FanFic - Michael/Maria
"Bird in a Gilded Cage "
Part 11
by bec
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: What would happen if the Government actually did get them, and what would the government want with them?
Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: PG
Chapter 11 -

"Maria!" Liz screamed as she watched her friend stand up to Yeager.

Yeager raised his eyes to the ceiling and shouted. "Close the damn cubicles down, would ya for Christ sakes. I don't need this whining crap!" He turned back to Maria as the cells went black.

"My, my we're full of piss and vinegar aren't we?" Yeager looked down into the young girl's face. He could see the fear, could see it flowing out of her from every pore, he could practically smell it. But underneath the fear was something else, something totally unexpected. Anger. A deep vibrating anger that made something inside of Yeager stand up and take notice. It had been a long time since he had seen this much anger in one of his victims. He liked it, liked it far more than he thought he would. Especially from this young girl. Hell, there had been a few men who had stood up to him, military men, psychotic terrorist types. They were able to maintain a shell of anger about them, but it had only lasted a short time. But he'd never seen a women filled with this much anger, and it was all directed at him. Unexpectedly he felt himself harden. That had never happened before, he had never gotten sexually excited about his play time before. At least not until after he had used the oil. For just one second he dropped the stony façade and stared back into Maria's eyes.

Maria saw the look come into his eyes, she didn't understand what it was…confusion, bewilderment, puzzlement, she wasn't sure, but she would use it to her advantage. "You have no idea what to do next do you? You expected me to scream and yell, didn't you? You expected me to come out here begging you to spare us, you want me to demean myself, don't you? Well that isn't going to happen. Go ahead, do whatever it is your going to do, but just remember one thing. You're a asshole, a huge asshole."

Maria didn't know where the words were coming from but she wouldn't have stopped them if she could have.

Michael hung against the frame, he was amazed. Amazed that Maria was standing up to Yeager, totally perplexed by her whole attitude. But he was also damn proud of her in that moment. He smiled.

Yeager saw that smile. He suddenly laughed out loud. He looked back at Maria and saw that his laughter wasn't doing a thing to stop the anger, no, it was fueling it even more. This was going to be so sweet.

Maria reached up without thinking and tried to slap him. Her hand never connected with his face. He caught it too him and spun her around in his arms, she hadn't been prepared for that. Her body swung around until she was facing Michael, her back was pressed up against Yeager's body and his arm was twisted around her stomach holding her tightly against him. His other arm snaked around her neck. She sucked in air so quickly it almost made her choke.

Yeager pushed her up to stand in front of the metal frame. She couldn't move her head, she saw Michael glaring at Yeager.

"Bites doesn't it boy, knowing that I have her, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it? Yeager taunted the boy. "She's a hand-full isn't she? Makes me jealous of you. Truly it does."

"Let her go!" Michael screamed. "She has nothing to do with this. She can't tell you anything."

"Who said I need anything from her, this isn't an interrogation, hell we have everything we need to know about all of you. No, this is just for fun, just a way to pass the time." Yeager moved his right hand up Maria's stomach, he rubbed it against her skin through the thin material of the tank top. "We're just going to get acquainted, aren't we honey?"

Maria squirmed beneath his touch, the anger that had pushed the fear down was losing its battle, the fear was taking over again. She tried to move her body out of Yeager's reach, but there was nowhere to go.

"Get the fuck away from her!" Michael knew he was losing control, but he couldn't help himself, the panic was starting to set in. Just knowing that pig was touching Maria was causing a ache in the pit of his stomach, an ache that was growing.

Yeager just laughed, he pulled Maria closer to him, he liked the way she squirmed against him. He felt himself harden even more. Unfortunately so did Maria.

"NO! OH GOD, let me go, get your fucking hands off me." She tried to arch her back, tried to remove that…thing from pressing into her spine. She hadn't thought of this as anything sexual, she had thought he was going to inflict pain on them, but feeling his erection pressed into her spine she realized it was another kind of pain he intended to put her through. She put all her energies into trying to get her arms free.

Yeager gripped her tighter, he moved his leg out of the way as she brought her foot up to kick him. He crushed her to him until Maria couldn't draw air into her lungs. In a few moments she calmed down, it was either that or pass out. She held her body against his stiffly.

