Fanfic - Crossover Stories
"Lost Prophesies"
Part 1
by Angel
Disclaimer: Don't own the TV Shows or characters etc mentioned.
Summary: This is an alternate Roswell, so be prepared for discrepancies to the show. I have tried to follow the show as much as possible without changing my plot. This fic is also a crossover with the TV Series First Wave. Constructive criticism is welcome. Summary: There is a small town in New Mexico called Roswell, a place where a young waitress was shot, and then saved by a sixteen year old boy. New possibilities and worlds unfold as she discovers his secret then falls in love with him. What happens when her old friends ignore her and her new friends disappear? What do you do when your soul mate is gone and a new threat appears? Cast: Max Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Elizabeth Parker, Phil Evans, Maria Whitman-Deluca, Alex Whitman-Deluca, Sheriff Valenti, Cade Foster.
Category: Crossover Stories
Rating: PG
I didnít hear you leave, I wonder how am I still here
I donít want to move a thing, it might change my memory
Oh I am what I am, Iíll do what I want, but I canít hide
I wonít go, I wonít sleep I canít breathe, until youíre resting here with me
I wonít leave, I canít hide, I cannot be , until youíre resting here with me
I donít want to call my friends, they might wake me from this dream
And I canít leave this bed, risking forgetting all thatís been
Oh I am what I am, Iíll do what I want, but I canít hide
I wonít go I wonít sleep, I canít breathe, until youíre resting here with me
I wonít leave, I canít hide, I cannot be, until youíre resting here with me

Michael's scowl deepened when he saw the two walking towards him, they hadn't seen him yet because they were gazing into each others eyes as if there were no tomorrow, mindless of the flow of students around them.

Isabel: If the wind changes direction your face is gonna stay like that forever ya know.

Michael whipped around to find Isabel standing beside him, an amused expression on her face, Michael deepened his scowl even more, if that were possible, he hadn't even heard her come up behind him.

Isabel giggled at the murderous look on his face, which he didn't take kindly because he abruptly turned his back on her as Max and Liz made their way to where they were standing.

Max: Is, Michael, whatsup?

Michael: Maxwell we need to talk!

Max looked gave Michael a wary look before slowly nodding his head.

Max: Okay, can it wait until after school? We can all meet at the Crashdown.

Michael nodded as he pushed himself away from the lockers and then made his way out of the school.

Liz: Wow, that's the first time I've seen him at school all month.

Isabel frowned, she didn't like the fact that Michael had been missing so much school, it gave him more time to get into his usual trouble, never mind that they all needed to be as inconspicuous as possible, and so trouble was something they needed to avoid at all costs.

Isabel: What do you think he wanted to talk to us about?

Max shook his head, he had no idea, but he was willing to bet that it wasn't good, silently he begged Michael to not have gotten into some sort of trouble.


Liz grabbed a couple of menus and handed it to an old couple in one of the booths and promised to be back in a few minutes to take their order. She glanced up to the door when the bell jingled indicating a new customer, the customer was Max, a slow smile crept across his face as he saw her, a matching smile spread across her face, she shyly smoothed imaginary wrinkles from her uniform and made her way to the booth he now sat in.

Liz: Hey

Max: hey

They smiled at each other, needing no further words to convey what they were thinking.

Isabel: I think Iím gonna throw up

She rolled her eyes whilst imitating gagging.

Michael: Whatever...listen Maxwell, enough of the star crossed lover crap, we need to talk.

Reluctantly Max teared his gaze away from Liz's large brown eyes to look into Michaelís troubled ones.

Max: 'kay, so what did you want to talk about?

All eyes were on Michael, which caused him extreme discomfort.

Michael told them about the recurring dream heíd been having the last couple of nights and then waited for their opinion.

Isabel: I donít understand Michael, you called an emergency meeting because of a dream youíve been having.

Michael: Itís not just a dream, itís important, I can feel it.

Isabel: Come on Michael, youíre searching for clues of our past where there are none.

Michael: I knew you wouldnít understand, none of you do.

Isabel: This is silly..

Max: No, this dream Michaelís been having is similar to one Iíve been having the last couple of nights as well.

Michael: What? And youíre now just telling us!

