Fanfic - Alex/Isabel
Part 1
by Skitch
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell.
Summary: Alex is back.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: I still really miss Alex and still somethings do not make sense. I had this idea and started to write it down, then this came up. I really think this could have have happened, because what doesn't happen in Roswell? Everything that happened on the show still applies. Feedback: Please
April 23, 2001

"I have nothing! I might as well be dead!" Alex cried, holding his head.

"Hey just calm down!" Kyle said coming in the room. He had no idea what was going on, nor what was going to happen.

"He's right okay. Calm down! Just calm down!" Tess screamed back at Alex.

"No, you can't mind warp me! No!" Alex screamed as Tess squinted her eyes and did the final mind warp. Alex collapsed to the floor. Tess loomed over him. This is what she remembered doing this in her past life, what Nasedo always told her. If people die, it is for their protection. After Tess left Alex's car on the side of the highway, she sped away, not seeing the black car drive up next to Alex's SUV.

"Is he alive?" The man in the black suit asked the other. The taller man reached out and felt Alex's pulse.

"Barely. She must have done something to him. Let's get him back to the base, he might still have a chance." The taller man opened the car door and started to pick up Alex. "Help me with him." The man got in from the other side and carefully placed Alex into the taller man's waiting arms. Alex was placed in the back of the car and they sped to the nearby base

The agents got Alex back to the base in Las Crusas in less than an hour. They lifted him out of the back and raced him into the emergency room. Denton was called in and he recognized the boy immediately. Denton stared straight at the body, not showing any emotion in his face or tone.

"I ask you for a witness, and you bring back a mess." Denton said to the other two agents watched through the glass as the doctors pour over Alex's body.

"The doctors can fix him. They said there was some bodily damage, but he will live," said the tall agent. Denton was handed the report of how Alex was found and what his current status was. He looked over it and a small smile came to his face. Finally a chance for answers without anyone coming after him.

"Sir, how can we keep him here? His family will be alarmed," said the agent in black.

"Execute Plan J." Denton said, with coldness in his voice.

"Yes sir."

The Special Unit watched for reports of the death of Alex Whitman carefully. The girl called Tess had already laid clues for a suicide, the agents just provided a body. With such a mess as the car accident appeared to be, the body was beyond recognition. There were doctors working round the clock, security posted every hour, watching over Alex. Three weeks later after Alex had barely remained conscious, the doctors reported that Alex had fallen into a coma.

"Shall we unplug, sir?" the head doctor asked. He was thinking of Alex. The doctor knew what the procedure was for the Special Unit, and the boy had been through enough.

"No. Leave him on life support, do whatever you need to do. Keep him alive, or you will join him." Denton said, not looking away from his files. The doctor rushed out of the office and down the corridor of the base. Denton looked down at his files, the remains of what was left of the Special Unit. Pierce was smart to keep many backups, hidden from government files. Denton flipped through the reports, then to Pierce's own journal. He knew what was expected from him as the new head of the Special Unit. He leafed through the journal until he found the personal profile. "Alexander Charles Whitman..."

October 25, 2001

Alex twitched in his hospital bed, first his fingers, then slowly working up to his eyelids. His eyes felt heavy, like two 100 lb weights. Alex heard the faint sounds of people talking, two or three male and possibly one female. He had no idea where he was or who was talking, he just prayed that he was among friends.

"Isabel?" Alex whispered. He longed to see her again. He had reached out with what was left of his mind to her many times. If only the first thing he could see was her face.

"It's ok, Alex. We've been waiting a long time." A stone cold voice said.

"Where am I?" Alex managed to say.

"Don't worry, Alex. Just rest. You've been in a coma for more then a year. We'll talk when you fully recover." The man said. There was a sort of false sympathy in his voice, almost with evil underscore, but Alex was too weak to worry. All Alex saw was a pair of dark eyes looming over him as he fell back into sleep.

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