FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Treat You Better"
Part 2
by NolaDarling
Disclaimer: I don’t own Michael, Maria, or Max although I wouldn’t mind being Maria in this fic.
Summary: This is response to a challenge issued by Em Michael and Maria are about to get it on when Max comes knocking on their door all uptight about his non-relationship w/Liz. M&M are still horny so they convince Max to let them help him, uh, relieve his tension :P
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: To Ianthe for pestering me to continue you this, and beta reading it for're the tops chica!! ;)
"You think?" Michael responded sarcastically. "Ouch!!" Michael yelped when Maria pinched his arm.

Maria could see the distress painted on Max's face and she automatically felt sorry for him. Actually, over the summer she had become rather used to feeling sorry for Max, having become close friends with him. At the moment he looked like a small child that just lost his best friend. She knew how confused and lost he was when it came to Liz. Her avoiding him was confusing him and making him even worse. She could tell that Liz was the reason why he had stormed into Michael's apartment, and hadn't noticed them rolling around on the floor nearly buck-naked.

Sure Liz was her best friend, but she had to admit she was being very stubborn and selfish. After everything that they had been through, and the fact that Max still very obviously cared for her, Liz still pushed him away. She figured it was a miracle that she and Michael had found their way back to each other and she was very grateful for that. As much as she had tried to convince Liz to take Max back, she had begun to think that it was a lost cause, and was now thinking of an even better way to get Liz off Max's mind. Besides, as horny and wet as she was, there was no way this was about to end with her and Michael talking to Max advising him on what to do. Since it looked as if Max had no intentions on leaving, she decided to make the best of the situation at hand

"Michael, sweetie," Maria cooed at Michael, batting her long eyelashes at him, gesturing for him to get off her.

Michael looked into Maria's eyes and smirked when he recognised the devilish grin he'd seen there the first time she'd tried to seduce him. He was never able to resist that sexy spark in her eyes and he knew whatever she was thinking involved something kinky and very unexpected.

"…And she doesn't seem to understand how much I love her. I mean I've told her over and over, destiny means nothing to me, she means everything and..." Max went on, his rambling filling the room.

Michael looked over at Max and rolled his eyes. 'Fine time for him to reach his crowning point of frustration about his non-love life when mine is just getting ready to get even more interesting,' Michael thought concentrating hard on not groaning out loud at being interrupted. He rolled off Maria and leaned against the couch, his shaking hands resting lightly on his knees.

Maria, still overcome with horniness, slithered across the floor in Max's direction and stared up at him on her knees. Max was still whining and certainly hadn't noticed the new position that Maria had taken in front of him.

Maria placed her hands on Max's knees, finally catching his attention, he looked down at her, uncertainty filling his dark eyes. If Max had been in his right mind he would've thought Maria was coming on to him. But that couldn't be possible, he told himself. Could it?

Max looked over at Michael for some idea of what Maria was up to, but he got no response. The next thing he knew Maria had smoothed her hands up his thighs. Max started to stay something, but Maria's fingers on his lips hushed him.

"Girlfriend, as much as I love and adore our friendship, I so don't care to hear you bitch and whine over Liz any longer," she said, her voice cajoling. "However, there 'is' something else I care do to," she purred, rising to her feet and whispering in his ear, her hot wet tongue caressing the sensitive lobe.

Max almost swallowed his tongue. He couldn't help the painful bulge that was forming behind his zipper. This wasn't supposed to be happening. He loved Liz, so why was he getting a hard on for her best friend?

This was all too sudden and surprising. He'd only come over to talk to Michael about his problems with Liz, instead Maria, his best friend's girlfriend, was doing her best to seduce him, with her boyfriend watching. The fact that Michael was just watching was freaking him out more than anything.

Maria kissed her way from Max's ear to his lips, taking them in a wet, demanding kiss. She pressed her tongue against his closed lips, a small sigh escaped when he finally opened his mouth and allowed her tongue entry. Max's thoughts swam and his vision blurred, Maria tasted different than Liz. Feeling hesitant when Maria's lips softened upon his, Max pulled away from her, but the expression on her face told him that she was nowhere near finished with him.

"Uh, Maria...what's going on?" Max questioned.

Michael would've laughed had the circumstances not been so damn erotic. Only moments before he'd wanted nothing more than to bury his rock-hard cock in Maria's tight, dripping wet, yearning cunt right there on his living room floor, that was, until Max barged in and interrupted them. The scene unfolding right before his eyes was turning him on more than he imagined and he was curious as to how far his little pixie would take this seduction.

Michael moved closer to the kissing couple, unclasped Maria's bra and pulled it from her soft, flushed body. Her rounded breasts sprang free from their constraints and Max's mouth began to water. He'd briefly explored Liz's naked body and it was so easy to see where Maria's body was different. Where Liz was lean, Maria's body was curved and sensual. Maria's nipples were a dark rose color and stood to attention like a cadet in the marines.

Maria gestured to him for the mix of lace and satin, a nod of her head in Max's direction showing him that she wanted her bra back, she had plans for it. Michael knelt down behind Maria, his hands still curled into the material of her bra, he raised one hand and cupped one tight buttock, kneading the firm flesh.

"I want it in a minute," Maria murmured to Michael. "First I need to make our guest a little more comfortable." Maria started to slowly strip Max of the first layer of his clothes, watching as item by item his whole body started to relax.

When Max was down to only his boxers, Maria requested the bra back from Michael. She moved forward straddling Max's lap.

Max almost lost his mind when he felt Maria's moist center graze his hardened cock. He couldn't find the words to protest her actions but was surprised when Maria began to speak. "Are you nervous?"

"Uhh..." Max swallowed. How did she expect him to respond?

"You shouldn't be. You're in good hands. I hope you didn't think you were gonna come in here and interrupt us and just leave. Tsk…tsk, Max I thought you were so much smarter than that."

Maria continued to massage Max's flexing chest muscles, chattering about how she'd never realized how well-built and muscular he was. Max could only wonder how Maria could talk about such inane things at a time like this. Max couldn't believe how nonchalant Michael and Maria were being. Maria leaned down and pressed her lips to Max's as Michael increased his stroking of her back and brought his hands up to her neck.

"Mmmm..." Maria moaned against Max's lips. Max was definitely enjoying Maria's impassioned kisses. Her lips were soft, juicy and sweet and there was no way he could hold back or hide the need he had to return the ardent caress. He knew he had finally found a reason to envy Michael Guerin, for there was no denying that Maria was Michael's and he couldn't resist the opportunity to kiss her, taste her, consume her.

"Now, first we need to put this," Maria lifted the bra to eye level, "where it should go." She rose up slightly and tied the bra behind his head, securing it across his eyes, successfully blocking out the light.

"Honey," Maria turned slightly to Michael, "tie his hands." Her voice was a purr in Max's ear. He started to shudder when he felt Michael's warm, callused fingers brush against him as his hands were securely tied with slightly rough rope that bit into the sensitive skin of his inner wrists. "This is going to be so much fun," Maria giggled, her hands stroking down his chest, brushing lightly across his responsive nipples before continuing on their journey down towards his hard cock.

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