FanFic - Alex/Isabel
"A Simple Touch"
Part 1
by Xenophyte
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Rating: R
Authors Note: I swear that I wrote this before that other fic I read that had a similar scene. I almost didn’t send this story because of it...but I thought..what the hey....anyhow, I’m not really sure about the ending, so a good dose of feedback would be greatly appreciated
Alex took a deep breath before knocking on the door. It had taken him a while to get the courage to do this. He was afraid that he would lose control and bold at any moment, but he knocked anyway. He took a series of deep breaths as he waited for an answer. It took all of his self control not to run as he heard the lock click.


Isabel groaned as she sank down onto the couch. She had never imagined that helping her dad out in the office would turn out to be so much work. If he had mentioned that the “help” he needed involved lifting and carrying large boxes filled with files, then Isabel would have happily declined. As it was, she had spent the entire afternoon lifting insanely heavy boxes and toting them from room to room.

She sighed as she sipped her cola. The hot shower had soothed her aching muscles somewhat, but she had decided a liberal dose of her powers was in order. She ran her hand over her left leg, easing the pain with a simple swipe of her hand. She sighed as she began on the right one. Her back was going to be a difficult proposition. She didn’t know if she was limber enough to slide her hand around there.

“I’ll worry about that when I get to it,” she thought. She slowly sat up and picked up the remote. She flipped through the channels, searching for a program worth watching. She settled on a rerun of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and slid back down into the couch. “It’s amazing how similar Alex is to Xander,” she thought as she took another drink from her soda.

A loud knock on the door startled her. A small bit of soda sloshed out of the glass as she jumped. “Who could that be?” she wondered as she walked toward the door. “Nobody knows that I am here.”


Alex’s heart jumped into his throat as the door swung open and revealed Isabel. He had been counting on Mr. or Mrs. Evans answering the door and providing him with a short intermission before he saw Isabel. Now, it looked as if he had to go right into his spiel.


Isabel almost slammed the door closed when she saw who was on the other side. The last person she wanted to deal with at the moment was Alex Whitman. She had spent the better part of the last week dealing with all the feelings that kiss had brought up, and she didn’t know if she could really handle him at the moment.


Alex fought down the urge to flee into the night. He forced a smile and shifted nervously. “Hey there Iz...what’s up?”

Isabel tried to look distracted as she replied. “Not a whole lot Alex. What’s going on with you?”

Alex laughed nervously. He stuck his hands into his pockets and looked at her. “Umm...actually,” he said. Then he froze. He had planned on just saying his piece and taking off. But now, he couldn’t seem to get the words to come out.

“So...did you actually want to talk, or are you just going to stand there and stare at me?” Isabel asked, sounding annoyed.

“I’m...I’m sorry,” Alex said. “I just got distracted”

Isabel was suddenly self conscious about her appearance, although she didn’t know why. She looked down at the black tank top and black sweat shorts she was wearing and smiled despite herself. “You know I don’t look good now,” she said as she fiddled with her hair.

“On the contrary,” said Alex as he took in the sight of her. “You look as radiant as ever.”

Isabel flushed slightly. Alex never failed to make her feel like the most beautiful person on the planet. “God, I’m acting like a love-struck little teenager,” she thought. “What happened to being strong and keeping him at a distance?” She took a step back into the house and pulled the door open slightly. “ you wanna come in, or do you wanna stand outside?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah,” he said quietly. “I would feel more comfortable talking inside.”

Isabel spun on her heels and started back into the house. Alex stepped inside quickly, pausing only to shut the door behind him. He followed her into the living room. She had already claimed a seat on the couch, so he slid his frame into a chair across from her. He studied her a moment as she sat there watching T.V. He hadn’t been lying before...she did look good. Her hair always looked good when she had it pulled back. Especially when there were a few stray locks as there were now.

Isabel saw him looking at her and focused her attention on him. “So...what did you want to talk about?” she asked.

