FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Tonight, Tonight"
Part 3
by Kit
Disclaimer: The characters of Roswell do not belong to me. Suing me would only result in a very bitchy day in court.
Summary: Sex. Sex. More sex. Angst. Make-up sex.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: What prompted me to write this story was my friend Court and I sitting around saying, you know, there are plenty of UC Michael/Liz stuff, but no Max/Maria. So she wrote a fluffy fic, and I begged her to make it serious, because it was so good, but she refused. So I had to do it! And this is the result.
The night began dark and stormy. A perfect setting for a perfect day. Okay, that last part was pure sarcasm. It was the worst fucking day imaginable. I had to be at the salon at four, the bakery at four thirty, and then back to my house by five to get ready for what I knew would be the most hellacious Christmas party that would ever grace our fair memories. But Max would be there, and Max, Max made it all worth it.

I was sure now that I loved him, more than I ever thought I could love someone so attached and entwined with my best friend, and my worst enemy. Why did Tess get to have him, and not Liz? Why not me, for that matter? Why did Tess get to have the happy ending?

Sitting at my vanity, it was all a matter of pink eye shadow or brown? Silk or satin? Diamonds or pearls? Dress; black or green? Finally, I chose a black satin cocktail dress and a string of pearls that was given to me by my great grandmother on my eighteenth birthday. My black satin pumps were probably dusting over in the closet; I mused as I picked pink pearl earrings to complete the ensemble. I snarled at myself in the mirror—oh, very lovely, Maria—and thought angrily about how I hating dressing up like this.

Slowly, I eased myself into my window seat and watched it rain, waiting for the flood to let up just a little.

* * *

Tess and I pulled up to Michael’s house and I grudgingly walked to her side and opened her door for her, holding the umbrella over her head while we hurried for the door.

Isabel opened the door, barely pregnant, and looking very slim in a black velvet column dress that swished around her ankles gracefully. She’d managed to get Michael into a coat and tie, and I saw from the mirror across the room that I looked much better than her husband did.

“Isabel,” I greeted her warmly, lifting her into my arms and kissing her. Tess received a slightly colder reception. In fact, no one greeted her at all. My parents were already there, looking slightly uncomfortable when Tess sat next to them on the couch. I knew Mom and Dad wouldn’t stay long, but it was important to Isabel that they were there.

I pulled Isabel inside the kitchen, handing her a bottle of red wine. “I…uh, did something dumb, Isabel. In fact, I’m starting to regret it already,” I admitted as she uncorked the bottle. “I, uh, I invited Maria to come tonight,” I cringed as I waited for an inevitable harangue.

“God, Max…what have you done?” Isabel was already upset as she turned away from the drinks.

“What? I'm sorry--I thought it would be nice…”

“Max!” Isabel sighed in exasperation. “How could you be so…careless?”

“I’m sorry, Isabel,” I made immediate apology.

“As if things weren’t bad enough as it is!” Isabel’s low, deep voice resonated through my brain. Bad, bad, bad. The doorbell rang and Isabel glared at me hopelessly. I hurried for the foyer, but Tess had already opened the door. She’d apparently had been holding a bowl of peanuts, because the nuts and broken glass were scattered all over the floor.

Michael had been close behind, and wine was spilled on the hardwood floor, which he was mopping up helplessly with a napkin and the toe of his shoe. Maria was looking as glorious as she has ever looked before. She smiled brightly, turning her face towards mine as I helped her out of her coat. We shared a secret smile, and I brushed a thumb across her jaw. I pressed it into the soft cushion of her lip, and her tongue leapt out to touch it, and then darted back in.

I shuddered with lust, and then took reign over the hormones that were surging beneath my belt. I backed away and placed her coat in the front closet, as she stood like a fallen angel on the stairs leading down to the living room from the foyer. I envisioned her more holy than I’d ever had before—a blond angel spreading her arms like they were wings and exalting the heavens for all to know.

