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"Whiter Shade of Pale"
Part 10
by Anne
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Maria wiggled around just a little in her sleep before settling down and drifting back off. Michael knew this because he was wide awake and watching her intently. He couldn't believe the way she affected him. His ability to maintain distance had been shattered the day he'd hauled her to Marathon. Since, then, she had slowly but surely permeated every waking thought he had, and almost all of his dreams, too. What in the world had she done to him? She opened her eyes and looked at him first in question and then, realizing that he had been watching her, in adoration.

Maria (serious): "I hope you're not disappointed."

Michael: (confused) "Disappointed about what?"

Maria: (blushing) "You know . . . the condoms . . . "

Michael: (understanding) "No. I'm not disappointed. To be honest, Maria, I'm not sure I'm ready to live at the same level of stress that Max and Liz seem to enjoy so much."

Maria: (relieved) "I'm not sure I could handle it either, Michael. It's just so weird, the way she's changed. I don't know . . . "

Michael: (kissing her forehead) "Hopefully, we won't have to worry about that . . . unless we want to."

Maria: (wistful) "Do you think we ever might . . . want to, I mean?"

Michael: (staring intently into her eyes) "You never know . . . "

Maria: (getting lost in that stare) "No . . . I guess not . . . . Michael . . . . "

Michael closed his mouth over hers, pulling her underneath him again, and hoping she would be o.k. and not too sore for this, because he couldn't help himself . . .


Isabel stretched and yawned daintily, and then stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. The lighting in here was awful. She looked "green." Not a comforting color at this point in her life, for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which being, that it was usually the color most often associated with alien beings. Damn fluorescent lighting anyway! Who's stupid idea was this? She killed the switch and headed back out of the bathroom with a scowl on her beautiful face.

Alex watched her approach with mounting anxiety. What in the world was wrong? She looked really upset.

Alex: "Isabel?"

Isabel (snapping out of her thoughts and focusing on him): "What?"

Alex: (obviously concerned) "Are you all right?"

Isabel (smiling at his expression): "No. I'm not all right. . . . I'm wonderful, Alex."

Alex: (visibly relieved) "You looked so sad . . . "

Isabel: (shrugging) "Just a little insecurity . . . sorry. The lighting in the bathroom gave me the creeps."

Alex: "Why?"

Isabel: "You know . . . fluorescent lights . . . "

Alex (following as best he could): "Green tinge . . . oh, I see. Isabel, don't be ridiculous. You can't seriously be having doubts about yourself, and certainly not about myself either, at this point."

Isabel: (smiling at the memory of how sweet it was to be loved by Alex Whitman) "No . . . not really . . . I guess the whole idea of how different we basically are just makes me afraid."

Alex: (smirking) "I think it's a very good thing how different we are . . . "

Isabel (rolling her eyes): "You know that's not what I'm talking about . . ."

Alex: "I know . . . but, the fact is, I don't care about anything else . . . don't you understand . . . I love you, just you and whatever that entails."

Isabel: (letting go of her doubts and fears) "I love you, too, Alex."

Alex: "I mean this, Isabel. I don't care what you are or who you are or how different we are . . . none of it matters to me."

Isabel (closing her eyes briefly and taking those words into her heart) : "I'm so glad, Alex. Thank you."

Alex: "Thank you? You must be joking. Thank you, for trusting me . . . for letting me in . . . for everything."

Isabel: (smiling) "I guess I should probably be getting home soon . . . (looking at him pointedly)

Alex (not missing the intent in her eyes): "Then I guess we'd better hurry . . . (kissing her deeply)


Max stole a glance at Liz as he drove back to Roswell. It had been one of the most singularly difficult experiences of his life to get up and prepare to take her home. He needed her . . . not just once in a while, but all the time . . . not just to be inside her . . . but to just be beside her . . . . . all the time . . .

Liz: "What?"

Max: "Nothing . . . . "

Liz: (frowning) "What is it?"

Max: "I was just thinking how hard it is to take you home . . . I wish . . . "

Liz: (nodding) "I know." (reaching out and grabbing his hand and holding it tight)