Alex was suddenly nervous again as he spoke. “We-well,” he stuttered. “I wanted to come talk to you about what happened at my house the other morning.”

Here it was. Isabel had hoped that Alex would believe her little cover story. She had hoped that he would not realize that she had just wanted to see what it was like, but obviously he had. Now, here he was...probably ready to ask her why they couldn’t go out now or something equally as bad. “Well,” she started.

“No. Please let me finish,” said Alex. “I’ve been trying to do this for a couple of days.” Isabel nodded slightly and plopped back into the seat. “Well, first of all,” said Alex. “I wanted to thank you. It’s obvious to me that you aren’t interested in me...but you have been trying to save my feelings....and I appreciate that.”

Isabel’s mind whirled. Why would he think something like that? Where could he possibly get the idea that she was “protecting” his feelings by not going out with him. It was more like she was protecting herself....

Alex continued. “I had kept a small bit of hope alive that maybe you did like me, but you just didn’t want to endanger me.” Alex smiled wryly. “You know...the whole Max and Liz thing.” He studied Isabel for a moment and then went on. “But, after this last week...well, I couldn’t use that excuse anymore. I mean, Max and Liz were together...not to mention the fact that I saw Michael and Maria in a serious lip lock the other day.”

Alex grimaced and then looked away from her. “When you showed up at my door the other morning...I hoped against hope that you were there just because you wanted to kiss wanted to find out what it was like.” He laughed. “If must have sucked, because you left in quite a hurry.”

Isabel looked at Alex for a long moment. She had definitely been wrong about why he was there. She fidgeted with the hem of her tank top as she sat there and listened to him. When he stopped speaking, she looked him in the eyes. She could tell it had taken a lot for him to come and tell her this, and she thought that she should say something to ease his mind a bit.

“First off Alex, I have not been protecting your feelings. I do like you.” She wrapped her index finger in her shirt and then pulled it free. “I just...well...I wouldn’t rule out having a relationship with you at some point...but right now, I really want a friend. And I’m hoping you will be the guy.”

Alex was mesmerized by the bare skin that Isabel revealed as she played with her shirt. He was so engrossed in studying her exposed stomach that he almost didn’t hear her response. He shook his head and looked back at her face. “Oh yes, I would definitely like it if we could be friends. That would be great.”

Isabel smiled. “Good,” she said. “You are such a great guy...and a good friend. I would hate to lose that.” She groaned slightly as she shifted. She rubbed her shoulder, trying to ease the tightness a little.

“Um, I can help you with that,” Alex said hesitantly. He noticed the look that she gave him and put his hands up. “Strictly as a friend...scout’s honor.” Isabel’s skeptical look didn’t disappear, so he continued. “I give Liz and Maria neck massages all the time...and nothing ever happens.”

Isabel considered Alex for a moment. It wasn’t really necessary; she could use her powers to ease the ache, but she wanted to test him. She wanted to see if he was serious about just being friends. “Okay,” she said slowly. “I’ll do anything to get rid of this aching.

Alex stood and walked around behind the couch. He hesitantly reached down and put his hands on her bare shoulders. He began to squeeze the muscles there lightly. He slowly worked his way inwards, toward her neck, squeezing more firmly as his hands traveled.


Isabel knew she had made a mistake as soon as his hands touched her shoulders. Her skin felt electrified wherever his hands touched. When his hands came to a rest on either side of her neck, she sighed and leaned back. “That feels good,” was all she could safely say.

Alex smiled. He rested his hands on either side of her neck and used his thumbs to rub the tense muscles on the nape. Her head bowed forward slightly as he moved his hands up and down, slowly working her muscles. After a moment, he returned his hands to her shoulders. He firmly squeezed his way along them. He pushed lightly on her back, signaling her to lean forward. She complied, and he began to rub the tense up muscles between her shoulder blades.


