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"A Whole new World"
"The Second Wave"
Part 1
by Angel
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Summary: The Roswellians join up with some people to stop the second wave, but things go wrong when they are kidnapped and held for experimentation and execution. Cast: Max Evans, Elizabeth (Parker) Evans, Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Maria Whitman-Deluca, Alex Whitman, Phil Evans, Sheriff Valenti, Kyle Valenti, Cade Foster, Joshua, Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenberg, Alexander (Xander) Harris, Daniel (Oz) Osborne, Spike, Angel, Cordelia Chase. SUMMARY OF FIRST WAVE “ THE LOST PROPHESIES: Michael and Max share a dream about the pod chamber which leads to its discovery as well as the realization that there is a fourth alien. In this alternate Roswell Liz is still saved by Max and they do become a couple. Maria is not Liz’s best friend but instead the fourth Alien who is adopted by the Whitman family who live in L.A. Max gets kidnapped, and Liz, Isabel and Michael move to LA to try and find him as well as the fourth Alien. They eventually find Maria and head back to Roswell after they get a lead on Max. During this time Cade Foster comes into the picture, he goes to the Sheriff assuming that the Sheriff is on the Aliens side, with information on the pod squads destiny as well as the evil race of aliens who are out to get them. They all then team up to rescue Max from a government facility. Max is found with no memory of what happened, and to their relief the FBI do not try and re-capture him.
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Rating: PG
Author's Note: This is the second part in a three part series, the first one is called First Wave: ‘The Lost Prophesies” and the third one is called First Wave: “The Next Generation” You will not be able to follow this story without reading the first part. This is an Alternate Universe Roswell, some of it follows the series and the rest is just my imagination, so be prepared to read some things that are different from the show, for instance, the Initiative aren’t bad, Riley is in the past, Wesley is also around, just not in this fic, Tara doesn’t exist and Oz and Willow are still a hot item. Anya is around, just not in this fic etc (you get the idea). This is also a crossover with the TV series First Wave where the characters Cade Foster and Joshua come from as well as the evil aliens in my story, the Gua. Foster is the ‘Twice Blessed Man’ that Nostradamus predicts. To add some humour (I hope) I have also crossed over with the TV Series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Angel the Series.
Max grabbed Liz and pulled her back into the bed with him

Max: And just where did you think you were going?

He growled before placing butterfly kisses all over her face. Liz sighed contentedly, the last two years of blissful happiness with Max had been like heaven, they were both making up for the three years they’d been separated when the FBI had kidnapped him. They still had no idea what had been done to Max because he had suffered short-term memory loss, possibly a side effect from the drugs he’d been kept on. They also had no idea why the FBI hadn’t come back for him, it was very disconcerting, but Liz decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and accept it, she would take each day as it came, careful to make sure that Max didn’t leave her sight.

Liz: I was going to get you breakfast Mr. Evans

Max: You’re all the nourishment I need Mrs. Evans

He smiled wickedly and began tickling her all over.

* * * * * * * * * *

Maria: Calm down Issy! I’ve already sorted out the flowers, Max is getting the rings, Liz is collecting the cake and your agitation is only going to give you a headache.

Isabel threw her hands up in the air.

Isabel: What made me think this was going to be fun?

Alex slipped his head in the door

Alex: Is she still moaning?

Isabel screamed and dashed behind the changing screen, Maria who was laughing got up off her chair to usher Alex, who was trying to get a peak of Isabel over her shoulder out.

Isabel: Get him out; get him right out of here now!

Alex: Just a little peek?

He pleaded

Maria: You know it’s bad luck to see her before the ceremony in her dress.

Maria closed the door behind Alex and turned to face Isabel who was furiously taking off her dress and climbing into a pair of jeans.

Isabel: Can you believe him?

She looked up from putting her tank top on and continued.

Isabel: Is he trying to curse us or something? Does he want us to have bad luck for the rest of our lives?

* * * * * * *

In his boxers, Max opened the door to find a smirking Michael.

Michael: Hey Max…nice outfit Liz

Confused Max looked over his should and saw Liz standing there wearing only a…….Sheet? He turned back to find Michael now grinning and frowned.

Max: What is it Michael?

Michael pushed his way inside and made his way to the kitchen where he immediately grabbed an apple and took a bite out of it, the whole while still grinning at Max who had followed him.

