FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"Through Space and Time"
Part 4a
by Nikitafehr
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Roswell or the show, they are the property of the WB and all those other people.....unfortunately. I do however proudly own the Montaks, Deltarians and the whole of Nargonia. I am sooo rich...NOT!
Summary: This is my take on Maria being faced with losing Michael to his home planet.
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: Hope you enjoy and would really appreciate any sort of feedback.
Michael watched them leave before bringing his gaze back to the angel sleeping in his bed with her face buried in his chest. He looked longingly at her wishing he didnít have to leave her for even a minute. He resisted the urge to pull the sheet back and touch her silky skin. "Think of it this way Guerin" he said to himself, "the sooner you get rid of Max and Isabel the sooner youíll be able to return to Maria". Having to satisfy himself with that thought for now Michael placed one last kiss on her temple before easing himself out of the bed.

"Where are you going?" Michael turned surprised to hear her voice. She was still half-asleep and hadnít opened her eyes.

Michael leaned back over and kissed her gently on the forehead. "Just to get us some breakfast baby. Now go back to sleep."

Maria was too tired to argue so she snuggled back into the pillows.

Content that she was asleep again Michael reluctantly left their bed and hunted around for his pants.


Isabel and Max were sitting on the couch in the living room when Michael came out of the bedroom sporting a pair of crumpled black jeans and nothing else. He wasnít happy at being separated from Maria that much was obvious.

"This had better be good you two". He said before flopping himself down into the single chair opposite Max and Isabel.

Isabel took a deep breath. "Okay. Um..well Iíve thought long and hard about this over the last couple of days Michael and I know itís the right choice for me..."

"Whatís the right choice for you?" Michael interrupted impatiently.

"Well if you would let me finish, Iíll tell you." Okay itís now or never, she thought to herself. "Iíve decided that ÖIím, umÖ" Just spit it out Isabel. "Iím not going back to Nargonia with you." She held her breath and waited for his avalanche of words.

"Youíre joking right?" Michael looked from one to the other waiting for them to start laughing but their silence confirmed this was no joke. "Oh my God! You canít be serious. Have you lost your mind Isabel? Maxwell, you agree with this?" He shouted. Michael couldnít believe what he had just heard. He had always known Isabel would find it hard to leave her parents if they ever did get the chance to go home but he never thought that would actually be enough to make her stay.

"Just calm down Michael. You know I donít agree, but itís not my decision to make and itís certainly not yours. Isabel has explained her reasons for staying and I understand why she feels the way she does." Max knew this was hard for his sister and he didnít want Michael making her feel any worse.

"Well I think you better make me understand Isabel because I donít have a fucking clue! Is this about your parents again?"

She was prepared for this. Michael would never understand her relationship with her parents because heíd never experienced it for himself. She didnít let his accusing gaze intimidate her. "As a matter of fact, Michael it is. Itís going to be hard enough for them to lose Max let alone the both of us. I canít do that to them Michael, I wonít. Theyíve been good to us and deserve better than waking up one morning to discover both of their children have disappeared without a trace. Do you have any idea how much that would ruin their lives? At least if I stay, theyíre loss wonít be so great." As she said this Isabel began to think that maybe she could get away with letting Michael believe her parents were the only reason for her staying. Michael knew she was seeing Alex but he was so wrapped up in Maria lately it was possible he didnít truly understand how serious their relationship had become. As she watched Michael eye her suspiciously she knew she was stupid if she thought he would let her off the hook that easily. She inwardly cursed the newfound connection they shared. She was probably giving off Alex vibes to him right now.

"Thatís not the only reason is it? Youíre hiding something from me Isabel." Michael watched Isabel avert her eyes from his own, instead choosing to focus her attention on the rug ruffle she was nudging nervously with her foot. He wondered what else could possibly be keeping her here, away from her real mother and her real home. His mind kept coming back to Alex for some strange reason and he didnít know why. "They werenít that serious were they?" He asked himself. There was only one way he was going to find out. Confront her head on. "Itís Alex isnít it? Is he pressuring you to stay Isabel? If he is Iíll Ö."

"Is it so hard to believe that she could actually stay for love Michael?"

