FanFic - Crossovers
"Love Is In The Air"
Part 1
by Heather Pierce
Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of these characters. They all belong to the WB.
Summary: A crossover between Dawson's Creek and Roswell. Jen is excited about taking a trip to Roswell, New Mexico to see her cousin Maria. She takes her friends with her.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: First off, I'd like to say that, I've been inspired to make a story outta two of my fav. tv series. Second off, I'd like to say that, this story is MINE! However, the characters belong to the Wb and ONLY to the Wb. If you want my story on a website or something, then. Please e-mail me for permission. If I find any of my materials on anyones website, I'm going to ask of you to please remove my stuff. The <>'s in the story indicate someone thinking. Thanx!!!!!
*The pretty blonde girl lie there staring at her alarm clock which now read 5:15 am. Off in a daze, most likely thinking of her newly found love, Jack.* <15 Minutes till I have to get up for School> She thought to herself. Just as she started to fall back asleep, dreaming of Jack, she heard her alarm clock go off. She lie there listening to it beep for at least 6 minutes. Finally she came to realization that she was suppose to get up and get ready for School*

"Get it together Lindley. Just remember, tonight you and your friends are off to New Mexico" She said to herself smiling.

*She finally reached her small paleish hand up to turn the noisy clock off. She sits up, pushing some fingers through her blonde curls. She rolls her head to the side, listening to the crack of her neck as she grabs her phone off the small table that sits beside her bed. She quickly dials in the number to Jack's house*

"Hello?" A tired and muffled voice says.

"Jack. It's Jen."

"Hey sweetie. You checking up on me again?" Jack replied, yawning.

*smiling* "No, actually, I was making sure you were still coming with me to see my cousin for the week." Jen said slowly getting out of bed and walking over to her wardrob.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world hun." Jack said.

"Good.. Well.. till the then, some of us require showers." Jen said sweetly

"Of course. Bye Jen" Jack said

"Bye" Jen replied hanging the phone up.

*She searches through her wardrob for anything that looks somewhat good. She comes across a cute black skirt and a red spaghetti strap shirt. She also pulls out a pair of knee high boots.*

"Perfect" she mumbles to herself before running off to the bathroom to beat Grams.

*As she watches Grams run up the steps Jen yells out*

"I've got upstairs bathroom" as she runs in there slamming the door.

"Jennifer... you always get the upstairs bathroom." Grams says in that oldish granny type voice.

"Well.. Grams, it's all the point of being young and needing boys to notice you. It's called... Beauty. and.. some of us need to be beautiful for School" Jen says.

"Jennifer... You don't need to attract the young boys." Grams says.

"Grams, you know what I mean." Jen replies

"Fine Jennifer." Grams says, walking down the steps to use the downstairs bathroom.

*She turns on the water and feels it to make sure it's just the right hotness and/or coldness. Once she gets the temperture she wants, she takes her night clothes off and gets into the bath. Humming to herself... After her bath, she quickly drains the water and gets out wrapping a towel around herself. She pulls out a hairdryer and a curling iron and plugs them in to two different outlets. After getting dressed, she blow dries her hair and curls it into many cute bouncy curls. She puts all natural make-up on and walks downstairs.*

"Grams.. I'm leaving now. Dawson is suppose to take me to School this morning" She yells to her grams from the outside of the bathroom door.

"Alright Jennifer. Tell Dawson, after School. I have a few things I'd like him to do for me for some money if he wishes" Grams yelled back to her grandchild.

"Sure grams. Bye" Jen yells

*She walks to the front door and walks out onto the screened porch where she sees a jeep waiting on her, in it contains Dawson and Jack. She smiles to herself and walks off the screened porch and over to the deep, opens the door and gets in the back seat.*

"Hey Dawson, Hey Jack" Jen says looking at the two guys in the front seat.

"Hey Jen." They say back, Jack leaning over to Jen and placing a soft kiss on her lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Meanwhile~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Liz, I can't take this anymore. My feet are sore, I have blisters and.. I want the Crashdown to be perfect for when my cousin and her friends come down. It doesn't seem possible" Maria says plopping down on to one of the seats, placing the broom she's been holding for the past hour, between her legs.

"Maria, we'll be fine. Keep sweeping, it's almost opening time" Liz says.

"Oooh..." Maria moans and groans about it.

*Maria gets off the bench and begins to sweep somemore dirt, napkins, old food, etc.. Just then she turns her head to the door and watches Isabel and Alex walk in, hand in hand, behind them, following closely is Michael and Max.*

"Maria, what time is your cousin coming here?" Alex asked.

"Not till tonight. She and her friends have School this morning." Maria shrugged, continuing to sweep.

*Liz walks over to the door and flips the sign to say 'Open' instead of 'Closed'.*

*Michael walks to Maria and wraps his arms around her waist, placing a small kiss on the top of her head. Maria feels herself melt within his kiss. But.. remembers that the Crashdown is being opened, she pulls away with a slight tug and looks up at Michael*

"We have to work, spaceboy"

"Okay, human 'Chick'" Michael said with a smirk.

"You... did NOT just call me a chick..." Maria moaned.

"You know I did." Michael said still half smirking.

"You're dead mr..." Maria said throwing the broom to Liz's reach.

"Uh... Excuse me guys, we have some work to do here." Liz said.

"Right..." Maria said grabbing the broom back, continuing to sweep the floor.

*Michael walks back to the mens room to change into his Crashdown uniform. While Max, Isabel, Tess, and Alex take a seat at their all time favorite table. The Crashdown bell rings as Sherrif Valenti comes trodding through the door.*

"Parker.. the usual coffee please?" Valenti says as he tips his hat at the 4 teens sitting around their table.

*Maria jumps up to sit on the table as Michael comes out from the mens room and stands beside where she's sitting. Liz pours the Sheriff's coffee and he pays her and leaves. All afternoon, they work in the hot weather. The bell ringing on and off, It's Friday.. They expected to hear it all day long. Non-stop..*

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