Max: I didnít think it was important until now.

Michael: Thatís whatís wrong with the both of you, you never think any of this stuff is important.

Michael got up to leave

Michael: I will be leaving tomorrow to find this place

He walked out the door, not bothering to wait for them to agree or disagree with him.

Liz: My customers!

She shot up from the table and left to serve the long awaiting customers of their dinner, Max watched her as she worked.

Isabel: This is so stupid, what is he gonna do, drive around until he finds this mysterious place? He doesnít even have a car. Max. Max are you evening listening to what Iím saying?

Max: Hmm

Isabel: What am I even doing here? Obviously my opinion doesnít even count.

Isabel got up and stormed out the door.

Max: Isabel!

He picked up his keyís, sending Liz an apologetic look before following Isabel out the door.


Max: When I called Michael last night he said he'd be here

Isabel: Well I don't see him, you don't think he went off by himself to try and find the place do you?

Max: Thereís no telling what he'd do, you know how Michael gets when he gets something in his head.

Isabel took a sip of her coke and looked around the quad again to see if Michael was there.

Isabel: Still no sign of him

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Liz stepped out of the school building and into the quad, her gaze flickering over the groups of students, searching for one student in particular. In her distraction she didnít notice the girl making her way towards her.

Wendy: Hey Liz, still hanging out with the weirdo's and delinquents of Roswell?

She was referring to Max, Isabel and Michael of course. Liz ignored her and continued to make her way over to the table that she had spotted Max and Isabel sitting around. It still hurt her to listen to Wendy's quips, once upon a time they'd been best friends, until that fateful day that Max had saved her when she had been shot. That had been the day her whole world had changed, she'd found out that aliens did in fact exist and had made new friends, in turn loosing her old ones because she could no longer confide in them. At first Isabel and Michael had snubbed her, which had been painful because she was still smarting from the loss of her friends. But eventually they began to treat her as one of them, she now realized that her friends now were truer than her friends previously had ever been, but the loss still hurt.

Liz thought back to the day when her and Wendy had had that awful fight that lead to their now ex-friends status.

* flash *

Wendy: What's the matter with you Liz? Have you gone completely nuts? How could you break up with Kyle, for Max Evans of all people?

Liz: Wendy, you don't understand, Max is different, and heís not like Kyle or any other guy for that matter.

A dreamy look came upon her face as she considered all the wonderful qualities that made Max so unique.

Wendy: You got that right! The man is completely abnormal, he doesn't have any friends apart from his sister and that delinquent. He's always hiding in the shadows, totally apart from the world around him. I know you've had this unexplainable crush on him since like third grade, but how can you even compare him to Kyle, c'mon Liz, get some sense into yourself won't ya!

Liz: That's enough! I know you're my best friend, but even you have gone too far now!

Wendy: Me, gone too far? Some friend you are, you won't even tell me the truth about that day at the Crashdown, and now you spend all your time with that group of weirdoís, Martyr Max, Ice queen Isabel, who thinks she is so above the rest of us, how special can she be if her only friend is her brother, unless you count misfit Michael, now that guy has absolutely no social skills, he's a borderline suicidal case from the wrong side of the tracks.

It was at that point Liz had realized that her friendship with Wendy was over.

* flash *

Liz came back into the present to find herself standing next to Isabel and Max's table, with Isabel looking at her quizzically.

Liz: What?

Isabel burst out laughing

Max: You've been standing there for about five minutes totally oblivious to everything else.

Liz blushed, she hadn't realized her trip back in time had been so obvious to everyone else. She quickly sat down next to Max and tried to change the subject, to her relief she was successful at it.

Liz: So where's Michael? I thought he was supposed to meet us here?

Isabel frowned, she was starting to get really upset with Michael.

Michael: Right here, didn't know you guys were missing me so much.

He flopped down onto the seat next to Isabel, who was about to tell him off when Max interrupted.

Max: I think we should all try and find that place from our dreams today, Liz has already managed to get off work, so it would be a perfect time.

Michaels normally expressionless face showed surprise, he'd come here expecting for them to try and convince him it had just been a dream. The last thing he'd expected was for them to be eager to leave on a road trip in search of the mysterious place from his dream.

