FanFic - Alex/Isabel
"A Kiss Is Still A Kiss"
Part 1
by saturngirl
Disclaimer: Not mine, don’t own the characters, no relation to anyone at WB, can’t sue, no money.
Summary: Alternate ending to the episode when Isabel walks away from kissing Alex but Alex wants more then to be Isabel’s guinea pig.
Category: Alex/Isabel
Rating: PG-13
Alex Whitman was enjoying a Saturday sleep-in when he heard persistent knocking on the front door. He groaned and rolled over in bed, waiting a few seconds for someone to answer the door. Then he remembered – his parents had gone away for the weekend and his brothers were off doing various things which meant he was home alone. Which meant he would have to answer the door.

With another groan, Alex rolled out of bed and padded towards the front door. Who’s up at this hour ? he wondered irritably. Probably some door-to-door salesman trying to sell him something he neither needed or wanted. Didn’t they know Saturdays were for sleeping in ? Alex began forming insults in his mind that would get rid of the person at the door quick smart. He opened the door to see ...

Isabel Evans. Goddess Isabel. Gorgeous Isabel with her long golden hair, her hypnotic blue eyes, her curvaceous body that Alex fell asleep dreaming of. Sometimes he wished he could be a little more aggressive when it came to Isabel. Whenever she pushed him away, both physically and emotionally, he secretly wished he could be a little more courageous, just grab Isabel and kiss her like some action hero who always got the girl ... Alex gulped, hoping one of Isabel’s hidden talents wasn’t mind-reading and that she hadn’t sensed his irritated thoughts. “ Isabel, ” he said in surprise.

“ Max and Liz are missing, ” Isabel said bluntly. She couldn’t think of anything else to say. She always felt uncomfortable around Alex because she was so damn attracted to him. She loved the way he was so sweet and attentive, but sometimes she wished he were a little more aggressive. Like when he tried to kiss her she’d turn her head away and he’d accept that, but she wished he could be more aggressive, not take no for an answer, just grab her and kiss her. It would be like he was saying I like you too much to respect your wishes when it’s so obvious you’re attracted to me ...

It took Alex a little while for it to register. “ Missing ? ” he echoed dumbly. “ Let me get the keys to my car alright, we can go look for them. ”

“ That’s OK, ” Isabel said. Then, “ ... OK. ”

Alex looked confused. “ OK what ? ” he asked.

“ OK you can kiss me. ” Isabel couldn’t believe she’d just said that. How many times had Alex tried to kiss her and she’d made it clear she didn’t want him to ? And now here she was, practically demanding he kiss her.

“ Kiss you ? ” Alex echoed. Smooth, he thought.

“ My brother is missing, I need to find him, ” Isabel explained. “ Maybe we can generate some information of their location or something so ... go ahead. ”

Alex could barely mask his joy. OK, so it wasn’t the most ideal of situations, but he would rather kiss Isabel under these circumstances then not kiss her at all. “ Yes m’am, ” he said. He moved towards her and, sliding his arms around her waist, lowered his lips to hers to kiss her.

The moment he did he felt this incredible jolt of electricity pass between them. It felt like he’d died and gone to heaven. He had to will himself to keep standing up, not collapse on the ground, taking his goddess with him. Isabel snaked her arms around his back, running her fingers through his hair. Alex squeezed his arms tighter around her waist.

It took all of Isabel’s willpower not to wrap her arms tightly around Alex’s neck, pressing her body tightly against his so there wouldn’t be space for a breath of air to pass through their fused bodies. She felt her entire world shake, and all she wanted to do was go somewhere private to continue this ... this earth-shattering experience. But she’d rather die then let him know that, so she distanced herself even though she’d never experienced something so heavenly.

And then, all too soon, the kiss had ended. Alex felt Isabel drawing away. “ Nothing, ” she said. Nothing other then this jolt of chemistry, Isabel thought. When she saw the look on Alex’s face she added, “ nothing relevant to the current crises. ”

Alex couldn’t think of anything to say other then, “ Sorry. ” The only thing he was really sorry about was the kiss had ended so soon when what he really wanted to do was take her in his arms, carry her upstairs and continue the kiss in the comfort and privacy of his own room.

Isabel shrugged. “ OK, ” she said. Then she began to walk away.

