Fanfic - Crossover Stories
"Lost Prophesies"
"The Rescue"
Part 3
by Angel
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Summary: This is an alternate Roswell, so be prepared for discrepancies to the show. I have tried to follow the show as much as possible without changing my plot. This fic is also a crossover with the TV Series First Wave. Constructive criticism is welcome. Summary: There is a small town in New Mexico called Roswell, a place where a young waitress was shot, and then saved by a sixteen year old boy. New possibilities and worlds unfold as she discovers his secret then falls in love with him. What happens when her old friends ignore her and her new friends disappear? What do you do when your soul mate is gone and a new threat appears? Cast: Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Elizabeth Parker, Phil Evans, Maria Whitman-Deluca, Alex Whitman-Deluca, Sheriff Valenti, Cade Foster.
Category: Crossover Stories
Rating: PG
Isabel took a deep breath and knocked on Maria's door, it was opened by Alex who reluctantly let them in. They all greeted each other then stood nervously in the foyer all of them uncomfortable and unsure of what to say. Maria walked in then and led them through to the living room.

Maria: Okay, I think it's time that you guy's told me everything

Isabel: We don't know much really, only that we think we were in the 1947 crash and were kept in a sort of stasis until 1989, after we left the pods I guess we were all separated. You were still in your pod and Michael didn't want to come with us, so Max and I were the first ones found. We were lucky and got adopted; Michael was found later and put into foster care. About three years ago we found the pod chamber, that's when we realized that there was another one of us, it was also around that time that Max went missing. We also found out about you coming to our house by old newspaper articles, but you were taken away before we even knew you were there. Anyhow about a year ago I had a vision about you that's how we knew you were somewhere here. We've been searching for you and Max for the past three years.

Tears welled up in Maria's eyes as she ran over to where Isabel was sitting and hugged her; eventually the newly reunited sisters pulled away from each other smiling through their tears.

Maria looked at Liz.

Maria: Are you.

Liz: No, I'm not one of you, I'm just the poor sucker who fell helplessly in love with your brother, and who is hopelessly lost without him.

Maria reached out and hugged Liz, then turned to Michael, hesitantly she put her arms around him only to be jolted by a shock of pure pleasure running up her body, quickly she pulled away keeping her eyes averted lest she betray the feelings that were coursing through her.

Isabel looked nervously at Alex, unsure of what his reaction would be to all of this, he caught her look and correctly interpreted it's meaning.

Alex: Don't worry about me, we've always known about Maria's uh differences, especially after her psycho ex foster father tracked us down, he'd seen her do some things when she was in his care and wanted to exploit her for money.

Liz: That's why you changed your name from Whitman to Deluca.

Maria: Enough about the past, I think it's time we joined forces and started looking for this brother of mine Iíve yet to meet, and yet I get the feeling he is someone remarkable by just the way you guys talk about him.

Liz, Isabel and Michael grinned, they couldn't have said it better themselves.

* * *

Back at their apartment Liz saw that the mail from Mr. Evans had arrived, the trio went into the living room to open it. Whilst paging through the pages of information the phone rang, so Isabel put down the pages she was holding to go and answer it.

Isabel: Hello?

Phillip: Isabel? I'm so glad to finally get you, I've been phoning all night

Isabel: We were at Mariaís; remember I told you this morning? Anyway why were you phoning, is something wrong? Is mom okay?

Phillip: Your moms fine, she's still with her sister, Isabel, I think it's time you came back home to Roswell

Isabel: You know I can't dad, we've made so much progress, we can't just pack up now and leave.

Phillip: You guy's are in danger, you need to come home, thereís a man here, Cade Foster, he can explain everything to you, please sweetie come home.

Isabel: Okay daddy, just give us a few days to sort things out here.

Isabel put down the phone and looked at Liz and Michael who were looking at her with worried expressions, before she could explain there was a knock at the door, Michael opened it and found a flustered Maria standing there.

Maria: You guys have got to see this

They all sat around Alex as he printed something from his computer.

Alex: When you guy's left I decided to get some more information on aliens and anything alien related.

Michael: What if there are people out there tracking anyone who looks for this kind of information incase it turns out to be an idiot like you who can lead them straight to a bunch of aliens?

Alex: Highly doubtful, but my connection is untraceable anyway, so we're safe

Michael was somewhat relieved, but still angry that Alex could be so careless with their lives.

Alex: This is what I found

He handed them each a copy of what was titled the Paranoid Times, it's creator being a guy named Cade Foster and another man called Eddie.

Isabel: This is they guy who is in Roswell this minute waiting to talk to us

At the questioning look on everybody's faces she explained about the call from her father.