Isabel: There goes the bell, we'll meet you in the parking lot after school, in the meantime those of us who actually attend classes, have to get back inside.

Michael shrugged and stood up, just then Wendy and Pam strolled by.

Pam: Oh look, it's the annual meeting of the losers, that's l-o-o-s-e-r-s

Isabel snickered

Isabel: Yeah, and you'd be needing extra spelling lessons Troy!

Pam was about to retort when Michael spoke up.

Michael: Get lost.....NOW!

One look at his face, and the girls didn't spend a second contemplating it, they shot off, obviously looking for safety in numbers.

Liz burst out laughing, shortly followed by Max and Isabel, Michael just gave his usual smirk and walked off, although as soon as his back was to them a full out grin spread across his face, he felt really good, not just about the road trip, but because in a small way he'd made it up to Liz for the hard time he'd given her when she'd first started hanging around with Max.

*Doesn't mean I approve of it* he thought to himself, he still firmly believed Max shouldn't have shared their secret *but* he admitted to himself *he couldn't have chosen a better person to fall in love with*

Isabel: I guess Michaels bad boy persona comes in handy sometimes huh?

Liz started giggling again

Liz: Can you believe the look on Pamís face? She was positively petrified

Isabel: It was priceless

Both girls erupted into giggles again. Max smiled, it was good to see his two favorite girls getting along, and it was also nice to see Isabel so happy. Isabel had never really had a close friend to do all the things girls do together with, and although she'd tried to hide it, she'd been really lonely. Liz was like this bright light that had come into all of their lives and brightened it just by her very presence. He couldn't believe how lucky he was, that Liz Parker actually loved him, boring dull Max Evans, and her, stunning, clever, wonderful, amazing Liz was his girlfriend.

*Hey, you are anything but boring*

Startled, Max looked at Liz, he kept forgetting that she could sometimes hear his thoughts, it was a development from the connection he'd made when he's saved her that day at the Crashdown.

* * *

After school, the four met at the Evans jeep, Michael climbed in the back next to Isabel, Liz smiled when she saw him do it *he's really a softy under all those barriers* She thought to herself as she climbed in front next to Max.

Liz: So, Where do we start?

Max and Michael: In the desert

Isabel arched a perfectly shaped eyebrow and looked at Liz questionably, Liz shrugged.

After a while on the road Isabel asked:-

Isabel: Uh, Liz, are you still looking for someone to replace Wendy at the Crash?

Liz: Yeah, I've had to work overtime 'cause we're so short staffed.

Max wondered if Isabelís question had a double meaning, was Isabel looking to replace Wendy in more ways than just as a waitress?

Isabel: Do you think I could apply?

Michael snorted, and was poked in the ribs by Isabel for it.

Isabel: What's that supposed to mean? Don't you think I could handle it?

Max: No offence Is, but I can't picture you in an alien uniform, much less serving anybody.

Isabel: Well I guess you just don't know me that well, and anyway, I could always do with the extra cash.

Liz: I think it's a good idea, why don't you come around tomorrow and I can show you the ropes, it'll be fun.

Michael squinted, in the distance he could make out a rock outcropping.

Michael: Over there...stop Max...that's the place there.

He pointed excitedly to the outcropping Isabel frowned

Isabel: Michael are you sure? It looks just like a bunch of rocks to me.

Max: No Issy, Iím also getting some sort of feeling from these rocks

Isabel: Well then I don't understand, how come I'm not feeling anything?

Michael: Maybe 'cause you don't want to

Isabel: That's not fair! I want to know about us just as much as you do

Max: He's right Is, as much as you want to know, you're also scared about what you'll find, I think you're just blocking any signals this place is sending to us.

The group fell into silence as they climbed out the jeep, Michael lead the way up the rocks, climbing slowly, carefully making his way lest he fall because it was a treacherous journey at best. Michael stopped when they reached the top, Max passed him and unhesitatingly made his way to a wall of rock, he waved his hand over it, both Isabel and Liz gasped when they saw a glowing handprint imbedded in the rock face. Max placed his hand in it and to the groupís amazement the wall of rock rolled away to form an opening to a cave.

Liz: how did you....

Max: I just did, I can't explain it

He shrugged, Michael started to make his way into the cave when Isabel stopped him.

