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"Treasures Found"
"Make Me Whole"
Part 12
by Syndee Thomas
Disclaimer: The characters belong to THE WB.
Summary: Claudia Parker discovers lost treasures not of this Earth when she and Liz are visiting the Chaco Canyons home to the Ancestral Pueblo-The Anasazi. Her granddaughter’s destiny is revealed when an alien artifact is found.
Category: Other
Rating: PG
Authors Note: I tried to provide accurate information about Anasazi People trying not to take too many liberties so as not to offend. Enjoy.
Nancy Parker looks up from the inventory sheet that she has been checking to see her daughter framed in the doorway of the supply closet.

Mother and daughter look at each other for long moments not realizing what understandings passed between them without saying a word.

Her daughter is glowing and in that instant Nancy knows that her little girl is no longer her little girl.

“Liz honey, we thought you were staying at the lake the entire weekend.”

“I had planned to but something happened and I needed to talk to you and Dad. Do you think you guys can come upstairs for a family pow wow.”

Nancy rushes over to Liz and places her hands on her daughter’s shoulders and angles her toward the stairs.

“Jeff, finish up whatever you’re doing and come upstairs,” She yells over her shoulder to her husband who is talking to the AM cook.

Mother and daughter are sipping tea at the kitchen table in their apartment when Liz’s father enters the room, kisses his daughter on the top of the head and sits down in the chair next to his wife.

“Honey, when did you get back? We didn’t expect you until tomorrow.” He looks at his daughter with growing concern, “Is anything wrong? Nancy, Liz what’s going on?”

“Jeff, Liz wants to talk to us about something,” motions for him to sit down.

Liz gets up from her place at the table and starts to pace back and forth and wring at her hands. She struggles with what to say and decides to just be honest.

“Max came up to the lake yesterday,” she hesitates, looks at both of them confident that they will comprehend what she’s about to say next.

“We love each other and we were together last night.”

Jeff Parker starts to squirm in his chair and is about to say something when his wife stops him by placing her hand on top of his and quiets him with a look.

Nancy gets up from her chair and walks over to Liz never losing eye contact with her daughter and in one fluent motion pulls her into her arms. When she pulls away to cup Liz’s face in her hands they are both crying.

“Are you okay?” Nancy kisses Liz on her forehead before tucking a loose stray of hair behind her daughter’s ear.

Liz nods her head yes and wipes at the tears that stain her now flushed cheeks. “Mom, why are you crying?

“Because I knew it was only a matter of time before you and Max would want to express physically what you feel for each other. I’ve seen you together and he loves you so much. It’s rare that you find the love of your life so early.”

“I know that I told you that you didn’t have to lie about this to me and I’m glad that you came to us now. But, the mother in me was hoping that we could have talked about it before fait accommpli.”

Liz looks past her mother to her dad who has a forlorn look on his face.

“Dad,” as she walks over to him and places her arm around his shoulder and he automatically grabs her waist and pulls her into his arms. “Max and I are responsible and we didn’t leap into this blindly. We’ve talked about our feelings and concerns and how our families will react. We love you too much to lie and deceive you about this. If we continued on that line then what we share would be tainted and become sordid.”

He looks up at her and is reminded of his mother. “You sound like your grandmother. She knew the second she met my dad that they were soul mates.”


“Mom…Dad, I didn’t stay at Michael’s last night. I was in Santa Rosa with Liz at her grandmothers lake house.” He sighs and continues, “We love each other and we were together…hmm you know…together.”

“Max.” She hesitates before continuing, “I know you love each other but do you think you are ready for a physical relationship?” His mother asks looking from him to his father.

“Mom, it’s not just physical. I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her for the first time in the third grade.” He gets a whimsical look in his eyes as he remembers.

Mr. Evans walks over to where Max is standing and states, “Love at first sight is a very romantic notion son but you are still very young and you have your whole life ahead of you.”

“Yes, a life that includes Liz.” Max insists stubbornly.

Diane Evans joins her husband and son and gently touches her husband’s arm and steps between them.

“Max, why are you telling us this? What do you want from us?” His mother asks.

“I want the most important people in my life to know what I’m feeling. I don’t want to be ashamed of my feelings for Liz or to have to lie and hide these feelings from our families.” His words are a blend of anger and hurt.

Max’s voice breaks a little as he continues. “Liz and I will never disrespect you or flaunt our physical relationship in front of you. But, we won’t lie about it either, it means too much to both of us to turn it into something dirty.

“Do the Parker’s know about this?” Mr. Evans says suddenly.

“Liz is telling them right now.” He watched both of them for a reaction.

“We like Liz and hope that the maturity you’ve shown us in trusting us enough to tell us the truth is the same maturity that you use in accepting the responsibility that comes with your decision to pursue a physical relationship.” Max’s father let out a long sigh as he puts his arm around his wife who nods her agreement.

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