FanFic - Crossovers
Part 1
by Minnie
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Summary: Maria goes to Sunnydale.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Maria knew something was up when she witnessed her mother putting laundry detergent in the fridge. "Mom!" she calls out. No response.

"Mom!" she rasps out more insistently. "Oh, hi, Maria," Amy answers absentmindedly. "Since when has SpotBGone become a perishable item?" Maria asks Amy.

Amy looks at the laundry detergent sitting on one of the shelves on the fridge and takes it out. "Sorry, honey, my mindís been wandering today," she tells Maria. A pile of groceries is sitting on the kitchen counter and Amy wonders what other items she put in the fridge.

Amy shakes her head as if to clear it. "Listen, Maria, we need to talk," Amy halts and begins again. "Something happened today. Um, something unexpected."

"Your Ö father called. Heís in California, a place called Sunnydale. He wants to see you, Maria," Amy rushes out.

Mariaís heart leaps momentarily. "Daddy called?" A cold anger surfaces to replace her joy. "I donít want to see him!" she grinds out.

"Maria, I Ö" Amy tries to speak.

"Did you ask to see you, too?" Maria asks.

"No, he, um, just asked about you," Amy shakes her head, sounding saddened yet relieved.

"Then I donít want to see him!" Maria adds.

Amy sits down on a chair. "Maria, I understand how you feel. I know he hasnít exactly been here for you or me, and itís been tough. But, as bad as you may feel about him and as corny as this may sound, he IS still your father. And Iíd like to think that maybe you two could have some sort of relationship again. I donít want you miss out on the possibility. I think you should go see him," Amy encourages her. "Heís sending a plane ticket for LA and a bus ticket to Sunnydale today," Amy adds.

"Where has the hell has he been anyway? And why does he think he can just pick up the phone and say 'Hey, sorry I walked out on you and your Mom and missed the last 9 years of your life but I want to see you now so hereís a plane ticket!" Maria huffs.

"I don't know, Maria," her mother responds with a sad look. Amy's shoulders slump and her face drops, tired and overwhelmed by it all.

"Mom, Iím sorry," Maria draws near. "Maybe you want me and Daddy to Ö" Maria breaks off, finding the words 'me and Daddy' coming out of her mouth too strange and painful. "Forget it, itís just too late."

Amy says nothing, merely stares at Maria. At the sight of her mother's tired face and disappointed look, Maria sighs deeply. "You really think I should go, huh?" she asks her Mom.

Amy manages a small smile in reassurance. "Youíll always wonder what would have happened if you donít."

Maria closes her eyes. "Fine, then, Iíll go. But Iím not promising anything." Maria resolves. "I know, honey." Amy comes over to give Maria a hug.

Maria runs to the Crashdown to tell Liz of her impending visit with her father. Liz concurs with her decision to go. Three days later, her plane ticket for Los Angeles and bus ticket to Sunnydale arrives. The flight and bus ride passed in a blur.

Despite her comments about not wanting to really see her Dad, all Maria could think about was ÖWhat was he like now? Would he be the same tall, lanky man with the infectious smile and snappy wit? What would she say to him? What would he say? What would he think of her? Why did she even come?

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