"Ok, kiddies listen up, we're going to play a game, you know the one, remember it from Kindergarten? It's called Statue. The firecracker here is gonna stand as still as possible, no moving, no twitching around. You're gonna keep your ass in one place, do we understand each other?" Yeager let his arms ease up a bit. He felt Maria relax even more.

"Yes," the word came out of her in a rush of air. "No moving, I understand."

"I'm gonna let you go now, plant your feet on the goddamn floor and don't even think about moving em." Yeager said as he removed his arms from around Maria's body.

Maria sagged as she felt him step back from her. She tried to hold her body as still as possible. It was hard to do, she was shaking so damn bad. She looked up into Michael's eyes. she told herself.

She heard movement behind her, but she kept her eyes on Michael, she saw him glance up and then back to her again. She wasn't going to turn around, even though the fear was telling her too, Yeager had said stand still, so she stood there, waiting. For what she had no idea.

She wasn't expecting Yeager's voice when it came, he was closer than she had thought he was. "Lose the top sugar." She felt his breath on the back of her neck.

"You told me to stand still, how am I supposed to…." He never left her finish.

"Just take your damn top off or else I will, which will it be?" He had just a touch of annoyance in his voice.

She told herself to stop shaking as she reached down and pulled the hem of her shirt out of the scrub pants. The top came off easily. The cold air hit her and caused her nipples to tighten. She dropped the top and automatically covered her breast with her arms.

"No way, drop the arms." Yeager whispered into her right ear, she automatically moved her head away. "That was a freebie," Yeager said, "move one more time and he pays."

Maria had no idea what Yeager meant but she didn't want to push him. She took a deep breath and dropped her arms.

Michael watched as Maria's face reddened. She had no reason to blush, he thought as he dropped his eyes to her chest. She was beautiful standing there, her breast were small, but just the right size for her body, her nipples were a dark dusty rose color, tiny but beautiful. And the look on her face; if she could maintain control during this, then he should expect no less of himself. He looked into her eyes and saw the fear there, she was scared to death, but she was not going to let Yeager see it. If she could do it so could he. He raised his eyes when Yeager moved again. He watched as one of the technicians poured some type of oil into Yeager's hands. He brought his hands together and rubbed them vigorously back and forth. He turned and brought both hands up on either side of Maria's ribcage. As he brought his hands in contact with Maria's skin she sucked in another lung full of air.

"You're gonna love this, one of my lovely little creations, just relax and enjoy yourself." Yeager said.

"Enjoy myself, I highly doubt that, your callus's are scratching the hell out of me." Maria's voice shook as she spoke.

Yeager moved his hands up over Maria's breast, he raised his eyes to Michael, "Ever done this boy, ever just ran your hand's all over her body? Hell, you probably don't even know what to do with a woman do you?"

Michael pulled his lower lip into his mouth, biting down, he tried not to let the demons escape, the demons that were fighting to verbally rip Yeager's head off. No, he had to remain calm, Yeager wanted him to react, wanted him to lose control. He wasn't going to play into his hands. If it had just been him, maybe, but he wasn't going to endanger Maria's life. He had to stand and watch as Yeager touched her. He felt something wet on his lip, he figured it was blood the way he was biting into his lips to keep still.

Yeager smiled again, "cat got your tongue boy? For somebody with a small brain and a big mouth you're awful quiet today."

"Michael knows he satisfies me, he doesn't have to play your stupid little games." Maria tried to sound brave, she didn't think she was accomplishing it, but she tried to keep her voice even. She thought of the kiss she had shared with him, the feel of his hands on her body.

Yeager squeezed Maria's breast, pinching her nipples, not enough to make her scream but enough to cause her to wince. As he pulled his hands away from her breast, Maria felt a heat spreading out on her skin, everywhere his hands had touch was getting warmer. He moved his hands up and over her shoulders, rubbing the oil in as he went.

"How does he satisfy you, come on you can tell us?" Yeager soothed the oil into her neck, then bringing his arms down again, he brought them up her back, starting at the top of her pants. He turned and ask for more oil, he rubbed it in again and returned his hands to her body, slowly concentrating on the lower part of her spine, then moving up along the side of her ribcage moving into the center of her spine. He missed nothing, he spread the oil over every exposed area of her body. "Does he touch you, does he spend hours touching your body?" Down one arm, up the other. Maria remained still, keeping her eyes on Michael. She watched as a coldness took over in Michael's eyes. It was as if he was turning to stone right before her eyes.

