FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Tongue Almighty"
Part 1
by NolaDarling
Disclaimer: I don't own Michael and Maria, although I wouldn't mind holding Michael close to my bosom LOL
Summary: PWP, no plot, no aliens, just smut. No spoilers, it doesn't occur before or after a certain episode it's just smut.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Dedication: To Raye, this would be rubbish without your grammar sense.
"Maria?" Michael whispered in Maria's ear as she slept peacefully beside him. "Maria? You awake?"

"Uhhh," Maria grunted and through her arm across Michael's chest pushing him back onto the bed.

It was 4:30am and Michael had been woken from a very erotic dream. He was sweating bricks, totally aroused. Maria had come home from work complaining about aching limbs and a headache. She was really tired and had soaked in a warm bath then gone straight to bed.

Michael lay there for a minute trapped under Maria's arm thinking about his dream and he smiled. Maria stirred and he looked over and saw her smirk. 'What is she dreaming about?' he wondered.

Maria turned on her side facing Michael and threw her leg across him, effectively trapping him under her. He could hear her mumbling, but couldn't quite make out what she was saying. He could see she was smiling and the way that she was rubbing against him made him more than positive that she was thinking about him.

Her body was warm, soft and smooth as a baby's bottom and Michael's erection grew. He suddenly possessed an overwhelming need to stroke every inch of her body with his tongue. He needed desperately to taste her. Not that he hadn't many times before, but her being asleep and oblivious to what was going on outside of her dream was very enticing.

Michael turned over on his side, careful not to wake her and brushed his finger over her lips. They were soft and slightly puckered as if she were kissing him in her dream. He abruptly wondered what it would be like for her to feel two of him possessing her body. The real him and the dream him.

Michael moved in and massaged the back of her neck. He moved closer and placed very soft gentle kisses along the line of her chin. When Michael licked along the crease separating her chin from her neck, Maria chuckled. Michael looked at her and saw she was still in slumber. It was obvious she believed everything she was feeling was in her dream. He took that as a good sign that if he kissed her, she wouldn't wake up.

Michael licked her bottom lip and parted her lips more with his tongue. His tongue slid deeper into her mouth not really kissing her just exploring her sweet mouth. Feeling her warmth as his body descended upon hers he thought about how much he wanted her. He continued to explore the deep recesses of her mouth and she moaned under the passionate assault.

"Mmm....Maria you taste like…" he paused and plunged his tongue inside her mouth again. When he pulled away from her mouth he licked his lips and nuzzled her angelic face with his nose.

He pushed the straps of her night gown down her shoulders and watched as she wiggled out of it. For a second Michael was sure that she had woken, but one glance at her peaceful face told him she was still deep in Morpheus.

Maria rolled over onto her back and placed her hand behind her head still smiling, still completely asleep.

Michael moved down licking every inch from both her shoulders down the center of her chest. He tongue kissed her breast around her nipples avoiding direct contact with the hard pebble.

Maria whimpered and pulled his head closer to her chest. Michael could feel her arch her back pushing the soft mounds closer to his mouth. He was more than happy to oblige her need and engulfed her entire nipple, areola and all, into his mouth. He sucked and licked furiously at the hardened pebble.

When he looked up at Maria her face was a picture of pure ecstasy. Her eyes were still closed but he was sure she couldn't possibly still be sleep. He smoothed his tongue over her skin, circling her other breast, then gave it the same treatment as he had the other. He flickered his tongue over the sensitive skin, making her body tingle and the heat in the pit of her stomach rise.

"Oooh Michael...oh yes..." Maria's speech was slurred. She was so hot, Michael's tongue almost burned.

Turning her around, his tongue never leaving her body, Michael pushed her arms out to the side of her body.

He caressed her lower back with his tongue as she squirmed and snuggled into the pillow. Maria started to grind her hips against the hard mattress trying to relieve the stirring in her center.

Michael straddled her legs and held her hips still as he continued to torture her, running his tongue up and down her spine, kissing, licking and sucking her skin. When he finally reached the nape of her neck he nuzzled the sensitive skin. His tongue snaked into her ear as he massaged her hips with his warmed hands. The silky material of her panties felt good against his skin but he thought of something that he knew felt even better. He dragged the satin panties down her taut buttocks and dragged his tongue along her spine following the satin. He kissed each of her smooth ass cheeks before starting to attack them with his tongue, sucking the soft skin into his mouth, releasing it with a pop. Maria gripped the pillow and pushed her hips into the mattress more urgently.

"Oh...oh Michael...OH GOD PLEASE!!! More...more...mmmmmm...ooohhh." Feeling Maria's need for more, Michael rolled her over onto her back, his tongue delving into her damp blonde curls. He could smell her lust and began to drool like a bloodthirsty vampire. Her skin tasted like honey and a sprinkling of spice.

