FanFic - After Hours
"Drowning in Dreams"
Part 1
by Pilar
Disclaimer: Roswell, the characters, and situations are owned by the WB. No infringement intended.
Summary: Sometimes dreamwalking can get a little messy...
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: NC-17 Love Triangle Michael/Maria/Isabel.
"What are you doing here, Isabel?" "Well, after you made the stupid mistake of breaking up with her, I figured someone had to come in here and do a damage assessment. You do realize that she could completely turn on us now, don't you?" Isabel's voice was a terse whisper as they both stood over the sleeping form of Maria DeLuca.

"I didn't want to stop seeing her, Is. But I had no choice, I can't let her get this close to me. I have to be alone and you know it."

"Oh give me a fucking break, Michael. You can't feed me your asinine lines. Save them for your little girlfriend here." She pointed a perfectly painted nail down at Maria. They both stiffened as she rolled over, the thin blanket falling away from her and exposing her nakedness to them both. Michael's mouth hung open, his hand reached toward her taut breast, her nipples pink and peaked. He had to touch her, there was no getting around it. Just as his finger grazed her skin and he could feel his cock leap against his jeans, Isabel snatched his hand away.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You can't just reach out and touch the first breast you see, damn you." She had him tight by the wrist and she pulled him away from Maria. Maria would enter REM sleep soon, they stood over her and waited for her to join them in her dreams.

"She's really sexy, Isabel. Look at her, look at the curve of her hip, the perfect way that her breast stands away from her chest. Man, look at that fucking nipple! Have you ever wanted to put something in your mouth so badly you could just taste it? I want to taste it, Isabel."

"Uh huh..." She hadn't really thought that the words had crept through her lips, but clearly they had. Michael turned his face back to hers and his mouth hung agape his dick beginning to throb in his pants uncomfortably. Isabel's wet lips were also parted, her teeth gnawing on her bottom lip. Maria twisted in her bed, tossing against the pillows, the blanket inching up her thighs and around her stomach, leaving her almost totally exposed to them. Michael reached out to cover her, Isabel's hand snaking out to stop him again. "I was going to cover her."


"Don't? What the hell, Is?" "You said it yourself, she's sexy... I agree, very sexy. Besides, it's her dream. If she didn't want us to see her this way, she'd cover herself up. Obviously, she's enjoying it as much as we are. Now, if she'd just join us here, we'd have something." Isabel was more than aroused, her breasts strained against her thin pajama top and she could feel her shorts dampen between her legs. It was getting very hot in there. "Wha-- Isabel? What the fuck are you saying?" "What, Michael?" She taunted, "you have a problem getting it from both sides? Or maybe you think I might steal your girlfriend?" She licked at her already glistening lips with a flick of her pink tongue. He had to admit, the entire idea of it had him mesmorized with expectancy. They turned their attention back to Maria lying spread out on her back, as if waiting for them as they waited for her. Isabel ran the back of her hand down Maria's side, from her armpit to the swell of her hip. Maria's skin turned to gooseflesh under her touch. Her eyes fluttered open, her long eyelashes batting at the dim light around them. "I knew you would be here..." She said to them both.

Michael moved first, leaning over her to cover his mouth with hers and lap at the backs of her teeth, his tongue reaching back to wrestle around hers, to dance inside the cave of her mouth. Maria's hand reached out to Isabel, palm upturned, asking for her hand. Isabel moved closer to them, watching Michael's mouth plunder Maria's supple skin and nip at the nape of her neck. Maria's open eyes reached for her, and Isabel touched a finger to the center of her palm, tracing around it and up through each of Maria's fingers, their eyes locked and embraced.

"Go down on her, Michael." She said firmly but in a gentle tone. Maria's mouth turned up slightly and Michael looked up at Isabel. He had forgotten that she stood there over them, he'd forgotten everything while concentrating on Maria. Maria's scent took the room, a heated musk in the warm Roswell dream air. "Go ahead, she wants you to, Michael."

He was in no position to argue, he trailed his tongue down her body. Her hips rose to meet him, her body undulating as she inched herself closer and closer to his head as it moved across her stomach nearing her needing. Isabel sat on the edge of the other side of the bed, resting a hand on Michael's neck as if to keep him where he needed to be until he could finish his all-important duty. Her other hand went to light on Maria's soft breast her nipples hardening under her fingers as she moved in in soft figure eights from one breast to the next and back again. She bent her head to catch Maria's lips with hers.