Two months later, the six of them had become inseparable. After all, who else could they really hang out with. They all knew each other in a fundamental way that no one else could even begin to understand. They needed each other. Michael and Maria's relationship had undergone a sea change. They were never seen without each other, unless it was absolutely mandatory. Alex and Isabel seemed to have developed an intolerance to separation from each other, as well. They all spent a great deal of time at the Crashdown, since Michael and Maria and Liz all worked there. Max and Alex and Isabel occupied a booth most of the time, but today they were spread out all over the place. Alex was in the back trying to repair one of the appliances for Liz, with Isabel closeby. Max was sitting in a booth studying . . . or rather trying to. He never seemed to be able to concentrate when Liz was in the room, and that was most of the time. He almost couldn't bear to be away from her now. It had only grown worse over the past couple of months. Sometimes, at night, he would sneak out and go to her house just so he could hold her for a little while. He didn't even notice the lack of sleep, because the alternative was not seeing her and that was just not acceptable. This week had been difficult for both of them. They both had big projects due at school and between her work schedule and his, they just hadn't had very much time together. He hadn't made love to her in a week. As he watched her go about her shift, he noted for the third or fourth time that day, that something wasn't right with her. She was tense . . . nervous . . . she smiled, but her eyes remained wary . . . Tonight, he would ask her what was going on. He watched her disappear into the back and frowned wondering what it could be . . .

Isabel: "Hey, Liz." "I think Alex is almost done."

Liz: "Oh, yeah, that's great. . . . "Listen, can I talk to you for a minute."

Isabel: (a little worried) "Of course."

Liz: "Not here."

Isabel: (definitely worried) "O.k. where?"

Liz: "Let's go up to my room."

Isabel: "Alright." "Be back in a minute, Alex."

Alex: "Oh sure you will . . . . "

Isabel rolled her eyes, but smiled at him just the same as she followed Liz up the stairs. They made their way inside the room and Liz shut the door. Stripping off her headband and sitting down on the edge of the bed, she looked at Isabel steadily.

Isabel: (starting to overreact) "O.k. Stop that, and tell me what's wrong."

Liz: (sighing) "I skipped my last two periods, Isabel."

Isabel: (paling) "You did?"

Liz: "Yes . . . I did."

Isabel: "Oh my God."

The two sat in silence for a few moments as Isabel tried to come to terms with what Liz was saying. After a few moments, she looked up.

Isabel: "Wait. How long ago did you and Max first . . .?"

Liz: (understanding) "About two and a half months ago. Why?"

Isabel: "And that's when you started changing right?"

Liz: (a little lost) "Yes. It was pretty much instantaneous."

Isabel: (taking a deep breath) "I don't think you need to worry about this, Liz."

Liz: (very confused) "Why not?"

Isabel: (smiling and feeling not so alone in a new way that Alex couldn't provide) "I don't menustrate."

Liz: (absorbing the information) "You don't? . . ."

Isabel: "No. Never. . . . So, you don't need to worry."

Isabel watched as Liz's face fell and she almost looked like she might burst into tears. Suddenly, she understood the problem. Reaching out to put her arm around Liz, Isabel held her as she cried.

Isabel: "You and Max . . . I just don't know what it is about you two, but I understand Liz. I really do. I'm so sorry . . . "

Liz cried uncontrollably for several minutes before getting a hold of herself. Wiping her eyes, she gave Isabel a watery smile and picked up her headband replacing it behind her ears.

Liz: (embarassed) "I'm sorry, Isabel. I don't know what came over me. Of course, that was the best possible news."

Isabel: (gently) "Not for you. I mean it when I say that I understand Liz. It's o.k."

Liz (relaxing): "Yeah. I guess if anyone would understand it would be you. Thanks."

Isabel (smiling): "Anytime."

Liz: "I better get back downstairs before someone misses me."

Max shut the door behind him quietly and looked at the two girls sitting on the bed.

Max: "Somebody already did. What's going on Liz?"

Liz (looking up startled): "Max . . . "

Isabel: (getting up and heading for the door) "I was just leaving." (giving Max a sympathetic look that really worried him)

Max walked over beside the bed and knelt down in front of Liz grabbing her hands and holding them in his. He looked at her face and the evidence of recent tears and wondered why she hadn't come to him with whatever it was. Liz drew in a shaky breath and willed herself not to cry anymore.

Liz: "I'm sorry, Max. This is ridiculous . . . "

Max: (gently) "What is?"

Liz: (taking a deep breath) "I missed a couple of periods, and I was concerned about it, so I asked Isabel, and she said that she doesn't have them, so don't worry . . . "

Max: (silently watching her face) " . . . . . . . You thought you were pregnant . . . . . "

Liz: (feeling her control slipping again) "Yeah, but I'm not so everything's . . . (tears spilling over and sliding down her face) f-fine now."

Max: "You're sad, Liz. It's not fine."

Liz: (wiping tears away as fast as she can) "I'm sorry, Max. I'm being irrational. . . . I should get back to work . . . . "

Max: (understanding) "You're disappointed that you're not pregnant, aren't you?" (knowing how she feels and feeling it, too)

Liz: (quietly) "It's just that . . . I really thought I was pregnant, and I've never felt anything like that before. And now, I just feel so sad . . . . and completely stupid."