Michael: So what is this Paranoid Times s'posed to be?

Alex: Well according to this Cade guy, Nostradamus predicted all of this, by this I mean you guys and also another race of aliens, evil aliens called the Gua who are here to destroy earth. It doesn't go into much detail about it; my guess is he's keeping it to himself for now. The rest of his theories and what he's managed to uncover so far are interesting to say the least.

Michael: This guy sounds like his lift doesn't go all the way to the top

Alex: Yeah but it's too unbelievable, that's what makes it believable

Michael looked at Alex as if he'd completely lost his head.

Isabel: What does it say about us?

Alex: It just mentions a pre-ordained destiny about four aliens who arrived on earth in the 1940's but who only entered society in the late 1980's

Isabel: So how do you know that it's us?

Alex: Who else?

Liz: So I guess we're going home

Everyone nodded.

* * *

Isabel looked around the airport terminal until she saw her dad frantically waving his arms in an attempt to get her attention, she went sailing into his arms dropping her luggage in the process and leaving a grumbling Alex to pick it up. Alex looked up at Michael hoping for some help.

Michael: Don't look at me, Iím not the hired help around here

He walked off leaving a very annoyed Alex grumbling to himself.

Isabel: Dad, I want you to meet my sister - Maria

Phillip Evans didn't hesitate; he pulled a very nervous looking Maria into a hug.

Phillip: Any sister of Isabelís is like a daughter of mine

He laughed at his own joke

Phillip: Welcome to our family Maria...and you are family.

Maria smiled and thanked him; Phillip then pulled Liz and an uncomfortable Michael into another hug.

Alex chose that moment to join them looking very haggard and trying to balance large amounts of bags in his arms, he threw an angry look at Michael who shrugged and looked away.

Phillip: You must be Maria's brother Alex, pleased to meet you son

Alex: Thanks, you too Mr. Evans

Phillip: Please, we're practically family, call me Phil, here let me help you with your luggage

He reached out for the bags that a grateful Alex handed over, Mr. Evans then lead the five to his car parked outside.

* * *

Isabel opened the door to the house she'd grown up in and hadn't seen in over a year, she stopped abruptly when she saw the Sheriff sitting on the sofa in the living room. Michael who hadn't seen her stop walked straight into her grunting more from loss of breath than pain.

Michael: Geez Isabel could you..

Michael saw Valenti and stared in shock, missing the questioning look Isabel was now throwing her father who was behind him. Mr. Evans saw her look correctly reading her confusion and underlying fear.

Phillip: It's okay Issy, he's helping us

He guided Isabel to a sofa and sat down next to her, Maria and Alex who were unaware of what was going on followed them in, Liz brought up the rear, sending Michael a fearful glance as she walked in. Michael chose to stay near the door, far away from the Sheriff whom he did not trust. The man sitting next to Valenti spoke up.

Cade: I don't know where to begin...

He told them everything he knew, about how Nostradamus had predicted the Alien race called Gua coming to earth and how in three waves, or if you prefer, in three sequences would destroy it. He told them that all was not 'doomed' that with the help with certain profound humans, including Cade also known as the twice blessed man, that four aliens had the power to defeat them. The first alien was the leader, destined for greatness, the second was his sister, the visioner, the third also his sister was one of the two chosen ones who's power was incredibly strong, she was the warrior, the protector, the fourth and final alien was the second chosen one.

These four aliens would be indestructible and would be the earths only hope for survival. Cade explained that they were still in the 'first wave' and to prevent the second wave from beginning they needed to find Max and join their powers.

There was a shocked silence; nobody wanted to be the first to speak.

Phillip: I think the first order of business is to find out who is who, I think it stands to reason that Max is the leader and Michael is one of the chosen ones, but who is the visioner and who is the other chosen one?

Michael: How do we know if any of this is true?

He looked uneasily at the Sheriff.

Cade: So far I've found them one hundred percent accurate, and Iím guessing you guys feel the truth in this.

Phillip: so back to my question

Isabel looked at Maria

Maria: I've never had a vision

Isabel: I have

Maria: but then again I've never really tried to use my powers

Isabel: so which one feels right to you?

Maria hesitated

Maria: I don't think that Iím the visioner

Isabel: good, agreed

Phillip: So that answers that then

Michael: What about my dream about the pod chambers?

Isabel: That was more a dream than a vision, have you ever had any whilst awake?

Michael: no

Isabel: and anyway I'm guessing we can all do some of each otherís powers but only to a certain point. So I guess as dad said, that answers that

Michael: It doesn't answer the question as to why Valenti is here

All eyes fell nervously on the Sheriff.

