FanFic - Max/Liz
"The Answer to Question #8"
"First Love"
Part 2
by Linda
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters. I'm just borrowing them to fulfill a fantasy of mine. And of others I hope. ;-)
Summary: My fanfic takes place the day BEFORE Michael "abducts" Maria. I am adding time to the original story, to fit a scene I think should have happened after Max answered Kyle's question # 8 at the Crashdown last week.
Category: Max/Liz
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I was going to wait until I had it all finished, but I tend to ramble on, and so I thought I would sent it in parts, like most everyone else. Hope you like it.
Part 2

Liz shivered. She loved when his voice got deeper from passion. She had heard that many times before, when they had come close to kissing, or touching.

She nodded, letting him know she knew what he meant. She was still reeling from the aftershocks of Max' kiss. She licked her lips, that missed his moistness on them, and groaned again as she tasted Max on her lips. How could she describe his taste? He was just Max. She had always loved just the smell of Max. It wasn't a cologne or any fragrance he wore, it was just ... him. He was Max. Her soul mate, and her body had known it before her mind had.

"Liz ... we have to slow down," he said low in his throat, as he looked deep into her eyes and leaned his head against her forehead. He needed to slow them down, but he couldn't let go of her completely. His arms were still holding her up, as they gently held her by the elbows.

She watched him take deep breaths as he tried to calm his pulse down. He had to make this good for Liz. But he didn't know how long he could last.

"Liz, I want to please you, but, I'm not sure that I can. I mean, I know what to do, you know, to please a woman, I've.. read up on it," he blushed but continued. "But... I don't know if I could hold out Liz. You... you are soooo beautiful and sexy." He swallowed.

Liz understood what he was saying. Her heart melted even more. He was sooo caring. He was nervous about not doing this right. Liz, too, was scared wondering if she would be able to make Max happy. Were Chechelslavockians the same in what they liked? Obviously in kissing they were. But, what would make him happy? What wouldn't? She had never done this before either.

"Maybe, we are over thinking this too much." Liz swallowed, thinking all they would do is make each other too nervous with planning.

Max smiled his half smile, but his eyes were full of light. "Yeah.. maybe." he agreed.

"Max...." Liz said softly. she wanted him kissing her again, touching her. She wanted to find out what it would be like with Max.

He heard her plea and swallowed. "Yeah," he answered and stepped closer.

"I need you to kiss me again." She whispered and lifted her lips up to an inch from Max's.

"Yeah," he whispered back and gently took her back in his arms, tightly and put his lips over Liz's again. Nothing felt more right than kissing Liz. The heat and connection was instantaneous again, and they both moaned softly.

Liz felt Max's desire against her tummy once again. His rough jeans against her bare stomach was so exciting, that her stomach did flip flops, and she felt all warm and soft inside. Especially when there was that awesome hardness beating strongly beneath his jeans. Finally she had Max in her arms. And he was not fighting it or her. She was thrilled. His kisses were deep and penetrating, and their actions made her once again measure the length of his hardness with her own stomach muscles. She was giddy when she heard him groan. For she knew Max liked what she was doing, and so did she. She tried to ease her own aching body by pushing harder against that wonderful hardness pushing against his jeans, where it was begging for release.

"Max... I need you... please!" Liz whispered. Max was all around her. His smell, his taste his body and his love and desire. Liz felt weak from the passion burning them up.

She started sliding slowing down. Her feet would not hold her up.

Max suddenly lifted her up in his arms, and walked the few feet to her bed. Liz's bed. Liz's smells. God, how he had dreamed of this a thousand times.

He took her mouth and let his love pour into her. Liz shivered, groaned and he felt the wave of her love wash over him as well. They gave into the kiss and felt the fire all around them.

Max could feel Liz's need. She was arching up and trying to rub against him to ease her own ache. He gently, slowing slid his own hand down her body and tried to help ease the ache that Liz was feeling. Even through her panties, he felt that very hot, wet center, between her legs.

He swallowed and groaned aloud. Liz! He was here in her bedroom, and he was holding her, kissing her ... and touching her where he had only dreamed! He felt like he was going to loose it

Both Max and Liz groaned as his hand gently pressed down on her own ache. Liz jumped and then her eyes widened and she gasped. Max watched in amazement and tenderness as Liz exploded for him, and all he had done was touch her.

"I love you Liz!" Max replied hoarsely as Liz slowly came down, and met his eyes. His love kept her from being embarrassed.

Overwhelming joy burst through Liz at Max words. He was really saying them! The words she had dreamed of in every one of her dreams.

"I love you too Max! Sooo much!"

Liz then buried her face in his strong, wonderful neck and kissed him lightly. Max sighed as he continued to just hold that very sensitive part of her in his cupped hand.

"Max...? " Liz started, and looked up from his neck, into his deep warm eyes that were full of love and desire for her.

"Yeah?" he asked.

Liz wanted to please him too. The way he had her. Now she felt like she could take her time a little, now that the edge was off. She wanted that for him too. Then she sat up partially, and pulled his shirt over his head as well. She wanted to see his beautiful, muscular chest. His arms had always fascinated her, and now she wanted to see the rest of him. She looked over his wide chest and let her hands start to gently glide up over his muscles and they brushed against a hard nipple. She stopped.

"What... what's your fantasy Max? I mean.. what do you ..... like?" she stumbled over the words. She was gently caressing his chest muscles, kneading it with her palm now. Liz looked up from her exploration of Max's heaving chest, past his strong neck and chin, to his beautiful face.

The look on his face made her catch her breath. His warm brown eyes were half lidded and burning with intensity, and his jaw was hard with restrained passion.

