FanFic - Alex/Isabel
Part 1
by Xenophyte
Disclaimer: I only own the story and situations. The characters are property of Jason Katims and Melinda Metz.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: R
Authors Note: This was written in response to a challenge by Sandy. The rules were: 1. Someone getting a spanking (sexual or not) 2. Someone singing "Let me Know" by Marc Anthony 3. Include any couple from the show, conventional or non 4. A sex-ed video at school 5. At least an R rating. 6. A Dawson's Creek reference.
"They say around the way you've asked for me. There's even talk about you wanting me. I must admit that's what I wanna hear, but that's just talk until you take me there," Alex sang softly as he studied the picture of Isabel that was taped inside his locker door. "I need to know. I need to know. Tell me baby girl cause I need to know," he sang as he shut the door.

"What do you need to know?"

Alex cringed as he recognized Isabel's voice. He hoped she hadn't seen into his locker. He would feel like a total dork if she had seen the yearbook pictures that decorated the inside. He turned around and looked at her. He smiled sheepishly as he replied. "Oh nothing...just singing a song I heard on the radio."

"Oh yeah?" asked Isabel, her eyes sparkling. "I just love that song." She waved at someone over his shoulder and then turned her attention back to him. "By the way, are you coming to my birthday party tomorrow? Everybody is gonna be there."

"Everybody? As in every one of your friends?"

"Everybody as in Max, Michael, Liz and Maria," said Isabel. "I would really like it if you came."

Alex tried to keep his composure as his insides sang. Isabel had just invited him to a party. True, other people would be there too, and it was a birthday party, but it was a start. "I wouldn't miss it for the world," he said.

Isabel graced him with another smile. "All right. Good. It will be on Friday night...around seven-ish."

Alex smiled. "Ok. I'll be there." He looked down at his watch. Damn. It was time for class. "Can I walk you to class?"

Isabel shook her head. "No, I have go watch a sex ed video today." She wrinkled her nose and laughed. "I'm not looking forward to it."

Alex smiled sympathetically. "Yeah Isabel. I feel for you." He checked his watch again and then looked at her. "I'd like to stay and talk," he said. "But I've gotta get to history."

Isabel nodded. "That's okay," she said. "I have to go face my horrible fate now anyway."


Isabel grimaced in pain as she watched the baby emerge. She had heard people mention the beauty of childbirth before, but she had yet to see anything that looked beautiful. In fact, she had yet to see anything that didn't look extremely painful. If that was how babies got into the world, then she didn't understand why there were so many of them out there.

Isabel let her mind wander away from the spectacle on the screen. Her mind returned to Alex Whitman. She didn't know why she was so excited by the fact that he was into her. Plenty of guys had a thing for Isabel Evans, but Alex was the first one that had caused her to perk up whenever he was near. It was like the birthday thing. There had never been a guy that she would invite to her birthday party. She had tried to rationalize it off, telling herself she was inviting him because he was a close friend, but she knew that she eventually wanted him to be more than that."


Alex sighed as he peered into the jewelry case. He had been searching the mall for just the right something to give Isabel, but so far he hadn't had any luck. He had seen plenty of nice rings and watches and assorted other jewelry, but nothing that stood up and yelled "Isabel." He checked the mall directory in his hand. There was only one jewelry store left. He stood up to try his luck at that store and ran into Maria.

"Hey Alex, what's going on?" asked Maria. She looked into the display case and sighed. "You are buying Isabel a present aren't you?"

Alex grinned sheepishly. "How could I not? She invited me to the party, so I didn't want to show up with no present."

"Why Alex," said Maria sarcastically. "I do believe that you have a crush on the female Chzechoslovakian."

Alex's face turned red and he looked into the box. "I do not..."he mumbled. "Besides, we are just friends anyways..."

Maria followed his gaze into the box and perused the various necklaces and bracelets, noting the prices. "Hmmm...these are sure some expensive gifts to be buying for someone who is 'just a friend.'"

"What are you talking about? I buy you and Liz expensive stuff all the time."

Maria laughed. "Oh right. I'm sure that assortment of aromatherapy oils I got for my birthday really costs the same as one of those diamond bracelets."

Alex shifted around nervously before he answered. "Well, you got me there...but, well, who knows what can happen? I just want to make a good impression from the start."


