FanFic - Max/Liz
"Us Six Against The World"
Part 11
by Linda
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Summary: Post Heatwave- The six Roswell High kids become closer and realize through good times and bad, that no matter what they go through, it really is, "the six of them against the world". They go to Mexico for winter break, learn more about the aliens they came from, and all with the FBI and a certain sheriff, one step behind them. Or is there someone closer...
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: PG-13
As the girls were getting ready in their room later that morning, and the guys were getting ready in theirs, the six of them bantered back and forth, trying to decide which tour of the area they wanted to take. Vicky had listed the activities that were available, and they had all agreed they wanted to see more of the place. Maria and Isabel waited until the guys were done in their room, and had gone down to sign them up and wait for them in the lobby, then the two girls looked at each other and cornered Liz in the bathroom.

“Well? What time did you get in last night?” Maria smiled.

Isabel looked closer at Liz and her eyes narrowed. Liz had the same look on her face that Max had had that morning. A kind of secret smile in their eyes, and a kind of glow they couldn’t hide. Her eyes widened as she realized what she was thinking.

“It wasn’t that late.” Liz said and tried not to meet their eyes in the mirror as she put on her makeup.

“Oh my God!” Isabel said when she met Liz’s eyes for a second, before Liz looked down. Isabel grabbed Liz’s arm and dragged her back into the other room and sat her on the bed.

Maria was starting to get an idea of what Isabel was thinking and she too waited to see what Liz had to say.

“Liz, did you and my brother actually make love last night?!” Isabel just came out and asked.

Liz couldn’t tell if Isabel was angry or what, but she couldn’t lie. She didn’t want to lie. She was the happiest she had ever been, and wanted to share it with the people she cared about. And that now was starting to include Isabel as well.

“We didn’t exactly plan on it, but…yeah. We did.” Liz smiled, and a sparkle in her eyes had the other two envious.

“Liz! NO WAY! Like… what was it like!? Did it work? I mean, you know since Max is…”

Isabel interrupted Maria, since they all knew what she was going to say, and then sat down next to Liz who was quiet and not sure how her friends were going to take all this. Isabel looked into Liz’s eyes with concern. “Are you okay? Did anything… you know, strange happen?”

Liz realized that Isabel was just concerned for her, and also wanting to know if the alien/human bonding could work. Liz never realized how much of a strain it must be on the three, to not know if it was possible to live any kind of a normal life with or among the humans.

Liz smiled and nodded. “Oh yeah, totally! You don’t have to worry Isabel. I feel fine. I mean great! Nothing, you know, weird happened, at least nothing other than what we know is supposed to happen.” She teased.

Then Isabel and Maria burst out laughing and the three starting girl talking about sex and boys in general.

“Oh my… so it really IS possible.” Isabel said again.

“Isabel? You and Alex looked really cozy last night.” Liz smiled, wondering if it had crossed Isabel’s mind that her and Alex could work.

“Huh? Oh… yeah, well, he’s great.” Isabel smiled and blushed.

Maria almost choked when she saw Isabel blush. Now there was something you didn’t see every day.

“Not that Alex or I are a thing or anything, we’re just good friends.” Isabel stated firmly, and stood up and reached for her purse.

“Well, I wonder what Michael will think? I know he’s thought about it.” Maria smiled as she met the eyes of her friends.

“Do you think Max told him?” Maria asked.

Isabel shook her head. “No way!” and she laughed. “Mr. Reserved and to himself, Max!”

Liz smiled and laughed at Isabel’s accurate description of Max. However, Liz had seen the other side of Max. The open, playful, unreserved side. She liked knowing that she was able to see that side of Max, that he felt comfortable enough with her to let her see inside him.

“I still can’t believe you guys did it!” Isabel remarked as the other two also rose and grabbed their purses.

“I still can’t believe it sometimes.” Liz smiled shyly.

“Did… did it hurt?” Maria had to ask. These were the things that young girls often wondered when it came to sex and first times.