Sheriff: Mr. Foster came to me first with all this information

Michael: Which leads me to another question, why did he go to you, and why aren't you squealing to the feds?

Sheriff: Because if what Mr. Foster says is true, I can't very well condemn the very er people responsible for the safety of this planet

Cade: I don't understand, I thought you already knew, I would never have come to you otherwise

Sheriff: Well I suspected, but I was never in their confidence as you thought

Cade did not look happy about this revelation but he realized that he had no choice now but to trust the Sheriff.

Liz: Okay, so what now?

Michael: We find Max

Cade: No, you three need to work together first, advance your powers otherwise all you will be doing is putting yourself in danger. You need to reach your highest capabilities, when you do, then we get Max.

Alex: So what do the rest of us do in the meantime?

Liz: We find out where they're holding Max

Isabel: So then we all agree?

With some reluctance on Michaelís part because of the delay, they all eventually agreed.

* * * * * *

Isabel opened her eyes and looked around her room, it brought back so many memories, memories she didnít want to remember, memories of Max.

Maria: Morning

Isabel looked over at the cot next to her bed where Maria was currently snuggled.

Isabel: Morning, how did you sleep?

Maria: Like a log...Is, you've never mentioned your mom, and I didn't see her yesterday

Isabel: Oh, that's 'cos she's staying with her sister, she isn't handling Max's disappearance well, and her sister is a Psychologist and is trying to help her deal.

Maria: Does she know about you being an alien?

Isabel: No, we decided to keep it from her, she already had too much to try and deal with

There were a few minutes of silence until Maria broke it with a giggle

Isabel: What's so funny?

Maria: I was just picturing Alex's face when he wakes up by us jumping on him

Isabel: Well letís go and put your little fantasy into reality shall we

Both girls jumped out of their beds giggling.

Alex let out a decidedly female shriek when he awoke to find two mischievous imps jumping on him.

Alex: What the...Ria? Isabel? Why

Both girls flopped down on to the bed all the while smiling innocently at Alex. Maria looked around the room, on the bedside table were two photo's, one of Isabel and her parents and another one of Liz, she idly fingered the bedspread imagining her brother whom she'd never met sleeping here, doing his homework over at the desk, even daydreaming about his girlfriend Elizabeth Parker.

Alex: Well after that rude awakening I think I deserve breakfast in bed

Isabel: Considering how you squealed when we woke you I'd suggest you go and cook us breakfast, unless that is, you want us to divulge that embarrassing information?

Alex: You wouldn't?...Would you?

Isabel burst out laughing after seeing the horrified expression on Alex's face

* * * * * *

Michael opened his eyes and tried stretching, until his feet hit a barrier and he realized he wasn't in his bed but on the Parkers living room sofa instead. He got up and walked through to the kitchen hoping to find something to feed his growling stomach. Liz and her mother were already there drinking coffee.

Liz: Morning sleepyhead

Michael: morning

Liz watched as he stood there self consciously, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Mrs. Parker: Sleep well?

Michael: Uh yeah..thanks

Mrs. Parker: Care for some breakfast?

Michael brightened at the mention of food. Mrs. Parker went to the stove and got the already made up plate of eggs and bacon and handed it to Michael, who by now had already seated himself at the table.


Everyone was seated in the Evans living room listening as Cade worked out their plan for the next couple of weeks.

Cade: Right so we're gonna split into two groups, the first group will be the Field Team; the second will be the Research team. Now Mr. Evans will lead up the research team with the help of Liz and Alex. Iím the only one here with experience with fighting the law and the Gua so if it's all right with everyone I will lead up the field team, which will include Jim Valenti, Isabel, Michael and Maria.

Once everyone had agreed, Cade lead the field team out the door to begin their training in the desert, that being the only secluded spot in the area. The research team were going to head up their operations at the Evans house.


Alex immediately went about setting up his computer system, once that was done he started making sure that his connection to the World Wide Web would be untraceable. While he was doing this Mr. Evans and Liz started researching all the possible places Max could be.

Alex: You guy's mentioned before that you thought Max was being held at a place called the Eagle Rock Military Compound

Liz: Yeah, that place is still top of my list...why?

Alex: Well if the field team go there they can't very well go in guns blazing, figuratively speaking of course

Liz: of course

Alex: anyway they're gonna need a layout of the place as well as an idea of the security and stuff.

Liz: good thinking

Mr. Evans: see if you can also get an idea of where in the building they could possibly be holding Max

Alex: right


The five stood facing each other in a circle

Cade: First, we need to get an idea of what you are each capable of, Isabel you first

Isabel: Well I can dreamwalk, change the molecular structure of stuff. We've been practicing a lot so I can also move stuff by just thinking about it...I uh, I can also heal, only a little though that's more Max's forte.