Isabel sat on the bed, listening to the radio. She tried to focus on the books in front of her, but her mind just wasn't into biology right now. With a sigh, she closed the book and shoved it unceremoniously off of the bed. "God I hate schoolwork," she thought.

She lay down and stared at the ceiling. As she hummed along with the radio, Isabel's mind wandered to her birthday and the party she would have tomorrow. She was looking forward to it. She wanted to get closer to Maria and Liz, and the party seemed like a good idea. And the presents would be nice too.

Then she came to the subject of Alex. Isabel didn't know why he kept springing into her mind, but he did. That dream she had witnessed had surely affected her more than she imagined. She looked over to the desk and checked her clock. 11:30. He was probably asleep again. Maybe she could wander into another dream and see what was going on tonight.


She was in the school again. Alex seemed to have an affinity for dreaming about that place. Isabel slowly scanned the sea of faces around her, looking for herself or for Alex. She finally saw her dream self going into the band room. She pushed and shoved her way through the crowd and slipped through the door.

She was not prepared for what she saw. Inside, there was a huge stage, and Alex was sitting directly in the center, tuning his guitar. The dream Isabel took a seat right in front of the stage and watched him. Alex noticed her and smiled. He turned and signaled to the band behind them, and they began to play.

Isabel recognized the tune, but she couldn't quite place it. It seemed to be a song she had heard in a movie somewhere, but she couldn't tell. As she watched, Alex took the mic and sat on the edge of the stage and sat down directly in front of her dream self.

"I cry myself to sleep again tonight, 'cause I cannot hold you tight. I wish I could see you again tomorrow. To take all this sorrow, sorrow I'm hollow."

Alex strummed his guitar lightly as he sang. He smiled down at the dream Isabel. She smiled and blew a kiss to him.

"When I touch you, can you feel it? When I need you, can you give it? When I look in your eyes, can you see me? When I fall, will you catch me, catch me, catch me?"

Alex's face grew more serious as he reached the chorus. He closed his eyes; he seemed to be adding more and more feeling as the song progressed.

"Misery is what I feel. When you're not around, so I can't heal. Misery is what I feel, is what I feel.

Misery is what I feel. When you're not around so I can't heal. Misery is what I feel, is what I feel."

Alex looked directly at the dream Isabel as he sang. The words seemed to be having an affect on her. They definitely were affecting the real Isabel as she watched from the back of the room.

"These tears on my face are for you. I wish that I could hold you, touch you, feel you. My heart is bleeding ;can't you see? I wish that you could hold me, touch me, feel me."

Alex pushed himself off of the stage and walked to the dream Isabel's table. He sat across from her and sang directly to her.

"When I touch you, can you feel it? When I need you, can you give it? When I look in your eyes, can you see me? When I fall, will you catch me, catch me, catch me?

Misery is what I feel When you're not around so I can't heal Misery is what I feel, is what I feel"

He dropped the microphone onto the table and took dream Isabel's hand. The band continued to play in the background as he spoke. "How about it Isabel? Would you catch me?"

Isabel strained her ears to hear the reply. She was disappointed as the dream began to fade. Alex was waking up. He wouldn't get to hear what her dream self said, and neither would she.


Alex squeezed the brake on his bicycle, pulling it to a stop directly outside of the Evans' house. Normally he would chain it up, but he figured that it would be safe enough outside. He checked his watch. 6:45. He wasn't that early. Besides, he didn't want to make a bad impression by being late to Isabel's party. She already ignored him enough, no need to add reasons for snubbing to the list.

As he slowly walked to the door, his mind wandered back to the dream he had had last night. He wished that he could actually get up the nerve to do something as bold as that. Of course, it was easy to be bold in his dreams, because he never got to hear what Isabel thought. He always woke up before she could answer any of his questions.

The door swung open. Isabel stood inside radiant as the sun. She looked almost exactly as she had in his dream. The same tight pink sweater and black slacks graced her curves. Her hair was drawn back into a ponytail, but a couple of locks of hair had pulled free and hung down, framing her face. It was so uncanny that Alex turned around, searching for the band.

"Something wrong?" asked Isabel from the doorway.

Alex spun back around and looked at her. "No, nothing's wrong," he said as he glanced back over his shoulder. "I was just making sure I wasn't still asleep."

