FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Now you look at me"
Part 1
by Evyn Mitchell
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or anything. Don't sue please!
Summary: Alex and Isabel have problems. Maria and Michael get a little bit closer, Maria helps Michael with his powers..
Category: Alex and Isabel
Rating: PG-13
Alex woke up with a smile on his face. He stretched and saw the sun shining through the blinds. It was going to be a good day, he could already tell. Since Maria had joined The Whits, they had already had 2 gigs. The one the night before had went great...they actually got paid! Alex hadn't seen Isabel in a few days, so he knew she couldn't get too mad at him if he said hello to her at school.

Yeah, its going to be a good day.' Alex said to him self crawling out of bed. "Maria! WHAT is that smell??"

"What?" Maria opened her eyes slowly, "Where am I??" Her eyes grew accustomed to the light, and she saw her room.

"What time did you get home last night?" her mom screeched.

"MOM, its too early for you to use that tone of voice.. GOD, dogs can hear you in Texas." Maria grumbled.

"Have you been smoking? I can smell smoke all in this room." Her mom looked around for a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, anything that would incriminate her daughter.

"Mom, I don't smoke, you know that. It was from that place we played last night. I didn't take a shower went I got home, I was too tired." Maria wiped her eyes and yawned. "Well, I don't want you out that late on school nights anymore! Now get up, or you will be late." her mom looked around the room one more time, and shut the door behind her.

"What a great way to start of my day." Maria groaned. " remember what I told you about Max..and him getting drunk and all?" Liz asked Maria as they walked to her locker. "Remember how I told you he said he forgot everything?"

Maria stared at Liz for a second in disbelief. "Of COURSE I remember Lizzie. You only talk about it every five minutes."

"I'm sorry, but I cant stop thinking about it. Do you think its possible he was lying? I mean, he has avoided me for the last week and a half. Ive barely said two words to him." Liz frowned. "He hasn't even been to the Crashdown."

"If I were you, I would take advantage of this separation period Liz. Um, what would my mom say about it..."Concentrate on who you are on the INSIDE, get to know yourself without the influence of men."" Maria spoke in a high pitch voice.

"Ahhhh, famous words of Amy Deluca?" Alex stepped up beside the girls. "Goooodmorning Maria, are you ladies doing today?"

"You sound awfully chipper this morning. What's up?" Liz asked.

"Do you ever have one of those mornings when the sun is shining through your window, and you are just glad to be awake? And you just know its going to be a great day?" Alex asked.

Liz and Maria looked at each other. "NO." they said in unison.

"Well, you should try it out, its pretty cool." Alex grinned." Well, Ive gotta get to class, Maria, my sexy singing goddess, GREAT job last night, I love you times a thousand."

He blew them kisses as he walked away. Maria caught a glance of Michael Guerin walking down the hall and frowned.

"If only ALL guys could be as wonderful as Alex."

"Yeah really." Liz frowned. There she was. Alex stopped dead in his tracks. How did she get to be so beautiful? He stood looking at her for a moment. Its funny how people always look more real when they have no idea they are being watched. He mustered up his courage and walked over.


"Oh hey Alex." Isabel turned to look at him. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, nothing at all...I just wanted to ask you what you were doing this Friday?"

"Alex..I already told you..."

"Isabel, if you would let me finish...I wanted to ask you what you were doing this Friday because my band has a gig..ya know, Maria is singing for us now. And I just wanted to know if you wanted to come watch. Its not a date Isabel." Alex did his best to not look too desperate, but he knew if she turned him down, he would never be able to face her again...a man only has so much courage!

"Well, I don't know...." Isabel looked at him, and saw his eyes pleading with her. "OK, I guess I can stop by.."

"Wow, OK, that's great. So, I guess I will see you later then." Alex smiled.

"Yeah, see ya later Alex." Isabel turned back to her locker...


"GOD Michael, you scared me." Isabel said. "What's interesting?"

"It must be nice to have someone drool over every step you make." Michael said with sarcasm.

"Yeah, you would know." Isabel glanced over Michael's shoulder and nodded. Michael turned in time to see Maria jerk her head back to Liz.