Isabel: Michael, you don't know what's in there, it could be dangerous.

Michael: We've come this far, I'm not about to leave just because of some irrational fear you have Isabel.

He shrugged off her hand and walked into the opening, missing the hurt look on Isabelís face.

Liz gave her a sympathetic look and grabbed her hand.

Liz: C'mon, lets go

She lead Isabel in, followed by a smiling Max *she never ceases to amaze me*, faced with the uncertainly of what was in the cave, she was fearlessly leading Isabel in, offering support and friendship. Max was reminded that Liz could hear his thoughts when she responded *knock if off Evans, you're making me blush*

Max was about to respond when the boulder rolling back in place startled him, shutting out the daylight.

Before anyone could get scared the walls of the cave seemed to come alive, throwing an eerie green glow over everything, effectively lighting the cave up.

They found Michael crouched near pod type things running a hand over one. Isabel recognized them straight away.

Isabel: Oh my...Max that's what we came out of when we were six

Michael turned around, a pained expression on his face

Michael: There are four you know what this means?

He hesitated before continuing

Michael: Thereís a fourth one of us.

Isabel clamped a trembling hand over her mouth in shock, she couldn't quite grasp that there was another one of them out there, possibly alone and afraid, who knows, maybe the fourth alien had been kidnapped by the FBI or by some sort of alien hunter, of which she knew there were many crazies running around looking for aliens and other conspiracies.

All these thoughts were screaming across her mind, further adding to her trembling.

All three aliens stiffened when a vision started


Max and Isabel holding hands walking out the cave, followed by Michael.


Three pods lying open, a fourth pod is still occupied by a blond haired girl, her hair floating around her serene face, she was in some sort of stasis.


A young Michael turns around, wanting to go back for the girl, but they can't, there is danger and they must!

*End Flash*

A terrified Liz ran into Max's arms when they came round.

Liz: Thank God, I thought something had happened to you guy's when you didn't respond, I...I was so scared Max.

Max placed a hand on her head and soothingly stroked it, if truth be told the flash had scared him too, Isabel was visibly shaken, Michael who looked calm was also troubled he could see.

Isabel: We just left her, for whatever was out there that we were all scared of. She...she was my sister, I don't know how I know, I just do...and we left her.

Isabel choked over her last words, crying silently she stood there sending equally guilty and accusing looks to Max and Michael.

Michael looked away, he couldn't stand the accusations, he was already fighting his own guilt.

Max watched as the guilt an accusations ran across their faces, still holding Liz, however his attention was taken away when he saw something shiny lying behind one of the pods in the distant corner.

He disentangled himself from Liz and made his way over to what looked like a book.

Isabel: Max, what is it?

Everyone followed Max who was now reaching for the object, it was a book, made out of some unrecognizable metal, dull silver in color with strange symbols decorating the cover.

Max tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. As if in a trance, Isabel took it from him, running her hands over the cover, in a monotonous voice she said

Isabel: The power of four must be united in stead, only then can the destinies be read.

Michael: Huh?

Liz: You need the fourth Alien

Max: Is, how did you know that?

Isabel: It was like you said before, I just knew.

Liz: Would you guy's mind if we discussed all of this elsewhere? It's's just that I feel kind uncomfortable in this place.

Max: Sure, lets all go to Michaels place, we can grab some food on the way


Isabel: Geez Michael, you'd swear you hadn't eaten in months, and by the looks of this place, you certainly havenít cleaned in years.

Michael snorted as he continued to eat his umpteenth slice of pizza

Max: We've been here an hour and we still haven't come up with any idea's

Michael: Do you think she's okay? You know, happy and stuff?

The others looked at Michael in shock

Isabel: Okay, who are you and what have you done with 'I don't give a damn about anyone' Michael?

Michael: I'm serious Is, she's one of us and she's all alone out there, what if it had been one of us?

Silence settled on the group again

Max: What we need to do is get a hold of any records about a six-year-old girl found in the area around that time.

Liz: Okay, but how?

Michael: We break into the Sheriffs Station, maybe even the orphanages in the area.

Isabel: Is that your only solution to everything? Why can't we ever do things the legal way, what happens if we get caught Einstein?

