FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Somebody for Me"
Part 1
by Zenovia
Disclaimer: I don't own nothing
Summary: Isabel POV(poem style)
Category: Alex and Isabel
Rating: G
Authors Note: I want Isabel and Alex to be together. I thought this would be her POV( poem style) if she choose to open up her heart to what she knows she feels. I hope you like it. Feel free to offer feedback.
Being alone.

I thought that was the way I was suppose to be.


Forever by myself was my destiny.

My friends were always telling me different things to do,

If you want a man, go out and get one!

If you want one, let him come to you!

I tried both ways so many times, but I never did succeed.

In filling the empty place in my heart or finding that special someone to ease my need.

Am I asking for too much?

A caring man, a gentle touch.

Someone who will listen,

make me laugh, make me smile.

Someone who will be there in my time of need willing to go that extra mile.

I don't need your money, car, or your lies.

Time, honesty, respect,

someone who can look me in my eyes.

No Failures, No Fakes, or Big Time Losers.

No Cheaters, No Conceited Jocks, Body and Soul Abusers.

And just when I was going to give up, call it quits, say "The End",

I met an interesting, caring , humorous friend.

I never knew being with someone could feel so right.

He is my heart, my inspiration, my light.

Relationships are hard to find,

but I have learned to keep an open mind.

And now that I've found real love and affection,

My life has taken a whole new direction.

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