Cade: Michael?

Michael: I can do most of what Isabel said, just not very well, mostly I can move stuff like Issy, give people a temporary itchy rash, um unlock doors and stuff, melt them too. The thing I do the best though is shooting off bolts of power that could possibly maim or maybe even kill people...I'm not sure.

Cade: good...Maria?

Maria: I..uh, well I don't really know Iíve never really tried, but Iíve done the door-unlocking thing and uh what did you call it..changing the molecular structure of things? I can do that too and I can also move things with my mind.

Cade: Okay then lets get to work; we've got lots of it to do. Michael I want you and Maria to work closely together, it stands to reason that your powers will be somewhat similar, so I want you two to work on advancing Maria's powers in the next two hours. Jim and I will work with Isabel.

Maria stood nervously with Michael a few feet from the others, she didn't trust herself around him, he made her feel so alive as if she were just awakening for the first time.

Michael: lets do the easy stuff first

He changed his shirt color from white to black

Michael: okay change it back

Maria concentrated and waved her hand over Michaels shirt, successfully changing it back

Maria: that was easy

Michael: You'll probably find that most of this will be easy 'cos you already have the ability, you just need to learn how to do it properly

Maria: lets try something else

She clapped her hands in excitement, causing Michael to smile at her enthusiasm.

Michael: okay then, try shooting a burst of energy to that tree

He pointed in the distance, Maria looked doubtful

Maria: I don't know Michael

Michael: thereís no harm in at least trying

Maria squinted at the tree and held her palm out, her brows furrowed in concentration.

Michael and Maria were both thrown to the ground by the force of her energy blast.

Isabel, Jim and Cade all threw themselves to the desert floor when the tree exploded.

Isabel: What the hell was that?

She screamed hysterically, unsure of what was happening, Cade looked around for any sign of danger drawing his weapon, the Sheriff was already on his feet his weapon drawn. Cade crept over to Isabel and told her to stay down, his eyes then fell on Michael and Maria in the distance picking themselves off the ground.


Michael looked over and immediately realized what was going on.

Michael: Relax, it was just us

Lsabel stood up, dusting sand off herself seething with Michael for causing the false alarm that had sent her sprawling to the dirty ground.

The Sheriff holstered his weapon the whole while eyeing Cade as he returned his own weapon to it's concealed place, Valenti made a point to himself to keep an eye on Foster.

Isabel: Michael you idiot! What were you thinking?

Michael glared at Isabel, then turned around and glared at Maria who was behind him and still somewhat dazed.

Maria: Uh actually Isabel, Iím going to have to take responsibility for that

She raised her hand, a sheepish grin on her face, Isabel who looked suitable shocked said nothing.

Sheriff: Either of you care to explain what happened there?

Michael: It was nothing, Maria was just testing her powers, so now that the show is over lets get back to work shall we

His look dared the Sheriff to say something, but to his disappointment the Sheriff kept his thoughts to himself.

Michael sat on the sandy earth deciding it was safer, less further to fall and all. Maria sat down next to him.

Michael: Okay, lets try some other stuff

* * * * * * * * *

Cade: This dreamwalking ability of yours...why haven't you used it to try and contact your brother?

Isabel: I tried, we think that they are keeping him drugged to suppress his powers and because of that I was getting blocked.

Cade: From what Iíve deciphered from the prophesies, when you guy's are all joined your powers are remarkable. I bet if you joined you would probably be able to connect with Max.

Isabel: but we're not all together

Cade: three is still stronger than one

Isabel could feel her hopes rising, maybe, just maybe this would work


Cade and Isabel had just finished explaining to everyone their plan on getting the three aliens to join energies to try and contact Max. Liz was naturally excited and couldn't wait for them to do it, Mr. Evans was hopeful, so was Maria, Michael and Alex were doubtful, but at least, thought Isabel, Michael was willing to try.

Liz put down her half eaten slice of pizza, she was too nervous to eat and by the look of how much pizza was remaining so was everyone else. Liz watched as Alex placed his hand over Isabelís offering her comfort, Liz smiled, maybe Isabel had finally found someone who would care for her, for the real her and not just the outer beauty that everyone saw her as. Liz hoped that Isabel would finally let someone in, she had so much anguish built up inside of her that Liz feared she would one day burst, or else maybe slowly die, they'd all been dying since that night three and a half years ago that Max disappeared. Liz looked up and watched as Michael paced nervously waiting for the agreed time in which they would attempt the dreamwalking. She watched as Michael glanced impatiently at the wall clock for what seemed like the millionth time.

