FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Bird in a Gilded Cage "
Part 14
by bec
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Summary: What would happen if the Government actually did get them, and what would the government want with them?
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Chapter 14 -

Kyle leaned back against the wall of the cell, he pulled the blanket tighter around him. All the lights were still off. He could make out Isabelle's shape on the bed in the dim generator lights. She'd been tossing and turning all night, every once in a while she would make a sound, almost like a moan. Twice Kyle had almost reached up and shaken her awake to see if she was ok. But he was afraid she would just freak out on him. After last night she had been pretty jumpy, almost to the breaking point. Hell, she had held up pretty damn good for everything that had happened to them in the last month. At least he thought it was a month, it could have been longer, he wasn't sure.

Hell, he figured they all had held up pretty good, under the circumstances.

He shivered again, damn he should have ask for another blanket this morning before all hell had broken loose. But they hadn't exactly been expecting Yeager and his little rack of pain. He still didn't know exactly what had happened, but seeing Michael strapped to that thing could not mean anything good.

A click was heard and Kyle was able to make things out in the other room, which meant they had unlocked their cells and turned off the darkening switch to their doors.

Kyle decided since he was already awake and freezing he would go take a shower, that might take the chill out of his bones. He stood up and with the blanket still wrapped around him stepped through the door and headed for the shower room.

Isabelle slowly rolled over and watched him until he was out of sight. She had been dreaming about him again. She couldn't understand what was happening to her. Whenever she was with Kyle she wanted to just reach out and touch him. All day long she had wanted him to touch her. And tonight her dreams had been hot, so hot that she had wanted to crawl off the bed and throw herself at him. She didn't feel that way about him. In the last few weeks they had become closer, hell they weren't really given a choice. But this all fired passion she was feeling for him just didn't seem right. She didn't understand it. NO! She pushed the thought down in her head. What the hell was the matter with her. She pulled the pillow over her head and moaned. Why, why was this happening. She heard the shower panel opening. He was going to take a shower, at this time of the night? Or maybe he just had to use the bathroom, that's all, he'll be back in a few minutes.

Isabelle laid there and let the happenings of the day creep through her brain, she wondered what they had done to Maria and Michael, wondered if they were all right. Maybe she should go and check on them. She threw the covers back and stood up. Trying to be as quiet as possible she slipped out of the cell and walked to the back of the room. She could barely make out the shapes of Max and Liz huddled in the middle of their bed, one large form under covers were all she could make out. As she approached Room B she could see Michael and Maria. Michael was on his back, he had one arm thrown over his head, Maria was curled into his side, a sheet was thrown over both of them. As she stood and watched, Michael shuddered, Maria reached up and pulled herself closer to him. He turned and nestled her more into his body.

Isabelle felt like she had been punched in the gut. They looked so right laying there wrapped around one another. It just brought it home to her that she was alone, and would probably always be alone. She turned her head and stared at the shower room door.

Kyle had turned the water up as hot as he could get it. The water sluiced down over his body, slowly taking away the chill. The damn tile was so cold, no matter how he laid he got cold. As he let the warmth seep through him, he thought he heard something behind him. He turned and saw Isabelle standing in the doorway. She looked like she was still asleep. He turned and walked across the floor slowly; he didn't want to startle her. He reached up and grabbed a towel off the rack and covered himself. "Izzy?"

"I don't want to be alone." She said.

"Do you want me to get Max?" he questioned.

"No," she moved closer to him. "I don't know what I want. I have all these feelings running through me and I don't understand them."

"Iz, maybe you should go back to bed," Kyle felt uncomfortable standing there dripping all over the floor, he didn't understand what was wrong, he didn't know how to handle this Isabelle.

She moved until she stood directly in front of him, her eyes dropped to the towel he was holding in front of himself. She didn't know why, but she reached out and grasped the towel in one hand, Kyle felt her give it a small tug. He gripped it tighter, but she persisted and the towel came away in her hands. She looked at his naked form for a few seconds, then raised her eyes to his. They both stood there staring at each other, neither of them knowing what was happening.

She didn't ask him, she told him what she wanted. "I want you to make love to me."

"What?" Kyle was astonished, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Everyday she let him know in no uncertain terms that co-habituating with him was not on her list of favorite topics. And now out of the blue she springs this on him. "Isabelle, I don't understand what the hell your trying to pull here, but I think you should just go back to bed. I'm not in the mood for any games tonight."

"It's not a game," she reached out and laid her palm on his cheek. He felt so warm, so alive, and she felt so dead inside. Maybe, just maybe if she got close to him she could feel alive again.