We’ll crucify the insincere tonight, tonight…
The impossible is possible tonight, tonight
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight

She eased down into the living room, crossing over to greet my parents like a lamb being led to the slaughter. Maria didn’t know them well, but age had softened her, tamed her in a way. She wasn’t perfect, but her manners were impeccable now as she stood before them. My parents smiled graciously, and I saw them shoot glances at one another that clearly expressed their desire to leave. The tension in the air between the five of us was so thick that it was making everyone noticeably uncomfortable. The crucifixion has begun…get your tickets right over here, folks!

Time and circumstance had molded Isabel into the perfect lady, and as such, she deemed it her position to pick up the conversation, and offer Maria some wine, which Maria politely accepted. Isabel escaped with Maria to the kitchen. Tess finally began a conversation with my dad, so Michael felt comfortable pulling me aside into the study, where he closed the door and leaned against it, sighing.

“Max, what in the hell are you trying to do?”

“You, of all people, are blaming *me* for my mistakes?” I asked, only slightly amused.

“It was stupid, Max. Maria doesn’t belong here—not anymore,” Michael almost ripped the tie off of his throat.

“It’ll be okay, Michael. It’s just a sit-down dinner, not the end of the world,” I reminded him patiently.

“Max, things aren’t good between me and Isabel right now,” Michael finally said. “She’s just going to take this the wrong way.”

“Isabel knows that *I* invited Maria. What’s going on between you and Is?” I asked, in defense of my sister.

“We’re just not happy, Maxmillian. Like you said, it’s not the end of the world. But I think Isabel wants to be with someone else. I think she may be cheating on me, Max.”

“Isabel would never do that, Michael,” I protested.

“Yeah, well desperation makes us all a little crazy,” he retorted hotly.

“I think you just need to calm down, and try to look at this rationally,” I offered.

“Well, I think you need to get Maria the hell out of here!”

“I said no, Michael!”

“She doesn’t belong here!”

“I want her here!” I finally lost control, and grabbed a stack of papers on the edge of the desk, shoving them to the floor. Michael looked dumbfounded, and as we turned our heads to the door, we saw Maria standing there, mouth agape.

“I have to go,” she backed out of the room, and turned on her heel for the door. She didn’t bother taking her coat, but instead hurried down the front walk in the rain. I watched from the glass in the door as she ran for her car.

I tore through the closet and retrieved both of our coats, slamming the front door behind me. I took the car, and drove straight to her house. She was already in the bedroom, pulling off her soaking wet clothes when I burst into the room.

She’d already worked herself up into tears, which only doubled when she saw me standing there, wild and ragged. I breathed heavily, shoving her coat into her armchair.

“You forgot your coat,” I gasped blindly.

“That’s not all I forgot,” Maria’s laugh was anything but amused. “I forgot what an uncomfortable situation that was. I forgot my good judgment, and I forgot how much Michael hurt me over the years. I forgot a lot of things when I left this house tonight, Max.”

“I want to be with you,” I urged, coming towards her.

“Max, you have a wife—and a home…have you forgotten that?” Maria narrowed her eyes, accusatory.

“I don’t love Tess,” I reminded her.

“But you married her, Max. You made a mistake, and now you have to pay the consequences.”

“May all the consequences be as beautiful as you, then,” I replied, determined not to lose this fight.

“Oh, Max,” she collapsed on the bed, defeated. I came to sit next to her. I hear a deep sob rise in her throat, and I started taking off my clothes. I was down to my boxers before I pulled her down on top of me.

“Make love to me, Maria. Make us both happy tonight, God, please,” I begged.

Maria didn’t say much, but instead placed her head on my chest, and together, we breathed.

* * *

At two o’clock, I awoke with a start. In the mirror across from the bed, I saw my tousled head rise, looking for the red numerals on the digital clock. I rose from bed and moved towards the bathroom. I sighed heavily as I sat down on the edge of my tub. It was a nice, large tub, perfect for sharing with a lover, or husband. And yet I had no one to share it with.

