FanFic - After Hours
"Fade Into You"
Part 1
by Courtney
Disclaimer: If I owned them I would get sued for making them do this stuff, lol.
Summary: A little companion piece to Miri’s Barely There. Max’s POV.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: Gotta be to Miri. This was all her brilliant idea to begin with so you guys go tell her how great she is!
I shouldn’t be here. I already know this. The betrayal I am about to commit is already lodged in my stomach in one huge knot of pent up emotion. Still, I cannot turn away. I don’t know what has drawn me here, to her, but I know that this is what I want. This is what I need.

Stopping by her bedroom window, I venture a look inside. I half-expect her to be sleeping, but I’m pleased to find that she is not. I can see her in the faint light from the candle burning beside her bed. She’s sitting up on the bed and her eyes are open. I smile a little, knowing that I can’t turn back, not now.

When I lift the window, she turns towards me. Though I never expected disdain, exactly, I’m still surprised to see the lust I am met with in her gaze. It suddenly becomes clear that I’m not the only one who has been wanting this to happen. The thought sends a rush of arousal throughout my body.

She’s looking up at me now and, God, she looks just like she does in my dreams. How I hope that Michael never invades my dreams. He’d hate me for what he’d find there. I know that the thought of my best friend should send me running from this room and back to my bed where I belong, but the sight of her makes that impossible. All I can think to do is to kiss her. It’s all I want to do. And so I do it.

As our lips meet, I feel her respond to my kiss. I suddenly realize that she’s crying and I reach up to brush away the lone tear. No tears, Maria, not tonight. Parting her lips gently with my tongue, I am granted access to the sweet cavern of her mouth. I begin to explore her with a frenzied desire.

My hands move to her shirt as we kiss. The buttons come undone easily and I push away the garment, my lips never leaving hers. So far, there have been no words spoke between us, but I realize that they aren’t necessary. I can feel what she wants, what she needs. It’s everything that I want and need, too. I bring my fingers to her bra and undo the clasp, allowing her small but perfect breasts to spring free of the lace confines. A thought crosses my mind as I gaze at her reverently. Has Michael ever shared this view?

I push the thought aside as I drag my own shirt over my head, needing to feel her hot skin against my own. I press myself to her, enjoying the feel of her hardened nipples against my chest. I realize that this is good . . . too good. I could get lost in this, get addicted to this, addicted to her. The thought scares me because a part of me had hoped that I would not want her once I arrived here, that somehow we’d come to our senses and that this obsession of mine could end. That’s not going to happen, though, not tonight. If anything, I want her more than ever.

My eyes find hers through our haze of arousal and we silently voice our feelings, our desires. I know what is going to happen tonight. It’s no longer a what-if . . . I could no more stop it than I could stop the tide. And I would never want to. I never want this to end.

I slide her closer; her legs circle my waist and her arms encompass me. My lips are drawn to the pale column of her neck and I concentrate my kisses there. She seems to like it as she squirms restlessly in my arms. I move my kiss down her body to her breasts, licking and suckling at the smooth flesh I find there. She arches into me, trying to pull me closer and push herself against me at the same time. I respond with a push of my own and groan slightly as my erection presses against her body.

Her hand snakes down between us now and I feel her stroking me through my jeans. It feel so good and I can’t help but moan at the contact. I suddenly can’t wait a minute longer and I quickly begin to work on removing her pants. Once they are off, I yank her panties down her perfectly curved hips and toss them backwards to join the growing pile of clothing on her bedroom floor.

Her hands find the button on my Levi’s and soon they, too, are gone. Thank God I didn’t take the time to put on my boxer shorts. I can’t wait another second to sink into her. Taking myself in hand, I guide my erection to her, rubbing the head of my cock against her folds. God, is she that wet for me? This is too good. I find her entrance and plunge into her.

She gives a small cry and I know that this hurts. It kills me to know that she’s in pain, however momentary. I slow my pace, easing in deeper as she starts to relax. When I am finally fully sheathed within her, we begin our rhythm. She feel so good . . . like nothing and everything I could have ever imagined. She’s never done this before and neither have I. Its both elating and terrifying to realize that there is never going to be any turning back from what we are doing.

She’s sitting in my lap with her hands clutching my shoulders and my hands placed securely on her hips. We’re moving together, climbing higher and higher with each passing second. Our grunts of pleasure are almost inaudible, both of us seeming to worship the silence as we worship each other.

I can’t last much longer and soon I realize that she is almost there as well. We move faster, picking up our pace as we drive towards completion. I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel my orgasm in conjunction with hers. I explode within her as she convulses around me and falls forward into my waiting arms. I pull her close, wanting this one brief moment to cherish our closeness before we separate. Finally, as much as we both hate it, we know it has to end. I get up.

I stand beside the bed and quickly dress, hating to leave her but knowing that I must. She looks sad, but accepting. She knows this has to be a secret as much as I do. We can never hurt the ones we love with what has just happened between us. But, I also know as well as she does that this will not be our last encounter. I know that I will not be able to stay away. She will draw me back here again and again . . . and I will come willingly.

Moving to the window, I climb outside. I look back briefly, fighting the urge to go back and fall asleep in her arms. But no, that can’t happen. Instead I say softly, “Good night, Maria,” and then I turn to go. As I step away, I hear her gentle reply that was meant only for her ears. “Good night, Max.” I smile. I will definitely be back.

The End

January 6, 2000

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