Isabel was on fire. Every place that Alex touched was tingling. She sat there, luxuriating in the feel of his hands roaming her, all the time wondering why she was letting it happen. He was having quite an affect on her...she just hoped he didn’t notice.


As he worked on her back, Alex couldn’t help but notice that the strap of Isabel’s tank top had fallen off of one shoulder. “Oh my god,” he thought. “Massaging Liz and Maria never did this too me.” He moved his hand back to her shoulder and slid the strap back into place. “Um, do you mind laying down?” he asked hoarsely.

Isabel nodded and shifted on the couch. She lay face down on the couch and turned her head toward the television. Alex came around the couch and settled down onto his knees. Isabel closed her eyes again as he reached out to massage the small of her back.

Alex stiffened his fingers and rubbed firmly up and down Isabel’s back. As he worked, he stared at her hair. It spread out over her upper back enticing him. He wanted nothing more than to run his fingers through her long locks, but all he would allow himself was a moment to brush it out of the way. He pushed all thought of her hair from his mind and refocused on the job at hand. He kneaded the muscles of her back slowly. He paid close attention, making sure that not one went unnoticed.


Isabel had never been more turned on in her life. Alex definitely knew how to use his hands. She felt as if she would melt as his hands slid up and down her back. When he had slid the strap back up onto her shoulder...a part of her had wanted him to slide it the other way, to just slide her whole shirt off of her body. But, the logical part of her body still held some semblance of control...and it knew better.


Alex tried to keep his mind off of the job he was doing. If he let himself think of how he was rubbing down Isabel...he might lose the small semblance of control he had and do something stupid. He tried to imagine that he was massaging Maria or Liz...but it didn’t work. As his hands moved up and down Isabel’s back he stared, fascinated. He tried to focus on the feel of the material on his hands, but his mind kept wandering back to the smoothness of the bare skin of Isabel’s shoulders.


Isabel lay there and endured the sweet torture Alex was distributing to her. She had gone out with plenty of men before, and some of them had even tried to use the “massage” tactic to try and get some action. Not one of them had brought her so close to losing control. Not one of them had made her crave their touch. She wanted Alex’s hands all over her. She wanted him to push up her tank top and rub the bare skin of her back, but her good sense stopped her from vocalizing that wish.


Alex wasn’t blind. He could see that he was having an effect on Isabel. He studied her, marveling at the response he was getting from a simple touch. Perhaps one day, this would go farther. He could hope anyway. “Um, do your legs hurt too?” he whispered quietly.

“Hmmmmm?” Isabel said lazily. She turned her head and looked at him through slitted eyelids. “Yes...yes they do,” she said.

Alex’s hands trembled as he positioned them over Isabel’s legs. He didn’t know if he could take rubbing against the bare flesh of Isabel’s legs, but he had he had to go through with it. He took a deep breath and then lowered his hands to massage her hamstring.


Isabel’s heart thumped wildly in her chest. She didn’t know if she could handle Alex’s hands rubbing her exposed legs, but she craved it at the same time. Her mind had screamed “LIAR” at her when she had said her legs hurt...but it had just come out.

Her breath caught in her throat as his hands made contact with her leg. All thoughts left her mind as his hands began to move up and down. She tightened reflexively when as his hand grazed her inner thigh, causing him to pull it back quickly.


Alex noticed Isabel stiffen and he pulled his hands away from her quickly. He didn’t want her to think he was doing this to get a cheap he was torn as to continue. When she didn’t say anything, Alex tentatively reached down and grabbed her calf muscle. She didn’t jerk away, so he started to knead it gently.


Isabel almost cried out as Alex pulled his hands from her body. She wanted to turn and scream at him to continue, but she just lay there, waiting. After a moment, she felt his hand reach out and grab her lower leg. She smiled to herself and enjoyed the sensation as his hands squeezed any semblance of tension from her legs.