Max: "You're not stupid. You've been through so much in the past few months, Liz. If you want to be sad because you're not pregnant, then I think you're entitled. The truth is, I understand how you feel, and I've only known about it for a few minutes. You had a lot longer to think about it, so it was more real for you. Do you think you could take the rest of the night off?"

Liz: (wishing she could--she needed to be with Max) "I can't, Max."

Max: "If I can get someone to cover for you, would it be all right?"

Liz: "I guess so . . . but, . . . "

Max: "Stay here. I'll be right back."


Isabel and Alex watch Max as he descends the last few steps into the room. Isabel looks at him with worry etched into her features.

Max: (coming to a halt in front of her) "Is, I need a favor."

Isabel (concerned): "What is it?"

Max: (solicitous) "Can you cover for Liz tonight?"

Isabel: (stifiling a groan) "Yes, of course. Is she o.k. Max?"

Max: (expression solemn) "Not really, but I think she will be."

Isabel: (feeling an unprecedented connection to Liz) "Take care of her Max."

Max: (surprised) "You know I will, Is."

Isabel: "It's just . . . it's weird . . . all of a sudden, I don't feel so alone now that she's like us. I want her to be all right."

Max (understanding): "We'll make it . . . don't worry." . . . . "Uh, Is, I need to ask you something . . . " (blushing)

Isabel: (mildly concerned about what was coming) "What?"

Max: (really uncomfortable) "You don't . . . I mean, you haven't . . . (deep breath) have you felt like Liz does?"

Isabel (not even pretending to misunderstand) : "No. I haven't felt anything like that, Max. It's like she's just devastated that she's not pregnant."

Alex (snapping his head up): "Whoa. Pregnant? Liz?"

Isabel (turning towards him): "No. I'll explain later. It's complicated."

Alex (shaking his head and going back to work): "Is it ever anything else?" (teasing)

Isabel (smiling at him inspite of her concern for Liz) (turning her attention back to Max): "Tell, Liz, I'll take over for her and not to worry."

Max: "I'm sorry to ask you to do this." Isabel: "It's o.k." "You know, Max, maybe, it's just normal for her to feel that way. She's so in love with you it's scary. Maybe . . . " (The words fell away at the look on Max's face.)

Max: "I don't think it's that simple, Is. I feel it, too. It's not just Liz. It's like this consuming drive that just gets stronger everyday."

Isabel: (a little panicked) "Max . . . you can't. You just can't."

Max: (shaking his head) "I know. Don't worry. I should get back upstairs. Thanks, Is."

Isabel: "No problem."


Max climbs the stairs once again and let's himself back into Liz's bedroom, quietly closing the door behind him. She looks up into the mirror where she's sitting brushing her hair. She hadn't changed clothes, but she had taken her hair down. He was glad to see that she had stopped crying. Maybe she was feeling better . . .

As he got closer to her reflection in the mirror, that hope died quickly. Her eyes were so solemn, and he had no idea how to help her through this. He didn't even know exactly what was happening to her . . . or to him for that matter. Why didn't Isabel feel this way, and what about Michael and Maria? Of course, they're relationships were different from his with Liz. They were all still human/alien relationships. He and Liz were the same now . . . .

Max: "Are you ready?"

Liz: "Are we going somewhere?"

Max: "Yes . . . unless, you don't . . . ."

Liz: "I want to go. Should I change?"

Max: "No. Let's just go . . . "

Liz: (putting down her brush) "O.k."


Max drove away from town and truth be told he had no idea where he was heading exactly. He just knew that he needed to get Liz away for a little while and he needed to be with her. He glanced at her and noticed that she was sitting perfectly still with her hands folded in her lap staring straight ahead, deep in thought. He hated the way she'd withdrawn, and tried to deal with the hurt all by herself. He wanted to help her.

Max: "How long did you think you were pregnant?"

Liz (pulling out of her reverie): "Oh, uh, just this week." "I know it seems like I should've known sooner, but I wasn't paying attention."

Max: (a little hurt) "Why didn't you tell me, Liz?"

Liz: (focus sharpening at the pain in his voice) "Max . . . I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to worry you. I knew you'd do what you always do. You'd take care of me and make sure that I was o.k., and you'd suffer in silence. This time, I just wanted to look out for you for once. I didn't want to put you through any of this, if it wasn't necessary. Do you undersand?"

Max (a little taken aback): "I think so. . . . But, next time, if there is one, please come to me, Liz." "I want to know . . . I want to take care of you . . ."

Liz: (smiling a little) "I don't think there's any doubt about a next time, do you?"

Max (so relieved to see a smile even if it was a small one): "No . . . probably not."