Michael glared at Isabel

Michael: Fine, you come up with a better idea then, I'm sick of all you snide remarks

Max: Break it up you two, we're in this together remember

Liz: Why don't we try old News Paper reports for that time period, if it doesn't work out we can discuss what to do then.


Isabel: Thanks, I think I've got it

Liz smiled

Liz: You'll be a natural, and I can even see that you're attracting us more customers than usual.

Blushing, Isabel left to continue her duties as a waitress at the Crashdown Cafe. Liz looked up from cleaning the counter when the bell above the door jingled to see Kyle and some of his jock friends enter.

She sighed, threw down the rag and grabbed some menus; nervously she made her way over to their booth.

Jamie: Well if it isn't Evansís little whore Elizabeth Parker

Liz's face flushed with fury and she pursed her lips to prevent herself from saying anything.

Liz: Do you want something or not?

Jamie: Yeah how about we get together later, and you show me what all this fuss about you is.

The table erupted into laughter, Isabel who was near by walked over

Isabel: Oh I'm sorry; didn't you see the sign on the door? We don't serve animals

This was said so sweetly, her smile never leaving her face

Steve: Well if it isn't the Ice Queen, why don't you come over to my place tonight so I can thaw you out?

The table erupted into more laughter, back slapping and high fives


Everyone looked up to see Max Evans, fury written all over his face standing there, a few feet behind him stood Michael Guerin arms crossed and a *you do not want to mess with me* look on his face. Liz tensed, the last thing she wanted was these guy's getting in a fight, when the fight would be partly her fault.

Kyle spoke up for the first time then

Kyle: Or what Evans?

Max leaned in close, his face inches from Kyleís

Max: That, is something you don't want to find out

His words were icy cold yet deadly serious, clearly the jocks began to get nervous as the smiles faded from their faces, the fact that usually calm and quiet Max was this furious was one indication that they did not want to find out what he was capable of, that and the fact they'd heard rumors about Michael doing hard time for murder, which was ludicrous really, but Michael was definitely a loose cannon, and they did not want to find out first hand if the rumors were true or not.

The jocks eased out of their chairs, making themselves quickly scarce.

Liz put her arms around Max and kissed him passionately

Liz: My hero

Isabel: Sorry to interrupt the love fest, but what did you guys find out?

Max: We'll all talk at Michaels place after your shifts

Michael left to get ready for his shift as Max sat down in the newly vacated booth.

A while later the two girls were behind the counter giggling at the looks on the jocks faces when Max had threatened them.

Michael: Pickup..hey pickup

Isabel: You don't have to shout grumpy

Michael scowled and continued to fry burgers.

Liz turned and looked in Max's direction, she caught him staring at her and blushed, his looks could get so intense sometimes that Liz often felt herself pulled into some other reality that was Max. Liz snapped back to reality when a hand was waved in front of her face.

Isabel: Helloooo, Liz, here's table sevens order.

Liz felt herself start blushing again, and quickly grabbed the plates for table seven.


Max: We went to the town library and looked for back Issues of the Roswell Times

The four friends were sitting in Michaelís living room, the girls were listening intently to what Max was saying, Michael who was ignoring them was sprawled on a sofa glaring at the ceiling.

Liz: So did you find anything?

Max: yeah, there were a couple of articles for that year, the first one was about Isabel and I and then later there was another one about our adoption. The second one was about Michael, he was found a couple of hours after us I think. Here's where it gets weird, a little girl was found, put into foster care, but something happened there and was taken away, she was later adopted disappeared with her new family shortly after that, they don't say how, but you get the feeling it was under strange circumstances.

Liz: I don't get it, how come nobody noticed that four kids were found in the desert outside Roswell?

Max: Well technically only Is and I were found in the desert, When Michael was found he was already close to Roswell, and apparently this girl was found a month later.

Isabel: Where? Where was she found Max?

Michael spoke up for the first time then.

Michael: Outside your house

The girls were shocked

Isabel: Why didn't mom or dad ever say anything?

Max: It was ten years ago, we were kids, and they had no idea the importance of it.