Liz blushed again and smiled. “Well, at first, yeah, but… you know how Max can heal…and how he is…”

“So totally in love with you that your pain is his.” Isabel finished with a teasing smile.

“Oh my God! So he like took the pain away!?” Maria sighed. Every girl liked romance. And Max Evans definitely was romantic when it came to Liz.

Liz nodded and then headed for the door. She wanted to see Max again. And the talk was embarrassing her, even though she trusted these two friends of hers with anything.

When the girls got down to the lobby, they saw a large group of their friends milling around waiting for the organized tours to get started.

Liz saw the way Michael and Alex were bantering with each other, and how they were both bantering Max together. Liz smiled and realized that the six of them had really become close over the last few months. Between Alex now knowing, and making it an even six, and Isabel and Alex’s own interest in each other, and how they had all pulled together with the scare in Roswell, and just the secret in general, their bond was really forming beyond just her and Max. Liz realized that the six of them were starting to sense each other as well. More proof of this was when Alex and Michael both turned around as if sensing the girls approaching.

She heard Isabel and Maria gasp, and wondered if they were starting to feel that connection across the room the way she and Max did. From the stunned looks on all four of their faces, Liz gathered they were. She met Max’s equally amused gaze, and knew he had seen the same thing she had in their friends. Max held out his hand for her and Liz slipped hers comfortably into his big, warm one.

“Okay everyone, listen up. The three tours are full, so you have to take the one you signed up for this morning. The busses are outside waiting, and the names of the tours are on them. Make sure you get on the right bus.” Vicky announced from the middle of the room.


The six of them trekked all over the island that day, and enjoyed sharing the new sights and wonders with each other.

On the bus ride home, Liz was looking out the window, in peace, as Max slept beside her. She knew Alex and Isabel had dozed in the seat behind them, and Liz could see Maria’s head fall as she fell asleep, and how Michael leaned her toward him, and took her head onto his chest, leaning back against the window, so he could face Maria and let her stretch out in his arms.

Liz smiled at how Michael did all that without realizing it. Michael had changed a lot too. He had come to accept the three new friends into their group, and now he actually looked for them to be around.

Michael looked back and saw Liz smiling, and noticed she was the only other one awake. “Thank you.” Michael said.

Liz stared at him for a minute, then nodded. She was pretty sure she knew what he was thanking her for, but wanted to make sure. Her connection with Michael was not as strong as hers was with Isabel now, and nowhere near hers with Max’s, but she was starting to sense things about Michael too. “For…?” she whispered, not wanting to wake anyone up.

“Everything.” Michael shrugged and looked down at Maria and then back to Liz. As if hoping that was all he needed to say.

Liz smiled again and nodded. Michael relaxed, glad he didn’t have to say more, and then he too closed his eyes, just enjoying the feel of Maria in his arms.

Liz felt Max squeeze her hand, and she glanced at him. His eyes were bright and happy. She knew that he was happy that Michael was accepting her, accepting all of them. She knew a lot of it was this time away from Roswell they all had. They were all more relaxed and comfortable with each other. She wished they didn’t have to go back to Roswell. And back to all the problems and nightmares that still waited for them there.


Liz didn’t know that one of their nightmares was only a few feet away. That a pair of eyes were boring into her back with hatred, and disappointment. He was making plans for her and Max. And couldn’t wait to get back to Roswell. It wouldn’t be long now…


Maria carried another load of dirty dishes across the Crashdown, to the pass through counter and turned to Liz who was picking up a large order. “And to think yesterday at this time we were in the warm sun lying on the beach!” Maria complained and rolled her eyes.

Liz smiled and nodded. She had been thinking the same thing. They had gotten back last night, and knew since they had been gone for a week, that they would have to work today. It was a Saturday, and it was crowded again. Liz knew from her parents, that in the week they were gone, nothing had happened, but the crowd today showed how much more at ease people of Roswell were becoming again.