Liz turned and looked at Maria, she was sitting cross-legged on the floor doing yoga or something similar, her eyes were closed and she was taking deep even breaths, she had a candle in front of her burning some aromatherapy oils. When Liz had asked her about it earlier she said that it helped keep her calm, Liz contemplated trying it herself, she dearly wished that she had something to calm her fraying nerves. Maybe Michael could do with it too she thought to herself as she watched him give Maria another odd look. Mr. Evans and Cade were the only ones doing something productive, they were crouched over a book trying to decipher more of the destiny stuff Nostradamus had predicted. Mr. Evans brow was furrowed as Cade pointed something out.

The Sheriff had left earlier to pick up Kyle who was home on college break. He had been obviously disappointed that he could not be around for the dreamwalking attempt.

Liz looked up at the clock and saw that the time had arrived; her eyes met Isabelís who gave her a weak smile.

Everyone gathered in the living room, Michael and Maria moved to sit beside Isabel, everyone else made themselves comfortable around the alien trio. Isabel reached out a hand to Michael and Maria they grasped each otherís hand and looked solemnly at each other, they closed their eyes forming a connection.

Instantly they were transported into Max's subconscious, they found themselves in a stark white room, Isabel looked around immediately spotting a figure crouched in a corner whispering unintelligible words to himself.

Slowly the trio made their way over to the figure, as they made their way closer the figure in the corner seemed to come slowly alive as it looked up to them, splitting the silence with an ear-piercing scream.

Isabel jumped back still holding on to Michael and Maria's hands as her face formed a horrified expression

Isabel: Max..

Her voice broke, tearing her hands away from Michael and Maria she moved slowly towards Max, before she got close enough he abruptly jumped up, shoving her away in the process.

Max: Stay back! All of you. Stay back!

Isabel looked beseechingly at Max.

Isabel: Max please..

She begged, holding out a trembling hand for Max to take.

Isabel: Max, we're here to help you, tell us where theyíre keeping you

Max: No. No. You can't fool me. I know that you are dead.

His eyes were wide and out of focus as he moved around the room.

Max: Can't fool me

He sang as he broke into giggles, he did a little dance around the room repeating the same words over and over.

He eyed Maria and promptly ran over to her, grabbing her head in his hands, Michael moved to stop Max but was stopped instead by Isabel when she grabbed his arm.

Isabel: He won't hurt her

Michael: we don't know that, look at him, that's not Max

He pointed to Max who was still holding a terrified Maria.

Max: You! I know you, you're one of them

Isabel: Who Max? One of whom?

Max looked at Isabel, pain clouding his features and for a brief second Isabel was sure she saw 'her' Max.

Max pushed Maria away, straight into Michaelís arms. Michael wrapped his arms around her stroking her head and trying to calm her shakes.

The connection broke and they found themselves back in the Evans living room. Isabel immediately broke into sobs and ran into her fatherís arms. Michael sat dazed on the sofa clutching Maria to his chest. Liz ran over and grabbed Michael by his shoulders, desperately trying to shake him out of his stupor.

Liz: What happened Michael? Tell me

She looked from Michaels haunted expression to Maria's tear streaked face and back again. Mr. Evans who was still holding a sobbing Isabel looked helplessly at Liz. Liz turned slowly in a circle, looking for help from her friends and yet finding only dejection in their eyes. Mr. Evans sat Isabel down gently.

Mr. Evans: Issy sweetie, it's important, tell us what happened

Isabel wiped the tears from her face and looked up into the concerned eyes of her father.

Isabel: It was horribly daddy, he wasn't Max, I mean he was but he wasn't

She looked at her father who nodded for her to continue, Isabel went on to explain the state that they'd found her brother in.

Isabel: He thinks that we're all dead, he seemed so confused, scared and alone, he looked like he was slowly loosing his mind...maybe he already has...I don't know, I just don't know.

Isabel covered her face with her hands, her body shuddering from the sobs. Liz's face went deathly pale, she felt nauseous and faint all at once.

Cade: Did he tell you where he was being kept?

Michael who by now had come out of his stupor shook his head.

Michael: the state of mind he was in, I don't think he even knew

Cade: What about markings on his clothes, or something in the room that could give us a clue?

Isabel: The room was bare, and I wasn't exactly looking at his clothes

Maria: Wait! When he was holding me I saw these initials on his breast pocket, it was E.R.MÖ or something I think.

Alex: Eagle Rock Military Compound?

Everyoneís eyes lit up at this piece of information.

