FanFic - Alex/Isabel
"The Meaning of Friendship"
Part 1
by Beth
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the WB television network or the author, Melinda Metz or Jason Katims. I do not own any characters of Roswell. "Mr. Raddish" belongs to Kara and Emily of Roswell Underground.
Summary: Celebration of a special anniversary, the anniversary of friendship.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG-13
"NO don't put them here! The flowers should be on this table…NO! NO! You don't understand, the candles are supposed to be in the dining room!" Maria sighed as she tried to direct the people around the palace. She had worked since four o'clock and now they would never finish in time. Bringing the cedar oil to her nose once more, she heard the sound of the front door opening and at the sight of her husband, she ran to him.

"Oh Michael, I can't do that anymore!"

"Shhhh, it's going to be it for Isabel and Alex,” he ran his fingers trough her curly hair as he comforted her.

The preparations for the anniversary were exhausting, but Max and Liz being at a meeting, Isabel watching the children, and Michael working on his painting, Maria decided at the last minute to volunteer having no other choice.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Isabel was looking at the familiar picture on the nightstand. She told herself to be strong for tonight, but recognized that this dinner would be difficult, as she would watch the loves of the two couples. She envied them for sharing this bond as wedded people, she would never be able to experience it. She still remembered the night he left her forever. She learnt from Liz that Alex went to recover the files. The night before, she had tried to convince him that it was too dangerous, but she also knew the strong determination of Alex and how he would let nothing happened to her as the files contained the details of the aliens’ lives.

She cried when the vivid details of that night furiously came back to her memories. The gang decided to rescue Alex, and when they finally got there, a gunshot was heard. The lamented fiancée ran to her love, but it was too late, he touched her face one more time and fell into her arms.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The door opened, Liz and Max came exhausted by their recent meeting. They went in the balcony holding hands and looked at the sunshine. They saw Isabel watching the kids, and how their niece was the vivid image of Alex. She was now six years old, and often asked questions about her past, and especially her lost father. She developed the art of music and already talked about forming a band. She helped her proud mother forget her loneliness and sadness.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The bell announced the dinner and they went downstairs. Maria and Michael, who after long hours of cleaning and preparing, presented a marvelous dining room of candles and flowers that greeted Isabel, Liz and Max. The children were already asleep, and the five of them went chatting about the events of their planet. Isabel looked at the four people around the table and thanks destiny for leaving her with four admirable friends that supported her through happy or sad moments of her life. She considered how it used to be the six of them taking a break in their day to be with each other. She smiled knowing that Alex would always be a part of her life and in her heart forever. He had never left her and sometimes late at night, she felt his presence at her side.

* * * * * * * * * * *

They took a last walk around the park talking about the past. The laughs and cries of happiness were heard and filled the monotone and longing night. As they returned inside the palace, they sat in the comfortable chairs of the living room and Liz cut finally the silence when she told them that it was time to cut the cake. The honor went to Isabel who blew the candles and whispered:

“Oh! How much I wished…I only wished that Alex would be here with us…”

Suddenly a bright light was spread in the four corners and the image of his lifeless body in the arms of the desperate fiancée appeared. His spirit floated in the room and the words ‘love and friendship forever’ echoed at the ears of the five companions. After this revelation, they all went back in their respective houses with joyful hearts, leaving reality to the world of dreams where Isabel and Alex would be together again.

The end.

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