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"A Whiter Shade of Pale"
Part 7
by Anne
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Authors Note: Due to much prodding, pleading, and a few threats of violence, here it is. Provence--Glad you are enjoying this one so much. Mandy--That otter thing was an inspiration. Here you go. ABS--Hope you're not disappointed. Linda--As always, you encourage and inspire me. Much affection and gratitude to all of you.
Max awoke the next morning feeling considerably better than he had the previous one. He sat up and scrubbed at his face and looked at the clock. If he didn't get moving right now, he'd be late. He definitely did not want to be late today. He wanted . . . no, he needed to see Liz before school this morning for at least two reasons. First, he needed to reassure himself that she was o.k. today and that nothing else strange had happened to her. Second, he just had to get his hands on her . . . soon. He wasn't sure which one was most important, but he was vaguely suspicious that it was probably the second. Although, Liz's strange reactions yesterday were enough to off-set some of his unruly hormones. Some, but certainly not all. He smiled to himself as he got out of bed. Well, she certainly had managed to surprise him. Surprise hell! It was more like an ambush. And, he hoped she did it again in the very near future. He had always thought it would be simply impossible for him to actually have sex. He had even accepted it to some degree, hanging all of his hope on the possibility of finding out where they were from and returning home. But, now what was done was done. They would just have to handle the consequences as they arose. He realized something else this morning. The empty place inside of him that usually ached all day long every day, was gone. In it's place, was the sweetest knowledge that he was not only not alone, but loved with such an intensity that it made him feel complete for the first time in his life.

AT SCHOOL --------------

Maria and Liz are sitting in the parking lot, getting ready to go inside.

They are a few minutes early, so Maria is taking advantage of the opportunity to "talk" to Liz about last night.

Maria: "Are you sure nothing else weird has happened since last night? Besides, the tabasco sauce thing, and may I just add, that is totally weird."

Liz (laughing a little): "No, nothing else. I just can't wait to see Max, but that's normal."

Maria: "Uh-huh. O.k. So . . . . "

Liz: "So . . . . what?"

Maria: (exasperated) "Details, girl. I want details."

Liz: (blushing) "Maria, I don't think I can even begin . . . "

Maria: "I'll help you. You asked Michael for the apartment. He consented. Max came in while Michael was there. Got jealous. Came back. Your turn."

Liz: (reeling from the lightning synopsis) "Uh, . . . o.k., Max came in and I was sitting on the couch. He apologized for getting so angry, and one thing led to another, and . . ."

Maria: "Wait. Wait. What thing led to what other thing?"

Liz: (flushed but not from embarassment) "We kissed, and Maria, (turning to look at her squarely) it was indescribable. I can't even think of any words that would be right. Incredible, wonderful, amazing, too good to be true--None of this even comes close."

Maria: (sitting back and exhaling) "Oh my God." (thoughts turning to Michael without conscious provocation)

Liz: "I know. I'm sorry, Maria. I just don't know how to tell you . . . "

Maria: (very distracted now thinking about her own relationship) "It's o.k. I think I'm beginning to get the picture."

Liz: "We better get inside. Max is looking for me."

Maria (losing her train of thought completely): "What did you say?"

Liz: "I said, Max is looking for . . . . me."

Maria: "Liz! How do you know that?"

Liz: "I don't know, Maria. I just do."

Maria: "Oh my God. Be careful, Liz. You know it doesn't matter with me, but anyone else who heard that . . . . "

Liz: (solemn) "I know." "Let's go. I need to find Max and talk to him."

Maria: "Just be sure that's all you do."

Liz: "It's a little late for that now."

Maria: "I know. I'd just hate for you to get hauled to the principal's office for being caught with your . . . well, you know."

Liz: "Yeah. I get the point. Let's hurry, we're almost out of time."

Maria: "O.k."

Liz practically ran through the hall to her locker and as predicted, Max was anxiously waiting for her arrival. He smiled when he saw her, but she could tell he had been getting worried.

Liz: (walking straight into his arms) "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you. Everything's fine, but I do need to talk to you."

Max (relieved to see her and concerned about what she needed to talk about): "O.k. Let's go."

