FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Alex's Dream & Isabelle's Future"
Part 1
by Jodie B
Disclaimer: The Characters Alex Whitman, Isabelle Evans, Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Maria DeLuca, and Liz Parker sadly do not belong to me. The belong the the creators, writers and everyone else on the crew of "Roswell".
Summary: Isabelle has yet another dream about Alex and finally decides to act upon it.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: Warning: This is my first fanfic and I would appreciate feedback. No flaming please.
Dream Sequence

< Takes place in a large field filled with all different types of flowers. Isabelle see's Alex towards the middle of the field, and goes towards him.He seems very sad and lonely. "Alex" she says once she has reached him. "Isabelle" he says suddenly brightening. "Are you OK?"She asked concerned. "Yes I am, now that you're here."With that he smiles broadly at her with a sparkle in his eye. " "Alex..."she says flattered. "No, wait and let me finish this, or i'll never tell you. I know this is a dream and, I'm not quite sure whose it is but i have to tell you that I love you Isabelle Evans. I have since i first saw you in the 3rd grade in Mr. Raddish's class. Now I know that you obviously don't feel..." Alex was cut off by Isabelle's lips on his own, the kiss was EXPLOSIVE. It seemed that planets were colliding with the sun. Isabelle pulled away slightly and breathed deeply and spoke " Alex, I do love you. I have always, with all my heart and soul, I just now realized it." They both smiled at each other and kissed again. >

At that moment both Isabelle and Alex woke with smiles on their faces, and ready to face the day. Isabelle had to talk to Liz and/or Maria, ASAP, and Alex needed to talk to someone, maybe he can talk to Maria or Liz...

Alex walks happily into school hoping to run into Maria and Liz. Suddenly he spots them and starts to walk towards them when he spotts Isabelle talking to them. His breath catches in his throat when he see's her. She looks beautiful. She has on a baby blue mini skirt and a white tank top, wth her hair down slightly brushing her shoulders. He smiles and resumes walking to them.

"Hello ladies" Alex said brightly. "You are all looking beautiful today" he says while looking directly at Isabelle. She blushes. "Why thank you Alex, you don't look so bad yourself." "What's got you so happy today??" Maria asks. "Nothing, Just I had a really great dream last night."Isabelle looks panicked "Umm girls, can I talk to you both for a minute??" "OK" They both say. "Alex we'll be right back" "alright" he says. The girls walk into an empty classroom.

"Isabelle, what's wrong?" Liz asks. "I had a really great dream last night too. "For some reason I think we had a joint dream, like we both said what we really felt in it."Isabelle explains. "Well, what was it about, maybe we can see what his was about." Maria says. Isabelle starts out slowly "Well, I saw Alex in a field and he looked sad and I went to see him. When i got there he brightened and confessed his undying love for me, and the he said he knew i could never love him obviously, bu i cut him off by kissing him the i told him i loved him also with all my heart and soul and then we kissed again and then i woke up." Maria and Liz both looked shocked. "Maria starts to squeal and says "Oh my god!! So does that mean you really love him??" "Yeah i guess it does" Isabelle says with a smile. Liz finally recovers from this shock. "OK we'll see what his dream was about and then we'll send him your way." "OK " Isabelle says.

The 3 girls walk out of the classroom to find Alex still ther but now accompanied by Max and Michael. Maria Walks over to Michael and kisses him, and slides her arm around his waist. He does the same to her. Liz walks to Max and he bends down and kisses ger also. The hold hands. Isabell walks over to Alex and stands next to him awkwardly. Quickly she grabs his hand and pulls him into the empty classroom. She can't wait to see what Maria and Liz find out, she has to see for herself.

"Alex, can I ask you what your dream was about?" She asks suddenly. Alex looks like a deer caught in the headlights. "Wha..What?" he says finally. "It's just i feel like we has the same dream and i don't want to tell you this unless you feel the same." she says. "Well ok, it took place in a field..." She cut him off . "OK that's all i needed to know." And with that she placed one of her hands on his cheek and the other one on the back of his head and pulled him to her and kissed him. Like in their dream it seemed as though planets were colliding. When they pulled back from each other Isabelle smiled and said "I love you Alex Whitman". "And I love you Isabelle Evans." They kissed again and she pulled him out of the classroom by his hand and joined the others outside.

Maria and Liz were the first to spot them, but Max was the first to speak up. "Izzy, Alex wanna tell us something??" Alex spoke "All i can say is that my dream has finally come true." "And all I can say is that I know that this is my future Isabelle said. They both smiled at each other and leaned in to kiss yet again.

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