A smile played on the corner of Isabel's lips as she replied. "Well, you look wide awake to me. Why don't you come in? You are the first one here."

Alex walked past her and into the living room. She closed the door and followed him in. She walked over to the couch and took a seat. Alex glanced around the room, trying to decide where to sit. He was surprised when Isabel patted the cushion beside her. "Come sit down," she said.

"So, where is everyone else?" Alex asked as he sat down. "Do I get to meet the folks or what?"

Isabel shook her head. "Nope. Mom and Dad are out of town on business." She flipped through the channels for a moment and then continued. "And Max went to pick up Liz, Michael, and Maria."

", we're alone," Alex stammered. Isabel smiled and glanced at him. "Yes we are."

Alex shoved his hand into his pocket and grasped the small box that rested inside. He took couple of deep breaths to work up his nerve. He was preparing to hand the box to her when she turned.

"Alex, I need to talk to you," she said. She turned the volume of the television down and looked at him. "Look. I know that you have feelings for me. I mean, you have yearbook pictures all over the inside of you locker."

Alex's face turned a bright shade of crimson. "You mean you saw those?" he asked in a stricken voice.

Isabel grabbed Alex's hand. "Oh, don't be embarassed. I thought it was sweet." She laughed and continued. "It's not like you had some stalker pictures up or anything."

Alex's mind was whirling. He couldn't believe that Isabel had seen his locker shrine. He felt like running out of the house. No, that wouldn't be far enough, he wanted to flee the entire town.

Isabel noticed the deer in the headlights expression on Alex's face. She lightly stroked his hand, trying to calm him down. "I just wanted to say, that the feeling is mutual. I kind of like you too."

Alex's mind went blank as he stared at Isabel uncomprehendingly. "What did you say? Did I hear you right?"

Isabel's face grew serious as she studied Alex. "You heard me right. I said I like you." She turned and focused her attention on the TV again. She flipped the channel a couple of times then continued. "It is look at me and see beauty...but you also see that there is something else." She turned off the TV and turned to him again. "You are the first person that has done that. You know, tried to see the woman inside. Most guys are just interested in looking inside my shirt."

Alex was still reeling from her revelation, but he found words to respond. "I've just always thought that there was so much more to you than physical beauty." He smiled. "Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your beauty...I'm not blind...but I also want to know what makes you tick." He looked away, not able to meet her eyes. "I just....when I saw how you were with Max and different from the way you were with everyone else... I have always wanted you to be like that with me. To show me the real you."

Isabel leaned forward and took Alex's chin in her hands, turning him to face her. "Oh Alex, you don't know how I've longed to show the real me to someone besides Max and Michael. They are ok...but I crave something more, something they can't give me." She let her hands fall from his face and took his hand in hers again. "I think that you can."

Alex fidgeted with the box. He studied his hands as they turned it over and over. "So, does this mean what it sounds like, or are we still just friends?"

Isabel smiled again. "It is what it sounds like. I want to try to be something more than friends." She noticed him playing with the box. "What is that?"

Alex looked at the box for a minute, dumbfounded. He then remembered what it was. "Oh," he said sheepishly. "It is your birthday present."

Isabel squealed in delight. She clapped her hands and then held them out. "Can I open it now?"

Alex lightly placed the box in her hands. "I hope you don't hate it."

Isabel grinned. "I'm sure I'll love it." She quickly ripped the wrapping paper from the box. The black, flip open box inside revealed that it was jewelry. She quickly flipped it open and looked inside. Her jaw dropped slightly as she studied the bracelet inside. The a slender chain of twinkling diamonds and shining gold greeted her. She slowly turned to Alex "Oh my god....are these real diamonds?"

Alex nodded.

"This is too expensive," she said. "I can't accept this." She admired it for a moment and then flipped the lid closed. "I can't let you spend this much on me."

Alex grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. "Just put it on. For me." Isabel nodded and opened the box again. It wouldn't hurt to see what it would look like. She drooped the bracelet over her wrist and deftly pressed the clasp together. "Beautiful," Alex said.

Isabel admired how the bracelet looked on her arm for a moment. "Yes it is," she said.