"Alex would fit in perfectly with your human high school fantasy Isabel..The perfect Ken for your barbie. You and Max are both the same." Michael looked at Maria again and walked off.

"UGH!" Isabel slammed her locker. 'I am NOT like Max. I'm not disillusioned. I know who I am. Michael is wrong. He's wrong.' All of the sudden, Isabel was hit with a blinding pain behind her right eye. She cried out but no sound came from her mouth. A rush of images flowed through her mind.

There was the rock, near the crash, it was one of her first memories. Then Michael, the first time they saw him. She pain grew so great she raised a hand to the lockers to steady herself. Michael again, the first time Hank had hit him. He had lied and said he fell out of bed and hit his head on the dresser, but everyone had known what happened. Maria, standing alone, looking around, then Michael standing close to her, with his hand on her cheek. The last image was of Alex, standing in a tux...smiling. She heard one word. "Isabel" The pain subsided and she looked around.

"Isabel? Are you ok?" Liz jogged up to her. "You looked like you were going to be sick or something."

"Yeah I'm ok...Ive got a headache though...its from studying for this stupid midterm.." Liz seemed to believe her. "Ill see you later Liz."

"Yeah, Ok....bye Isabel." Liz smiled. "What the hell was that?' Isabel thought to herself. She couldn't shake what had happened earlier. What had her vision meant? Most of images were memories, except the part with Alex. And what did that mean, with Michael? Why was he there? Isabel was still.

It had been hours since she first laid down. She couldnt sleep. 'Michael and Max are the ones who have visions. NOT me. What am I supposed to do with this mess running through my head?' She didn't understand! What did this mean? She did know one thing. She had to stay away from Alex. The vision made her nervous, and scared. That meant Michael was right. She really was like Max. Isabel managed to go all day without really talking to anyone. She had too much on her mind. She was having flashbacks of Alex in that tux..Michael and Maria. What did it mean? 'I have to talk to Max about this.' she decided after seeing Alex walking into one of his classes. She saw Max at his locker and waved him over.

"Max, Ive got to talk to you." Isabel said frantically.

"Ok." Max looked at her.

"Not HERE." Isabel stressed. She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the eraser room.

"Whats this all about Is?" Max looked concerned.

"I cant take this anymore Max! I feel like my brain is rotting!"

"What happened? Whats wrong?"

"I had a vision Max..." "So anyway, I asked Mrs. Porter if I did both assignments, would I get extra credit, and she said yes! That means I will have the highest grade in the class." Liz told Maria over the steaming pot of coffee.

"Wow, Lizzie, thats great. But didnt you already have the highest grade in that class?"

"Well...Yes..but this kinda locks it in." Liz smiled.

"Ohhh, ok..I see. I guess.." Maria swerved around a customer and slammed right into Max, who was walking in the door.


"Its ok. Is Liz here?" Max asked.

"Yeah, go sit...."Maria looked around the crowded Crashdown. '"Somewhere." She filled her table up with coffee, and practically ran to the back. "Liz, Lizzie, Lizzie!"

"Yeah, Maria? What is it?" Liz looked startled.

"Max is here! He asked if you were here. Ill run your food, go talk to him!" Maria smiled.

"Oh no..What does he want?" Liz frowned. "This cant be good..."

"No, I thought this is what you wanted!" Maria exclaimed.

"Yeah, I thought so too...but now.." Liz peeped out the window from the back. "Is he alone?"

"Yeah, just go talk to him ok??"

"Ok..Ok.." Liz checked herself out in the reflection of the glass. She mustered up all her courage and walked through the door.

"Max, hi.." Liz sat down on the other side of the booth.

"Hey Liz." Max looked shy and embarressed to be talking to her.

"So, um..what have you been up to?" Liz asked awkwardly.

"Listen, Liz..Im having a small problem with Isabel..and I need your help." Max sat quietly for a moment. "Actually...SHE needs your help."

"Whats wrong?" Liz leaned forward and whispered quietly.

