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"Questioning Myths "
Part 3
by Sarah
Disclaimer: some one else owns the characters, unfortunately. Thought I wish I did own them, I don’t
Summary: This is a cross over of "Charmed" and (of course) "Roswell." This asks and answers the question of what would happen if either group believe in other myths and legends (beside themselves)
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Crashdown Café, Roswell New Mexico

"This place is actually kinda cool!" Phoebe said enthusiastically as Prue gave her a doubtful look. "Oh come on Prue! You said yourself you needed a vacation. Why not start having fun now? Look a this place, and tell me it’s not fun!" She added as a young, blonde girl approached them.

"Hi. Welcome to the Crashdown. Would you like a booth, counter or table?" the girl asked Prue and Phoebe.

"Ummm a booth would be great." Phoebe told her in a cheerful tone.

"Ok right this way." The girl said as she led them to a booth.

"Ok maybe your right. I mean how serious could this place possibly be?" Prue said as she motioned to the silver antennas the girl was wearing.

"That’s the spirit!" Phoebe told her as they sat down at the booth.

"Can I get you guys anything to drink?" The girl asked as they sat down.

"I’ll have a Dr. Pepper." Phoebe told the girl.

"I’ll have a Cherry Coke… Wait on second thought make that a… Alien Blast?!?" Prue told her as she looked at her sister with a smile. I can do this! I can have two weeks of fun! An Alien Blast? Well it sound original and well kinda fun I guess.

"Well you’ve come to the right place for that!" The girl remarked under her breath.

"What did you say?" Prue asked puzzledly.

"Umm nothing. So that’s a Dr. Pepper and an Alien Blast?" The girl asked quickly.

"Yea." Phoebe answered.

"Ok. I’ll be right back with your drink and Liz will be over in a minute to take your orders." The girl told the two as she handed them two menus.

"Thanks." Phoebe relied. As she took the menu and the girl walked away she felt every muscle in her body tense as a premonition came on. *Flash*- A shot of two men fighting at a booth of the Crashdown. Then suddenly one of the men pulls out a gun. The gun goes off and shoots a young girl with dark hair. She falls to the ground as a young boy runs over and rips open her shirt, presses his hand to her wound and then breaks a ketchup bottle and pours the ketchup on her. Then he gets up and runs out of the café. *Flash* "Oh my God!" What the heck was that!!

"What was it Pheeb?" Prue asked seeing the distress in her sisters eyes. I knew two weeks away from this wasn’t possible!!! "What did you see?"

"Some one getting shot… and then healed." She tried to explain. "Her! That girl!" She said pointing to the brunette waitress across the room. "She got shot by a man, then a boy just… healed her. He but his hand on her and the wound was gone." She said franticly.

"Do you think he was a warlock? Was it the future or the past?"

"I don’t think so… I don’t know."

"What do you think he was."

"I have no idea!"

"Wait! Ssshhh. She’s coming." Prue said in a hurry as the brunette waitress approached with their drinks.

"Hi. I’m Liz I’ll be your waitress. Who had the Dr. Pepper?" Liz asked after introducing herself.

"Right here." Phoebe answered.

"Umm. If you don’t mind can I ask you something?" Prue asked casually.

"Sure. Go ahead." She answered, expecting a question about the restaurant, aliens or the town.

"This is probably going to sound really weird, but has there ever been a shooting accident here?" Prue asked cautiously.

"Umm yea there was last September. Why do you ask?" She was shocked by the question, but was trying not to let it show.

"Oh…umm… Just a rumor I heard." Prue answered in an obviously unsure voice. "I’ll have a Will Smith burgers and an order of Unidentified fried objects. What are you going to have Pheeb?" She asked hoping to change the subject quickly.

"I think I’ll try the...umm…" Phoebe said as she tried to look like she was concentrating on the menu. Who am I trying to kid, she knows I could care less about lunch. "… I’ll have the same." Maybe she’s not too suspicious.

"Ok. So that’s two Will Smith Burgers and two orders of Unidentified Fried Objects." I’ve got to find out what they know…and how they know! "So are you guys from around here?"

"Oh, no. We’re here on business and a kind of, sort of vacation." Prue answered cautiously. God I hope she’s not too weirded out. That’s the last thing we need. If we can just convince her that we’re not some weirdo’s then maybe she’ll talk to us.

"Oh! What kind of business are you here for?" Please don’t say anything having to do with…Czechoslovakians. Please be something normal!

"She’s a photographer and I’m just here to help." Phoebe told her in a friendly tone.

"Really! What brings you to Roswell?" This should be interesting.

"The magazine I work for wants pictures on the magic of Roswell. In fact do mind if I snap a few pictures of this place? It would be great."

"You’ll have to ask my dad, he’s the owner."

"Ok do you know where I can find him?"

"He’s over at the counter. I’m sorry but I better go put this order in." And call Max!

"Ok Thanks." Phoebe said as she handed Liz the menu. But when she gave her the menu, she touched Liz’s hand and got another premonition. *Flash*- Two people, and a figure glowing bright green. The two people look like Liz and the boy who healed her in the shooting premonition. They are both floating in the air and the green figure is laughing and saying: "Adonemea agota metoniten sumboyag." Then the two, Liz and the boy, explode into thin air. *Flash* "Umm Prue! I just had another one!" Phoebe whispered to Prue, who had started across the café to talk to the owner. And within an instant Prue was back in the booth.

"What! What happened?" She asked

"I think this one was of the future." She said, then leaned close to whisper the rest. "Liz and the boy from my other one were floating in the air then they exploded into thin air. And I think it was a warlock who did it. There was a figure standing in front of them, Prue, he was glowing green then he laughed and said Adonemea agota metoniten sumboyag. Do you know what it means?" she asked worriedly.

"I don’t know. But I’m going to try and get all my shooting done fast. You call Piper and tell her to hurry up and get on the next plane here. I have a feeling this is going to need the power of three." Prue quickly said as she slid out of the booth to talk to the owner while Phoebe called Piper on the cell phone and explained everything.

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