"Please Kyle, make love to me?" She brought herself closer to him, pressing her ample breast into his chest. She felt him stiffen as she put her arms around him. He could feel her hard nipples rubbing against him.

"Ah…did you forget you can't stand me?" he asked her.

She turned her face up to his and he could see the tears forming in her eyes.

"Oh God Isabelle." He brought his arms up and gathered her to him. His heart broke at the look of despair that was in her eyes.

"Make me feel Kyle, put your hands on me and make me feel something, anything." She begged him. The tears were falling fast now, her breath was coming out in sobs. She reached down and fondled him. She felt him laying soft and flaccid against her hand. But in the next second she felt him harden, felt his cock twitch against her fingers. She felt a heat spreading inside of her, dampening her pants. She felt a clenching in her womb, an insistent throbbing.

Kyle prepared to take her back to the room, he had to get a grip on himself here, this wasn't right, something wasn't right here. He placed his hands on her shoulders in order to gently push her away from him, but before he could, he felt her lips pressing to his, felt her tongue slipping past his lips and into his mouth.

Kyle lost all train of thought, everything that he knew quietly slipped away to be replaced with the feelings of Isabelle's month and tongue. The hands that had been preparing to push her away now brought her closer. He wrapped his hands around her back and gently trailed his fingers down her spine.

From the moment Kyle had started returning her kiss Isabelle went up in flames. She burned, from the center of her womb outward. Her skin tingled where he touched her, his fingers felt like feathers gliding up and down her back. The more he touched her the hotter she burned. The thought was fleeting, there one minute and gone the next.

He grasped his hands under her bottom and pulled her up onto him. He could feel her rubbing herself against his naked body. Her hands were everywhere on him, moving up and down his chest, his back. He turned and leaned her against the wall.

"Isabelle…yes, touch me…yes." Kyle groaned out. He had to touch her, but he couldn't hold her up at the same time. They slowly slid to the floor, never taking their hands off of each other. As they came to rest against the cold tile floor Kyle pushed his hand down the waistband of her pants, the elastic gave way easily and he was touching her. His fingers glided over her curls, down into the wet, warmth of her. He placed two fingers over her clit and drew small little circles around it.

She enclosed his cock in her hand and squeezed with her fingers, but it wasn't what he wanted. He reached down and showed her how to move him, pumping his erection up and down, moving her hand from the base to the tip and back down again. During the entire process their lips had never broken contact, never left each other.

Isabelle drew her hand up his neck and into his hair, she gripped the dark locks through her fingers and pulled him closer, she had to get closer.

The only sound in the room was the water raining down on the floor. Soon their ragged breaths could be heard, faster and faster as they tried to fill their lungs up with enough air and not lose the precious contact. Suddenly a shrill feminine cry filled the room and echoed off the ceramic tile. Kyle pulled Isabelle tighter to him as he felt both of them reach orgasm at the same time. Her hand slowed, lessening her grip but not releasing him. Kyle continued to gently circle his fingers on her. Finally Isabelle released him and placed her hand over his. He stopped.

Kyle pulled away from her and leaned against the wall. He noticed the towel laying on the floor, at their feet. He bent over and picked it up, turning he pulled Isabelle into his lap and placed the towel around her.

They sat in silence for a few moments. Then Isabelle ask the question that was looming in her mind. "Why didn't you make love to me."

"I did…sorta, but I don't think you really wanted me to…well…" He tried to think of a delicate way to put it. "I didn't think you wanted to go that far."

"I wanted to, I just don't understand why I wanted to." She sounded confused. "I mean, I like you Kyle; in the last few weeks I've been able to see a different side to you. I've stopped seeing you as the enemy a long time ago. But I don't feel that way about you."

He pulled the towel around her shoulders, tucking it in between his chest and her. "When did you start having these weird thoughts?"

"I don't know, I guess this afternoon, I had this dream and it was hot, I mean really hot," Kyle watched as a blush slowly came to Isabelle's cheeks as she spoke. "And another dream tonight, right before you left our room."

"After your session with Topolsky right?" Kyle ask her.

"Yeah, I guess it was, why?" Isabelle could see something forming in his eyes.

"I think she did something to you. Something that made you…change your mind about me. She messed with your mind." Kyle told her.

A look of anger swept across Isabelle's face. "That Bitch!"

"She probably did the same thing with Liz, I think that's why Yeager was all over Maria and Michael." Kyle laid his theory out for her. "Maria never went to Topolsky's office." Remember, Yeager came and started his game. I think it's all part of some psychological game their playing with us. To bring us together. Making us participate in their little experiments."

