FanFic - Alex and Isabel
"Deadly Secrets "
Part 1
by Alea
Disclaimer: I do not own them. Wish I did thought.
Summary: Alex's Fifth hr right before lunch.
Category: Alex and Isabel
Rating: R

The teacher stood in front of the class. "Before you leave, I need a volunteer to give up their lunch and clean my erasers. Anyone?"

Alex remembers that he was missing an assignment, so he raised him hand to ask if he could turn it in late.

"Thank-you, Alex. I have a box of them up by my desk. Pick them up before you leave, and make sure you clean them good. Class dismissed."

"Actually, I wasn't going to..." Alex started, but she has already left. 'Of course' Alex thought. Nothing good ever happens to him. Except Isabel, that is. Ahh, Isabel. His snow princess. They day after they had gone camping, Isabel showed up at his house. He was both surprised and excited. After he invited her in, she went on about how she didn't mean to hurt his feelings, how she was just afraid, how she liked HIM too! They reset a day to go to the movies and she left. Alex felt like he was walking on top of the world.

He stopped at the door to the eraser room. He opened the door only to find two people making out.

"Oh! Geesh, don't you know how to lock a door? He muttered under his breath. He turned to leave when something caught his eye. The two teens were too occupied with each other to notice Alex when he walked over next to them and picked up Isabel's bag from the floor.

"Isabel!" Alex yelled.

Isabel looked up and gasped. "Alex. I..I" she sputtered.

Alex got a good look at the guy. "And Kyle? What's going on here?"

Isabel got up and straightened her skirt, which had been hiked up during her and Kyle's makeout session. It was not going to be easy explaining this to Alex. "Alex, let me explain.." she started.

"Explain? What? Explain why two days after you told me you liked me, and wanted to go out with me, I find you making out with one of your worst enemies? Yeah explain that one Isabel!"

Kyle stepped in then. "Now hold on a sec. Worst enemies? We are not enemies. Isabel and me are very close. I bet I know her biggest secret that she would never tell you!"

Alex almost exploded. "You told him you're an alien too? Dammit Isabel! I thought you people had, like, rules about that. Does Max know? Michael?"

"Alex, listen," Isabel started again.

"No! Forget that. I'm outta here. You two have fun," he said sarcastically. He gave her one last look of disgust, then left before she could see the tears start.


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