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"Distant Connections"
Part 7
by Irene
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Summary: This is in response to crossover challenge issued by Carol on the RoswellDreamGirl list. Being a fan of both, I couldn't pass it up. . . Disclaimer: the usual; I bow down to the great and powerful Katim's and company, by whose good graces I mangle these characters. . .
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They had cleared a small area and now stood around Superman and Max in a loose, vaguely disquieted circle. The sun was streaming through the thickening clouds and the wind had picked up, billowing her husband's red cape behind him. Quite the scene, it was.

"This first time we'll just go really easy, okay, Max?" she heard Superman say.

The boy nodded evenly and Superman took a step up from behind him, putting his hands lightly on Max's waist. She saw them both react to what Max had called their "connection," and she imagined the simultaneous picture show each was being treated to. Lois felt herself flush at the possibility that some of her more private moments with Clark could, right then, be chasing themselves around young Max Evans' head.

Nonsense, Lois, she scolded herself. That's not the sort of pertinant information I'd use a psychic connection for. If I had one. . .

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her cousin exchange frightened looks with her friend, Maria, and moving over a step, Lois slipped a reassuring arm around the girl's shoulder.

"He'll be fine," she said softly. "If he had to, Superman could move the Earth from its orbit. He can handle one teenage boy." Liz raised an eyebrow. "Yes, even one teenage alien boy." She was rewarded with smirks from both Maria and Liz.

"You ready, Max?" Superman asked, firming up his grip.

"Let her rip," he said lightly, but Lois could swear Max's abdominal muscles tightened.

Several years ago, before they were married, Clark had tried to explain to her just what the mechanics of flight were. The mechanics of his flight. Watching him with Max, she ran the steps through her head.

To initiate his move against the Earth's pull, he would lift up onto the balls of his feet. Of course, this was for a "gentle" lift-off. If the situation called for it, which it usually did, he'd prime his take-off by drawing his knees up towards his chest slightly and then pushing full-force against the ground, rocketing upwards. Which he would not do with a nervous first-timer on his hands and an apprehensive crowd watching. A slight push against the hard pack with his toes would raise them just a few inches off the ground. Which is exactly what he did.

They hovered there for a moment as Superman let Max get used to the sensation. A full head above even Michael, they looked as though they were the victims of some sudden growth spurt.

Eyes followed their movement, jaws dropped, and Kyle finally stopped smirking. "Holy Jeez," he said in an awed whisper.

Her husband leaned forward to speak, but before he could, Max drew air in sharply-clearly he'd been holding it-and from the expression on Superman's face in response, Max seemed to answer the question he was about to ask.

"I'm okay, Clark. Let's . . . let's go on."

"Okay, Max. Don't worry about a thing. I won't drop you."

Superman glanced to her briefly, giving her a knowing wink, and she tried to put all her love and pride for him into the smile she sent back. Then she could almost see him exerting greater pressure against the gravity beneath them and with a chorus of muted gasps from the group, they were airborne.

The pair circled above them slowly a few times, and even twenty feet away, Lois could see the slowly dawning exhilaration on Max's face. Like a child's first solo ride on a two-wheeler. His expression took Lois' breath away and when she glanced over to her young cousin, she saw that exhilaration mirrored and magnified on her sweet face: Liz felt joy in Max's joy. These two really *were* in love.

Max and Superman headed back toward the road (though they stayed low to avoid being seen), then picking up real speed, zoomed by them and over the edge of the cliff, disappearing from view.

An excited "YEAH!" floated up to them. Max was enjoying himself. . .

Lois saw a broad smile break out on Michael's face, one he tried to hide for a moment before letting it fully take over. Glancing down, she saw the boy take Isabel's hand and give it a squeeze. And the supermodel? She was bouncing on her toes and grinning from ear to ear. Lois also noticed that the grungeboy, whose name was Alex, had finally found something other than Isabel that could command his full attention.

Tess was the only one not completely and happily enthralled, and even she seemed suitably awed by what they were seeing.

Within seconds, the pair were once again soaring above them. And then the unthinkable happened: Superman let go.

In an instant, awe was replaced by gasping shock as somehow Superman just stood by, watching Max plummet towards the earth.

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