FanFic - Other
"Treasures Found"
"The Prophecy"
Part 5
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to THE WB.
Summary: Claudia Parker discovers lost treasures not of this Earth when she and Liz are visiting the Chaco Canyons home to the Ancestral Pueblo-The Anasazi. Her granddaughter’s destiny is revealed when an alien artifact is found.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I tried to provide accurate information about Anasazi People trying not to take too many liberties so as not to offend. Enjoy.
The next day after school Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are walking towards the Jeep when they spot Liz getting into a car with Doug Shellow from Liz’s blind date. “Who is that with Liz?” from a gleeful Tess. “He’s kind of cute.” Max recognizes Doug and stares as they pull away before yelling at Tess, “Just get in the Jeep.” Michael and Isabel look at each other then at Max and proceed to get in the Jeep.

Liz had called Doug last night and apologized for what happened on their date and asked if he would help her with some research she was doing on the Anasazi. She also needed him to pick up some of her grandmother’s research papers and computer disks and bring them to Roswell as soon as possible. Mr. Evans had already arranged for them to be delivered to Liz but she was too anxious about what they could reveal that she had him let the University know that Doug would be picking them up.

After Liz and Doug grab a bite to eat at The Crashdown they go upstairs to her room to go over her grandmother’s papers and research data looking for the location of where the picture of Liz was taken. Doug takes this opportunity to tell Liz how much he admired her grandmother and how sorry he was for her lost.

He goes on to tell her that the Anasazi had no written language and some of the symbols that they used are still used by their descendents.

“Did they study the stars?” Liz tries to sound nonchalant as to not raise any suspicions.

“They used the sun, moon, and stars to create calendars of seasons but most early civilizations used the stars for a lot of things. Planting, harvest, religious and fertility rituals etc…” he is thumbing through one of the books and shows her a picture of several spiral petroglyps which tell of the different seasons. Liz recognizes the spiral etchings as similar to the pendant found at Atherton’s and exclaims, “Oh my God.”

“What?” as Doug is startled by Liz’s exclamation?

“Nothing, it’s just so amazing,” toning down her excitement. “Where exactly was this picture of me taken?” (Liz shows Doug the picture of herself next to the cliff drawing again.)

Doug looks through a couple of journals and shows Liz her grandmother’s notes on the location and a map on how to get there. “What is this all about Liz?

“It’s just that I miss my grandmother so much (which is the truth) and am feeling kind of nostalgic for the times we spent together.” and looks away hopeful that he believes her. All they need is for some upstart archaeologist snooping around.

Later that night Max is leaving the UFO Center when he sees Liz get out of Eddies truck. They talk for a few moments before she gets out and walk to her door. She unlocks the door and waves to Eddie that it’s okay for him to leave and he drives off.

Earlier today she was with “dog boy” and now Eddie drops her off. Max can’t see straight for the jealousy that consumes him at this moment. She hesitates before entering her house and looks over at the center as though she senses him there. He backs up into the shadows and is sure she doesn’t see him. But, his heart starts to pound and he could swear he smells her perfume, and remembers the smoothness of her skin and the passionate look in her eyes when they’ve stop short of consummating their love for each other.

Once inside the safely of the foyer Liz leans against the closed door. She knew he was there. She always knows when he is near. She knew he saw her get into Doug’s car earlier after school and hoped that he didn’t think that she was now seeing Doug.

“Soon, very soon, I’ll be able to tell him everything,” as she goes upstairs to another restless night consumed with dreams of Max.

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