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"Us Six Against the World"
Part 5
by Linda
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Summary: Post heatwave, and how the six Roswell High kids become closer and realize through good times and bad, that no matter what they go through, it really is, "the six of them against the world". They will go to Florida for spring break, learn more about the aliens they came from, and all with the FBI and a certain sheriff, one step behind them. Or is there someone closer?.....
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Authors Note: Distribution: It's okay, just let me know first. (Gonna be VERY long)
Louisa Marquez walked up to Isabel Evan’s house. She looked behind her, having a feeling she was being watched. She shivered and then rang the bell.

She was looking for her friend, Pam Troy. They had all gone to the movies last night, but when Pam had left, she’d said something about stopping by Isabel’s for some notes on the homework project they were working on together. When Pam hadn’t shown up for school this morning, Louisa hadn’t thought anything of it, and neither had any of their other friends. Pam was known to ditch school often, and with a drunk mother who didn’t care, Pam could not show up at home for a few days and no one would miss her.

But Louisa was worried. Pam was supposed to sleep over her house tonight, and when she had gone by this evening to see where Pam was, Pam’s mother had said she hadn’t seen Pam since before the movies the night before. She could understand that, but not that Pam hadn’t shown up at her house. And with no word. Pam loved coming over to Louisa’s house and looked forward to it whenever she could.

Louisa hoped Isabel, probably being the last person to see her, would be able to tell her where Pam might have headed after having gotten the notes from Isabel last night.

As Louisa waited for someone to answer the door, she shivered again and looked behind her. She was imagining things. She felt as if someone was watching her. Like eyes were boring holes in her back. She shrugged it off thinking she was just paranoid because Pam had taken off somewhere without telling her.

He stood in the bushes across from the Evan’s home and watched the nervous girl look around again. A twisted smiled appeared on the handsome face at the obvious scent of fear that could be sensed from across the street. Not long now… and he would be content again for a little while.

Louisa felt relief when Isabel answered the door.

“Louisa?” Isabel questioned. They were not friends so she couldn’t imagine what she was doing here.

“Hi Isabel, umm I know this is weird, but did Pam come over here last night to get some history notes?” she asked.

Isabel shook her head and watched the worry come into Louisa Marquez eyes.

“Something wrong?” Isabel asked, tilting her head a little.

“Oh no… I’m sure it’s nothing… Pam often does a disappearing act when her mother goes on one of her drinking binges… she’s probably just hiding out. “ Louisa said and then smiled to reassure the now frowning Isabel.

“You sure?” Isabel asked, having seen the concern bright in Louisa’s eyes a minute ago.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks anyways. Sorry to have bothered you.”

“Sure, no problem. Hope you find her.” Isabel called out to Louisa as she watched the girl head back down the walkway.

Then, with a deep breath, Isabel closed the door, preparing for her flirting performance. Louisa and Pam were forgotten.

Louisa was more worried than ever now, and was so preoccupied that she didn’t even sense the shadow that came out of the bushes as she passed.

It was over quickly


Liz watched the scene before her with amusement twinkling in her eyes. Max had a hard time watching the show going on across the pool, when Liz was this close, in a bikini, and had the beautiful smile on her face, that he loved so much.

Max squirmed a little on the side of the pool where they sat, and then pulled his towel over his lap. He had to try to concentrate on the humorous scene across the pool if he wanted to be able to stand up in the near future without embarrassing himself.

He glanced to where Liz’s eyes were glued. He saw Isabel practically all over Michael. Isabel was laughing at something Michael had said, and was leaning over him as he sat on a chair by the pool, across from Max and Liz.

The look on Michael’s face was comical. He looked uncomfortable with Isabel’s obvious flirting, but seemed to allow it as a favor to Isabel. She had asked him earlier that if Alex started hanging all over Maria, could she flirt with him to show she didn’t care. Michael had been surprised, but then shrugged.

In the pool, at the far end, Alex was doing his best to keep his eyes glued to Maria. It wasn’t easy when Isabel’s display was so noticeable. Isabel was wearing a bright red bikini, and looked breathtaking to Alex. He tried really hard to keep his eyes off of her, knowing she was just playing a part as she leaned all over Michael.

Maria was frowning and glaring at Isabel and Michael. She was not even trying to hide her anger and disgust. (If she had been calmer, she would have seen how Michael couldn’t keep his eyes off of Maria even with Isabel hanging all over him.) Then she turned back to Alex, feeling sorry for him with that she-devil all over Michael, and tried to do her best to keep him entertained.