Alex spoke again, in a quiet voice. "You have to keep it." He raised a hand to silence her protests. "No. It is yours and you are keeping it. No more discussion." He grabbed her hand and studied the twinkling diamonds. "I just wanted you to have something special. Something that was beautiful like you are."

The tone in his voice made it clear that he had made up his mind. Isabel nodded slowly and lifted his face to look at her. "I love it Alex. Thank you."

Alex was surprised as she leaned in and kissed him, a quick, chaste kiss on the lips. "Great," he thought. "My first kiss and it felt like I was kissing my mom more than my girlfriend." He was even more surprised when Isabel leaned in again. This time the kiss was deeper. Isabel pulled Alex towards as the kiss grew more passionate. Her hands ran up and down his back, causing little burst of excitement to shoot up his spine each time they touched him.

"Ahem," came a voice from the doorway. They both turned so find Max, Liz, and Maria standing in the doorway. Max had a worried expression on his face, and both Maria and Liz were smirking. Max came over and grabbed Isabel's hand. "Can I talk to you?"

She let Max pull her up and drag her into the kitchen. She heard Michael say, "What's going on?" as she passed the doorway. She could hear Liz and Maria laughing as they filled Michael in. Isabel could just imagine the shade of red that Alex's face was.

"What were you thinking? Are you insane?" demanded Max as they entered the kitchen.

Isabel calmly looked Max over as she responded. "I am thinking quite clearly dear brother. And I am not even close to insane." She walked over to the table and sat down. "I just decided that it was time for me to pursue a relationship with someone that didn't hatch out of a pod."

"What happened to not forming any attachments?" asked Max.

"Look, if you and Liz want to be the Dawson and Joey of Roswell, then fine. I've just decided that I want something more than that."

Max stared at her incredulously for a moment. "You think I like the relationship that I have with Liz?" he asked. "Because I don't. I'd give anything if I was normal, and we could have what all normal couples have. But I'm not. And it is too dangerous to get involved." He waited for a response but recieved none. He shook his head. "What is happening here? I seem to remember a lot of the stuff that I just said coming from you."

Isabel sighed. "You know what Max, last night I had a revelation. Maria, Liz and Alex are linked to us inextricably. Any danger that knowing us puts them in is going to be there whether or not we are just friends or something more." She rubbed her eyes and then looked back at Max. "In other words, me being with Alex doesn't put him in any more danger than me being friends with him. If Valenti or anyone else wants to use any of them to get to us, he will. It won't matter if we are "just friends" or a couple. The feelings will still be the same."

Max moved to the table and sat across from Isabel. "You know it isn't that simple. If you get involved with Alex, you'll be forming an attachment. That will make it much harder if we have to leave."

Isabel looked at Max and laughed. "You think I don't know that?" She pointed towards him. "I've thought about this more than you could possibly imagine, and I've come to a realization. I have already got attachments. What about mom? She might not be an attachment for you, but I know she is a big one for me. It would be agonizing for me to have to run out on her and disappear. And you. Don't tell me you don't have attachments. Not being with Liz doesn't erase the love you have for her."

Max nodded his head. "You are right. I would be in hell if I had to leave Liz. It would kill me to run out on Mom and Dad too...."

"You know what?" Isabel interupted. "I am tired of talking about this. It is my birthday, and I am going to have fun. Now, there are four guest out there who are here to make this a special day, so I am going out there. You can stay in here and analyze my decision if you want.


The awkwardness that descended on the room after Isabel and Max returned quickly dissapated as the evening progressed. The house had resounded with teenage laughter. Isabel had been quick to show off the present that Alex had gotten her, and Liz and Maria had oohed and aahed over it. Alex looked to be embarassed by the spectacle, but he was secretly glad that she took so much pride in his gift.

After the presents had been opened, Liz and Maria had disappeared into the kitchen and returned with Isabel's cake. The cake was decorated to look like the night sky with the stars spelling the words "Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Czechoslovakian." Isabel laughed and quickly blew out the candles. Michael stood up and soberly said, "Now, with the help of Maxwell, it is time to distribute the birthday spanking."

Isabel shook her head and slowly stood. "Oh no Michael. Not this year."

"Oh really? I think that it will happen," said Max. "It is a birthday tradition."