Everyone looked in the direction of the new voice to see Maria emerging from the bedroom. She looked to be wearing one of Michaelís shirts. It practically swam on her, the sleeves so long they hid her hands from view.

Maria had woken to the sound of Michael yelling and couldnít help but overhear the rest of their conversation. She knew that Michaelís decision to leave had nothing to do with him not loving her but sometimes her mouth had a mind of itís own. As she made her way over to them she smiled warmly at Isabel and Max, giving them a wink before looking back to Michael and asking the question again. "Well is it?"

The double meaning to what Maria said didnít go unnoticed by Michael and he gave her a hurt look. "I thought I told you to go back to sleep."

"Since when did you become the boss of me Mr Guerin? Besides" she said eyeing him accusingly, "I thought you said you were getting breakfast? Isabel and Max donít exactly look like breakfast to me spaceboy. You should have told me we had company."

Isabel couldnít begin to explain how thankful she was for Mariaís interruption but the last thing she wanted to do was cause an argument between the couple. She realized there was no need to worry though as she watched Maria wonder over to Michaelís side before scruffing his hair with her hand. Michael wrapped his arm around her legs before pulling her into his lap.

Maria smiled at Michael and encircled her arms around his neck. "Hey", she said.

"Hey yourself." Michael replied before they both moved in for a long and passionate good morning kiss to rival all others, much to the discomfiture of Max and Isabel.

Isabel and Max looked at each other before letting their eyes roam anywhere but on Maria and Michael. "At least she managed to calm him down." Isabel thought to herself.

Here we go again Max thought. Why wasnít he used to this by now? Once these two locked lips of late it was all on for young and old. Other than making him feel completely uncomfortable it only managed to make him think about Liz all the more. He cleared his throat in an effort to get their attention again before saying, "Were you two thinking of coming up for air any time this century?"

Michael and Maria reluctantly separated and continued to look into each otherís eyes before finally turning their attention back to Max and Isabel.

Isabel started to think that this would be a good time to try and make a run for it. Standing to leave she said, "You know, maybe we should be going now anyway Max. We can talk more about this latÖ."

"Whoa, not so fast Isabel." Michaelís full attention had returned to the matter at hand. "You didnít answer my question and your not leaving until you do."

Isabel rolled her eyes and sat back down. "Fine. If you must know Michael, yes, Alex is a major part of the reason Iíve decided to stay behind and to be honest I donít care what you think about it. I love him more than I ever thought possible and Iím not about to lose him for anything. Donít think that this was an easy decision for me to make Michael. It was far from it. I íve been waiting for this moment to come along my entire life just as you have, and after all these years spent waiting, never did I once think that when this moment actually arrived I would turn it down, until now and until Alex. Please try and see things as I do even just for a minute. Itís different for you and Max in the sense that when you go back you both have important purposes to serve. Max is the king and our people need his leadership. Michael, youíre at the head of the entire Deltarian army. What sort of role do I play in all of that? The answer is none. Nothing of importance anyway. Our real mother never once mentioned how it would help if I went back as well."

Max saw the tears forming in Isabelís eyes and moved over on the couch to place his arm around her shoulders. "She shouldnít have had to Isabel. Youí re her daughter and you are just as important to her as you are to our people. I donít doubt that for one second and you shouldnít either. Iím sure you will find that your position will be of great importance once we return."

Isabel tried to smile for Maxís benefit. "Thanks Max, I appreciate what you are trying to say but you didnít let me finish. I donít want either one of you to think that Iím staying behind just because Iím jealous of the fact that both of you are of greater importance to our people than I am, because thatís not the case. I have just come to realize as Iím sure you will, that our world will carry on regardless even if I donít return andÖwell, to be honest, that doesnít upset me as much as I thought it would. In a way itís made my decision that much easier to make. I know our mother loves me Max, I do, and sheís the reason Iím crying now, not because of some stupid ego trip. Itís killing me to think that I could be missing out on my only real chance of ever meeting her, but Iíve made my decision and Iím prepared to live with that." Isabel paused before looking back to Michael. "Michael, you and Max are the ones most needed by our people at the moment, not me, and I think deep down you both know that, just as I know that together you will be strong enough to overcome the Montaks and give our people their freedom. That much I am sure of."

