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Earlier this year, we came up with a challenge for all Roswell fanfic writers -- a Valentine’s Day Fun Fanfic Challenge! The contest rules included the following:

  • The story must be rated "PG-13" or less -- no explicit sex since not everyone will enjoy it.
  • Deadline for submission was January 30th, Sunday, 11:59pm.
  • Plots were not limited to anything specific, just be creative!
  • The story must include one unconventional couple (a couple that has yet to be paired up with)
  • Story must revolve around Valentine's Day
  • The following must appear somewhere in the story
    • the line "Now where did all those nuts go??"
    • the word "Viagra" without any reference to sex
    • alien cupids
    • a rubber duckie
    • a mushy love note
    • a Red Martian Cocktail
    • a heart-shaped box full of chocolates

We would like to thank all the fanfic authors for submitting their creative work to our Valentine's Day Fanfic Challenge! We received 8 great stories. As a thank you for all their hard work, we will be sending them each a copy of the "Leaving Normal" script. Though each story was wonderfully written, we decided to pick one best overall winner by majority vote. Our winning story is "All in Shades of Pink" by Azelfage. In addition to the script, Azelfage will also receive a yet-to-be-determined prize.

We also would like to thank our judges Vigie, Jeannine (aka Absolutely Addicted), and Marissa for taking the time out to read and judge each story. Judging was a harder task than we thought! The judges will also receive a script as a thank you from us.

Finally, we would like to thank both the Crashdown and Irina's Roswell page for publishing the fanfics on their website for us. We sincerely hope that everyone will enjoy reading these great stories from such talented writers!

Betty and Danette

( Valentine's Day Contest )
Fiction Title Writer Parts
A Valentine's Curse [PG-13] DragonPrincess 1 | 2
Alien Isabel's V-day Fan Fic [PG] Alien Isabel 1
All in Shades of Pink [PG] azelfage 1
Betty's V-day Fan Fic [PG] Betty 1
Cupid Shot Us All [PG-13] Tinkerbell 1 | 2 | 3
Revenge and Candy [PG] Starkiller 1
Trust Her:Removed as requested by author Evyn Mitchell
Valentine's Day Surprise [PG] Paceygal 1
Valentines, With An Alien Twist [PG-13] Shee 1
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