Fanfic - Alex/Isabel
Part 1
by Alexis
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Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG
Isabel sighed as she looked at the black dress hanging in her closet. How was she going to do it tomorrow? How was she going to look into the faces of all the other people who knew Alex Whitman but didn't know him like she did? No one knew about the night the kissed. It seemed so long ago but it had only been a week since it had happened.

That night they had both proclaimed their love for one another but had done nothing more than kiss. She wanted to wait to do anything more, she was not ready. But she fully intended on her first time being with Alex.

The three days later she got a call from a hysterical Maria. "There was an accident" she said through tears, "Alex is dead." The words hit Isabel like a million knives. It hurt so bad at that moment she thought it would never get better, and it hadn't, it was worse. Maria informed her that she needed to tell Max and Michael, but she would tell Liz. It will be so hard to tell them. They were close to Alex too, but still no where close to the way Isabel felt about him.

She would stop at the florist in the morning and buy a single white rose. She knew he loved them and she would make sure it was perfect. Tomorrow would be the hardest day of my life, she thought. So sheding a few tears she got ready for bed and went to sleep knowing that tomorrow would be very difficult.



She heard the words and they sounded so far away, but there was no mistake in whos mouth they had come from.

"Alex!" She yelled, "is that you, where are you?"

"Oh, Isabel" she heard and right infront of her appeared Alex. She was so excited she couldn't speak. But, how could this be? She ran into his arms without much hesitation and hugged him for what seemed like ages.

"Isabel, you know I love you but you will have to move on--"

"But your back and we can be together now I don't need to move on!"

"Yes you do, I'm not back, you are just dreaming. I came to you to tell you that I love you and always will but you have to move on. I will always be with you but it is okay for you to be with other people and be happy and smile. It would make me so proud to see you get through all of this and still be able to do all of the things you used to do. I love you so much but it will hurt me to see you sad, I would think that it was because of me." said with a feeling of conclusion.

It seemed as though he knew she would understand and she knew he always though she was the one who held the group together, and she realized she would have to still.


When she woke the next morning she instantly remembered what she dreamed of and knew what she had to do. She smiled slightly to herself knowing that this would not be the last she saw of Alex Whitman. And she was right Alex would visit her many more times in her dreams and she knew she would always love him.

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