Then something inside of Alex snapped. He was sick of bending over backwards for Isabel, allowing her to treat him like her guinea pig, like he was some animal with no feelings of his own. She could do her tests on him and then just walk away, having felt nothing. And yet – how could a kiss have so affected him when she appeared to have been completely unfazed by it. She had to have felt something – she had to.

Suddenly she felt his arms snake around her waist from behind. “ You little tease, ” Alex hissed into Isabel’s ear. “ Who the hell do you think you are that you can just rock up to my house, get me to go along with you little plans and then just leave like it didn’t mean anything to you. ”

Isabel was shocked by Alex’s outburst, but also pleasantly surprised. She had never seen Alex get so rough – and she liked it. Not to mention the fact that he was right. She had teased him – maybe not deliberately, maybe armed with the security that he had volunteered to be her guinea pig should the situation arise, but still – she had teased him, there was no denying that. “ Alex - ” she began.

Alex wouldn’t let her get a word in. “ You know how much I like you, and if you had any consideration at all you wouldn’t be so cruel as to come over here and tease me like you did. Do you know how incredible it felt to kiss you, to hold you in my arms? God, Isabel, I go to sleep dreaming of you. How dare you just – take advantage of me for your experiment. ”

He was right. It was only then that Isabel realized how cruel she’d been to Alex basically ever since she’d known him. Stringing him along, saying they could never be more then friends when secretly her heart cried out for him – but always, she denied herself to him – and him to herself. But here she was, ordering Alex to kiss her like his sole purpose in life was to do what she told him, and expect nothing in return.

“ And I know you felt something, I know you did, ” Alex continued. His voice in her ear was angry, but so sexy to Isabel’s ears. She shivered in delight at this new side of Alex – the Alex who would no longer be pushed around and walked all over. “ So I think I’m just going to take you somewhere private so I can prove it ... ”

Only in her secret, putaway fantasies did Alex pick her up and carry her into the house. “ Alex, put me down – now, ” Isabel ordered half-heartedly, putting up a token struggle that the weakest of guys could have overcome. They both knew she didn’t mean it.

“ No, ” said Alex. Isabel was surprised at how strong Alex was ; he carried her as if she was nothing more then a feather. Isabel felt strangely safe in Alex’s arms ; she knew he’d never hurt her, never push him too far.

And then they were in his room. Gracefully as he could, Alex dumped her on his bed. She landed awkwardly. “ Sorry, ” he said, “ I’m not very good at carrying girls to my room. ”

Isabel found herself saying, “ That’s quite alright - I think you’ll be getting a lot of practice in the coming months. ”

“ So do I, ” replied Alex. He ran his hands over Isabel, getting her to lie on her back. He got up on his bed, lying over Isabel, pinning her to the bed. “ Now, to continue with that kiss ... ”

The second kiss was even more earth-shattering then the first. Isabel cried out loud when she felt Alex’s lips come into contact with her own. Alex looked down at her curiously. “ What’s this, Miss We-Can’t-Be-in-a-Relationship ? ” he quizzed.

Isabel squirmed uncomfortably. “ I was waiting for you to be more aggressive, ” she admitted. Then she added, “ Now that you finally started, why did you stop? ”

“ Oh, you want me to be more aggressive, do you ? ” Alex asked. Isabel nodded, a sly grin on her face. “ Well I can’t disappoint my princess can I now ? ” were the last words he said before his lips came crushing down on hers. His tongue ran across her lips, then slid into her mouth. He ran his hands over her body, over her breasts, tracing her ribs, over her abdomen, inside her thighs, making Isabel squeal and moan in pleasure.

Isabel ran her fingers through his hair, then along his neck, making Alex shiver in erotic delight. She slowly ran her hands down his back, the possessively grabbed each of his buttocks in her hands and squeezed them. Alex moaned out loud. Isabel smiled to herself and arched her neck so Alex could run kisses along it.

It was much, much later that afternoon that Alex held Isabel tightly in his arms for a long, passionate kiss goodbye. Dazed, she half-stumbled down the drive, a goofy, contented grin on her face. Alex watched her go, feeling just as goofy and content. He couldn’t believe he’d actually had the nerve to do what he’d done. But in his heart of hearts he’d done Isabel must have some feelings for him – or else their first kiss wouldn’t have felt so electric. Because, after all, no matter what, a kiss was still a kiss.

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