"You donít think that youíre going to regret this Isabel?" Michael had been silent until now.

"Maybe I will, but thatís a chance Iím willing to take. Iím happy with my life here Michael and Alex is a big part of that now. I canít leave him and I donít want to. Thatís just the way I feel and nothing you say will change that. Youíve heard my reasons, now I hope you can understand the choice I have made."

Maria was just as surprised as Michael was. She had totally underestimated the extent of Isabelís feelings for Alex. Giving up what could possibly be the only chance of getting back to her home planet for love was extremely brave and Maria truly admired Isabelís courage. She was also inwardly grateful that Alex wouldnít have to deal with losing her. The poor guy had been head over heels in love from the first moment he set eyes on her and nothing had managed to change that. Now it seemed that Isabel was finally returning those feelings, and in double doses no less in her attempts to make up for all the times she had pushed him away. Maria was starting to think she wasnít so bad after all.

When Michael didnít look like he was going to say anything Maria got up from his lap and made her way over to Isabel to give her a hug. "I think itís great Isabel. Iím glad youíre staying but you do know that we wonít be able to wipe the smile off of Alexís face for about a year now, maybe more." This made them both giggle because they knew in Alexís case that wasnít far from the truth.

Isabel was grateful for Mariaís support and was starting to realize just how much she had grown to like her. She hoped that they could become good friends now that she was staying and sensed that Maria was thinking the same thing.

Michael watched Maria give Isabel a hug before she came back to stand by his side. He looked up at her from his position on the couch and she had a "say something" look on her face so he did. "I guess I can understand your reasons for staying Isabel but I still donít think itís the right thing to do. From what weíve learnt about our destiny you were meant to come with us and there has to be a good reason for that."

"I donít think so Michael, I meanÖnot now anyway. You know as well as I do we havenít exactly followed that destiny down to a tee to begin with and that in itself changes everything. Maybe our people thought that the love we shared in our past lives was what made you such a great warrior, and maybe thatís why they wanted us to love one another again in this life, because they thought that would help you defend them better."

"You mean like the old saying Ďbehind every great man is an even greater womaní?" Maria asked.

"Exactly! But we all know that isnít going to happen. Michael, you love Maria and I have no intention of loving anyone else but Alex. So, as far as I can see there is no real reason why I have to go back."

Michael had to admit he hadnít thought of that and strangely enough it actually did make some sense. "Okay, Okay, so maybe your right Izz." He reluctantly admitted. "I want you to be happy and as long as youíre sure this is the right thing for you to do then Iím not going to argue anymore."

"Thank you for understanding Michael. It means a lot to me. The last thing I wanted was for us to part on bad terms and trust me, I wouldnít be doing this if I didnít believe in it completely." Isabel couldnít wait to go and see Alex. Maybe now he would finally let himself be happy and she could catch a glimpse of that yearlong smile Maria had mentioned earlier.

Maria could see how happy Michaelís approval had made Isabel and she squeezed his shoulder supportively. She knew how hard it was for him to admit he was wrong and she was proud of him for doing so.

Michael smiled up at Maria as she squeezed his shoulder and began lightly trailing his hand up and down the back of her bare thigh lovingly in response. He knew she was probably shocked he had given up so easily but he really had meant what he said. He wanted Isabel to be happy. God knows he and Max probably werenít going to experience any happiness when they got back home so why should she have to suffer as well. Two moping lovesick aliens were more than enough.

Isabel watched this exchange of affection between the couple and knew they wanted to be alone together. "Well, I guess we should leave you two alone now. I kinda promised Alex I would go see him after I had been to see you, and Max has to pick up Liz. There going to double check that the eclipse our mother was talking about really is this Saturday."

"Yeah, we donít exactly want to miss the bus so to speak." Said Max.

Michael reluctantly removed his hand from Mariaís thigh and stood to see them out. "Mearlaan said the ship would arrive the day after the eclipse right?"

"Thatís right." Max confirmed. "She didnít give us a specific time so I think weíre going to have to camp out near the cave for most of Sunday to be sure we can get away quickly. As soon as that ship lands we need to be on it."