“God he has strong hands,” thought Isabel as he moved back up to her upper leg. “I guess those hours of guitar practice helped out in more areas than one...”


Alex lost himself in the feel of Isabel’s silky skin. He couldn’t get enough of the sensation of his hands sliding around her. He closed his eyes as his hands moved up and down Isabel’s legs, caressing them more than massaging. They wandered to her inner thighs again, gliding softly up and down. As they contacted the material of her shorts, Alex snapped back into reality. He realized what he had been doing, and sheepishly moved his hands back to Isabel’s calves.


Isabel suppressed a groan as Alex progressed from massaging to simply touching. She knew she should reprimand him, but she was enjoying the feeling too much to stop him. Her legs parted involuntarily as his hands moved to her inner thighs. She held her breath in anticipation, eager to see if he would go any farther. She was almost disappointed when he jerked and moved back to her lower leg.

She lay there a moment more, then turned over. She noticed the sick look on Alex’s face and smiled at him. “Would you mind massaging my feet?” she asked.


Alex’s heart sank as Isabel began to turn over. He had gone too far a moment ago, now she was going to kick him out. He was surprised when she smiled at him. Her words surprised him more. All he could do was nod dumbly and then move to the foot of the couch.

He grabbed her left foot with both of his hands. He laced his fingers together on the top of her foot and began to press into her insole with both of his thumbs. He continued this for a moment, pausing here and there too rub the top of her foot as well. He next moved to her heel. He cupped it with one hand and squeezed it several times in succession.

His next target was her toes. He slid his fingers between them and rubbed the tender skin there. His fingers came together on each toe, rubbing and squeezing it before moving onto the next. He continued this process for a few minutes, then turned his attention to her right foot.


Isabel studied Alex as he worked his magic on her feet. He seemed to be totally engrossed in the moment. “Um...could you work on my legs too?” she said quietly, jarring Alex out of his stupor.

He looked up, surprised. “You-you mean the front of your legs?” he stuttered.

Isabel nodded and smiled contentedly. She wanted Alex to touch her, and she wanted it now. Her rational mind had long since lost what little control it had, and she was operating on basic instinct. She quivered slightly as Alex’s hand slid up her leg and began to work on her thigh. She sighed as his hand grazed her inner thigh again, her legs parting once again.


Alex hesitated a moment, wondering if he was misreading the signals he was getting. Isabel’s behavior and posture seemed to suggest that she wanted a bit more than a simple massage, but he didn’t want to take things up a notch unless he was sure.

He tentatively slid his hand to her inner thigh and rubbed in a lazy circle. He heard her sigh as her legs moved apart. His hand trembled as he lightly slid his fingers over the junction of her thighs. She sighed louder and smiled.

His breath came in ragged gasps as his hands traveled past her waistband and slid under the hem of her shirt. His eyes sought out her face, and he studied it. Her head was tilted back and a look of quiet anticipation was on her face. As his hands traveled higher up her body, her mouth opened slightly, and she ran her tongue over her lips.

A low moan escaped her as his hands reached her breasts. He ran his palms over the lacy material. Isabel arched her back, pressing her chest out to meet Alex’s questing hands. He cupped her breast in one hand, squeezing it slightly. His other hand followed suit, making sure neither was left unattended.

Alex didn’t bother fumbling for the clasp. His fingers moved to the bottom of her bra and lifted it quickly. He pushed the useless garment above her breasts, freeing them for his hands to explore. His nimble fingers quickly found her nipples, lightly twisting and rubbing them until they hardened into little peaks.

Alex slid Isabel’s shirt up over her breasts, exposing them to his hungry eyes. He marveled at the perfectness of the upturned globes as his gently cupped them in each hand.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as he leaned in to put his lips to hers. Her tongue slid eagerly into his mouth, and he captured it with his lips. He pulled back from her kiss slowly, his tongue darting out to lick her lips. He leaned in and planted a rapid succession of kisses onto her neck. He traveled down her body slowly, finally settling in on her breasts. He paused above her nipple, his tongue darting out to swirl around it before his lips moved in to claim it.

