FanFic - Crossovers
"Questioning Myths "
Part 1
by Sarah
Disclaimer: some one else owns the characters, unfortunately. Thought I wish I did own them, I don’t
Summary: This is a cross over of "Charmed" and (of course) "Roswell." This asks and answers the question of what would happen if either group believe in other myths and legends (beside themselves)
Category: Crossovers
Rating: PG-13
Hollywell Manor; San Francisco, California

"Phoebe, Prue!! Come on your gonna miss you flight!" Piper Hollywell yelled up the stairs to her sisters. Jeez you’d think that having powers would make us actually run on time for once! But wouldn’t that be too much to ask! "You have 5min. to be down here or we won’t have time to get to the airport!"

"We’re coming! We’re coming! Keep you pants on" Phoebe yelled down the stairs. Now would be the perfect time to freeze time. It’s not exactly personal gain…well it sort of is…ok it’s completely personal…but we need it!! Phoebe silently cursed the "no personal gain" rule as she closes her bag and started to lug it down stairs. In the past two years, since Grams died and the sisters got their powers and discovered they were the Charmed Ones life had been one crazy ride after another… but Phoebe loved every minute of it. Piper and Prue on the other hand had both been through phases of wanting to give up their powers. But the realized their powers and magic and Wicca was part of who they were, who their mother and Grams had been.

"Ok we’re ready, let’s got." Prue called from half way down the stairs. And in what seemed like and instant they were in the car and out of the driveway. "Will we ever get used to this?" Prue asked as her head stopped spinning.

"Get used to driving?!?" Piper asked, having no clue what she was talking about.

"No! All this rush, rush, rush, all the time. I mean I don’t even have time for my head to stop spinning before we’re off again!" Prue answered frustratedly.

"Oh come on! It’s not that bad! At least we can honestly say life is never boring!" Phoebe added trying to comfort her sister.

"Yea… your right about that!" Prue and Piper remarked at the same time. And with that bit of light humor they all laughed.


An air plane; Somewhere between California and New Mexico

"Ok remind me again why we’re going to New Mexico?" Phoebe asked. Wondering why she wasn’t on the beech with the rest of her college friends.

"Because the magazine is doing a cover-story on ‘the alien phenomena of Roswell New Mexico’. And you love your sister so much that you didn’t want her to have to go alone." Prue answered with her ‘you-know-I-love-you-and-will-be-eternally-grateful-for- this’ smile.

"Ok now I remember." Phoebe answered as she rolled her eyes. "One question though… Who in their right mind actually believes that insane story about little green men?"

"The readers do… and besides what makes you think that aliens aren’t real? With every thing we’ve seen in the last two years we of all people should know that anything’s possible."

"…True. I guess there’s a possibility."

Ding-ding "Please fasten you seatbelts and put you seats and trays into the full upright position. We will be landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico in approximately five minutes. Thank you for flying Delta Air Lines." The flight attendant announced over the intercom.

"This is our stop." Prue added as she began gathering up her stuff.

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Part 2
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