Yeager moved his hands down the inside of her pants. Maria reacted without thinking, she violently pulled away from him, screaming at the top of her lungs, "NO!" She turned and glared at him, raising her arms in front of her.

Yeager smiled at her, "I was hoping you would do that." Without turning he raised one arm in the air, "hit it."

Maria didn't know what that meant but she knew it wasn't good, she heard a buzzing sound and watched as Michael arched his body off the metal rack. She heard a moan come out of his mouth.

"Stop it, I won't move…just STOP IT!" Maria screamed.

"Yeah I thought that's what you would say." Yeager raised his arm again and said "ok, shut it down."

Michael body sagged again.

Yeager turned to Maria and said, "till we need it again."

"You won't, I promise you, I won't move again." Maria said. She turned and faced Michael again, he hung limply against the wire mesh. "Michael."

"I'm ok." That was all he said. His eyes were closed. He tried to control his muscles as he opened his eyes. He tried to smile at her, but it came out more of a grimace. His body was still tingling from the electrical current that had been shot through it.

"Drop the pants." Yeager stated.

Maria closed her eyes as a wave of dizziness went through her head.

She pushed her hands into the waistband of the scrubs and slowly pushed them down over her hips. When they were pooled around her ankles she stepped out of them and threw them to the side, they landed on top of her shirt. She stood there staring at the small pile of clothes and told herself to relax.

She pulled air into her lungs and slowly released it. Another wave of dizziness swept across her brain. She opened her eyes and ground her teeth together. She felt Yeager's hands grasp her hips and pull her back into him. He was still excited, she could feel his erection as he pressed it into the cheeks of her ass.

the thought kept going through her head,

A flutter went through her stomach, it started low and flickered over her abdomen, it was followed by a rush of nausea. She swallowed it back down. She would not get sick, there was no way she was going to make this shithead happy by puking her dinner up. The heat that had started in her upper body continued into the lower sections, where ever his hands traveled, the warmth quickly spread.

Yeager leaned close and whispered in her ear, "Is it getting warm in here, or is it me?"

"It must be you…I'm act…actually a little ch…chilly." Maria told him. The words to an old commercial that she had seen on TV flashed a crossed her brain. 'never let them see you sweat.' Well, there was no way she could control her body. She could feel herself losing control. The dizziness, the heat, it was starting to overpower her. She was having trouble thinking straight.

She felt the hands again, moving across her hips, down over her pelvic bones, he ran his fingers along them, suddenly he dipped his hands between her legs, his fingers catching on her pubic hair, yanking a few strands out as he rammed his fingers into her, she was dry, the pain caused her to cry out and double over. It took just a second for Yeager to raise his arm and yell "hit him again."

"NOOOOO…" Maria screamed as she fell to her knees. She jerked her head up as she heard the buzz again, then the nightmare was repeated, Michael had tried to tighten his muscles against the coming pain. It did not make it any better. The electricity surged through his body. He arched his back again, his fingers flexing and un-flexing. He couldn't control his muscles. Yeager waited for a few more seconds then raised his arms again and said "let'em go"

Spasms went through Michael's muscles as the current was cut off. His arms and legs twitched for a few more seconds and then he hung limply again.

Yeager grabbed Maria by her hair and yanked her off her knees, she barely had time to straighten her legs out, she felt her feet find the floor and she pushed herself up, trying to relieve the pressure to her scalp.

"Smell that, that's the smell of your boyfriend frying, don't cha just love that smell." Yeager inhaled and let it out. He chuckled as he pulled his hands out of Maria's hair. She wobbled but straighten herself up and stood rigidly staring up at Michael. She closed her eyes tightly and a single tear ran down her check.

Yeager snatched a towel out of one of the technicians hands and wiped the oil off of his hands, "Their toasted, take em back to their cell." He walked towards the door, when he reached it he turned and said, "it's been fun, hope we can do this again sometime."

He walked through the monitoring room and thought about the night ahead of him, he was headed towards Topolsky's room. The oil would keep him going all night, he hoped she was up for it. He whistled as he went down the corridor.

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