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"Ancient History"
"Real or Make Believe"
Part 3
by Beth Barker
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the characters I create. This story is strictly for fun and that's the way it should be.
Summary: Alexis's away team and the other team tell the others what they've found out and decisions are made.
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Rating: PG
Authors Note: Feedback people! Please! And thank you Melanie for your suggestions, I tried to do better this time. Please tell me what you think. Still as bad? You can post this just ask first. Thanks.
Alexis Pickerd was sitting in her quarters reviewing the information that she had Commander Data put on the disk for her. She had already found out so much just with that summary list of books on Roswell. Now she was going to look at the information on Liz Parker. She really wanted to delve into that journal, but this information was getting interesting. She looked over the basic stats fairly quickly.

Full Name: Elizabeth Marie Parker

Date of Birth: April 17, 1983

Birth Information: Born to Jeffrey Parker and Nancy Parker. Born in Santa Rosa, NM.

Marital Status: Single up unto her disappearance.

Died: Unknown - Disappeared at the age of 22 not long after graduating from the University of New Mexico.

Alexis skimmed over the medical history; she could always come back to that later but for now, it didn't interest her. She got to the life description and started to read very slowly, trying to memorize as much about this woman as she could.

Liz had been in Roswell all of her life. She graduated from Roswell High School with honors and a GPA of 4.127. She went on to college and graduated in the top 5% of her class in her major, astronomy. She disappeared shortly thereafter.

While she lived at home with her parents, she worked for them in their small restaurant as a waitress at the Crashdown Café. Her parents owned this restaurant and all three of them lived above it in an apartment.

Liz Parker led a pretty quiet life from what Alexis read. She was said to have dated a Max Evans in high school, and was often seen with him and several friends including her childhood friends Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman as well as Max Evans' sister Isabel Evans. When Mr. Evans and her friends disappeared mysteriously, however, it is rumored that she did not date again. Many of her later friends and her parents often said that she was never the same after they had disappeared, and some have speculated that they are the reason for Liz's disappearance. It is thought that she might have gone off somewhere and committed suicide. She was never married nor did she have any children.

One of the strange things about her disappearance was that her body was never found. In fact, there had been no trace of her at all after that day. A friend told police everything she knew about Liz and when questioned, the fact that she used to keep a journal had come up. Upon investigating and looking for that journal, it was discovered that it too had disappeared. Alexis about fell out! A journal! No it couldn't be! It was impossible, wasn't it? However, there in front of her, plain as day, was a description of that journal and it fit the one the sister had given her perfectly!

There wasn't really much else about Liz in the information, so Alexis anxiously turned to the journal. She opened it and began skimming through the first few entries, noting the dates of each one. She paid the most attention to names mentioned as well as the places and descriptions she found. The details of everything were too great. Either this was a really good piece of fiction or this was the real McCoy. She decided that before she really got to reading the journal, she'd pay a visit to Commander Data.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

An hour later, Alexis sat shaking in her quarters. The information Data had pulled up on everyone else already seemed to coincide with the journal and she hadn't read that far. Alex and Maria were the only two characters she had read about yet but everything was accurate. She was also shaking because while reading she kept getting these images flashing through her mind. She saw what she was reading. She saw Alex, Maria, Liz, and Jeff and Nancy Parker. She had never met these people and yet she could see these images and happenings as if they had happened to her yesterday. It was such a strange experience!

Then she got to the first entry mentioning Max Evans. She couldn't believe her eyes. Liz shot with a 20th century gun and Max Evans healing her. No! This couldn't be right! However, the more entries she read, the more convincing evidence there was that not only was Max Evans a healer, but so were his sister Isabel and their friend Michael. She saw it all in her mind's eye, felt the bullet where it struck Liz and she knew in her heart and in her gut that these people had been real, that this journal was real. She didn't know how but somehow this journal had survived the past 300 plus years. She fell asleep with visions in her head from an earlier time and place.

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