffy handed Liz some water. "Guess it's my turn to wait on you, huh?"

Liz gave a weak smile in response, still feeling uncomfortable with the whole scenario.

"Okay here's the short version. I'm a vampire slayer. At one time that meant I was the only girl in the world that fought vampires but then I sorta died, but I was brought back."

Liz looked at her, "You've got to be kidding. Vampires? Did Max or Michael put you up to this?"

"Who're Max and Michael?" Giles asked.

"Liz we don't know anyone named Max or Michael. We're telling you the truth."

"If you're the one girl in the world who can kill vampires what am I doing here?"

"Like I said there used to be only one. When I died, even though it was for only a minute another girl got called and when she died another one got called. That one died a few days ago in Canada. Then you were called."

Liz paled, "I was called? What are you saying here?"

"You're the next vampire slayer." Giles said without preamble.


"Those dreams you've been having, that strength you've been feeling, that's all apart of it."

"What if I refuse to be a vampire slayer?" Liz asked, My life is complicated enough without these crazy people telling me about vampires and calling me a vampire slayer.

"'Fraid you don't have much of a choice." Buffy said sympathetically. "It's fate. Destiny."

"Great just what I need."

"I hate to tell you this, but now that you have been called, you are in danger." Giles told her.

"What's new about that?" Liz muttered to herself. Buffy and Giles looked at each other in confusion.

"Have you already been attacked by vampires or demons?" Giles asked.

"DEMONS? This just keeps getting worse!" Liz exclaimed. She looked to see both Giles and Buffy waiting to hear her answer, "No, I haven't been attacked by any vaa... vampires or... demons" she told them, stuttering over the words, not believing she was uttering them. Of course I was having the same reaction about aliens less than a year ago.

"Liz are you okay?" Buffy asked.

"Hmm?" Liz answered distracted. This was just too much. First aliens and now vampires and demons? "Yeah, I'm ok. This is just a lot to take in."

"I realize that but that's why we're here." Giles said.

"So what exactly do YOU have to do with all this.. what'd she call you... Giles?" Liz asked

"Yes. I'm Rupert Giles but everyone just calls me Giles."

"Or Ripper." Buffy muttered.

Giles turned and looked sternly at Buffy. "I heard that." Buffy smiled innocently at him.

"But what do you have to do with all this?" Liz asked again

"I'm a Watcher."

"A Watcher? What do you watch exactly?"

"My purpose is to find the chosen slayer, train her and help her in her slaying duties." Giles replied, puffing up slightly, proud to have his purpose back officially.

"Tone it down Giles." Buffy said. "Look Liz I know you must have a ton of questions but I think I can answer most of them with a little show and tell."

"Show and tell?" Liz asked somewhat reluctantly.

"Where's your nearest graveyard?"

Liz gasped, "Graveyard?"

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