FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Fear and Dreams"
"What Tomorrow Brings"
Part 2
by Nace M.
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Summary: The day after Fear and Dreams.
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Rating: PG-13
Authors Note: This is my second crack at fan-fiction, so critics be gentle.
Alex awoke in his bed slightly sweating, "That was some dream," he thought. He still couldn't understand how he knew Isabel was there. As far as he understood when she, Max, or Michael dream walked they went undetected. But for whatever reason, he just felt her there.

When he finished singing his song Isabel looked as if she was about to cry. He then told her the song was only for her, and she did end up shedding tears. Then the unbelievable happened, they kissed. Even if it was just a dream, it was Isabel's actual self he was kissing, not his usual dream version of her.

He never believed he would have had the guts to kiss Miss Isabel Evans, a.k.a. Miss Teen Dream, a.k.a. his teen dream. He got out of bed and headed for the shower when a pit in his stomach began to grow. "Oh no" he thought, he'd just remembered he told Isabel he loved her. "Is she going to act funny around me now?" he thought, "or is she going to treat me like same ol' geeky Alex?"

He headed toward the bathroom showered, dressed, and headed toward school. "I'll see her at lunch" he thought. That would give him some time to think.

Isabel stood outside Alex's computer class; she hadn't seen him yet today and was getting a little anxious. She ducked out on history and spent the whole time in the eraser room thinking about Alex non-stop.

On one hand she was relieved, Alex's dream last night had calmed her fears and warmed her heart that he still thought of her so sincerely. On the other hand, she had no idea how to act around him, or what she would say. "He said he loved me," she thought. Her stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of it, she knew he had meant it with everything in him.

She was having a few second thoughts about waiting for him to get out of class. "Am I going to kiss him?" she thought nervously, "Am I supposed to?" She sighed deeply as the bell rang. Her breath rabidly sped up with her heart rate. She decided it was best to stand her ground and not run off like some scared little girl.

The last person left the room but still there was no Alex. Isabel peeked her head past the doorway to see him still sitting at his computer station typing away. He was in the far corner with his back facing her; his eyes fixed on the flickering screen.

Isabel slowly snuck up behind him, she was curious to see what he was so intent on typing that he hadn't noticed class was over.

She stopped about a foot behind him and carefully glanced over his shoulder. She read a few lines and her eyes began to widen. "He's writing my song," she thought, the one he sang in his dream, the one that brought her to tears. She took in a shaky breath as Alex saw her reflection in the monitor. He quickly turned to face her.

"H-h-hi Isabel" he stuttered.

"Hello Alex" she said trying to regain her composure.

"What are you doing here?" he asked sounded a little too excited. "Calm down Alex" he thought.

"I uh, I came to see you" she blurted.

"Really?" he responded wide-eyed. He blinked repeatedly as her tried to control his nervousness. "Um, what about?"

"About last night" she said.

"L-last night?" he said, finding it very difficult to control his stammering.

They glanced into each other's eyes both noticing the uneasiness between them. Isabel took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes. Alex looked at her intently, god she was something. That beautiful blond hair, and those sea blue eyes. He shook himself out of his thoughts and noticed her eyes were still closed.

"Does she want me to kiss her?" he thought, "Should I?" Alex was so lost in thought he didn't realize he was staring blankly at her.

"Alex?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" he responded snapping out of it.

"The dream Alex" she said seriously.

"Wh-What about it?" he said slightly blushing.

"Did you really mean all those things you said?" she asked, her eyes looking hopeful.

Alex's uneasiness faded as he calmly took a deep breath and met her gaze.

"Of course I meant it Isabel" he said, "Even if you're not…well not from around here, you're the same person you always were to me, that beautiful enigma I always wanted to solve." "Now that I have seen the real you, you're all the more wonderful to me."

Alex looked down into her eyes and saw the tears forming there. He couldn't believe she was going to cry, it was so not Isabel. She just wasn't the mushy, ooey gooey, shed tears over you type, especially to the Alex type of guy. She was more of the, you should be honored I'm even talking to you, bow down to me, I'm a princess kind of girl. Yet there she was standing right in front of him about to…. A few tears escaped her eyelids.

"She crying you moron" he thought, "Do something"

He gently wrapped his arms around Isabel and pulled her closer to him, hugging her gently. Without realizing it he began to sway. Slowly and gracefully guiding her around in circles to the song playing so loudly in his head.

"Your not dreaming again are you?" she said, her voice muffled against his shirt.

"Oh god I hope not" he responded letting out a slow uneven sigh.

"I hope so too" she said, "I want this to be real"

"It's real Is" he said, "dancing with you has to be" He squeezed her shoulder slightly reassuring himself she was there.

"Not the dancing," she said lifting her head to meet his eyes. "This"

She pulled him in slowly, cautiously making sure it was actually happening. Her lips lightly brushing against his. Alex lifted his left hand to gently run his fingers across the back of her neck, he felt her shiver under his touch. His right arm caressed the small of her back, as he squeezed her in closer.