Alex sucked in..hard. Isabel gasped and clutched his head to her chest. He opened his mouth slightly, allowing his tongue to swirl around her nipple. He sheathed his teeth with his lips, then bit down on each nipple gently. This elicited another moan from Isabel, and she entwined her fingers in his hair, pressing him firmly to her chest.

His hand began to wander as his mouth teased Isabel. It slid easily under the waistband of her shorts and paused a moment at the cool smoothness of her panties. “Oh yes Alex,” murmured Isabel. Taking the cue, his hand slid farther down, lightly caressing the curls that met it. His fingers entered her slowly, inching deeply into her warmth.

Isabel raised to meet his invading fingers. The magic they had worked on the outside of her body had nothing on the magic they were working now. She moaned loudly as another finger slid inside her. Alex’s thumb found it’s way to the aching little nub at the junction of her lips, and her began to stroke it lightly. His fingers worked in and out of her, questing ever deeper as he sought to heighten her pleasure.

Isabel could feel heat building up as Alex’s fingers danced around inside her. She pulled him up to her face and kissed him hungrily. She held his head close to her as her tongue plundered his mouth. Alex ran his other hand through her hair as his tongue joined hers in a soft dance.

Isabel broke contact as she neared climax. Alex returned his attention to her aching breasts as Isabel’s breath began to come in rapid gasps. Her hips moved in time with his fingers as she grew closer and closer. “Ohh God!” she yelped as the wave of her orgasm flooded through her. Her inner walls clenched in on Alex’s fingers as he continued to work on her, prolonging it as long as he could.

Isabel collapsed back onto the couch. Alex continued to lovingly caress her breasts until she pulled him up to her face. She studied his face for a moment and then leaned in to kiss him. Her hands wandered down his chest and began to slowly unbutton his shirt

The moment was broken as headlights flashed across the wall. “Oh my God...someone’s home,” said Isabel. She hurriedly pulled her bra back into place and slid her shirt back down. Alex quickly moved across the room and sat down in the chair. Isabel adopted a casual pose just as the door swung open.

“Hi kids,” called Mrs. Evans as she walked through the door. She stopped short as her eyes fell on Alex. “Well..I don’t think I’ve made your acquaintance.”

Alex found his voice as he stood. “Hi there Mrs. Evans. My name is Alex Whitman.” He started to extend his hand, then quickly drew it back and offered the other one. “Nice to meet you.”

Isabel rose and took Alex’s arm. “This is my new boyfriend,” she said quickly as she pulled him to the door. And he was just leaving...”

Mrs. Evans fixed Isabel with a quizzical gaze. “Are you all right honey?” she asked. “You look all flushed. You aren’t getting sick are you?”

Isabel turned a brighter shade of red as she answered. “Yeah mom, I’m fine. But I did feel a little sick. That’s why Alex came over, to make sure I was ok.”

Mrs. Evans smiled at Alex. “Well then, sounds like you found a good one,” she said. “I hope you hold on to him longer than some of the other boys you go out with.”

Isabel pushed Alex out the door. “Yeah mom, something tells me that Alex will be around for a while,” she said.

She shut the door and turned to Alex. He was looking at her with a confused look on his face. “Boyfriend?” he said quizzically.

Isabel smiled and brushed her lips to his. “Yes Alex, boyfriend. That is...if you’ll still have me.”

“Are you kidding?” blustered Alex. “Of course I will....”

“Good,” said Isabel. “Cause after the way I’ve treated you...I don’t really deserve you.”

Alex took Isabel into his arms and hugged her tightly. “Never say that,” he said quietly. “You deserve the best things that life has to offer...I just hope that I can be one of those things.”

Isabel smiled into his chest. “Don’t worry are definitely the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time.”


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