They slip unnoticed into the eraser room. Max locks the door and turns around. Liz is standing there looking at him with an expression on her face that sends a wave of lust crashing through him. He reaches out and grabs her around the waist and pulls her close, setting his mouth down on hers and sliding his tongue inside. Liz forgot everything she had wanted to say in an instant. Fire flew through her body as it melted against his. Max groaned into her mouth, and deepened the kiss. Liz felt her body changing. She felt the wetness and heat between her legs. She whimpered in the back of her throat, and silently begged him not to stop. Max heard her thoughts as if she'd said them, and raging need exploded in his stomach and sent shock waves out through his chest and then down low into his belly, finally settling in his already straining erection. He lifted her up against him, carrying her with him to the counter. Setting her down, he ran his hands up her outer thighs, pushing her skirt up as he went. Liz shoved her shaking hands into his hair, cradling his skull as she began to suck on his tongue. Max lifted her slightly and pulled her underwear down and off. He slipped his hand between her legs sliding one of his fingers inside her. He felt how ready she was and it nearly cost him any semblance of control. Liz was frantic now. Her body arched and she shivered from her head to her toes in one long convulsive motion. Max tore at his jeans and in less than a second, he was buried inside her. It was a good thing she was right with him, because he didn't have it in him to slow down. He moved back just slightly before rocking his hips forward again thrusting harder each time. He felt the tightening of Liz's muscles around him just as he let go in a mind-bending release. He could hear Liz screaming out his name in his head, as she went over, as well. He could hear himself telling her how much he loved her. Her body shuddered as the narrow muscles that held him contracted endlessly. He held her close and tried to understand what had just happened. He hadn't meant to do this. He had only intended to kiss her, but he couldn't stop. He was still pulsing inside her, as he kissed her tenderly on the forehead. She nuzzled her nose just under his jaw and kissed the side of his throat. He smelled so good. Tasted good, too.

Max: (humbled by his lack of control) "I'm sorry, Liz." "Did I hurt you?"

Liz: (smiling) "No, you didn't." (looking at him with so much love on her face that it took his breath away)

Max: "I think we're late." (He reluctantly pulled back from her picked her underwear up off the floor and held them out for her to slide in her feet.)

Liz: "I was going to tell you something before we . . . "

Max: (amused) " . . . lost our reason . . ."

Liz: (glad for the rescue) "Yeah. The thing is, I was talking to Maria this morning, and . . ."

Max: "A-ha. That explains why you were so late."

Liz: (giving him a mock frown) " . . . and, I could feel that you were waiting for me. I told Maria that I needed to go because you were looking for me. I didn't even think about it. I just knew that you were."

Max (finishing his own clothes after having set Liz's to rights but pausing as her comments sunk in): "Like, you read my mind?"

Liz: "No. I can only do that when we're touching." (meeting his gaze steadily)

Max: (taking a deep breath as the return of desire made itself felt): "So you just somehow knew that I was looking for you, sort of intuitive."

Liz: "Yeah. That's a good word for it."

Max: "Liz . . . I think maybe we should check some things out in the lab this afternoon. We've been needing to work on that project for bio anyway. Maybe we can make a few slides and see if anything shows up."

Liz: (frowning in concentration as the point of the exercise sinks in): "What exactly are we looking for, Max?"

Max: (tucking her hair back behind her ear and looking in her eyes) "I don't know, Liz. I'm sorry. I just don't know."

Liz: "You think something's changed, though, in my body, I mean."

Max: "I think it seems possible with all the things you've described."

Liz: "So, we'll have to do some slides from you as well, so we can compare."

Max: "Yeah."

Liz: "O.k." "I guess we better get out of here and get to class."

Max: "Probably. . . . . "Liz, . . .."

Liz: "What?"

Max: "You know something has changed, don't you?"

Liz: "Yes. I can feel it. I felt it yesterday. It was like I wasn't an individual anymore. I couldn't explain it then so I didn't try. I can't really explain it now. It was just like . . ."

Max: ". . . . becoming half of a whole."

Liz: (nodding her head, relieved that he had felt it, too.): "Yeah, in a very permanent sort of way." "Not even like marriage, but something else . . ."

Max: "Marriages can be dissolved."

Liz: "I don't think this can, Max." "I don't know what I'm saying; it's just a feeling."

Max: "It's not just a feeling if I feel it, too."

Liz: "What does it mean, Max?"

Max: "I don't know. The only thing I can tell you for sure is I will never let you go willingly."

Liz: (nodding) "That's good, because I think I would die . . . . not just of a broken heart, but physically."

Max: (smiling) "We'll just have to make sure it never comes to that." "Let's go."

Searching around quickly and checking each other to make sure everything was in place they hurried out the door and to their respective classes.


The six of them are having lunch together today outside. It's a beautiful, cool, day, and they're all enjoying a chance to just be together as friends. Isabel hasn't said anything, but she's secretly delighted with this group of people knowing who she is and being able to just "be" without fear of exposure. It was so . . . . refreshing, after so many years of hiding and keeping herself apart emotionally. She was just a tad suspicious of Max and Liz right now, though. Something was not quite right. They looked even more besotted with each other than usual. Isabel wondered how that could even be possible.

