FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Zero Sum"
Part 3
by C-Unit
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Summary: Will Max and Liz get together if she wasn't really shot?
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Rating: NC-17
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Max and Liz were the last to meet up with the other four. Liz noted that both Michael and Maria were wet, and all she got out of her best friend was that she had taken a "dip" with Michael. But, the twinkle in Maria's eyes led Liz to believe that an ice cream gab fest was soon in order. Liz also noticed that Alex and Isabel were sharing secret glances, and Liz smiled at the thought of the two becoming a real couple.


The following Monday at school, Isabel rounded the corner to her locker and saw a petite brunette standing next to it. She was about to call out Liz's name, when the girl turned around, and Isabel gasped in surprise. "Hey, girlfriend, what do you think of my new look?" Claire asked. Isabel quickly regained her composure. Claire had dyed her luxurious blonde hair to a chestnut brown. Isabel looked intently at Claire's face, and then realized that she was wearing colored contacts. Instead of her big blue eyes, Claire was suddenly sporting dark brown doe eyes.

"Um, it's different," Isabel stammered out. The resemblance to Liz was unnerving.

"Kyle suggested it. He said I would definitely look better as a brunette. I'm still getting used to it, but Kyle really likes it."

Isabel became worried. She quickly said goodbye to her friend and headed to her class. Obviously, something was going on with Kyle, and they needed to find out what it was.


"I'm telling you, it was freaky. She looks just like you, Liz." Isabel recounted her story to the other five in the back room of the Crashdown. Liz looked up at Max, a worried look crossing her face. Max squeezed her hand for reassurance.

"What are we going to do?" Maria asked. The group looked at each other, then Isabel spoke up. "I know one way to find out what's going on in Kyle's head. I'll pay him a visit tonight in his dreams."

"Isabel, are you sure? I mean, can you get hurt?" Alex asked.

"It's fine, Alex. Kyle won't even remember that I was there. And, I can't change the dream, only see what he's seeing."

"I think it's our best chance to understand what Kyle is thinking. Isabel, if you're sure, I say that she does it." Liz added.

The rest of the group agreed, and they all waited nervously until nightfall.


Isabel entered a large warehouse, which appeared to be abandoned. It was dark in the building, except for one corner of the room, which was bathed in white light. A large brass-railed bed was in the center of the light. Dust motes floated in the eerie glow of the room. Obviously, this place was meant to conceal.

As Isabel approached the light, she could make out a figure on the bed. As she approached the bed, she saw it was Liz. She was barely dressed; clad only in a white, silky negligee that was tied down the front with wisps of lace. Lacy white thigh-high stockings enveloped her legs, and lacy full-arm gloves completed the ensemble.

Isabel could do nothing but watch. Liz was on all fours, prowling on the immense bed. She would toss her hair back and search the room, as if waiting for someone. And then, Liz retreated to the top of the bed, moved to the edge, and opened a drawer from the small side table. Liz held a gleaming metal object, and settled back onto the pillows.

Isabel watched in horrid fascination as Liz began licking the slender metal shaft and writhing on the bed. Liz's eyes were closed and as she continued her oral assault on the shaft, one hand slid down and grabbed her breast. Liz was breathing heavily now, and she massaged herself, playing with her nipple. Liz began untying the yielding knots and soon the negligee gave way. Liz continued to pleasure her breasts and nipples, moaning something incoherent.

Liz let the moist shaft trail down her chest, letting the tip circle around her nipples. Liz's gloved hands continued down, until she reached her lacy underwear. Liz bent her knees up and began a slow, rhythmic stroking of her core with the shaft. Her hips thrust forward and Liz began making cooing noises from the back of her throat.

She increased the pace of the rubbing, thrashing her head from side to side and rocking her hips. With her free hand, she entwined her fingers around the thin material of her underwear that still covered her center and moved it aside. The cool metal touching her warm folds made her gasp in pleasure. Taking the base of the shaft, she positioned the tip to her wet opening and thrust inside.

Isabel turned her head away as Liz finished her self-pleasing. After the final shout of ecstasy, Liz fell back onto the bed and lay there, contented.

Suddenly, Isabel heard a soft shuffling of feet. She turned to the noise and saw Kyle, standing in the shadows. He did not even see Isabel, and even if he did, he would not remember it when he woke up in the morning.

"Kyle," Liz said huskily. "I've been bad." Her eyes were half closed and a playful smile had reached her lips. "Please, Kyle, I need you."

Kyle looked over Liz, her negligee hanging from her shoulders, her hair all tousled, and told her to change. Liz crawled across the bed and got down, moving into the darkness. She returned seconds later, looking as she did the night of the Homecoming Dance. The black sheath dress, her hair up, makeup perfect.

Kyle took Liz's hand and led her past the bed to the corner of the darkness. Another light appeared, highlighting a chair. Kyle sat down in it and looked at Liz, who was standing in front of him. Suddenly, a third light cast down from the ceiling, revealing a large cage. Isabel cried out when she saw Max inside the cage. He looked sullen, emotionally beaten down. All he could do was stand there and watch what was about to unfold.

An evil grin spread on across Kyle's face. His eyes darted from Max to Liz and then back. Keeping his eyes on Max, he began instructing Liz to strip. Liz turned around and walked to the cage. Max cried out her name in agony, and when Liz reached the metal bars, she grasped them and began an erotic dance. Max kept calling her name, telling her to stop, that she loved him, but Liz could not hear him. He tried to move, but was rooted to the floor. She continued her movements and turned around to face Kyle again. She sauntered over to him and slowly let on of the straps fall down her shoulder. With the opposite hand, she removed the other strap and let the dress sink slowly down her lithe frame onto the floor. She was naked, save for a pair of black thong underwear.

She walked up to Kyle, bent down and began unbuckling his pants. Kyle's head fell back as Liz pushed his jeans and boxers down around his ankles. She dipped her head down and began working on arousing Kyle's cock.

Max's torturous cries permeated the room, but neither Kyle or Liz heard them. Kyle placed his hands on Liz's bobbing head and dug his fingers into her hair. He sucked in his breath as Liz's warm mouth continued to envelope him. He opened his eyes to stare at Max, another evil smile forming.

Isabel could not take much more of Kyle's warped dream, or nightmare as she thought. The hatred Kyle exhibited towards Max and the degradation of Liz was too much to bear.

Kyle pulled Liz's head up by her hair and began roughly kissing her breasts and biting at her erect nipples. He squeezed her breasts hard, relishing Liz's plaintive cries. He turned Liz around, so she faced Max. Kyle stood up and returned his attention back to her breasts, rolling the nipple between his thumb and index finger. With his other hand, he slipped it under her back underwear and began sliding his hand between her legs. Liz brought her hands up around Kyle's neck and closed her eyes. Kyle looked again at the pained look of Max, who was helpless to do anything and forced to watch this disgusting display.

Kyle pushed Liz over to the bed. She climbed on and Kyle followed. Liz, still on her hands and knees, was making mewling noises. "Kyle, fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Kyle entered Liz from behind and began thrusting. After a couple minutes of this, Kyle grunted and made one final push into Liz and collapsed on top of her.

Isabel was crying. She never thought that Kyle Valenti was such a mean, cruel person. He resented Max and felt that he had stolen Liz away from him. He was now trying to make Claire into a Liz-clone. Isabel woke from her dreamwalking with a start and continued sobbing. What was she going to tell everyone and what were they going to do?

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