FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
Part 1
by Susan
Disclaimer: I own them only in my dreams.
Summary: Max and Liz = sex
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: This is pure sex. I hope it doesnít offend anyone.
Liz stepped from the shower and patted herself dry. She wrapped an oversized white towel around herself and walked into her bedroom where she stopped in front of the full length mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror as she used one end of her towel to rub her hair dry. Earlier in the evening she and Max had taken a picnic supper and driven into the desert. Away from the lights of town they had built a small campfire, enjoyed a supper of cold chicken, potato salad and chocolate cake, with Tabasco sauce, of course, and watched the stars come out. Then Max had tenderly made love to her. Liz unwrapped the towel and let if fall to the floor. She still couldnít believe that Max found her beautiful and desirable.

She scrutinized her body in the mirror. In the flickering light from their campfire, Max had traced the hills of her breasts, he had run his finger down the valley of her stomach and caressed and kissed her thighs. He had told her that she was the most beautiful woman he could imagine. Liz was so lost in her thoughts that she didnít hear the soft footsteps on her roof or notice the shadow that fell across her window. She raised her hands to her breasts and cupped them. Slowly she traced circles from their fullness to their tips as Max had done. When she reached her nipples, she rubbed their tautness between her fingertips remembering Maxís touch. The man outside her window stopped. He was frozen in place, mesmerized by what he saw. He crouched there and watched the vision in front of the mirror.

Liz continued to tease her breasts. She thought about Maxís hands and mouth on them and the feelings he evoked. Slowly she ran her hands up and down her sides, remembering Max stroking her and the electric shocks that seemed to flow from his fingertips. One hand found her dark curls and she brushed them. Max always was so reverent when he touched her there, as if he were asking permission to explore further. She sighed as she found her nub. Slowly she rubbed herself. The man watching through her window felt himself harden. This was exquisite torture.

Lizís breath began to come faster. Her eyelids lowered. The dampness she had felt when she played with her breasts was becoming a flood. The man outside her window slowly rotated his hips rubbing his arousal against his jeans. He watched as Liz inserted a finger into herself. Slowly she moved it in and out, marveling at her wetness. She thought about Maxís fingers inside her, stroking her. She moaned and inserted another finger. Her hand began to move faster. The man thought he would explode just watching her.

Slowly Lizís window rose, a leg came over the window sill. Liz finally realized that someone was entering her room. Her hands flew to cover herself and she choked on a scream. Then she realized who was there and what heíd witnessed. "Oh, my God. Max! What are you doing here?"

"I missed you and came by for one last kiss." Max quickly crossed over to Liz who was blushing bright red with embarrassment. How humiliating to be caught masterbating by Max! She hung her head. Max wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her close, capturing her mouth in a kiss. He could feel her embarrassment and shame. He kissed her again and then lifted her chin so she was looking into his bottomless brown eyes. "Liz, you are so beautiful. You know that I love you. Never be ashamed around me." Liz could only stare into his eyes and nod. Max kissed her again, pulling her into his body. The fabric of his shirt rubbed against her already hard nipples. It felt so good. She slowly began to grind her hips into his arousal. The roughness of his jeans sent shock waves through her core. Max caressed her sweet bottom as she pleasured herself against him. He loved what she was doing to herself and to him. Max pulled away. He quickly removed his shirt, jeans and boxers. Together they stood naked, unashamed, looking at one another. Max gently took Liz by the shoulders and placed her in front of him, facing the mirror. "Liz, I want to watch you touch yourself." Liz looked at him with panic in her eyes. "Please, Liz. Do it for me. It was so amazing to watch you through your window. It was like a fantasy come true. Please. Pleasure yourself for me."

Liz caught his eyes in the mirror and mutely nodded. Max placed her hand on her breast. Slowly she began to trace her breast with her fingers, starting at itís fullest and ending at itís peak as she had before. They watched each other in the mirror. Liz raised her other hand and massaged her breasts and teased her nipples while Max watched, his hands on her hips. "What are you thinking when you touch your breasts, Liz?" he asked.

"Iím thinking about how your hands felt when we lay in front of the campfire tonight. About how good your mouth felt sucking my nipples," Liz sighed. Max lowered his head and kissed her shoulder. He placed his hand over hers and began to massage her left breast with her.

"Keep going, Liz" he said. She could feel his hot arousal pressed into her back and it drove her on. Liz removed her hand from his and began to slowly, sensuously slide her hands up and down her sides, from her breasts to her hips. Max watched in the mirror, lightly kissing and sucking her shoulder, whispering soft words of encouragement and love. Liz licked her slightly parted lips. He could feel her tremble and knew she was as aroused performing for him as he was watching her. He knew this was a gigantic step for his shy Liz and he knew she was enjoying it.

Her hand found her lower curls again and Maxís hand joined hers. She could feel the electric shock of his touch. Their fingers entwined in her dark curls. Liz blushed and she turned her face into his chest. "Donít be afraid, Liz. You are so amazing. What you are doing is a beautiful gift to me." He removed his hand as she found her nub and began to slowly massage it. Their eyes locked in the mirror and they connected. "Have you touched yourself there before, Liz?" asked Max, his voice husky. Liz just nodded. "What do you think of when you touch yourself like that?" He knew, but he wanted to hear her say it.