Maria still had her face buried in her elbow, the pleasure of Michael's touch overwhelming her. Michael reached up and gingerly straightened her body without waking her. When her body was aligned he began to slowly lick around her belly button making her shiver in anticipation. He focused on it for what seemed like forever. Of course in her mind she was dreaming, so him taking his time wasn't a dilemma, they had all the time in the world.

Michael gripped Maria's hips and pressed his fingers into her skin as he dipped his tongue in and out of her navel. His grip on her body was so strong he left red fingerprints on her skin. When he noticed the prints he licked each set on her hips, making her squeal, wishing he would move further south, but he had other plans, plans to lick every bit of her body. Maybe admiring some parts more than others, but careful to taste every last inch of her.

He lifted her leg and licked a path from her upper thigh right down to the tip of her big toe. He sucked her big toe into his mouth, then traced another path down the inside of her leg nibbling and swirling his tongue in circles up to the apex of her thighs, his nose rubbing against the curls covering her wet pussy.

When he moved away from her to stroke his tongue over her other leg, a primal growl escaped Maria's lips. Had her eyes not been closed, he would have seen their passion-filled hazel-depths roll back in pleasure.

Michael's hot velvet tongue continued to work wonders on Maria's body nearly pushing her to the edge of the cliff of ecstasy. Coming towards the end of his exploration of her body with his tongue, Michael looked up and realized that Maria had inched her body all the way down to the foot of the bed and he was kneeling on the floor in front of her. His dick was pressing into the bed, sending him almost mad, almost causing him to cum all over the skirt. He then wondered what dream Michael was doing to Maria. Was the dream Michael savoring and worshipping her body in the same ways as the real him was? To be totally honest, that wasn't something he really wanted to know about. Silly as it sounded he was jealous of his dream self. He really wanted to outdo the dream him, so that Maria could remember nothing but reality. He then realized that she'd probably be too far into her dreams to really know the difference.

The liquid of Maria's lust had drawn a damp path down the bed as she inched and the sweet scent had soaked into the sheets causing the smell of her arousal to intensify. Michael rested his face in between her thighs and inhaled, sucking her juices from the sheet. Regardless of what else was on the sheets, the only thing he could taste was Maria.

Michael drew his tongue up to her dripping wet folds and flattened it against her clit, causing Maria to stretch her arms up above her head and crush her pussy into his face. He could taste her heated spicy arousal as it flowed from her into his mouth. The sweetness was overwhelming and he sucked forcefully at her lower lips wanting to drain her of every drop. He curled his tongue around her clit and gently bit it, his teeth grazing the hidden pearl causing her legs to shiver.

Using his fingers to open her up more to him, Michael stared at the small hard nubbin. She was as pink as cotton candy and tasted just as sweet. He admired the bundle of nerves that would soon cause her to explode into orgasm and readied his long moist tongue to enter her tight passage. They'd been intimate many times before, but Maria was always tight. No matter how much he stretched her she always seemed to remain tight as a virgin. That fact alone made Michael wild. He never questioned how she managed it, but he was grateful, because it made every time they made love feel like the very first.

Using his tongue, he licked the traces between her pussy and upper thigh back and forth her desire seeping from her twisting and lashing body to him. Just seeing her like this, lethargic and warm twitching her body under his ministrations always seemed to gratify him more than he ever thought was possible. He lapped at her sweet pussy lips and inserted his tongue inside her taking a deep suck at her walls. He caressed her slick walls with tongue loving the friction her walls created against his lips and tongue as he sucked. Not only were her legs shivering, but her whole body started to shake and he could feel her walls clenching around his tongue as his nose caressed her clit. He continued stroking inside her with deep and long stokes of his strong smooth tongue until he looked up and actually saw her eyes rolling around underneath her eyelids.

"AAAAHHHHHHH GGGGOD," Maria's legs squeezed around Michael's head as she rode out her orgasm and he continued his tantalizing strokes making sure that he caught all the fluid that she released with every contraction, letting it slide sweetly down his throat until she came down.

Michael felt a sticky wetness against his now limp dick and looked down to see that he had indeed cum against the bed. He was too drained to even care, besides, with the pleasure-filled smile painted on his lover's face the situation couldn't really get any better. He was sure that Maria was still deep in oblivion, seeing as her eyes were still closed, her breathing deep and even, she didn't even seem to be aware of her surroundings.

Maria rolled onto her side and Michael crawled up to her delicately easing them back to the top of the bed feeling the sleep threatening to take over his body and mind. She whimpered in her sleep and threw her arms around Michael's shoulders moving in closer to him.

Michael brushed a blonde strand of her hair behind her ear and nuzzled his body into hers. He welcomed the comfort and warmth of her body making him feel as if he were enveloped in a heated blanket snoozing on a bed of clouds.


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