Liz laughed softly so only Max heard. “This is really good. I think we should charge admission.” she smiled and glanced at Max.

But she sucked in a breath as she saw Max. He was looking at her, not the couples across the way. His eyes were at half -mast, and were dark and blazing with passion. He just continued to look at her, and Liz was lost. His eyes could pull her in so easily, even when he wasn’t trying… but now, with that intense look in his eyes, she was gone.

“Max…” Liz whispered as he started to lean in closer to her. She could tell from his look, that he was going to kiss her, even before he started leaning in. That look in his eyes was the same look she had seen right before they had left biology yesterday.

Max’s eyes went from Liz’s eyes, to her lips as he started to open his own mouth to capture her soft, willing one.

Liz closed her eyes and sighed into Max’s mouth as he finally closed his over hers. Instant heat and fire boiled through her veins and into his. They could feel each other’s reactions, and this only fueled their heat more.

When Max’s big strong hands slid up her sides and his arms wrapped around Liz, she melted into him. Her own arms went around his strong shoulders to caress the back of his neck, where it met his soft, sexy hair.

Liz didn’t have time to enjoy that before Max lifted her and sat her on his lap facing him, her legs straddling his hips. The look of surprise on Liz’s face was quickly erased as Max moved in for another deep kiss. Liz’s head was spinning. She couldn’t breath, and didn’t really care if she ever did again. Max’s mouth was devouring hers and causing sparks to fly through her body and her veins to boil. She was so hot, but at the same time, she had goose bumps all up and down her body. What was he doing to her?

What was she doing to him?! He wondered as he again took her sweet, warm, soft mouth and devoured every inch of it. He was burning up. He had no control and didn’t want any. Liz, in a flour sack, could turn him on, but Liz in her yellow bikini drove him over the edge. He loved the taste of her. She had a unique taste that was just her. Sweet, warm and Liz… he could kiss her forever.

Liz was just swimming in sensations. Max had totally seduced her right there at the side of the pool with everyone around. She whimpered when she finally realized what was pushing up between her straddled legs. Her legs turned to jelly and she was glad she was not standing. “Max… oh Max…” Liz whispered against his mouth when he let them come up for air momentarily, but kept his mouth against hers. Their heads were together and both were trying to breathe.

Max knew she felt his arousal, but she didn’t seem afraid, or shocked. He could actually feel her excitement as she felt him beneath her. This connection thing was going to kill them. Feeling their own bodies’ needs was bad enough, but to feel each other’s needs was down right explosive.

Liz didn’t know what she wanted to say… so she just let her body take over. She started to push closer to Max. Leaning into his hard heat that was already pressing up between her legs. She felt Max’s hardness touch her most sensitive spot as she moved closer and she gasped. “Oh God… Max…” she sighed and then moved again.

Max groaned but kept his eyes on Liz. She was beautiful all flushed and aroused. And her heat rubbing against his hard arousal felt so damn good he didn’t care where they were.

A shriek and a splash pulled them around. They had both forgotten that they weren’t alone.

Max and Liz both stiffened, but their bodies still burned. Max gently eased Liz off of him and sat her next to him again. He groaned and pulled the towel back across his lap.

Liz looked flushed, but couldn’t take her eyes off of his hard arousal now covered under the towel.

“Liz… God, don’t look at me that way,” he pleaded. Liz met his eyes and saw that they still burned for her. Then she flushed again, nodded and turned away to try to concentrate on what was going on around them. Her body was still humming, and she could feel the heat still coming off of Max.

Michael and Isabel were now in the water and not too far from Maria and Alex. The show was heating up around them too.

Liz took a deep breath, heard Max do the same thing, trying to clear his head, then their eyes met again and they shared a private laugh.

Max tore his eyes away from Liz’s once more, not wanting to lose it again, he had almost…

“What the hell!” Alex yelled as Michael dove at him. Isabel swam across the pool to Max and Liz with a laugh.

“What happened?” Liz asked almost sorry she had missed it. Obviously something had set Michael off.

Isabel laughed again and looked back over at the two men wrestling in the water now.

“Alex was great! He saw that Michael needed more of a push, so he made another move. All he did was put an arm around Maria and move in closer and Michael lost it.” Isabel smiled pleased.

All three of them watched the scene across the pool. Maria frowned in disgust at the stupidness of the two guys and started hitting Michael.

“Hey!!! Stop it both of you!” She yelled.

The slap on his bare back and her yelling, stopped Michael. He let go of Alex, and turned his anger on her.