Lizís hand was moving faster and her voice was breathless when she answered. "I think about you, Max. Your mouth on me, sucking me, making me lose control. Of how well you love me." On saying that, Liz entered herself with one finger, then a second. She worked her fingers in and out of her wet heat. Max thought he would lose control watching her, but he wanted to see this through.

"Tell me how you feel, Liz", he rasped.

"Iím so wet, Max. I canít believe how warm and slick and wet I feel. Do I feel like that to you?"

Max nodded. He grasped her hand and brought it to his lips. Watching her eyes in the mirror, he slowly licked one finger at a time until had sucked off all of her honey. Then he kissed the palm of her hand and returned it to her center. She stroked herself some more and when her hand was wet again, Max reached for it. This time he brought it to her lips. "Taste yourself, Liz. Go ahead." Eyes locked on his, she nodded and inserted a finger into her mouth. She slowly sucked each finger marveling at her taste. When she finished, Max took her hand and returned it to her heat. "You liked that, didnít you" he asked. Liz nodded again. Together their fingers entered her and she felt the electric shocks that Max always gave her start. They stroked faster and faster. Small moans escaped Lizís lips and her eyes closed. Max felt her tremble, her release building. He could feel her approaching orgasm. He tightened his arm around her waist and whispered, "Come, Liz. Come for me", as he kissed her neck and watched her in the mirror. He felt her insides tighten around their fingers and her wetness wash over their hands as she climaxed. Her knees collapsed and he held her to his chest as they slid to the floor.

Liz lie trembling in his arms and he brushed the hair back from her face and kissed her lips, her face and down to her breasts.

"I want to taste you, Liz" he said as he grabbed the towel she had dropped earlier and rolling it into a ball, placed it under her hips to make her more accessible to him. He kissed his way down her body until he reached her mound. Finding her nub, he gently sucked and twirled his tongue around it eliciting sighs of pleasure from Liz. Then he parted her thighs. At first he only gazed at her beauty. He loved looking at Liz and knowing that no one else had seen her this way. She turned her head so she could see them in the mirror. This is incredible, she thought. She watched as Max lowered his head and his tongue began to caress her folds. She couldnít believe she was actually watching Max love her like this. Max was thinking to himself that he loved the taste of Liz. He couldnít get enough of her. Her scent and taste were like a drug and he was addicted. The first time he had touched her in this intimate way he was afraid. Afraid that she would reject him, afraid that he wouldnít know what to do, but with Liz it just came naturally. He loved performing this intimate act and by the way she responded, he knew she loved it, too. She was pressing herself into his face now, hips thrashing and his name escaping her lips. His tongue went deep into her. Then he raised his lips to suckle her nub as he pushed two fingers into her, moving in and out, fast and deep. Lizís legs tightened around his shoulders and her hands grasped his hair, pulling him deeper into her. She couldnít take her eyes from the mirror and the sight of them entangled this way. Suddenly Liz was bucking wildly and crying out, "Yes, Max. Oh, God, Max, what you do to me!" and she came in a rush as he continued to feast on her juices.

Her trembling had not yet subsided, but Max couldnít wait any longer. He pulled himself up her body and kissed her deeply on the lips. Then he turned her over and pulled her onto her hands and knees. In one quick stroke he entered her from behind. He didnít want to hurt her, but he was too far gone to go slowly. All he knew is that he had to take her NOW! She was so wet and so willing that he didnít think his abruptness would cause her any pain. He plunged deeply inside her and Liz watched, with amazement, in the mirror. They had never tried this position before. She found it very erotic, exciting. Maxís hands left her hips and clasped her shoulders, pulling her up on her knees so that she was leaning back into him. She was totally exposed. She could see everything she and Max were doing. He brought his hands to her breasts and started kneading them as he thrust in and out of her wetness. Liz and Max watched themselves in fascination as they made love with wild abandon. Maxís fingers were rolling and pinching Lizís nipples. He was lightly biting her neck and shoulder. They could watch as his rigid shaft moved in and out of her body. Liz was crying out with pleasure and thinking that she must be totally wanton and without shame to be enjoying watching their passion reflected in the mirror. Just as suddenly as her had pulled her up to him, Max lowered her back to her hands and knees. He was losing control now. He grasped her hips and roughly pulled her into him to meet his thrusts."Yes, Max, More, more!" Lizís hair had fallen over her face and she pushed it back so she could continue to watch their lovemaking. She brought one hand up to her nub and began to rub it wildly while resting on her other hand. Her breath was being forced out of her in grunts. Max had found her most sensitive spot. She couldnít believe the pleasure he was giving her. She felt him tighten. The vision of them in the mirror pushed her over the edge and her orgasm violently exploded and she cried his name. "Max!"

Her tightness and spasming around his shaft drove him over, too. "Argh, Liiiizzz!" he moaned as he collapsed on her and bit down on her shoulder as he pumped his release into her again and again.

Very, very slowly the shaking subsided. His sweat-drenched body still lie on top of her. He stroked her hair, and ran his hand down her shoulder and back then slowly rolled off her. They lay in each otherís arms, amazed at what had happened. Gently they planted small kisses on each otherís face and chests and whispered their love. They finally noticed the chill they were getting from the air on their sweat covered bodies. Max reached up and pulled the bedspread from Lizís bed and wrapped it around them. Physically exhausted and emotionally drained, they fell asleep, still wrapped in each otherís arms.

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