Alex: I mean, that's what we already thought - this just proves it

Mr. Evans: right, then we'd better get to work, we have a rescue plan to form

* * * * * * *

The next few days Maria threw herself into perfecting her powers with Michaels help, in return she continued to train them in all the martial arts she knew. With Isabelís vision skills she was also equipped with the knowledge of not only their home planet language, but also that of the language that Nostradamus had used, so she spent her time when not training working with Cade on the quatrains. Liz, Alex and Mr. Evans had been working on the plans of the compound, trying to find a way for the alien trio to get in and out safely.

Alex lay the building blue prints on a table marking the security check points in red and circling the Medical Research area he suspected Max was most likely being held in. Liz paged through papers that described the security in detail, Making notes in the margins of things the alien trio needed to be aware of.

For the night of the rescue attempt they had rented a van so that it would be possible for them all to fit in. Alex had his computer set up in the van, he had also managed to hack into the Eagle Rock computer system without them knowing he was there and had hooked up his computer to their security camera's, unfortunately he found out that the camera's in the rooms and offices were on a different system, one he could not hack into. So he was restricted to the outdoor and hallway security camera's only. He handed everyone a headset consisting of earphones and a microphone so that they could all keep in contact and if he saw any impending danger on the camera's he could warn them. The only person not equipped with a headset was Mr. Evans; he instead was equipped with earphones that connected to the compounds radio frequency so he could listen in on all their radio conversations, specifically those ones that might endanger his children and their friends.

The Sheriff stopped the van behind a rock outcropping near the fence to the compound; Michael with the help of Maria was still adjusting his headset whilst Alex was helping Isabel with hers.

Alex: Listen up guys, Iíll warn you before you reach each camera and Iíll disrupt the signal so that their systems don't pick you up on the camera's, I on the other hand will still see you, wait for me to give you the word before each camera before you continue. Liz will be ready to give you step by step instructions on what you will be up against at each security check point. Mr. Foster and the Sheriff will be patrolling the perimeter of the compound to warn us of any impending danger, if they give the word get your asses outta there. Mr. Evans will be listening in on their radios so we'll know if they spot you.

The trio nodded, a mixture of both fear and excitement in their eyes. Alex pulled Maria then Isabel into a hug, telling Michael to watch over them, Liz in turn also hugged them, wishing them Godspeed and the protection of his angels.

Liz: bring him back you guys

Isabel: You bet

Cade opened the van door and slipped out, the Sheriff followed him after wishing them all good luck.

Michael, Isabel and Maria then climbed out, closing the door behind them, Alex turned back to his computer getting back to work, deftly placing his headset on. Liz placed hers on too, the security plan laid out neatly before her.

Alex: Base team checking in, do you read me?

Alex spoke into the mike, waiting for the other teams responses.

Michael: Rescue team checking in, we are now at the fence about to make our opening

Michael held his hand out to the fence using his powers to make a hole in it that the three could climb through, which they did, being careful not to touch the fence because it was electrified.

Sheriff: Patrol team checking in, we read you clear

Once inside the compound they made their way to the door Alex had said would be their easiest entrance. Maria held her hand over the lock easily unlocking it and they all eased inside.

Michael: Okay we're in, where's the first camera?

Alex: Above you, don't worry, Iíve already disabled it, Make your way to the end of the hall and turn left.

Alex watched on his monitor as they made their way down the hallway.

Liz: guy's, before you reach the corner you'll have to stop and deactivate a type of sensor

Isabel: whereabouts is it located?

Liz: look to your right, you'll see a small black object attached to the wall near the floor

Isabel: 'Kay, I see it, what now?

Liz: don't move in front of it, it has sensors that pick up movement, it then sends pulses to a computer, which identifies you as an agent or an unidentified person or object

Michael: can't we just step over it, like in the movies?

Liz: no, it can pick that up; you'll have to use your powers to neutralize its power source or something

Isabel: easy enough

She concentrated her powers using her mind to locate its power source and temporarily deactivate it.

Isabel: Okay guy's move, I donít know how long that will hold for

The alien trio turned left down the hallway, correctly assuming Alex had already deactivated the cameras in the area.

Isabel: I can feel Max, he's close

Maria: How?

Isabel: I would've said sisterly intuition, but actually I think it's got something to do with my powers

Cade and the Sheriff were walking along the perimeter of the fence being careful to keep to the shadows and at the same time listening in to what was happening with the pod squad. Cade stopped Valenti with a hand to his shoulder; his head cocked listening into the sounds of the desert around them.

Sheriff: What...?

Before he could finish, they were both knocked to the ground by an unseen force. Before Cade could finish falling, he was back on his feet sending a flying kick to his opponent, the man dodged the kick and reciprocated by sweeping a leg low on the ground and tripping Cade who then fell to the ground.

