FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Who's Wrong Now?"
Part 1
by Laura
Disclaimer: I own everything the show the actors etc. Oh wait that was in my dream I actually own NOTHING Jason Katims and the WB own EVERYTHING!
Summary: Maria and Michael banter what else is new.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
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You know what Michael it’s really not that hard. Here I’ll explain it. You take the burger flip it and put it on the bun. Now you try.” Maria scowled and turned around before Michael had a chance to reply.

“We're not dating anymore Maria, you don’t get to act like a bitch.” Michael replied with a sugary sweet voice.

“I… you… well at least I don’t start screwing the first thing that throws a glance in my direction, ass!” Maria turned around and glared at him with eyes that could kill mice with a single glance.

“Courtney and I are not screwing, were not even kissing.” Michael said his eyes followed Maria as she walked around into the kitchen.

“That’s not what I saw, I saw you and Courtney making eyes at each other in here.” Maria replied her whole face animated as she stabbed her finger into his chest. Michael grabbed her hand and dragged her into the staff bathroom.

“You are the biggest bitch I have ever had the pleasure of meeting,” he replied, thrusting her up against the wall. He covered her mouth with his and began to unbutton her uniform.

She leaned into him moaning, “And you’re the biggest ass I’ve ever met.” She grabbed at his shirt but he pushed her hands away.

“No Maria this is me doing you proving you right that I do screw everything that throws me a glance.” He continued to lick her neck while she struggled to get his shirt off but he held her away. She was getting hot and he could tell he continued to unbutton her outfit and run his hand over her back. She tried to move his hands to her panties but he used his free hand to pin hers above her head. “I’m not going to tell you again Maria,” He said his mouth wandering over the side of her breast.

“Michael god damn it stop torturing me just fuck me.” He smiled and with a flick of his tongue he grabbed her nipple in his mouth. She started to squirm more. He moved his mouth away and stood up straight letting go of her hands. He walked over the door and gave the handle a twist.

“I guess you were wrong Maria I don’t screw them I just play with them.” With that he opened the door and was gone. Maria stared at him until the door closed behind him then she looked in the mirror and gave a big sigh.

“So close,” she muttered.

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