FanFic - Alex/Isabel
"Iíll Let You In"
Part 1
by Megan
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Summary: Isabel decides to confront Alex with her feelings.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG
Authors Note: This is my very first story. Feedback please!!!!! Title is Isabelís response to Alexís ĎSave Ferrisí dream song, "Let Me In."
Liz made her way towards her locker. Isabel was standing there staring at the floor. "Hey Isabel! Whatís up?"

"Uh Liz," she said in a shaky voice, "I kinda need to talk to you."

"Sure, anything, go ahead." Liz said pleasantly. Liz had felt great all morning because last night Max had told her he loved her and when she thought of it, she was happy all over again.

"So um...well," Isabel started, "Alex really likes me and I never wanted to fall for him but I think I really am now."

"Thatís great Isabel, but why are you telling me? You should be telling Alex."

"Well thatís what I came to ask you about. I mean heís like a really close friend of yours and I need to know how I should ask him and that kind of stuff."

To Liz this was hilarious. Usually Isabel strutted around school like a goddess but today she was timid and shy and so not herself. But Liz guessed thatís what love could do to you.

"Well Isabel," Liz started, "I think you should just be strait forward and honest with him, Alex likes people that donít waste their time when they have something to say to him."

"Thanks Liz! I think Iím gonna tell him tonight but I have all day to think about how to put it."

"Just go with the flow like I said." replied Liz with a smile.

"OK see ya later!" Isabel walked off for her next class and Liz noticed that if she didnít book it sheíd be late for her next class too. She then remembered that her next class was chemistry, where she sat next to Max. Max her wonderful Max! She had been thinking of him all morning and couldnít wait to see him again.

She walked in to her next class and looked over to her seat to see that her Max was sitting there looking back at her with a shy grin on his face.

Liz took her seat just as the bell rang.

"Hi." said Max.

"Hey." Liz replied smiling.


Isabel ran to her first class. PE. Isabel liked this class but again she hated it. She loved to run but hated to get all sweaty and dirty. And then there was the PE teacher that always was yelling at students. "Faster Evans, move it!!!" she would scream across the track. Isabel walked in to the locker room, hurried and got changed, and was out in a flash. She headed out to the track where she saw Alex running around the track too. She didnít remember Alex having PE the same time as her before, but they were changing schedules all the time.

"All right girls, first you stretch, then you RUN!" Ms. Luther screamed. Isabel did her stretches and then started running. She noticed Alex out of the corner of her eye trying to catch up with her so Isabel slowed down. Finally he reached her and they were running side by side.

"Hey!" said Alex breathless.

"Hi!" said Isabel. "Alex, umÖcan you meet me after school and we can like take a walk or something?"

"Sure sounds good!" said Alex.

He wondered what Isabel wanted to talk about that was so important that they had to meet later to talk about. But whatever it was he couldnít wait to hear it.

The rest of the day went by quickly for both Isabel and Alex and before they knew it school was over.

Isabel was waiting in front of the school for a while, when she saw Alex jogging up to her.

To Be Continued

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