Michael went to work, his lips and tongue exploring Maria's soft, wet folds. He could hear her whispering, her breath catching between words and fading into the open lips of Isabel. He slid a finger between her legs, then another, never taking his mouth from her hot clit, worrying at it with his lips and feeling her strain against him with mounting pleasure. A hand moved close to his mouth and he licked at the anonymous fingers quickly before they were gone again, returning to their source and kneading at Maria's heaving breasts. Maria cried out and Isabel bit at her lips, her own sex yearning for hands for mouths for anything to relieve the aching between her legs.

Maria tore at the buttons at the front of Isabel's top, opening them to reveal her large, perfect orbs. She touched one tentatively, weighing it in her palm and sliding her fingers beneath them, leaning up to touch the tip of her tongue to the other's nipple. She sucked it harder as it rose to stiffen between her teeth. She bit down lightly, waiting to feel Isabel's response, which was to arch herself closer to Maria's full lips. Isabel urged her legs apart as she felt a hand grope between them, moving slowly up her thigh, pressing into her skin. As she leaned closer, her top fell away from her shoulder, and she shrugged it off her arms, leaving her topless.

She pushed Maria's back against the headboard and watched her drive steadily towards orgasm, Michael's head still buried between her thighs, his hand working in and out at a quick and even pace. She rose and walked to stand behind him, bringing her hands around his waist and deftly opening his belt buckle. Maria's body stiffened and shook as her chest heaved, her hands tangling in Michael's spikey hair and holding his mouth to her. Isabel pulled at both sides of Michael's fly and the buttons popped open. She guided his jeans over his hips and he helped her to pull them off him as Maria screamed in the onslaught of her orgasm.

Michael's mouth left Maria sated and he turned to see Isabel standing over them, his jeans hung from the tips of her fingers and her lips swollen. He pulled his shirt over his head and caught Isabel with it, lassoing her into him and pulling her onto the bed between them. Maria sat up and ran her fingers down the length of Isabel's back, tracing her spine, moving in to bite at the vein in her neck. Her hands wandered across Isabel's heavy breasts, her fingers meeting Michael's as he moved in tandem with her. He lifted his head to kiss at Isabel's lips, her head thrown back as Maria worked at her neck. Hands and body parts intertwined and intermingled, a heap of sweat covered nakedness snaked and writhed within each other.

Michael's digits sought out Isabel, only to find the space that they searched for occupied by Maria's hand. He slid his fingers beside hers and felt Isabel jolt beneath his touch, her legs spreading wider to accomodate them both, a long gutteral moan escaping her lips. There were fingers wrapped around his cock, pumping forcefully against his raging hardness. He moved the hands from inside Isabel and pulled himself away from their grasp. Maria looked to him and he captured her eyes with his. Isabel turned onto her stomach as if knowing exactly what Michael had in mind. He lifted his throbbing tool into his hand and slid it slowly into her from behind, centimeter by centimeter disappearing into her blazing cavern. Maria cooed softly, crouching before her to meet Isabel's lips as her breathing quickened in her lungs. Michael's eyes never left Maria's watching her tongue touch Isabel's, watching as Isabel moaned into her full, sweet lips.

"Go down on her, Isabel. She wants you to." Michael repeated Isabel's words verbatim, as he eased his cock in and out of her rhythmically, guiding himself with his hands on her curvaceous, sultry hips. Isabel's only response was a breathy growl as her hands went to Maria's thighs and she raked her fingernails across them.Maria inched herself closer, allowing Isabel the access that she needed. It was her dream, after all, she could have all the attention that she wanted. Isabel's lips wrapped around her clit and her tongue expertly played at her opening, lapping at the warmth she found there. Isabel breathed in Maria's heady scent, bathing her, flattening her tongue against Maria's rocking hips, sucking wildly. Maria closed in on another orgasm, her gasps and moans coming in ragged outbursts. She collapsed backwards as Isabel screamed her orgasm against her and Michael shot his load with a loud, sensuous grunt. The three of them curled into the bed in a heap of wet and satisfied bodies and Maria drifted off into awakening. She sat up in bed, wiping the sweat from her brow and from between her breasts. That had been some dream, she laughed quietly to herself.


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