"Okay but keep me posted. Let me know if anything comes up before we leave." Michael said.

Maria watched them converse in silence. She didnít want to hear this. Not when that word she had come to dread so much kept popping upÖleave. It was all starting to sound too real again and she leaned into Michael now standing at her side.

Michael turned to face Maria and pulled her into a hug. He could see the strain on her face. He knew how much she hated to hear anything to do with them leaving. She was coping by blocking it out and this wasnít helping her. Rubbing his nose against hers he said, "Why donít you go back to bed babe, your still tired."

"Only if you come with me." She said her voice barely above a whisper before standing on her tiptoes to meet his lips.

Max and Isabel gave each other a knowing look and started to make their way to the front door. Max held it open for Isabel and was about to tiptoe out himself when Michael called him back.

"MaxÖwait...Iím not finished with you just yet." Michael deliberately tried to make his voice sound angry. Michael had seen how worried Max was earlier about intruding on Maria and himfor the second time and he couldnít blame him. Not after what he had Ďaccidentallyí done to Max in reaction to his intrusion the first time. He wasnít about to throw Max across the room again, that really had been an accident in the heat of the moment but he couldnít resist the urge to play with him just a little longer. Besides, once they got home they probably wouldnít have much time for mucking around so he wasnít about to let this opportunity go begging.

Maria gave Michael a strange look and he returned it with a cheeky smile. She wondered what he was up to now.

Max stopped in the doorway, his back to the couple. "Shit!" He cursed under his breath. He thought he was home free but from the sound of Michaelís voice he wasnít going to get off that easily for barging into his house again. Mental note to self Ė kill Isabel. Max reluctantly turned to face them. "What?"

"Whatís the matter Max. You look a little pale. I just wanted to know where Tess was, thatís all?"

Max saw that Michael was smiling and he realized then that he was having a go at him.

"Very funny Michael. Just remember who is king around here. I could fire your ass in a second." He said jokingly.

Michael just chuckled. "Your all talk Maxwell. So where is Tess anyway? Sheí s normally following you around like little a puppy dog."

"Tell me about it" Max thought. "Sheís gone to get Nasedo and let him know whatís happening. She should be back in a day or so."

"But weíve got his contact number right? Why didnít she just call and tell him over the phone?" Michael asked.

"I donít know. She said something about wanting to tell him in person and oddly enough she actually apologized for the other day at the meeting place. She said she wanted to give me and Liz time alone together to say goodbye and going to get Nasedo herself would do that."

"And that didnít strike you as even a little strange?" Michael asked thinking straight away that she was up to something.

"Well I guess it did, but frankly I didnít care. If it lets me be with Liz without having to worry about Tess constantly looking over my shoulder then I wasnít about to question her motives. Besides what harm can she do? Sheíll only be gone a couple of days and Nasedo wouldnít let her do anything stupid anyway."

"Maybe". Michael said thoughtfully resting his chin on the crown of Mariaís head. They hadnít let go of each other and she had her head resting against his chest.

"Itíll be fine. Donít concern yourself with it Michael. Besides knowing Tess, sheís probably still smarting over what happened the other day and wants to hide out for a while. Okay? Iím sure thereís no need to worry. Anyway guys, Liz is waiting for me so Iíll see you two later." And with that he turned back to the door and made his way out.

Maria was glad to have Michael all to herself again and she waited until Max had closed the door before saying. "Iím not even going to ask what that whole firing your ass bit was all about."

"Oh that." Michael said smirking. "I was just having a little fun with Max. Nothing important. Now where were we?" He said reaching down to nibble on her neck glad to finally be alone with her again.

"Michael?" She breathed.

"Hmm hmmm." He mumbled moving up to nip at her ear.

"What day is it today?" She asked.

"I think itís WednesdayÖ.why?"

She cupped his head with her hands and pulled his face up to meet her gaze. "That means weíve only got 3 days left." She was missing him already and he hadnít even gone yet.

"Then letís not waste a minute of it". He said bringing his hand up to wipe away the single tear now sliding down her cheek. Michael kissed her lips tenderly and took her hand before leading her back to the bedroom, a bedroom that had fast become their sanctuary.

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