Michael: Did you forget we have to get the rings?

Max: Rings? Uh yeah, let me just throw some clothes on

Liz walked into the kitchen, newly dressed in jeans and a sweater. She made her way over to Michael and gave him a hug.

Max felt a stab of jealousy when he saw them, not from the hug, nor from the close friendship, but because of the painful reminder that they shared a life together - as friends, but nevertheless, a life he’d missed out on.

Liz came back to Max and gave him a quick kiss before picking up her car keys.

Liz: I’m going to pick up the cake and then I’ll meet you boys at the church.

Max grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled her into a passionate kiss before letting her go.

* * * * * * * *

Sheriff: Valenti

Cade: Hi Jim, how’s it going down there?

Sheriff: Well well, Foster, It’s been awhile

Cade: Yes it has, the reason I’m calling is to let you know that I’ll be coming down there.

Sheriff: Oh yeah, you coming for the wedding?

Cade: Wedding? You mean Alex and Isabel?

Sheriff: It’s today

Cade: Actually I forgot, and I probably won’t be there in time, I’m coming for other reasons.

Sheriff: Would that be Czechoslovakian reasons?

Cade: It’s happening Jim

Sheriff: What is?

Cade: The Second Wave

* * * * * *

Maria: I give up! You try calming her down.

Liz: Isabel everything’s fine, the cake is already in the hall, Max has the rings, the flowers are perfect…everything is perfect…you’re perfect, this wedding is perfect.

Isabel: I know, I just keep worrying that something is going to go wrong, or that Alex will change his mind.

Maria: Huh! You’d have to drag Alex out of here kicking and screaming to keep him from marrying you.

Liz: I still think it’s so romantic that he changed his surname back to Whitman so that you could have his family name.

Isabel sighed dreamily

Isabel: He is sweet isn’t he?

Liz and Maria didn’t know whether to laugh or scream at Isabel’s change in mood.

Isabel: Hey what are you two just standing there for? Get dressed! On the double!

Both Liz and Maria moved to put on their satin ice blue figure hugging gowns, the dresses that Isabel had chosen for her bridesmaids.

Isabel, who was already in her gown, began placing small daisy’s in her upswept hair.

Isabel: I wish my mom could be here.

Maria’s smile fell as she quickly made her way over to her sister to offer support in the way of a hug.

Maria: This is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, you can’t think about that now, and you definitely can’t cry ‘cos it will ruin your make-up.

She grinned, trying to get a laugh out of Isabel, who had rapidly changed moods again.

Maria: You know what I think? I think your mom is watching over you right now, and I think that she’s the happiest that she’s ever been.

Isabel smiled at the picture Maria had just painted for her; a solitary, unbidden tear ran down her cheek.

Isabel: Yeah, I think maybe you’re right.

Liz handed her a tissue.

* * * * * * *

Alex wiped his sweaty palms on his pants and continued to look down the isle for any sign of Isabel

Michael: Chill man, trust me when I say she’s not gonna let you off the hook that easily.

Instead of the traditional wedding march, Isabel had elicited to have the song ‘From this moment’ be sung by a choir.

I do swear that I’ll always be there. I’d give anything and everything and I will always care. Through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow, for better, for worse. I will love you with every beat of my heart.

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on.

Alex watched as Liz, followed by Maria came down the isle, and then there was a shining light a light that was Isabel, his one and only love, everything else faded as he focused on her, her dad was beside her leading her to her new life, leading her to him.

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love I’d give my last breath
From this moment on.

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can’t wait to live my life with, can’t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams come true because of you.

Isabel had been in such a euphoric daze that she was surprised to find that the time had come to exchange rings, which they did quickly. Alex lifted the veil and place his lips gently on hers just as the church erupted into applause and cheers. Isabel broke away from the kiss and smiled, Alex returned the smile and together they turned to face their guests, making their way out of the church as they’d done so many times during rehearsals, only this time it was as husband and wife.

Liz held Max’s hand and followed, behind them Michael and Maria uncomfortably joined hands, their relationship had been rocky at best, and they needed time alone to talk things through, but with the wedding hadn’t had a chance to as yet, now with it over, Maria was hoping they’d get a chance to talk.