I placed my tired head in my hands, wondering what in the hell my problem was. My problem was simple, truth to be told. My problem wasn’t Michael, or Isabel, or Tess, or even Liz. My problem was Max. I always knew my heart was ready, and sure, and when I entered into this affair, I knew, deep in my heart of hearts, that I would fall in love with him. I just didn’t expect it to be so quickly. Max had me from the minute he chased me home tonight and stormed into this room. He argued desperately in his defense, but the truth was, I didn’t need much convincing. I drew myself a low, hot bath, washing away the make-up on my face, and the hairspray that tangled my hair into place. I sighed and sluiced the water over my bare shoulders, rolling my neck to ease the tension built along my shoulder blades. I couldn’t stop myself from crying when it occurred to me that Max would eventually leave me. Even I had given up hope of him ever going home to another planet, but Max had a wife, and no obligations to me on this one, and that was all that mattered.

I pressed my hot cheek against the cool tile, and eventually, the tile wasn’t cool enough to soothe my burning skin. I silently begged for an answer. Please God, give me the answer. Tell me how to soothe my burning heart.

From the doorway, Max stood, magnificently aroused. I dropped my eyes, forcing myself to look away. Max sat on the toilet seat, watching me bathe.

“There’s a copy of the Voyeur’s Monthly on the back of the tank there,” I finally managed, gesturing towards the toilet, without looking at him.

“It’s my favorite periodical,” Max joked back, then became somber. “Maria.”

“Don’t, Max, please, don’t,” I begged. “Just come get in with me.”

Max eased into the water across from me, cringing when he felt the heat of the water pierce his skin. “Damn, that’s hot. No wonder you’re so nice and pink.”

His words were like magic to my head, to my heart. I spread my legs to the sides of the tub, and beckoned him to come to me. He eased over on top of my body, covering me, and kissing me desperately. He eased my knees over his shoulders and I forgot my discomfort as he nipped and pinched at my nipples. Finally, he eased into my body and entered the private place between my thighs.

Slowly, he inched his erection into my wet, tight body. I gripped the planes of his shoulders as he rammed home hard. I felt the cold porcelain digging into my back as he withdrew, and slammed hard again.

“Jesus, Max!” I screamed. The water was sloshing over the side of the tub like miniature tidal waves, wetting the sterile, white tile floor. He rubbed my clit impatiently between his thumb and his forefinger. Whimpering, I writhed underneath him. More water went over the sides of the tub, and Max climbed out, easing himself onto his knees on the floor. Using his upper body strength, he lifted me out of the water, and sat me down hard, on my bottom, on the floor. The hot water from the bath under me was quickly turning cold as he jerked my knees apart.

I felt him come home again, piercing me like a silver sword. I grabbed his ass firmly, holding him into place as he pumped in and out, sending chills of pleasure up my spine as he brushed my clit with his cock. Soon enough, he was pounding me into the floor, and every thrust against my clit had me screaming for mercy, for release. He was savagely holding onto my breasts, pinching my nipples, hard, and without fail. I arched against him as I felt him take it into his mouth and suck furiously. He met my mouth and a strangled cry rose in my throat as he sucked on my tongue.

“I love you, God, I love you,” he gasped, as his latest thrust caused him to climax uncontrollably, spurting inside of me, spilling his seed into the most dark and deep place in my body. With one last shudder, he collapsed on top of me, thrusting into me one last time. I exploded in orgasm against him, gasping into his skin.

“I love you too, Max,” I finally whispered. Not long after that, he pulled me off of the freezing floor, and wrapped me up in one of my huge terrycloth towels, and laid more towels on the floor to soak up the water and the evidence of our passion.

“My back is going to kill me tomorrow,” I groaned, crawling blindly back into bed. “Remind me next time that sex on a tile floor is a big no-no.”

“Oh, come on, baby,” Max coaxed, nuzzling my ear as he spooned by body in his. “Now no one has to sleep in the wet spot.”

we'll crucify the insincere tonight
we'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
we'll find a way to offer up the night tonight
the indescribable moments of your life tonight
the impossible is possible tonight
believe in me as I believe in you, tonight

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