FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Sweetwater Texas"
Part 1
by Kellie
Disclaimer: All characters that are in the show don't belong to me. Just the story and the idea. They belong to: Jason Katims, Fox, and the WB. Sweetwater, Texas is sang by "Fastball" off the album "All the pain money can buy" "Your still the one" is by Shania Twain, off the album "Come on Over" I don't own any of the songs, just the story idea. No money is made off this story
Summary: Alex & Isabel meet at a Valentines Ball with the help of Max.
Category: Alex and Isabel
Rating: PG
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The cashier rung up the box of candy, Alex smiled. "I hope she likes it."

"Are you buying this for a sweetheart?" The Cashier asked.

"It's this girl I have a crush on." Alex answered.

"Trying to win her over, eh?" He asked.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." Alex responded.

"Good Luck. Come again." He responded, handing Alex a bag.

"Thanks. Have a good day." Alex responded.

Alex left the store and pulled out a list, "OK, next up: Flower Shop."

Alex took in the smell of Roses, and Carnations. "Now, what's her favorite?"

The shop owner came up to Alex. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, what kind of flower's do you have?" Alex said.

"All kinds of flowers, Roses, Carnations, Lilacs and many more. Would you like to see a few?"

"Yes, please." Alex responded.

The man led Alex over to the flowers, and pointed out.

But, the Daisies, Gerainums, Lilacs and Gardenias stood out the most to Alex.

"I'll take some of those." Alex said pointing to the flowers listed above.

"All righty then." The man put some flower's in a paper wrapping, and then put them in a box. "That will be $22.19" Alex paid the man, and then took, the box. "Here's to good luck." Alex said, crossing his fingers.


Isabel sat the brush down, and un-plugged her curler. She smoothed her dress, it was a pretty blue with sparkles, on it, it matched her hair perfectly, her hair was perfect.

"I look so good in ringlets." She said, admiring her hair. She put lipstick on, and checked the mirror, gorgeous. She put on her blue heels and buckled the straps. She went down stairs.

"Ok, Mom, how do I look?" Isabel asked.

"Oh, honey, you look wonderful!" Her mom answered.

"I'm going to the Valentines ball." Isabel responded.

"I hope you have a good time, and try not to get in too late."

"Okay, mom, bye!" Isabel said, she put on coat, and kissed her mom goodbye.

Isabel walked outside and Max was waiting, she got in the jeep and Max drove off.


Max pulled up the jeep and Isabel got out. "Thanks Max, I'll see you later."

"Ok, Izy, Have a good time." Max answered.

Isabel went inside. A Crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, a grand staircase was at the other side of the room, and it branched off to the left and right.

She hung her coat on the rack, and cautiously walked forehead.

'Wow' was all she could say.

A waiter came up to her. "Ma'am, your table is this way."

Isabel followed the waiter, and he led her to a table. Isabel gasped "Alex."

Alex being a gentleman, got up and pulled the chair out for, Isabel sat down and he pushed it back in.

"Alex, this is such a surprise." Isabel said.

Alex turned around at Max, and smiled.

"Max had something to do with this?" Isabel asked.

"Let's just say he helped." Alex responded.

Isabel smiled. Alex felt like he could melt.

"Your still the one" by Shania Twain starts playing. Alex seeing this as a cue got up.

"Would you like to dance?"

"I.." Isabel stopped and smiled. "Yes."

Alex led her over to the center of the marble floor, and put his hands around her waist.

"I never expected this, it was so sweet of you." Isabel said softly.

"There's more that you don't know about." He responded.

Isabel laughed. "I can't believe Max helped you with this!"

The lights dimmed and the crystals on the chandelier was the only light now.

Alex could see Isabel's smile even though it was darker.

"This is so sweet." Isabel said.

"Hang on." Alex said. He walked over to the table and got the flower's and candy.

"Here." Alex said.

"Oh, Alex! These flowers are beautiful!"

Isabel wiped the tear from her eye.

"Pretty flowers for a pretty lady." Alex said. "Oh, here's something else."

Alex handed her the candy.

"Oh, Alex! Thank you!" Isabel said.

Alex put his hands around her waist, and Isabel rested her hands on his shoulders.

Alex leaned in and gently kissed Isabel, but the kiss was mutual and she kissed him back.

"Happy Valentines Day, Isabel."

"Happy valentines Day, Alex."

And then they kissed again.


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