* * * * * *

Isabel wrapped her arms around Alex and pressed her body to his as they swayed to the music. Isabel had to keep reminding herself that this wasn’t a dream, and that she was in fact Mrs. Alexander Whitman, she sighed in contentment. Looking over her husband’s shoulder she saw Cade Foster talking to the Sheriff near the doors of the hall they’d rented for the reception. * This can’t be good * she thought to herself as she pulled away from Alex and pointed out the men, before he could protest. *Somehow I don’t think he’s here for the wedding*

Maria who’d been watching her sister and adoptive brother, now brother-in-law dance, turned around to see what had disrupted their romantic moment together. By this time, Mr. Evans had joined Cade and the Sheriff.

Maria: Uh Oh

Michael: What?

Maria: Well it looks like our few years of peace are over and war is about to hit us again.

She pointed out the small group now huddled in the corner of the hall.

Michael: I’m going to find Max and Liz; you go and see what’s going on.

Maria nodded; She walked over to join the group, which had now grown to include Alex and Isabel.

Cade addressed the group.

Cade: Can we all meet somewhere quiet, I don’t think this is the place to discuss what I’ve come here to say.


Cade: Alex, Isabel, I’m really sorry to ruin what is meant to be a special occasion for you, I just didn’t think this could wait any longer.

Alex: Hey, it’s not your fault; you’re just the messenger of what is obviously bad news.

Max: So what is it that brings you here?

Cade held off his answer until Liz and Maria had finished handing out drinks to all those present, once they had seated themselves he began.

Cade: From what I have deciphered from the quatrains, it looks like the Second Wave is about to hit us full force.

Isabel: I thought you said the Second Wave would never happen, could never happen, unless the four of us were dead?

Cade looked at Isabel, worry etched into his face, as realization dawned she could feel the strength ebb from her body and she was grateful when Alex put an arm around her.

Liz: So all we have to do is keep them from dying..right?

Cade: I don’t know if it’s going to be that easy, we have no idea how it’s going to come about, or what to expect.

Max: The only thing we can do is make sure we’re prepared for anything. So I suggest we all get a good night sleep, and meet back at my place tomorrow and come up with a plan.


Buffy: And another one bites the dust

She dusted herself off and looked around for any other vampires

Buffy: Come on people.. not that you can even call yourselves people, I was just getting warmed up.

Her spider senses tingled, or what she at least referred to as spider sense, giving her ample warning to turn around and send a stake through the heart of the vampire creeping up behind her. Shaking the dust off her arm, she decided she’d had enough of patrolling, before heading back to her dorm she made her way to her ex-watchers house, he’d left a message for her to meet him there after patrolling.

He opened the door, looking flustered and tired.

Giles: Ah good Buffy, everyone’s been waiting.

Buffy: Everyone?

Xander came through with a cookie in each hand

Xander: Yeah, the Scooby Gang is ready and awaiting further orders.

He mock saluted, still holding the cookie.

Giles: Actually Xander this is uh quite serious.

Buffy: It has to be if you’re willing to put up with Xander’s quips this time of night.

She said whilst walking into the former Watchers living room.

Willow: Yeah, couldn’t this have waited till morning?

She looked at Giles, and hurriedly continued

Willow: Not that I’m complaining, I actually quite like this time of night, it’s quite peaceful or would be if we didn’t live on top of the hellmouth and we didn’t have demons and vampires walking around.

Giles: Yes well, let’s get down to business

Xander: All work and no play..

He fell quiet after a fierce look from the usually docile Watcher

Giles: I was going through the books of Asingi, which was quite interesting actually, It makes me wonder why I’ve never been through them before, but what with all my time spent on the scrolls of Mesaga I…

Everyone looked at him in confusion

Giles: right, never mind. I was reading up on some er….stuff and that’s when I came across the prophecy

Buffy: No wait let me guess, we are yet again facing the end of the world and we’re all in danger yada yada yada.

Giles: Yes as a matter of fact

He looked at Buffy quizzically

Giles: In any case, it mentions nothing of demons, so we have some unknown entity involved.

Willow: Could it be a new type of demon or something

Giles: I couldn’t actually make out the whole uh..uh prophecy, b-but I don’t think so.

