FanFic - Crossovers
Part 1
by tchele
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except my words. Roswell characters property of WB and Jason Katims, not to mention Melinda Metz. Angel characters owned by WB and Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. Any references to Buffy the Vampire Slayer owned by the WB. Please don't sue.
Summary: Cordelia receives a message from TPTB that the Roswell gang need help. Angel and Cordy wind up in Roswell to help.
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG
"In case anyone cares, I just had another mind-numbing, migraine inducing vision." Cordelia Chase says as she enters her boss Angel's underground lair.

"Let's hear it Cordy." Angel answers gruffly.

"It's another roadtrip, don't worry it's not Sunnydale this time. Town in New Mexico, home of alien themed tourist traps, Roswell. We are being sent to help a group of kids, 6 in fact. They are in need of some help regarding an unknown enemy. I'm not sure if it's a demon or some other evil, but they need us." Cordelia says.

"I'll need you to come along, how long will it take you to be ready?" Angel asks.

"Give me an hour, you make the travel arrangements." Cordelia says as she leaves the lair.

An hour later Cordelia is miraculously ready and they are on their way to the airport. "So where are we supposed to find these kids anyways?" Angel asks.

"I saw a sign shaped like a giant spaceship and it said 'The Crashdown' I guess that's where we start." Cordelia surmisses. They travel the rest of the trip to the airport and most of the flight in relative silence.

"So this is Roswell? I thought it would be bigger, you know on account of all the talk about this place." Cordelia says once they have arrived in Roswell.

"Cordy, you can look at the tourist traps later, we do have work to do remember?" Angel says, somewhat agravated.

"OK, OK, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, lets go see if we can find this place." Cordelia says, leading the way.

Meanwhile at the Crashdown...

"Liz? So are you going to tell me why you have called this super-secret meeting for after work? Not that I am complaining about spending time with you or Alex, but the Czechoslovakians?"" Maria DeLuca asks her best friend Liz Parker.

"Maria, I have no desire to spend anymore time with them then you do, but I can feel something is coming and we need to be prepared for whatever impending doom is coming. The first step to that is actually talking things over and trying to get back to where we were before any of these romantic entanglements happened." Liz tells her friend.

"Since when do you work on feelings and not facts and figures? I guess what I am hearing hen is I gotta wait and see right? Well I think someone just came in so I'll go take their order." Maria says giving her bestfriend one of those 'this isn't over by a long shot looks' before she goes back out front.

"Hi, welcome to the Crashdown, can I get you something to drink?" Maria asks the customers.

"Coffee, black." The guy says.

This guy needs a personaliy stat Maria thinks to herself.

"Something diet, whatever you have, by the way is there a waitress here named Liz?" the guys darkhaired companion asks.

"Yeah, that's her wiping down the counter. Does she know you?" Maria asks.

"My cousins' best friend ate here last summer and she said that Liz was a good waitress." the brunette explains.

"I see, I'll be right back with your drinks." Maria says turning her back to go get the drinks.

"OK, Cordelia were you holding out on me about this vision?" Angel asks.

"Well I had to make sure you brought me along, I mean the infamous Roswell, New Mexico." Cordelia says, as the darkhaired girl identified as Liz came to their table with the drinks.

"Here you go, one cup black coffee?" Liz asks.

"Here. Are you Liz?" Angel asks.

"Yep, that would be me, do I know you?" Liz asks.

"No we have never met, I'm Angel and this is my assistant Cordelia Chase, we're here to help you and you friends out." Angel finishes.

"I don't know who sent you, but if this is some kind of joke, you can tell whomever sent you I'm not laughing." with that Liz turns and leaves the table.

"Fabulous Angel, how long have you been doing this and you still haven't gotten personality 101 down. Nice to know you still have your touch outside of California, I'll go talk to her." Cordelia says leaving Angel alone at the table.

"Liz?" Cordelia says, taking a seat at the counter.

"Your friend is a little strange." Liz says, turning to face Cordelia.

