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"Twice in a Lifetime"
by Sineya
Disclaimer: Theyíre mine, mine, all mine!I wish, they really belong to those wonderful creators.. All but Seth, who is really all mine. Song and lyrics belong to the lovely and talented Sarah McLachlan
Summary: Buffyís always been different, so when she was told she was the slayer she was relieved, it answered her question of,"What am I?." Now in a Roswell, NM, she finds her real destiny, and learns that true love can happen twice in a lifetime.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: For all intents and purposes of this story, Iíd like those who read this story, to try and pretend that Michael and Angel look exactly the same, using Michael's image. No, I don't think they actually look alike, but for this story I'm gonna pretend.
Sunnydale, 2 months after Angelís death

Iím so sorry Angel. This was all my fault.

By loving you.....I killed you.

Mom and I, weíre leaving Sunnydale, I told Giles and he said the council is sending a new slayer.

I just canít stay here....everything reminds me of you.

Mom said we were going somewhere named Roswell, in New Mexico. She wants to move by the end of the summer, so I donít miss any more school.

I keep hoping it will be far enough away, so that I can start living again.

I am dead inside, here, but somehow I donít think moving is going to help.

Mom seems to think it will solve everything, She says that itíll help me get over you, and give my heart to someone else.

But how can you give something you donít have?

I might be leaving Sunnydale, but I canít leave you.

I will never forget your love.

I will never love another.

Buffy Summers stood up, and walked out of the mansion. Leaving it alone and quiet. She walked down the street, never once looking back..

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