"She needs a girl right now..She needs someone to talk to, and it cant be me..or Michael." Max paused. "It definetely cant be Michael." Liz smiled.

"So..what can I do?" Liz asked.

"Shes going to come here tonight, to eat. Ill make sure of that. Just, please try to talk to her." Max pleaded.

"Ok...Ill do my best." Liz avoided Max's eyes. "I have work to do..I guess I will see you later Max."

"Thanks Liz." Max, Michael and Isabel came in during a slow time of the night. Liz noticed that Isabel looked even moodier than usual. Maria walked up behind her.

"Well now..if that isnt the happiest bunch of people I have ever seen...EVER." Liz smiled. They did look unusually unhappy.

"Want em?" Maria asked hopefully.

"Yeah, I got it."

Liz made her way to the table. "Hey guys..what can I get for you tonight?"

"3 cokes." Max said.

"Wow, Isabel, that shirt is so pretty." Liz smiled.

"What? OH..yeah, I know." Isabel said quickly.

"Ah man! I forgot to pick up my paycheck from Milton!" Max said loudly. "Michael? Come with?"

"Yeah, Ok. Whatever."

Once the guys had gotten up, Liz took this opportunity to sit down. "Man, its been a long night. My feet are killing me." Isabel sat quietly and said nothing.

' and Alex? I heard he asked you to go to his gig. Thats great." Liz smiled.

"WHAT about Alex?? Just because he asked me to his stupid gig doesnt mean we are going out or something. GOD." Isabel snapped.

"No Isabel, I didnt say that, I just mean that--"

"I know what you meant! I keep telling Alex that it cant be, but he wont get it into his head that we will never happen. I mean, Who does he think he is??" Isabels voice grew louder.

"Isabel..relax, ok..I was just making conversation." Liz said quietly.

"We share one stupid dream dance, and he thinks that gives him the right to worship me, and spend all this time with me." Isabel looked at Liz who has a mixture of confusion and horror mixed on her face. Isabel looked behind her.

"Oh my god, Alex..." Isabel whispered.

Alex stood there for a moment, not sure knowing whether to fight back, or to run away like a coward. On an impulse he grabbed Isabels arm and pulled her up. Standing eye to eye he spoke quietly but feircly.

"You invaded my dreams??"

"NO, just once..I had to make sure we could trust you.."

"I cant believe this! I should have known! I used to think you were so sincere Isabel, but now I know the truth. You are so selfish!" Alex said bitterly. "Stupid gig? Well you dont have to go. I just wanted to spend time with you. I mean, I think I deserve a little credit! I found out your dirty little secret, but I didnt run away, I stayed, I cared about you..but now you look at me--"

Isabel looked away and went to walk around Alex to leave, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her face close to his. "BUT now you look at me, and tell me I dont have the right to worship you..." Alex looked at Isabel in the eyes. "And you tell me I dont have the right to want to spend time with you." He dropped her hand.

"But you are wrong Isabel. Because I know who you are..and it didnt turn me away." Isabel looked shocked at Alex's sudden outburst. Liz sat quietly staring, also in shock. Alex suddenly felt eyes on him, and he looked around. Max and Michael had returned and witnessed his behavior. He looked at Isabel and thought he saw tears in her eyes.

"Ill see you guys at school." He looked around one more time and walked out.

"So, what did we just miss?" Michael asked. Maria was wiping up the counter, she was almost finished. She couldnt wait to go home and go to bed. Michael had been sitting in the back corner drawing for a good 2 hours. Liz had gone to her room awhile before. Isabel and Max were long gone.

"Um, hey Michael, Im gonna be closing up in about 10 minutes ok?"


Maria stared at him. He didnt even look up. She rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath about the male race.

"I can hear you ya know." Michael called. "Sorry."

Maria picked up the last few plates on the counter, and with her free arm she reached over to switch the coffee warmer off. She watched in slow motion as one of the plates slid out of her hand,knocking the hot coffee pot, spilling scalding liquid on her shock, all the plates fell from her hands, and she screamed as the plates and the coffee pot shattered on the floor.