"You don't know the half of it! Here's the deal, I am going to level with you, although you seem to be the kind of person who rationalizes everything. I will tell you now, don't try and rationalize any of what I have to say because it cannot be rationalized. You just have to trust me and listen to what I have to say before you laugh me out of this place. I get visions from 'The Powers That Be' a parting gift from a friend that sacrificed himself to save alot of people, including myself. Anyways I got a vision of you and 5 other people about your age, the other waitress that was here a minute ago, a tall guy with spiky hair and intense eyes, a tall, curvy blond, with alot of attitude, reminded me of myself in highschool, a gangly guy by her side, and a third guy tall, very soulful eyes. I saw flashes of images of a cave and a few other places in Roswell a school I think, and this place and your name tag. That's how I found you. I felt a flood of intense fear, especially when you were all in the cave. That's about where the vision ended. There was one other thing though, The Powers said you wouldn't trust me just on my word and they told me to tell you your grandmother meant what she said when she talked to you just before she died." Cordelia finishes, and looks directly at Liz, trying to gage her response.

"How did you know about my grandmother, no one knew, except Max, and he wouldn't tell anyone." Liz says incredulously.

"I know it's hard to believe, but we really were sent here to help you, think of us as your guardian angels." Cordelia tells Liz.

"I don't know why, but I believe you, like maybe you are a kindred spirit. I feel like I could tell you anything and you wouldn't think I was crazy, almost like you would understand. I only speak for myself, I have to talk to the others before I can do anything or say anything, can you guys come back at midnight?" Liz asks.

"We'll be here then, anything you guys have to do to test us, go ahead, we won't put up a fight I promise you that. I understand you have been hurt by people saying they were there to help, we are legit I assure you." Cordelia says before she leaves.

At the Crashdown later that night...

"I guess what I'm saying is I trust her, and she said something funny before she left. She said whatever tests you need to do to believe them to do them. Like she knew something special. It's up to you but I think we should trust them." Liz says, explaining her strange encounter from earlier in the day..

"If they are willing to be tested, I say let's test them. They won't know we have connected with them unless we tell them, and it's not like we don't have permission to check them out." Isabel, surprisingly is the first to speak.

At first the five stare at Isabel amazed, Maria is the first to speak, "If Izzy is willing, I'll go along with whatever."

The group makes plans fast, deciding that the three humans should stay out of sight and the three aliens would hide and wait for their mystery guests.

"OK, Cordelia where are they?" Angel asks as they enter the unlocked Crashdown.

"They'll be here, don't..."Cordelia begins, though a hand from behind stops her mid-sentence.

Isabel wasted no time making the connection, and immediately saw amazing details of this girls life, Max was right it was a rush. *Flash* A small dark-haired girl proudly wearing a gaudy, cheap, plastic deputies badge, *Flash* The girl a little older taunting a meek red haired girl and a badly dressed dark haired boy, *Flash* The three a bit older sitting in what looked like a school library, *Flash* A large building on fire, and a feeling of mixed emotions, the images came fast and furious, almost as fast as they appeared they disappeared. The final flash appeared of a young man's face immediately Isabel felt a tremendous feeling of loss and disconnected then, she knew this girl was trustworthy.

Max and Michael, on the other hand weren't having as easy a time. Every time they connected they came up against a blank wall. Amazingly Angel wasn't struggling against any of it and didn't seem to be surprised that they were unable to do whatever it was they were attempting. Isabel released the connection and Cordelia looked around to see the faces of three of the teens from her vision. "So do you trust us?" Cordelia asks.

"Well, I have no doubt about you, but these two seem to have had a problem with your friend." Isabel responds.

"Oh, I know the answer, it's just like that reflection thing you don't have, right?" Cordelia asks Angel.

"Yes, that is something you all need to know. I am what is commonly called a vampire. I won't hurt you. I can't hurt anyone. If it makes you uncomfortable, Cordelia will stay here and I will go back to LA, or I'll stay away." Angel explains.

"So a vampire? Is the it true what is in books and on TV? About how to kill them." Alex asks, coming out of his hiding place and taking his place beside Isabel.

"Yes, stake through the heart, direct sunlight, beheading. Don't worry though, if Angel goes all evil again, I'll stake himself." Cordelia answers.

"Cordy, stop helping." Angel replies.

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