"My fantasies?" he swallowed. Could he tell her them all? Her soft beautiful hands on his body was just the beginning. "Liz ... just being with you, like this, is my fantasy." He replied honestly. Looking deeply into her eyes as his voice deepened with emotion.

"Me too Max." Liz swallowed and tried not to let the tears that came to her eyes, fall. He was sooo sweet! She put her head back on this chest and then lifted up again. She wanted more. She wanted to love him.

"But Max...what...what pleases you? You know ... like you did for me?" She whispered and lowered her eyes to his bare chest again.

Max sucked in his breath. He wasn't sure she was saying what he thought she was.

"You see Max, I... I have this need to ... see you ... to touch you. All of you. I've never ... ever...seen ... you know... a guy..." She stumbled over the words, trying to get the right ones out.

Max stopped her with a finger to her lips. His eyes so soft and loving. "Liz ... you have me. You can ask anything you want."

Liz's lips parted as his finger touched her lip. She couldn't resist but put out her tongue to taste his finger against her lip. She loved the taste of Max. She wanted to taste every inch of him.

Max's gasp made her smile and feel a little bit braver. He was hers....

"I will be your ONLY one." Liz said decidedly, and very seriously.

Max only laughed low in his throat. His little jealous Liz.

"I'm all yours Liz. Only yours ... and ... you are only mine. " he said back.

"Yes,... Max... I want to... ummm.... "

"What Liz? Anything?" he whispered against her lips. His own lips brushing against hers again, teasing them both. She please him soo much, just being here with her, talking to her and teasing her.

Before he could think, Liz's little hands were all over him, and then he felt her cup him and caress his hardness in an experimenting way. Max groaned and threw back his head. OH GOD! This was really happening! Liz... Liz was touching him how he'd always dreamed. His head spun.

Liz saw Max's head go back in surrender, and she felt dizzy with love and excitement. Max. He was hers for the exploring! Now her fantasies were coming true! She knew he was not going to stop her, and biting her lip she gently pulled apart his button, and slowly released the zipper that was tight from the strained flesh beneath it.

The intense heat she exposed and felt on the back of her hand made her suck in her breath, and she had to look. She had felt it, now ... now she wanted to see Max's desire. The part of him that made them most different. She was in awe ... and discovering something wonderfully new, but still Max.

Max let her have free run. His love for her was so incredible, that she could do anything she wanted, and he knew she felt the same way. Her body was all his for the taking too.

When Liz pulled down the last barrier, his shorts, she gasped, Max held his breath and almost died. He could feel her fascination and her overwhelming love and excitement. He felt her answering warmth where his hand still rested, between her legs, and his own body got even harder if possible.

I... I have to touch you...." Liz said, and reached for him. She knew without words that he gave himself up to her.

Max's nod made her almost faint. Her nipples hardened immediately and he felt another answering melting of warmth between her legs. His own body responded, and Liz felt the moisture at the tip of Max's head as she caressed it.

"Oooh..." she whispered, fascinated.

Max smiled at her wonder. She was still his little scientist ... finding something new to explore and experiment with. He had a quick flash of Liz jumping up to get her journal and to start writing down all of the reactions, to each stimuli. He almost smiled, but then groaned.

Her curiosity was leading her to his sensitive sacs, and he knew he was in trouble.

"Liz..." he swallowed, he was so close to losing it.

"Yes...yes...oh Max..."

Max couldn't take it anymore. He was too ready, he wasn't going to make it. He pulled back and took a deep breath.

"Liz... " he groaned.

Liz knew ... she didn't know how, but she knew what he needed...

"You are sooo beautiful Max. My Max. I love you... I love your body... please Max... " and then she leaned down and kissed the throbbing moist tip of him. Max groaned and another drop of moisture dribbled out. He was going to loose it.

" Liz, no... I can't..."

"Yes, Max, you can," she whispered as she continued to kiss and caress his length with her hands and mouth.

"Liz..." he started to say. Liz knew ... she smiled and took him into her mouth, all the while keeping her eyes on his. He was beautiful! His own eyes were intense, almost black with passion as he met hers. She felt him jerk, as she gently caressed his length, and kept the tip in her mouth, and her tongue going around the rim of the head. She could taste all of Max, and she couldn't get enough. She loved this man so much!

Then when he jerked again, and tried to pull her away. She knew he was trying to warn her, but she wanted it! She had always heard girls talk about how they didn't want that, and Max must know too, for he was trying to pull away. But Liz wanted it all. She needed it all. She needed all of him. And all of his tastes. She held on tighter and when Max's eyes widened in understanding and then blazed with love, he met her eyes and let himself go. He watched her watching him. And she took it all in.

Max couldn't stop! He kept coming. He was shocked! He'd never come like this ... for so long! And Liz kept taking him in. She loved it all. She loved all of him.

When he finally was empty, he fell back on the bed, but managed to grab Liz and pull her up on top of him. He felt her tight nipples scrape against his own bare chest as she settled against him.

Max felt the heat and wetness between her legs, against his thigh, as she clung to him. He hardened again and was shock! After that orgasm, he shouldn't be able to get hard for at least a week! But then, this was Liz. His Liz.

"I've wanted to see you too, Liz. All of you," he admitted tightly. He was no longer shy. He was totally focused on Liz now. She was incredible, and she was his!

Again he lowered his head and caught her mouth under his. They both sighed into each other's mouth. This alone would be more than enough for them. For any connection between them was electric.

"Max...touch me, too," she murmured, feeling drunk on his kisses, on him, and losing her normal inhibitions in the heat of her desire.

"Make love to me."

Max's head spun ... he planed to love every inch of her.

End of part 2

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