Isabel: She knew Max, she knew where and who we were and she found us, only to be taken away

Isabel sobbed, she could feel her heart breaking for the sister she had never met and yet the sister she already loved with all of her heart, Liz put a comforting arm around Isabel

Liz: Do you know where she is now?

Max: No, that's where the trail gets cold, we presume she was taken to the same orphanage as us, only after we had already left and then adopted.

Liz: Do you think she's still in Roswell?

Michael: She's not

Liz: How do you know?

Michael: Because we would feel her if she was

Michael jumped up and stormed to the bathroom, it was obvious this was upsetting him greatly, the only person who looked unaffected by all this was Max, but Liz knew he was just upset, maybe even more because for some reason he felt responsible for all of them, Liz could tell he was just trying to be strong for his friend and sister.

Max stood up and grabbed Liz's hand

Max: Is I'm just taking Liz home, stay here with Michael and I'll be back to fetch you later.

Isabel nodded, desperately trying to fight back more tears, Liz reached down and squeezed Isabelís hand, for which Isabel was more grateful than she could put into words, instead she just smiled her thanks. Max picked up his keys and lead Liz out the apartment.

Liz: Are you going to confront your parents about the girl?

Max: No, they'd just become suspicious if we did, I think it's best if they don't know anything about it

Liz: So what now?

Max: I guess we'll just have to discuss our options, but if Michael has anything to do with it we'll probably go along with his plan.

Liz frowned,

Liz: Do you think that's a good idea? It could be dangerous

Max: I agree, but we might not have a choice

* * *

Max stopped the jeep outside the Crashdown and turned to Liz, enfolding her in his arms, his lips touched hers sending sparks of electricity down his spine and causing his body to tremble in excitement. His fingers ran through her hair, whilst at the same time deepening the kiss, Liz moaned in delight and shifted her body to get closer to Max.

When Max pulled reluctantly away from her Liz felt an irrational fear at being separated from him and pulled him back towards her.

Liz: Max don't go, stay with me please

Max chuckled

Max: As much as Iíd like to, I have Michael and Isabel waiting for me.

Max stopped talking when he saw the fear in her eyes

Max: What? Whatís wrong sweetness?

Liz: I'm not sure, I just feel like if I let you go I won't see you again.

Max pulled Liz into his arms and promised he'd never leave her for longer than a day; he then walked her to her door.

* * * * * * * * *

Michael paced his apartment, angry with Max for taking so long; he stopped pacing when he heard Isabel cry out in her sleep from her bed on the sofa.

Isabel: NO!....MAX!

She sat up on the sofa, fear written all over her face

Isabel: Michael, they have Max

Michael ran over to Isabel and clutched her trembling arms

Michael: Who Is? Who has Max?

Isabel: Some guy named Pierce, The FBI, they have Max, and...oh God they're hurting him Michael.

Isabel covered her face as she sobbed. Michael stood up and ran to the phone, he punched in Liz's number and waited impatiently for her to answer.

Liz: hello...?

Michael: Liz, It's Michael, is Max there with you?

Liz sat up in bed; fear clutching her heart, beads of sweat broke out on her face

Liz: Isn't he there with you guys? He left here hours ago, Michael where could he be? I knew something was go....

Michael: Calm down Liz, do you think you could meet us here?

Liz: Yeah, I'll be right over

She hung up the phone and jumped out of bed, throwing clothes on as she climbed out of her window. She then ran the few blocks to Michaels apartment, not noticing the cramp in her side or the tears on her face, she just kept running and chanting Maxís name over and over again, as if it were an incantation that would bring Max back. She briefly closed her eyes and said a prayer.

* * * * * *

Michael opened the door to see a tear streaked Liz standing there, she rushed into his arms sobbing, Isabel got off the sofa and joined them, her sobs mingling with that of Liz's

Liz: He promised me he wouldn't leave me......Oh God what are we going to do?

My loverís gone, his boots no longer by my door, he left at dawn, and as I slept I felt him go returns no more, I will not watch the ocean, my loverís gone, no earthly ships will ever bring him home again, bring him home again.
My loverís gone, I know that kiss will be my last, no more his song, the tune upon his lips has passed.
I sing alone, while I watch the ocean, my loverís gone, no earthly ships will ever bring him home again, bring him home again.

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