Michael jumped up from his booth and saw Maria crouched on the floor holding her bright red hand.

"Oh my God, Michael, it burns!!" She wept loudly.

"Hey, shhhh, its ok, its ok.." Michael pulled her up from the floor and took her to the sink and ran cold water over the burn. "Stop crying, its ok..." He said softly.

Maria continued crying. He took her arm from the water and looked closely at it.

"I think I can heal this." he said slowly.

"What?" Maria sniffled. "I thought you werent good at it."

"yeah, Im not..but practice makes perfect right?" Michael tilted her chin up. "Ok, look at me....I think thats how Max does it.."

Michael waved his hand slowly over her arm, and healed her. Maria wiped her eyes and looked at her arm in amazement. "Ok, lets fix these plates.." Maria watched Michael kneel at the floor and proceed to clean up the broken glass. Isabel had thrown herself on her bed as soon as she got home. She hadnt moved since. She was a mixture of surprise, anger, hurt..She knew she deserved every word Alex said..but she couldnt believe he had it in him to stand up to her.

NO one had ever talked to her that way. She didnt know what to think! She was about to go get Max's Counting Crows cd as the flashes hit her again. Alex and their dream dance together. Alex stepping up to help Michael when he was sick. Turning around in class to see him catch her eye and give her a smile..

Isabel sat up with a start.

"Oh my god..what have I done?" She felt a pain in her heart. Like she had just betrayed her best friend. Isabel woke up the next day smiling. She streched and yawned. 'Alex cant be mad at me still...I guess I will try to talk to him today.' She grinned. 'And if he wont talk to me..Ill just go to the gig tonight...that has to show something!!'

With all of her luck, she didnt see Alex at all that day. After apologizing and explaing to Liz what was going on, she found out he had to take a make up test during lunch. That meant she would have to go to the gig that night. But she didnt mind. She had to talk to him! Isabel stood in the back of the club with Michael. When she first walked in, she saw him hiding in the corner. But she knew why he was there and pulled him out to stand with her.

"Maria sings really well." Isabel said.

"Yeah shes alright.." Michael said.

Isabel held in a laugh. 'Denial...yeah I know how that is.' she thought.

After the gig, she saw Alex walk to a group of his friends, so she hung around to the side waiting until she could get him alone.

On an impulse she looked behing her, and saw Maria standing alone. Out of the corner of her eye, Michael appeared next to Maria, and he stood close to her, and cupped her face in his hand. Realization hit her like a ton of bricks. That was part of her vision! She smiled, and watched the two leave together. A few minutes later, she realized that Alex was no longer with his friends. She saw him walking to the exit.

"Alex!..wait. Alex!" She couldnt believe she was actually chasing after a guy!

"Isabel..hey." Alex was quiet for a moment..then he quickly turned red. "Look, about yesterday, Im sooo sorry!"

"No, Alex. IM sorry. I should never have said those things. I deserved everything you said, and--" Isabel was cut off.

"Yeah, but I had no right to speak to you like that." Alex propped his bass down against the stage.

"No, Alex..You have every right--"

"NO, Im ashamed of my behavior--"

"Alex..would you stop interrupting me?" Isabel smiled.

"Sorry." Alex grinned.

"I looked for you at school today." Isabel said.

'What? You did?" Alex asked." Why?"

"Well, I had alot to think about last night..and I was thinking...that maybe we could have a real dance sometime..?" Isabel said.

"Like when?" Alex grinned.

"Like now." Isabel smiled.

"But there is no music.." Alex protested.

"We dont need it." Isabel stood close to him, and put her arms around his shoulders. She inched her face closer to his.

" made you have this massive change of heart?" Alex asked.

"Well, I just realized that maybe being with someone who knows my worst secret...and still cares...might not be so bad." Isabel said softly. Alex smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I can think of alot of worse things." Alex said.

Isabel inched her face up and kissed Alex softly. "Thank you Alex."

"For what?" he whispered into her hair.

"For being SO Alex." She smiled.

He laughed and pulled her closer. The two swayed to non-existant music, oblivious to everything around them.

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