Isabel shrieked and dodged Max's outstretched hands. She ran around the coffee table. Michael made a quick grab for her causing her to doge sideways. Her leg clipped the corner of the coffee table, and she fell into Alex's chair. "Get her man!" yelled Michael.

Alex laughed as his arm snaked around her waist. She struggled vainly as he held her in place. Maria and Liz laughed uncontrollably as took turns wacking Isabel with a a pillow they pulled from the couch. "Had enough?" Michael asked, laughing.

"Yes please," said Isabel dramatically. "Just don't hurt me anymore."

Max and Michael laughed as Isabel stood up. She turned and punched Michael solidly on the arm. "I'll get you back one day," she said. "One day when you least expect it." Max danced back out of her reach as she swung at him. "You too, brother," she said sweetly. "I know where you live."

She turned to see Alex slowly creeping away. "And as for you, how could you help them?" she demanded.

Alex shrugged and laughed. "I never mess with tradition," he said. He had to dodge quickly to avoid the pillow that Isabel flung at him. "Run for your life," called Liz as Isabel lunged for him. He took off quickly, running nimbly through the house, deftly avoiding Isabel's grasp.

Isabel chased him until she was clearly too tired to keep up. "I'll get you back someday," she said laughing. "One day when I'm in shape enough to catch you," she panted.

After that everyone settled into a comfortable silence. Max had rented random horror movie, and it was playing in the background. Isabel was cuddled up next to Alex, their arms and legs so intertwined it was difficult to tell where she ended and he began. Isabel ignored the disapproving looks she was recieving from both Max and Michael and focused her attention solely on Alex. She was staring at him so intently, she almost didn't hear when Liz said it was time for her to go.

"Leaving already?" she asked. She looked at her watch. "It's's 2 am..."

Liz smiled. "Yeah, it is kind of late, and I have to work an early shift tomorrow." She stood up and then pulled Maria to her feet. "Don't you need to leave too?" she asked.

"Yeah," Maria confessed. "I have to get up early and go to pick up some stuff for my mom."

Isabel extracted herself from Alex and stood up. She hugged both Liz and Maria. "Thanks for coming," she said. "I'm really glad you did."

Liz grinned at her. "Me too. It was definitely more fun than sitting at home watching the Discovery Channel."

Maria laughed. "I had fun too. We'll have to have more of these little bonding parties. I feel closer to you guys already." She turned to look at Max and Michael. "Well you guys. You gonna take us home or what?"

"I told you to just let them drive Maria's car," grumbled Michael. "Now we have to wake up and take them home."

Max grinned and hauled Michael to his feet. "Stop complaining. You know you look forward to our little moonlight drives."

Alex stood up. "I guess I should go too. 2 a.m. is way past my bedtime." He looked to Isabel and smiled. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

The group moved to the door and began to shuffle out into the night. Isabel came up and grabbed Alex's arm. "I need to talk to you," she said. "Come in here." She dragged Alex into the kitchen. She went to the window and watched everyone pile into the jeep. After it had pulled from the driveway and headed down the road, she turned to Alex. "Can I come over?" she asked. "I don't want to stay here tonight and listen to Max tell me how stupid I'm being." She paused for a minute and looked at him. "Would your parents mind?"

Alex let the statement register a moment before answering. "No. My parents aren't home, so they wouldn't mind." He steadied himself on the counter and looked at her. "You can come over if you want to."

Isabel smiled and walked over to him. "Good then. Let's go."


Alex studied Isabel as they walked down the sidewalk. She had insisted that it was ok to walk to his house. His bike definitely wouldn't have cut it, so they found themselves traveling the distance on foot. His mind raced as they neared the house. "I hope there isn't any dirty underwear out," he thought. "Or anything that will make her think I am a wierdo." He slid a hand around her shoulders and hugged her tightly. "God I hope the house is clean," he thought.

When they reached the door, Alex was so nervous he couldn't get his key to work. Isabel had laughed and passed her hand over the door. There was a loud click and then the door swung open. "That will never cease to amaze me," he said as they stepped over the threshold.

"I am an amazing person," Isabel said.

"That you are," Alex replied. He looked into the living room, scanning for any loose thing that could embarass him. "Would you like to go sit down?" he asked. She nodded, and he led her over to the couch. "You sit. I'm gonna go get us something to drink. What do you want?"