"And I fell right into their trap," She looked up at him. "I think Michael and Maria did too. I was watching them before I came in here. They were in bed, together. I don't know why but I think they made love. I just got that impression looking at them."

"I wonder what that bastard did to them, did they look hurt?" Kyle ask.

"No, not hurt, but they looked broken, sorta like they were exhausted. And Michael was twitching every few minutes, like chills were running through him." Isabelle told him.

They sat in silence for a for minutes, then Isabelle ask him something she was wondering about for quite awhile. "Kyle why did you try and help us? Why did you come to the Crashdown that night?"

He smiled down into her face, "I can't believe no one has ask me that yet. I kept waiting, wondering what I was going to say, cause I'll be honest with you Iz, I have no freakin idea why. I heard my father and Topolsky talking in his office. At first I didn't understand what the hell they were talking about. Aliens, who the hell believes in aliens, but then Topolsky mentioned you and Max by name. Topolsky was saying how the "plan" would go down. When I heard her mention the FBI, I thought "no freakin way."

"But you still tried to helped us?" Isabelle looked a little skeptical. "I thought you would be happy to have Max out of the way. You two weren't exactly friends."

"Yeah, that's what I thought to." He replied. "They said they would wait for you until you were on your way home, take you then. Michael was going to be taken from his house. I just thought that they were nuts, you know, my dad has had a problem with this crap for years, but here was a school guidance counselor and she was talking like it was true. She was talking about "rounding you all up" like you were cattle or something. But then they mentioned Liz and Maria. Topolsky said they had to be quarantined, had to be checked out to see if you three had "infected" them in any way. I didn't even think about it, I got out of there and drove to the Crashdown as fast as I could.

"I can't believe you went against your father, for us." Isabelle told him.

"I never thought of it that way. I just knew that Liz could possibly be hurt, and I didn't want that to happen." Kyle replied. Thinking about his dad caused an ache to appear in his chest, he wondered what had happened to him. How were they treating him, and was he here in this complex with them, or someplace else.

Isabelle could tell he was thinking about his dad, so she decided to change the subject. "You know I think that sitting here on the floor is not a good idea, you're probably going to catch a cold her something."

"Try sleeping on it for a few weeks, then we'll talk" Kyle said. "By the way, am I returning to the floor tonight?"

She smiled shyly, "no, you can sleep with me in the bed, but I don't think…"

"This isn't going to happen again, I know. I like you Iz, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't want to sleep with you just because Topolsky put the thoughts in your head." Kyle told her. "Now, when we get out of here, and you want to talk about it then, well…ouch…what was that for?"

Isabelle rubbed her knuckles, his chest was rock hard, hitting him had caused them to sting. "I don't sleep around, I've never slept with anyone actually."

"It's kinda fun if you do it right." Kyle smirked.

"It's was you wasn't it, you're the non-virgin of our little group?" Isabelle sounded shocked.

"It was only one time, I had just made my first touchdown, thought I was really something, she was one of the cheerleaders, I thought she really liked me. Turned out I was nothing but something to brag about to all her friends." Kyle said, she could hear the pain in his voice.

"One of the cheerleaders…yuck." Isabelle's couldn't contain her curiosity, "who?"

"Angie Myers." Kyle said.

"That ho, the whole football team had her." Isabelle twisted her lips up. "She's a sleaze, you could do better than that."

"I know that now, but when you're a freshman and you've never had any, your not exactly thinking straight." Kyle started pushing his way up the wall. "I better get you back to bed before you end up getting sick. This floor is cold."

"Never been sick, actually none of us has ever been sick a day in our lives." She bragged. "And if we would get sick, we'd just heal ourselves."

"Heal yourselves, like when Max healed Liz in the diner?" She nodded her head. "What else can you do?" Kyle ask her.

"Well, when we get out of here you don't want to tick me off, cause I can do some really wicked things to you in your dreams." She said looping her arms around his neck. As they went to step through the door Isabelle placed her hand on the doorframe. "Ah…Kyle don't you think you should put some clothes on?"

Kyle's eyes lit up as he realized he was still naked. Lowering her feet to the floor he shook his head, "you made me forget."

"I made you forget, right, blame me." Isabelle told him as she watched him walk to the shower and turn the water off. He stepped to the rack and pulled a fresh tank top and scrubs off the shelf. She watched his backside as he dressed.

"Isabelle?" Kyle said over his shoulder.

"Yes Kyle?" She was trying to keep a serious expression on her face.

"Quit staring at my butt."

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