Liz: "Where are we going?"

Max (shaking his head): "I have no idea."

Liz: (smiling a little more now) "I think you should pull over . . . "

Max: (turning his head to look at her) "Why? . . . Oh, . . . . " (pulling off the highway)

As the jeep came to a stop, Liz unbuckled her seat belt and threw her arms around Max, who caught her as she came to rest practically astride his lap. He leaned his head back as their lips met and fire flew between them in tiny little sparks bouncing from one to the other and back again. Kissing her this way always reminded Max of making love to her. Being inside of her . . . deep inside of her . . . The snaps on her uniform came apart with laughable ease and Max pushed it off her shoulders and down until it caught around her elbows. There were only two scraps of underwear beneath that uniform. Liz reached for the edge of his shirt to pull it off, but he caught her hands and held them behind her back. Liz pulled away and looked at him in question. His eyes reflected all the passion she'd felt in his kiss. She started to reach for his shirt again, but he pulled her uniform the rest of the way off, drawing her arms back and then freeing them. Before she could move again, he leaned forward and pushed her toward him at the same time with a hand pressed flat on the small of her back. His breath was warm as it came into contact with her skin. Liz's head fell back, arching her back, and Max brought his free hand up to her chin, dragging his fingers down the column of her throat and stopping at the fastening of her bra. He'd become quite good at opening lingerie in the past two months. Liz's hands moved out across his shoulders in a restless motion, as he peeled the material away from her breasts. He closed his eyes for just a second and willed himself back under control. He loved her body. Everything about her . . . every single detail. If he'd special ordered a woman, she couldn't have been any more perfect for him than Liz Parker. He opened his eyes again and immediately felt his hard-won self control slip away once more. Liz seized the hem of his shirt and pulled it up in a jerky motion that told him exactly how she was feeling. She let it fly towards the back of the jeep, having no idea where it landed and not caring at all. She settled down onto his lap and opened her mouth along his jaw, slipping her hand down to the fastening on his pants. Max let his hands drift to her waist as she opened his pants and pushed the material aside. She wrapped her hand around him sliding her fingers up and down in a rhythm that could only lead to a rapid end. Max whispered hoarsely, "Baby, please stop. I don't want it to be over yet." Liz forced herself to let go, but it was an effort of will that she didn't know she possessed. She put her hands back on his shoulders, as Max pressed his forehead to hers. He opened his eyes after a moment and looked into hers. He lifted her up and she brought her hands up to either side of his face and pulled him toward her until his mouth opened over her breast and pulled her inside. Liz wasn't sure which one of them enjoyed this more, but it was amazing how quickly it set fire to her blood. Her head fell back and she could feel her hair sweep across the bare skin on her back. Max was still holding her around her waist, as his mouth continued to push her steadily toward madness. He had been gentle at first, but somewhere along the way, lust had taken over, and the pressure of his mouth had increased almost to the point of pain. Liz waited as long as she could before reaching for him again. Max released her tender flesh and the cool air across her skin made her gasp in shock. Max brought one of his hands down between them and slid her underwear to the side, as Liz brought him to the entrance of her body. Max moved his hands to her hips and brought her down steadily, feeling the muscles in her body stretch and give way all around him. He thought again about how perfect she was for him. He closed his mouth over hers in a hot, wet kiss that pushed Liz even closer toward release. Max pulled away and began to move her up again, shuddering at the sensation of her body sliding along his. He tried to go slow, but he'd waited as long as he could. He pulled her down hard against him, thrusting up into her at the same time. Liz's breath rushed out and her eyes widened in surprise, as Max lifted her again, faster this time, and brought her body down harder than before. Liz dug her fingernails into his shoulders, and tried to watch his face, but her vision was blurring as she got closer and closer . . . Finally, her eyes drifted shut and she whispered his name. In the very next instant she would have screamed but her breath was gone once more, forced out by the impact. As her body let go, Liz found the first peace that she'd felt in a week. All of a sudden, it didn't matter that she wasn't pregnant. The only thing that mattered was that Max was with her and they belonged together. A week had been much too long to go without this. Max felt not only Liz's physical release, but also the incredible sense of contentment and peace that flooded her mind, and he knew she would be alright. He came inside of her just as her eyes opened again, and she watched his face in fascination. His breathing was ragged and his chest rose and fell as he tried to adjust. As she looked on, he slowly opened his eyes and took in the expression on her face. He'd never have believed it was possible to love or be loved at this level. Her name sounded hoarse in his own ears as he whispered it. She lifted one hand to his face and pressed her lips lightly against his. She whispered, "I love you," against his mouth. They knew then that they'd be able to withstand anything as long as they were together . . .


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