Isabel threw her arms around his neck, slightly parting her lips and welcoming him to deepen their kiss. Their tongues slid back and forth against one another, tasting each other, reveling in the sweet embrace of their lips.

Alex ran his hands through her golden hair, twirling it around his fingers. He could taste her lips, feel the warmth of her body against him, smell that orangy-spicy scent that was Isabel. "This is actually happening," he thought, "This is real."

Time seemed to stop for both of them, so immersed in each other; the outside world was blind to them.

"Ahem" the computer teacher said standing behind them.

Alex and Isabel broke apart and looked at each other flushed. They were a little disappointed that they had been interrupted, it just felt…right.

"Mr. Whitman" he continued, "I suggest you use the eraser room for your little…escapades like everyone else in this school."

"Sorry Mr. Wozniak" Alex said sheepishly.

"Just don't let it happen again Alex" Wozniak replied.

Alex thought he saw him smile when he said it.

He flipped off the computer, grabbed his bag, and escorted Isabel out of the room. Once out in the hall Isabel didn't move, she looked like she was contemplating saying something.

"Will I get to hear your song again?" she asked leaning closer to him.

"Uh, yeah sure…. I mean of course, of course you will" Alex said in a rush.

Isabel grabbed his hand and entwined her fingers in his. Alex looked down at the gesture in complete shock.

"Okaaaay" he thought, "First she kisses me and now she wants to hold my hand?"

He felt his heart beat in every part of his body, it seemed to be bouncing like a basketball inside his chest. His palms were getting a little sweaty and he hoped beyond hope she couldn't feel it.

The halls were full of the lunchtime crowd; to the average student the hook-up of Alex and Isabel went pretty much unnoticed. Although each time they passed one of the 'elite' crowd the exact same chorus of "Isabel? with Whitman?" immediately followed.

Alex tried to play it cool, he was having a hard enough time believing it himself, but he just couldn't help the huge grin that stretched across his mouth. Isabel squeezed his hand tighter; she seemed to have a bit of difficulty shrugging off the gossip as easily he did. Alex just squeezed back hoping it would bring her a little comfort. She looked up and smiled, assuring him it did.

They made their way out to the quad heading for the same old spot that everybody sat at everyday. The scattered whispers and finger pointing continued as they made the trek across the patio. Alex didn't care; in fact he was getting used to being sort of a geek in the popular folks minds. Still he couldn't help his rational thought, "You don't care cause you never were one the 'in' crowd," he thought.

Isabel was one of the most desirable, if not the most desirable girl in school. All the jocks or other socially acceptable males fawned all over her. But they always just seemed to fawn over Isabel's beauty; they most likely could care less about the real Isabel. The real Isabel is whom Alex wanted the most. Still he did think that her being gorgeous was a plus.

"A big fat, kill your best friend, trample your own mother plus" he thought. He laughed a little at the joke he'd made.

"Care to share?" Isabel asked him curiously.

"I realized that I just became the envy of the entire Roswell male population," he said snickering.

Isabel laughed and gave him a playful shot to the shoulder, "Don't let it go to your head," she said smiling.

They finally reached their friends at the usual spot under the oak tree. The fact that they were hand in hand didn't go unnoticed by anyone.

Max and Liz shot each other a knowing glance; they knew what was going on between the two over the last month. Pretty much anybody with functioning eyes knew how Alex felt about Isabel, he'd had a thing for her since 3'rd grade, but Isabel…no one but Max could tell how she felt. Until he told Liz that is.

Michael and Maria both stared with their mouths agape. Maria blinked repeatedly to make sure her eyes weren't deceiving her. She knew that those two had become friendly like since Alex found out she, Michael, and Max were…Czechoslovakians. However, she honestly believed Isabel wouldn't give Alex the time of day romantically.

Michael didn't say a word, he just sat and grinned, he could see that Izzy was happy and that was good enough for him.

"So guys are uh…" Maria began with noticeable uncertainty in her voice.

Alex looked at Isabel, questioning her with his eyes.

"Yes" Isabel replied, "We are."

Alex immediately picked her up and swung her around in circles.

"Whoa, down boy" Isabel said giggling.

The remaining four just sat there, content to see their friends so happy. They all sat and had the usual lunchtime chatter about class, work, or whatever came to their minds.

Alex leaned against the trunk of the oak tree, as Isabel rested comfortably against his chest. Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria all gave one another an approving nod. Now at least they were all content with their love lives. Max had Liz, Maria had Michael, and now Alex had his Isabel.

Alex wrapped his arms around her and pinched himself just below his wrist.

"What was that for?" Isabel asked.

"To make sure I'm not dreaming" Alex replied breathlessly.

Isabel turned face to face with him and planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

"You better not be," she said smiling, "You better not be…"

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