Sheriff: stop right there

The man froze when he saw the gun pointed at him.

Man: You don't know what you are dealing with

Cade: maybe not, but I do

Man: You cannot stop us Foster, we will kill them

Cade: Yeah well you can try, but don't count on it

Cade drew out his gun and shot him, Valenti's eyes widened as the man before him disintegrated into nothing, Cade saw his shock and confusion and hastened to explain.

Cade: He's still technically alive, just not on this planet anymore, and he can't ever come back.

Sheriff: I..uh

Cade: Yeah I felt the same way when I first saw it. But my question now is how did they know the chosen ones were here, and how many more of them are here?

Sheriff: We'd better warn everyone

He bent down and picked up his fallen Stetson on the ground, dusting it off before placing it back on his head.

Cade: Base team, Rescue team, we have a situation here, it would seem there are Gua in the vicinity

Michael: damn, that's all we need

Alex: How many?

Cade: One, so far

Liz: Okay guy's you heard him, be on the look out

Isabel: yeah and you guy's watch your backs too.

Alex: Okay people, that door on your right leads to the medical wing where we think Max is

Isabel: He's definitely in there somewhere, I can feel him

Alex: Just hold on a moment while I.....okay done, the camera's are off, you can go on now

Michael eased the door open and they all slipped inside to the new hallway

Phillip: Liz, tell them an agent is on his way, he heard them open the door and he's coming to check it out

Liz relayed the message to them. Isabel looked wildly about trying to find a place they could all hide.

Michael: stay down; Iím going to knock him unconscious

The girls flattened themselves to the wall just as someone turned the corner, the agent just stood there, frozen in place, obviously shocked to actually find someone, before he could so much as move Michael raised his palm, a burst of energy shot from it and knocked the agent down. The three aliens ran over to him and checked for a pulse, Michael breathed a sigh of relief when he found one, his relief was short lived though when a voice came over the agentís radio asking what the situation was. The three looked at each other in fear, Michael thinking quickly place his glowing hand on the agents neck where he knew the voice box was located, he then placed his hand over his own voice box, changing it to that of the agents. Michael then picked up the radio

Michael: all is clear over here, nothing but a rat, I'm just going to keep checking though, over.

To their relief the agent on the other end said okay and signed off

Mr. Evans heard all of this and relayed it back to Liz and Alex

Liz: Excellent work guy's, it's just as well he came along 'cos you're going to need his fingerprints to get through the security check point at the door to the room Max is being held in

Michael changed his voice back, then placed his hand near the agentís hand, slowly it started to glow again.

Alex: What's happening?

Maria: Well it looks like Michael has the prints we need to get through the checkpoint.

Liz: Way to go Michael!!

Isabel: Okay let's move, I'm getting some distress signals from Max

The three started moving down the hallway again until Isabel stopped out side of a door.

Isabel: He's in there and he's scared

Maria: What if there are agents in there?

Michael: A chance we'll have to take

He moved to place his hand on the scanner

Isabel: Wait, being so close to Max is making me more in tune with him, drugs or no drugs, maybe I can connect and find out what to expect inside

Michael: all right, just make it fast Issy, we need to get out of here before someone sees that agent

There was total silence as Isabel concentrated on forming a connection with Max.

Isabel: As far as I could make out there are two, one is sort of a guard I think, beside the door, the other one is standing beside the bed that Max is strapped to

Michael: Okay, here's the plan, I'll take out the guy at the bed, Maria you go for the guy by the door and Is, you get Max.....okay?

After a moments hesitation, both girls nodded, before they could loose their nerve Michael placed his hand in the scanner, it verified him as Agent Thompson and the door clicked open. The three rushed inside just as the Agent beside Max started to turn. Michael sent out a controlled burst of power instantly knocking the Agent down. As Michael was doing this, Maria sent a kick in the direction of the other Agents arm as he made his way to draw out a weapon, the Agent staggered back from a second blow from Maria, just as she was following it with an uppercut to his jaw. This caused his already backward motion to carry him to the floor. The Agent got off the floor causing Maria to have to defend herself from a kick, Maria flew into the air swinging her foot in the Agents direction and kicking him in the stomach, immediately following it with a sweeping kick at the Agents ankles thereby sending him to the floor again, this time he stayed down. Maria turned to see Isabel helping Max off the bed; Michael was helping her since his job with the other Agent had apparently gone quicker than hers had.

Once they'd left the room Michael stopped helping Isabel support Max so that he could lead the way, and take out any Agents in their path, Maria moved to walk behind Isabel and Max so that she could keep anyone from coming up behind them.