"A coke or something will be ok," she said as she sat down. She watched as Alex disappeared into the next room.

A moment later, Alex returned from the kitchen carrying two glasses of soda. He went to the stereo and flipped it on. It was tuned to a local station, one that played a lot of sappy love songs. Satisfied, he walked over to the couch and sat beside Isabel. "Here's your Coke."

She took a sip from the glass and sat it on the table beside her. She sat there a moment studying Alex. He looked around self-consciously as he sipped his drink. "What?," he asked. "Is there something on my face? Do I have something in my nose?"

Isabel laughed. "No, silly man. I was just appreciating how cute you are."

Alex's face flushed slightly. "Oh please. No I'm not." He searched for a way to change the subject. "Hey, what's your favorite song?"

Isabel looked at him for a moment. "Well, I don't know the name of it," she said. "But it has the word misery in it a lot."

Alex nearly choked. He coughed the coke back out of his windpipe and looked at Isabel. "What did you say?"

Isabel grinned impishly. "I said it was about misery. I just heard it last night."

Suddenly it dawned on Alex. She had been there. She had seen the dream. Not a hard thing for an alien to do he surmised. He grinned nervously. "You saw that did you?"

She moved closer to him. "I saw it, and I loved it." She put her arms around his neck. "Would you really serenade me like that, or was it just part of the dream?"

Alex looked into her eyes. "For you, I would do anything." He stroked her hair and smiled. "Besides, I am in a band. It's my job to sing sappy love songs."

Isabel smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder. Alex continued to absently stroke her hair as they sat and listened to the radio. He pulled out the ponytail holder, freeing her hair. He slowly ran his fingers through it, marveling at the silky feel of it.

Alex leaned his head down and kissed Isabel. As their lips touched, it seemed as if a spark had jumped between them. His lips tingled as Isabel hungrily returned his kiss. Her tongue pushed insistently at his lips and he opened them slightly.

Their tongues danced around one another, moving in periodically to caress each other. Isabel sighed and slid her hands into Alex's hair. Her hands kept him firmly pinned against her mouth as they began kissing more urgently. She could feel Alex's hands roaming about her body. Everywhere he touched was left tingling by his hand's presence.

Isabel sighed as Alex's hand slowly slid under her shirt. He slowly rubbed the smooth skin of her stomach, moving in ever growing circles. She thrilled to his touch and arched her back slightly.

He flinched as his hand grazed the bottom of her breast. For some reason the cool feeling of her brassiere brought him to his senses. He pulled his hand back and leaned away from Isabel. "Sorry," he said as he shook his head. "I didn't mean for this to happen."

Isabel was confused. She grabbed Alex's face and turned it so she could see his eyes. "You didn't mean for what to happen?"

Alex waved his hands. "This, all of it," he said. "I mean, you talked about how every other guy you go out with wants to maul you...and now here I am doing the same thing..."

Isabel smiled and kissed him softly on the lips. "You aren't mauling me," she said quietly. "You are touching me. There is a big difference." She leaned in and kissed him again. He resisted momentarily, but soon gave in to the passion of the moment. She could feel his hands slowly beginning to roam again. She hoped that they would return to their earlier activities.

Alex rubbed his hands up and down her back. He loved the feel of the coarse fibers of her sweater rubbing over his hand. He slowly slid his hand to the front of Isabel, softly caressing her through her shirt. Isabel sighed and lay back on the couch. She pulled Alex down on top of her, eager to kiss him again. His hands had reached the bottom of her shirt again. He slid them under the tight fabric and began to stroke her stomach. She looked at him coyly and reached down to pull up her shirt.

"Oh no. Let me," Alex said quietly. Isabel nodded and lay back, resting her head on the arm of the sofa. Alex slid her shirt up slowly, marveling at each new inch of flesh that was revealed by it's departure. He slid the sweater over the upturned globes of her breasts, revealing the black lace of her bra. She extended her arms above her head, allowing him to push the garment totally off of her body.

Alex dropped the sweater to the ground and drank in the sight of Isabel's body. This was more of her than he had ever dreamed of seeing.

"What?" asked Isabel as she noticed him staring at her. "Is something wrong?"

" are just beautiful."