Alex: "So, Maria, are you up for singing with us Friday night?"

Maria: "Sure. I'm always up for that. I'll even try to make it onto the stage without hyper-ventilating this time."

Alex: "You were terrific. There's no reason for you to be so nervous."

Liz: (remembering that night and eyes darkening in pain) "You were so good, Maria." "Can we come, too?"

Isabel didn't miss the way Liz said we without even asking Max first. Like she wouldn't even think of going by herself. And, like there was no possible way that Max would have anything else to do on Friday night. Strange. Max didn't miss the look of pain that flashed across her face at the reminder of that night. He tightened his arm around her and leaned close so he could whisper in her ear.

Max: (to Liz) "You don't ever have to worry about me walking away from you again. I'm sorry I hurt you."

Liz: "The funny thing about that night was that it was the most wonderful and the most horrible all at the same time." "Knowing how you felt about me and still watching you walk away was really hard."

Max: "I know. I'm sorry."

Liz (smiling): "Well, I'll let you make it up to me later."

Max (chuckling): "Sounds . . . . intriguing."

Liz: "Just you wait."

Michael: (to Maria) "Can I come, too?"

Maria: (struggling with the idea and then reaching a decision) "Of course. Yes."

Michael (wondering why she hesitated): "I'll be there."

Maria (distracted with her own thoughts): "Good." "Alex, do you think the band would be up for something a little different?"

Alex: (feigning exasperation) "Why not? We just love complete departures from our original composition and style."

Maria: (throwing a french fry at him) "I promise this won't hurt a bit. Just relax and enjoy it."

Alex: (cocking one eyebrow at her) "That sounds dangerously close to something you would say to someone right before fu . . . . ."

Maria: (holding up her hands) "Don't say it. Don't you dare say it. Alex Whitman! I can't believe you were going to say that!"

Isabel: "Yeah, Alex. Where's your mind?"

Alex (blushing): "O.k. fine. Whatever it is just bring it with you to rehearsal and we'll try it."

Isabel: "Would you mind if I came to see you play?"

Alex: (rocking back on the bench and staring at her): "Mind? . . . . "I'd be . . . honored, yeah, that's what I'd be, honored."

Isabel: (smiling) "O.k. Looks like we'll all be there."

Maria: (sarcastic) "Oh goody." (wondering how she would ever survive the nerves)

Liz: (quietly) "You'll be spectacular and you know it."

Maria (smiling, too): "Thanks." (deep breath) "Well, I think I'll just go start practicing right now."

Alex: "Maria, it's only Tuesday." "First rehearsal isn't until tomorrow night."

Maria: "That's easy for you to say. I need all the help I can get."

Everyone gets up to leave since it's time to head back to classes and various and sundry other activities.

BIOLOGY CLASS -----------

Max and Liz are setting up their project and all the while running test slides under the guise of getting their class work done. They had each made slides from skin cells and were just about to compare them. Liz opened her text book to a picture of what normal, healthy, not to mention human skin cells looked like. She slid Max's slide under the microscope and sure enough, it was pretty different from the picture. Her hands were shaking just slightly as she removed the slide, creating a mental image in her mind of what the slide had looked like. It was way too risky to draw it. She'd just have to remember. She passed the slide to Max and he erased all traces of the cells from the slide leaving it completely blank. Next came hers. She slid the slide underneath the lens and brought her eye down to focus. She almost gasped out loud when she saw the pattern of cells on the slide. She quietly removed the slide and handed it to Max as well. He did a quick check to see where their teacher was before erasing this slide, too.

Liz: (whispering) "How do we get the blood?"

Max: "Give me your hand."

He held the slide under her index finger and concentrated. Painlessly, a drop of blood fell from Liz's finger to the slide. She gave him a grateful look as she took the slide from him. He made his own slide the same way, and passed it to her, as well. Liz sat hers down and placed Max's under the lens. Flipping the text book to the right page, she turned her attention back to the microscope. She drew another picture in her mind of what his blood looked like, and removed the slide. Max took care of it the same way as the others. She placed her own slide under the lens and took a deep breath. A million thoughts raced through her brain as she brought her eye down to the focus, and then just one thought emerged. Her blood and skin cells were identical to Max's. She withdrew the slide and handed it to him, unable to even look at him in that moment for fear of losing control right there in the classroom with twenty-five other people staring at them. They completed their assignment and the bell rang signalling the change of classes. Liz gathered her books and made her way silently to the door. Max was pretty sure by the way she was acting what the slides had shown, but he still wanted to know for certain. He put his arm around her as they walked down the hall and for the second time that day, they ducked into the eraser room.

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