Maria was just as angry. “What the hell is wrong with you! You are supposed to make Alex feel comfortable around you guys! That was the whole purpose of this get-together!”

Michael glared back at her. “Well I think you were making him comfortable enough for all of us!” Michael threw at her.

“Me? What? I’m not the one all over Isabel!” Maria accused.

“No… you were the one all over Alex!” Michael returned.

“I was not!!” Maria exclaimed, infuriated now.

Michael didn’t let her continue, as she started to do. He grabbed her around the waist and pushed her up against the side of the pool. Maria had to grab his shoulders or go under. She glared back at him.

“NO ONE puts their hands on you but me!” Michael finally bit out.

Maria looked stunned, then slowly melted against Michael and her own eyes lowered, as she smiled up at him.

Michael saw her acceptance of this and smiled his famous half smile. Then he did what he had been dying to do since he had seen Maria yesterday morning talking to Liz. He leaned forward, pulled her tighter against him, and kissed her.

Alex swam across to join the other three who were still staring in shock at Michael’s open display of jealousy.

“Well, I think that worked out well.” Isabel finally said and then laughed.

Alex grinned, looking a little water logged, but pleased they had pulled it off.

Then all four of the conspirators looked at one another and burst out laughing. It had worked all right!

Michael and Maria pulled apart as they heard the rest of the group laughing across the way.

Michael turned, keeping Maria in his arms and glared over at the rest of the group.

Maria frowned at the laughter and smiles on Isabel’s and Alex’s face. Then it hit her.

Michael was a little slower , his brain was still fuzzy from kissing Maria. But when Maria left his arms, swam across the pool and hit Alex and splashed Isabel, he started to understand.

“You two are terrible! All four of you are! You were all in on this weren’t you!?” she accused.

Michael swam over to Maria and took her back into his arms, smiling at the four conspirators.

Maria looked at his smile and hit him on the arm next. “Don’t tell me you were in on this too!!” She accused.

Michael laughed at Maria’s cute anger, and pulled her hand away and held it as she tried to hit him again.

“No, but I can’t say I’m sorry that they did it.” Michael admitted, still smiling.

Maria saw the humor of it. Her friends cared enough to set up the whole show, and all it had done was exactly what she had wanted it to do, get Michael back in her arms.

Then all six of them laughed.

“Hey! Let’s have some chicken fights!” Liz announced suddenly.

Immediately Michael lifted Maria onto his shoulders, while Max slid into the warm water and reached for Liz. He lifted her up, their eyes sharing the remembered passion of moments ago, and then she was on his shoulders.

Isabel looked uncomfortable. Alex swallowed and turned to her. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to Isabel. I understand.” Alex said in a small voice.

Isabel could tell that Alex was disappointed, but would not force her to get on his shoulders. After all, they barley knew each other. But then Isabel remembered Alex’s dream and she realized she did know him. She smiled at Alex then.

“Well, I don’t mind if you don’t. You’re the one who has to hold me up.” She commented.

Alex swallowed and his eyes were round and large. The thought did things to him. “I.. I don’t mind” he managed to get out, as he lifted Isabel.

Isabel was surprised at how easily Alex lifted her. She felt his wiry muscles as he swung her onto his shoulders. He was lanky, but had strength beneath his wiry build.

Isabel didn’t have any more time to think about Alex, because Liz and Maria were heading right for her.


Later the six of them sat in the hot tub and just talked. They talked about school, the teachers they had in common, and the classes they hated and liked.

For a few hours the six forgot there were any differences between them.

Michael and Maria started bantering and Maria jumped up, splashed Michael and leaped out of the hot tub and into the pool. Michael was right behind her. They started a game of chase as Maria laughed and Michael dove for her.

Isabel smiled and then noticed the looks exchanged between Max and Liz. She had noticed their earlier, spontaneous making out, and had been surprised at first, but then she was happy for Max and Liz.

She turned to Alex who was relaxing with his eyes closed, and a content smile on his face. She was glad they had eased his worries about them. He seemed okay with them now.

“Come on Alex, let’s go get something to eat. I’m starved.” Isabel exclaimed as she started out of the hot tub.

Alex scrambled up with her and glanced over at Max and Liz. Then he saw the reason for his and Isabel’s quick departure. Max and Liz only had eyes for each other. They both looked ready to devour each other.

Alex smiled as he followed Isabel into the house. His friends had managed to help him get time alone with Isabel. He couldn’t complain about the way this get together was turning out.