Isabel smiled and leaned up. "Just kiss me you sweet talker you." Her mind went blank as their lips met again. She just lost herself in the taste of his lips and the feel of his roaming hands. She exposed as much of her neck as possible as he moved to it. Her skin tingled with each contact of his lips.

Alex's hands moved up and down Isabel's midsection. He gently pushed the black lace aside, exposing her nipple. His thumb moved over it slowly, caressing it to attention. His mouth soon claimed the small nub of flesh, sucking it in and twirling his tongue around it.

Isabel gasped as Alex worked on her nipple. She arched her back and hugged him to her chest. She could feel his other hand lightly stroking her other nipple, bringing it to an aching attention. Alex noticed as well. His smooth lips claimed it as their own, treating it to the same wet embrace as they had the other.

Alex enjoyed the feel of Isabel's body writhing beneath him. His hands roamed lower until they reached the tight black slacks she had worn. She moaned in anticipation as he began to slowly slide them down her hips. He used his tongue to trail the now useless garment as it slid down her legs. He pulled the pants from her legs and discarded them onto the floor, next to her bright pink shirt.

Alex paused and basked in the moment. His eyes hungrily drank in the sight of Isabel in her most intimate clothing. "Beautiful," he said hoarsely.

Isabel giggled and blushed. "Stop it," she said.

Alex smiled and put a finger to her lips. "No talking."He moved the finger aside as his lips reclaimed their place. Isabel's pulse quickened as their kiss became more intense. Her hand snaked in between them and rested on the waistband of Alex's shorts. He grabbed her wrist firmly and pulled her hand away. He pushed her gently down onto her back. "Uh, uh, uh," he said. "Tonight is your night. It is about you, not me. Just sit back and enjoy it."

Isabel shivered and lay back, her head resting on the arm of the couch. Alex slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders. She lifted her back off of the couch as he reached around to unclasp it. It joined the rest of her clothes on the floor as Alex began to shower her now exposed breasts with light kisses. She shivered in pleasure as his mouth traveled to every inch of her chest.

Alex began to slowly descend Isabel's body, pausing to kiss her stomach. He ran his tongue around her belly button, tracing a lazy circle around it. He slowly dragged his tongue lower until he made contact with the smooth silkiness of her panties.

Isabel held her breath in anticpation as Alex's fingers hooked into the waistband. She lifted up from the couch, allowing him to slide the sliver of black lace from her body. It joined the rest of the clothing in the heap on the floor. She had never been this exposed to anyone before, but for some reason it felt right...

Alex gazed at Isabel's face for a moment before turning his attention back to the treasure he had just uncovered. He lightly stroked the curls, gently slipping a finger inside her warmth. Isabel moaned and closed her eyes as he moved his finger in and out. He studied her as his fingers worked their magic, learning where to touch her and how hard. He marveled at the feel of her as he worked.

Alex moved to taste Isabel. His tongue moved to the parted lips and slipped between them. He swirled his tongue in time with the inward and outward motion his fingers had taken on.

Isabel moaned and moved to meet his invading tongue. He located the firm bud at the center of her folds, and his tongue went to work on it. He sucked it to his lips, swirling the tip of his tongue around and around. Isabel gasped, and her hips began to grind in time with Alex's probing. She ran her fingers through his hair and pressed his face firmly to her. His free hand roamed freely, stopping only to tenderly stroke her breasts. He used his fingers to lightly twist her nipples, which also elicited small gasps from Isabel.

Alex could tell by Isabel's actions that she was close. Her breathing had become heavy, and she was moaning constantly. Her hips moved quickly as her hand pressed him urgently to her. He happily continued his oral assault, while his hands continued to attend to her breasts.

"Oh god!" screamed Isabel. "Yes, oh god yes..." Her hips began to buck under the minstrations of Alex's tongue. He pulled the object of his attention to his mouth again. He gave another mighty swirl of the tongue. He was rewarded as Isabel yelped...with a large shudder she was spent. There was no other warning, as Alex was bathed in her innermost essence.

Alex smiled and moved up the couch. He he kissed her lips and cupped her face. He leaned in to kiss her, and Isabel tasted herself on his lips. "Thank you," he whispered to her softly, as he absently smoothed her hair.

"For what?" asked Isabel breathlessly.

"For giving me what I never thought would happen," he whispered. "A dream come true......."

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