Buffy: Boy do you know how to make a gal feel confident

Giles: There’s more. I got a call from Angel

Buffy: Angel

Xander: and what did dead boy want?

Willow glanced at Buffy, a worried look on her face

Buffy: it’s okay Will, I’m fine. So what did Angel want?

Giles: Apparently there is a lot of weird activity going on in a town in New Mexico, and it all seems to tie in with the prophecy.

Xander: So, what, is there like another hellmouth there or what?

Giles: Not that I know of.

Oz: I thought all of this end of the world stuff happened around hellmouths?

Giles: Yes I know, it’s very baffling.

Buffy: So I guess I’m going to New Mexico

Giles: Not alone you’re not, like I said previously, this is the unknown you’re going into; you’re going to need all of our help.

Xander: I just love trips into the unknown, it…Hey!

He rubbed his arm and glared accusingly at Willow.

After the meeting at Max’s house, Isabel had decided to return home and resume the unpacking of boxes. Alex was out with Max and Michael as they surveyed the town and came up with a patrol roster. Max had suggested they take turns patrolling the town, so they’d know right away if new people, specifically Gua came into town.

Isabel: Oh!

She pulled out what looked like a book from the box she was currently working on and looked at it, her mind wandered back to five years ago when they’d first found it in the cave. With all that had happened since then she’d totally forgotten about it.

The last person to arrive was Michael, once he’d sat down Isabel brought out the book, which brought gasps from Max, Liz and Michael and confused glances from Alex, Maria, the Sheriff, Mr Evans and Cade.

Max: I’d totally forgotten about it.

Alex: What is it?

Isabel: It’s a book we think, anyway we found it years ago when we found the pod chamber, with all that has happened I guess we just forgot about it.

Maria: What are all those symbols on it?

Isabel: It says, ‘The power of four must be united in stead, only then, can the destinies be read’

Maria: So it has our destinies inside?

Isabel: Yeah, we’ve never been able to open it because when we found it there was only us three, and we needed all four of us.

Sheriff: Well everyone is here, why doesn’t it open?

Liz: Maybe you all have to touch it or something?

The four Aliens got up and stood in a tight circle around the book Isabel held out, hesitantly they place their hands on it and immediately it began to glow. When they opened their eyes again, the glowing had subsided to a faint light and the book was opening. They pulled their hands away and stepped back as Isabel placed the book on the coffee table and also stepped back.

Instead of opening to a book full of pages as they’d expected, a bright tunnel of light shot out from the book ‘causing the aliens to step back further in fright. A voice started to speak through the light.

Voice: Welcome my children of the sun, the leaders of Arlinkria. You are special and you have a destiny to fulfil, you are not Arlinkrian, nor are you human, you are instead a blend of both, your powers are immense, and for that reason you had to flee your land to seek refuge whilst your powers grew, so that one day you would free us from the evil that plagues us. We await you my children, our leaders. Your essence is powerful, and if you were to be killed, so would the people of Earth and Arlinkria, our enemies know this, and for that reason will hunt you until you destroy them. Find the Orb of Arlinkria, and the Granilith, they will assist you in destroying our enemies and then you will reign again. In every thousand cycle’s of the moons there is a chosen one, one who will have the power of many, one who is known as the warrior and the protector of freedom. There will come a time when peace will be destroyed as a great war immerses, but an even greater king will be born.

A holographic image of Max was shown

Voice: He is special and it is for this reason that it has been pre-ordained that in this year two chosen ones will be born.

A holographic image of Michael, followed by Maria was shown

Voice: Together they must join to save our planet from destruction. In this year, one more will be born, she will be known as the Visioner for her people. Her visions will be prophetic, and help to keep those that she protects safe.

This time a picture of Isabel appeared.

The light started to diminish and the voice faded as the last words were said.

Voice: The time grows short and soon darkness will prevail…unless you, the children of the sun come forth and shine your light.

The light disappeared back into the book, which abruptly closed, leaving the room in silence.

A short while later..

Michael: You know what this means?

Alex: Yeah, if you ever doubted this planets version of your destiny, you now have one from your planet to verify it.

Michael: It means that not only do we have the fate of this planet resting on us, but now also the fate of our own planet. And just what the hell is the Orb of Arlinkria and a Granilith, where would we find them and what are they supposed to do?

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