FanFic - Crossovers
"Opposites Attract"
Part 1
by Yesenia
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Summary: Angel and Cordelia make a visit to Roswell and let's just say one of the girls is very interested.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: My first fan fic please send me some email and this fic wouldn't be possible if it weren't for Olivia and Julia! I love you guys!
Cordelia was packing to go to Roswell. She had a vision about six kids whom needed help and fast. She was still I little tried of the version.

"I still don't understand what they can be," Angel said out of no where

" How am I suppose to know? I just get the visions, I don't get full profiles on the person!"

" So I guess we should pack our demon books that way when we see them we can figure out kind of demon they are. But we do know that they are half human."

" Yeah pack them"

As soon as both of them were done packing they get ready to go Roswell. They take their bags to Angel's black car and start the car trip to Roswell.

" You know always wanted to go to Roswell." Cordelia says.

"Why because of that whole alien thing?" Angel asked.

"Well yeah I mean come on you don't think we can be the only people on this planet do you? Come on if vampires and werewolves exist why can't aliens?" said Cordelia.

" You have a point. But what do they look like little green men?" said Angel with a smirk.

*Back in Roswell*

Isabel is getting ready for school. Of course looking as perfect as always. "Dammit this nail polish doesn't go with this outfit.," she thought. Well, not a big problem. She used a little bit of her power to a color that would look good and then blam she was good to go. How could people think aliens are little green men?

*Angel's Car*

"Are we there yet?" Cordelia asks.

"Well at least now I know how parents feel when their kids ask them that" Angel responds.

"Well are we?"

"Just a 1/2 a mile more."


" You know we never have any excitement in our lives." Maria tells her best friends Liz and Alex.

"I can't meet a dark hair and eyed mysterious guy with a black convertible who's hiding some big secret." Maria kept saying.

" Well you know Michael. He has dark hair and eyes and is mysterious and defenity is hiding a big secret." Liz said.

"Yeah true! But he doesn't have a convertible!" Maria responded.

"Who in Roswell would have a convertible?" Alex asked.

Max, Isabel, and Michael all walk up to Liz, Maria, and Alex who were eating lunch.

They look like they had just saw a ghost. Guys, what's wrong? Liz asked.

"You will never believe it" Max said.

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