Liz: What's happening? Do you have him? Please say you do.

Isabel: Chill Liz, we have him.

Back in the van Liz sighed in relief and Alex cracked a grin, they both looked up to see Mr. Evans looking at them expectantly, they gave him a thumbs up and watched as his calm facade broke down as he desperately tried to keep himself from crying in both relief and joy. Just then the van door was flung open to show a man standing there grinning in anticipation.

Man: Mind if I join the party?

The group in the van scrambled into activity as Alex sent out an SOS to their companions and Liz who was closest to the door kicked the startled man backwards away from the door so that she could slam it shut.

Liz: Sorry youíre not invited

The rescue team hearing the SOS from Alex immediately sprang into action.

Michael: I have to stay with Max and Is for their protection, and thereís no way at this pace we'll get to them in time.

Maria: I hear ya, I'll see you guy's back at the van

She took off at a sprint, Michael shouted after her to watch her back, as she ran she smiled to herself at his uncommon show of concern.

Cade and the Sheriff came running toward the van in time to see a man break one of the windows and another pry open the door, a third and a fourth were still making their way to the van.

Cade: GUA!

The four men stopped mid task to turn and look at Cade and the Sheriff.

Man #2: Foster

He spat on the ground in disgust.

Man #2: You just made my day...

Cade: Actually I'm gonna make it your last day.

Man #2: Well in that case I'm going to have to take you with me.

Liz: Not on my shift buddy

Her leg shot out knocking him to the ground.

Man #1: I've had just about enough of you pesky humans

Man #4: Where are the Royals and the Chosen two?

Maria: I just hate it when you people talk about me when I'm not around

The man turned around to see Maria, hands on hips, eye's blazing fury looking at him.

Man #3: Shoot her with the transmitter before she tries anything.

Maria ignored them and shot a burst of power to Man #4, watching in amazement as he disintegrated.

Maria: Too late. So who's next?

Man #2 started taking out what Maria guessed to be the transmitter of his pocket, whilst still lying on the ground. Before he could zap or whatever her with it, it was knocked from his hand by Liz who'd jumped out of the van, she followed it with a kick to his head knocking him unconscious.

The Sheriff and Cade shot the last two remaining Gua, their bodies immediately disintegrating.

Maria: I suggest we get ready to high tale it out of here, Is, Max and Michael should be here shortly

Before getting in the van Liz bent and picked up what they believed to be the transmitter the Gua had referred to. They were climbing into the van as the rest of the pod squad reached them; Liz reached out and helped them get Max into the van.

The Sheriff took off tires squealing heading for Roswell.

Liz cradled Max's head on her lap, tears pouring down her face.

Liz: You're going home Max, you're finally going home.

She stroked his face gently whilst at the same time placing a small kiss on his forehead.

...The End ...

This story was the first part in a trilogy, if you are interested in reading the second part look out for First Wave: ďA Whole New WorldĒ

Here is a short preview:

Max grabbed Liz and pulled her back into the bed with him

Max: And just where did you think you were going?

He growled before placing butterfly kisses all over her face. Liz sighed contentedly, the last two years of blissful happiness with Max had been like heaven, they were both making up for the three years theyíd been separated when the FBI had kidnapped him. They still had no idea what had been done to Max because he had suffered short-term memory loss, possibly a side effect from the drugs heíd been kept on. They also had no idea why the FBI hadnít come back for him, it was very disconcerting, but Liz decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and accept it, she would take each day as it came, careful to make sure that Max didnít leave her sight.

Liz: I was going to get you breakfast Mr. Evans

Max: Youíre all the nourishment I need Mrs. Evans

He smiled wickedly and began tickling her all over.

* * * * * * * * * *

Maria: Calm down Issy! Iíve already sorted out the flowers, Max is getting the rings, Liz is collecting the cake and your agitation is only going to give you a headache.

Isabel threw her hands up in the air.

Isabel: What made me think this was going to be fun?

Alex slipped his head in the door

Alex: Is she still moaning?

Isabel screamed and dashed behind the changing screen, Maria who was laughing got up off her chair to usher Alex, who was trying to get a peak of Isabel over her shoulder out.

Isabel: Get him out; get him right out of here now!

Alex: Just a little peek?

He pleaded

Maria: You know itís bad luck to see her before the ceremony in her dress.

Maria closed the door behind Alex and turned to face Isabel who was furiously taking off her dress and climbing into a pair of jeans.

Isabel: Can you believe him?

She looked up from putting her tank top on and continued.

Isabel: Is he trying to curse us or something? Does he want us to have bad luck for the rest of our lives?

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