All except for the six of them. They had all felt sudden fear when they had gotten off the bus back at Roswell High last night. They had each sensed the fear in each other and the heightened awareness made them all look at each other with worry. Max had put his arm around Liz and Isabel and reassured them all. And then their parents all started coming forward.

“Did your parents let you out of their sites much last night, Liz? I mean, even with Michael there with us in our apartment, my mom hovered over me, all worried and glad I was home. And she was really good with Michael too. She let him stay as late as he wanted, watching a movie with us, and I think Michael actually had a good time, too.” Maria smiled remembering.

Liz went to the soda fountain to fill some drinks, and glanced over at Maria. “Yeah, my parents and I talked quite a bit last night. They admitted how worried they have been, letting me go on the trip, but then thinking, it was probably safer than being in Roswell. They’re feeling much better now, since nothing has happened here in quite a while.”

“Yeah, my mom was saying how she was starting to feel better too. Thinking that maybe the town had overreacted.”

“Maria, do you think it was nothing? That the girls just… left?” Liz asked.

Maria met her look and shook her head. “No more than you do.” She said and grabbed another order.

It was after noon before the girls had their first break of the day. The breakfast rush had gone into the lunch rush. It was now after two, and both Liz and Maria had their feet up and were sitting in one of the now empty booths in the almost empty café.

“So, did Prince Charming spend the night on your roof again last night?” Maria teased with a twinkle.

Liz smiled and nodded. “Yeah. I don’t think Max is letting his guard down either, you know?”

Maria nodded. “Michael left to go home, then came back through my window again.” She grinned.

Liz and Maria looked at each other and laughed. Who would have thought how different their lives would be after the shooting five months ago.

Alex came in just then, and seeing them, he smiled and headed over. He leaned against the booth and yawned. “Ladies.” He greeted them.

Maria and Liz looked at their tired friend and laughed again. “Alex, did you sit outside Isabel’s window again all night?” Maria asked.

Alex straightened and tried to look like he didn’t know what they were talking about. “Me? What? What are you talking about?” he tried.

“Nice try Alex, but Is told us you’ve been camped out at her place for months now.” Liz smiled and patted Alex’s hand.

“Isabel? Isabel told you? How did Isabel…?”

Maria rolled her eyes. Guys were so dense sometimes! Before they could continue, the bell rang and the three of them knew before they looked, that it was their other three friends. The “other half of their whole”, as Liz now liked to tease.

Max and Michael slid into the booths next to their girls, and Alex slid an arm around Isabel and she leaned against him.

“Get any sleep?” Liz asked Max, brushing back a strand of hair that he fallen over his eye. He looked so tired.

“Yeah, a little this morning.” He smiled and yawned, taking her hand in his.

Michael looked just as tired as he played with the ring on Maria’s finger.

Liz looked at Isabel and saw her worry was back too. She sighed. Liz wondered if she would ever see the three of them as relaxed again as they had been away from here.

“Let’s go back to our place tonight and watch a movie or something.” Isabel suggested. All of them agreed, just wanting to be together as much as they could. They all felt safer when they were together.


Vicky waved to her parents from the doorway, and closed and locked it just like they had suggested. They were going out for the night, but had begged her to keep the doors locked. Kyle wouldn’t be over for another hour. Vicky shivered with sudden fear, and closed the drapes around the house. She knew it was silly to feel as if she was being watched. But for some reason, this was the first time in months that she was all alone.

She heard a knock at the door and stiffened. Then realized, no one dangerous would knock! She laughed at herself and moved to the door. She looked through the peephole, and then laughed and relaxed. She threw open the door and smiled. “I’m so glad you’re here! I didn’t want to be alone.” She said, and walked back toward the living room.

HE closed the door behind him and came up behind Vicky with an evil grin. If she had seen the crazy, wild look in his eyes, she would not have let him in, nor turned her back on him.


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