Maria and Michael were chasing each other and laughing in the pool, but Max and Liz didn’t hear anything. Both were starring into the other’s eyes, remembering their earlier loss of control.

“Max…” Liz started, only to find herself back on Max lap, facing him, and his mouth closing over hers.

Liz signed and wrapped her arms around his strong sexy neck and just enjoyed the sensations that Max created throughout her whole system.

Liz loved the smell of Max, the taste of him. He was unique in so many ways. And he was hers! This time when Liz felt Max’s arousal between her legs, she sighed, moved closer to him, and started a slow movement back and forth against his hardness. The water only added to the friction building between their bodies.

Max pulled her closer, devouring her mouth and then started moving his own hips in rhythm with her hot sexy body. He was lost in the burning fire that they were caught in. And neither cared.

Max slipped his tongue into Liz’s mouth and found hers. They both gasped and moaned at the first contact of tongues. “Yes…” Max whispered into her mouth, and his body rubbed a little faster against Liz’s.

Max could feel the heat of Liz around his arousal, and the taste of her on his tongue. A bomb could explode and he wouldn’t have heard it or cared. He was so hard he didn’t know how much more he could take. He put his hands on Liz’s hips to slow her down, but then, of their own will, his hands helped her find a perfect rhythm for them instead.

He could feel her nipples harden against his chest and his own nipples hardened in answer. “Oh God…” Max swore. He was going to loose it.

“Max…” Liz whimpered. He knew he should stop them. He knew what was going to happen if he didn’t, but he couldn’t stop it. He wanted it… and he knew she did too.

He slid a hand up her trim tight tummy, and moaned into her mouth as he finally closed his hand, gently over Liz’s swollen breast. Liz squealed into his mouth and tried to move closer if possible. Her own hands started wandering.

She felt the heat of Max’s large hand close over her sensitive nipple and then he pushed the bikini top out of the way and bare skin met bare skin. Both sighed and moaned, their movements becoming even more frantic.

“Max… please….” Liz pleaded softly, as she ached and burned. She needed something… she needed Max. With Max invading her mouth, caressing her nipple with a hot burning hand, and grinding his arousal at the most sensitive part of her, Liz suddenly wanted it all. She clasped tighter to Max and he felt her fear at the new feelings. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. He wanted Liz with him when he went over the edge. He slid his other hand under the water and between their bodies. They were so hot! Slowly Max touched Liz where the heat was centered and she whimpered and her head fell to his shoulder.

Max took a deep breath, Liz was like wax melted over him. She was totally his to do with as he wanted. And he wanted to touch her. To make her come with him over the edge.

He slipped a finger under the bikini at the juncture of her leg and hip, and both groaned at the feel of Max’s hand touching Liz’s heat.

God she was sooo slick and hot! He had to be inside her if just a little. He slipped his finger gently up into her inviting heat and swallowed and dropped his head against Liz’s sweet smelling hair. She was against his chest and her mouth was open against his shoulder. She was lost. She was whimpering and enjoying the feel of what Max was doing to her body.

Slowly he slid his finger in and out, feeling Liz’s muscles contract around him as she started to tremble.

Then he felt Liz’s little hand search between their legs and brush against the hardness she sought. Max lifted his hips closer to her hand and groaned when she slipped her hand inside his suit and found him.

The feel of Liz’s little hot hand closing around his hard throbbing arousal, did him in. He pushed his own face into her neck, started moving his finger faster and faster inside Liz, and then felt his own control burst.

Liz was slowly caressing and experimenting with the new part of Max she had found. He was so smooth, yet hard. It felt like silk around the top. Liz felt herself go over the edge as Max’s finger increased the speed, and then she matched his speed with her own, hand on him.

When Max groaned and buried his head in her neck Liz felt herself blindly go over the edge with him. She bit his shoulder and hung on as the rode out the storm together.

When they finally became aware of the world around them again, they heard the lapping of the water, the sound of crickets in the night, and a soft far away moan.

Max lifted his head in shock and looked around. What had they done! Anyone could have seen them.

He looked around and saw Isabel and Alex through the window into the kitchen where the light was streaming out into the darkness. Then he heard the moan again and saw the blurred shapes in a corner of the pool. The two shapes looked like one as they were lost in their own world.

Max signed and realized they had been lucky not to have gotten caught. But then, it didn’t seem anyone else would have cared. He laughed softly in relief and pure joy. He felt great! Here he was with the only girl he’d ever loved, completely wrapped around him, trembling and sighing, after their first shared orgasm.

* * * * *

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Part 6
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