FanFic - Michael/Maria
"The Cravings series"
"Imagined Frolics with a Muffin"
Part 5
by Raye
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Category: Michael/Maria
Rating: NC-17
Michael looked at the last apple and cinnamon muffins on Maria’s plate and then back up at her. She didn’t seem to be able to look him in the face anymore, as though she was ashamed of the unusual relationship that they had slowly been able to build up.

“What?” Maria could feel that he had been watching her for quite a while, and felt a little uncomfortable considering the dreams that she had been having about him recently.

“You going to eat that?” He pointed his fork towards the still uneaten muffin, a puppy-dog expression on his face.

Maria sighed and pushed the plate towards him, “Here, you eat it. I’m not hungry anymore.”

“Maria, is everything okay between us?” He had to know.

“Yeah, whatever…” She moved her chair away from the table and got up to leave.

“Maria. Please talk to me.” She had changed. She was becoming what he had been before she had come in to light up his life. He didn’t know what was wrong with her, but he intended to get to the bottom of it.

“I can’t right now. Need to get home. Mom’s back tonight from her trip down to Texas and she wants us to have a girl’s night in.” Michael could see that she was struggling to come up with a reason not to spend time with him now. Had he done something that frightened her that night that he had stayed over?

“Okay. Tomorrow then, outside school at lunch.” He wasn’t asking her, he was telling her that they would talk.

Maria was already dreading their little confrontation. What was she going to tell him? That every time she looked at him all she could think about was ripping his clothes off and throwing him to the floor of wherever they were to make love to him until he cried out hoarsely beneath her. She shook her head to rid herself of the image before anyone noticed the blush.

Michael grabbed at her arm as she walked passed his seat at the booth, but she deftly avoided him, and without looking up rushed out of the Crashdown, her cheeks flushed a deep rosy pink with embarrassment.

She drove home quickly, not caring whether anyone saw her breaking several traffic violations. She had to figure out what to say to him when he asked her about her strange behaviour over the last few weeks. She couldn’t tell him the truth, she was a ‘nice girl’ from a nice respectable background – okay, her mom was a little weird, but that didn’t make her a bad person, did it?

When she walked into the house the one thing that she noticed was the complete silence. Her mom was home, her bag and jacket were in the hall, but there was no other evidence of her being in the house.

She walked quietly up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom when she became aware of some noise coming from the main bedroom. She crept up to the door and peeked in through the small keyhole, gasping in shock and arousal as she watched her mother and Sheriff Valenti writhing around on the bed. Every once in a while a gasp escaped from her mother’s parted lips, and Valenti would grunt with every thrust of his hips into her.

“Great!” Maria mumbled under her breath as she moved away from the door, “just when I am trying so hard not to think about sex, I hear my mom, and Valenti.” She looked in the mirror above her untidy dresser and grimaced, showing her disgust at the very idea of her mom having sex.

Michael was having a hard time at home. Maria was ignoring him, she wasn’t even trying to explain her strange behaviour away, she just avoided all the questions that he tried to ask her. He looked thoughtfully at the muffins he had bought at the Crashdown, he had hoped to be sharing them with Maria, feeding her a piece at a time after a major make-out session, but that obviously wasn’t meant to be this evening, she was being so strange about something.

He picked up a photo of Maria taken last summer that he had managed to wheedle out of Liz, and stared intently at it, rubbing his fingers over every detail of her face before stroking them down over the image of her body, imagining that he was touching her skin. He remembered the day that the picture had been taken, they had all been at the beach together. It was the year after their secret had been discovered, and things hadn’t been going too well between him and Maria, in fact she hadn’t even been speaking to him.

He needed to find out what was wrong with her, and he knew just how to do it:

He rested his head on the table, all the while stroking his fingers across the smile on Maria’s face. Slowly his eyes closed and his breathing began to even out as he drifted into sleep.

The sounds in Amy DeLuca’s bedroom hadn’t let up for even a few moments to allow Maria the saving grace to sleep. In the end Maria was forced to pull a pillow over her head. Gradually her breathing slowed and she floated into relaxing slumber.

She was at the beach playing volleyball against Isabel, who kept on insisting on using her powers so that she and Alex had a fair chance of winning. Alex was enjoying spending time with his girl friend, and every time she looked in his direction he flashed a grin at her more powerful than a 200watt lightbulb. Maria enjoyed watching Isabel and Alex, they were so obviously in love with each other. She found herself wondering if they had done anything more than just casually make-out, but then she shook the thoughts out of her head and concentrated on beating the other side with her amazing capabilities.

She lay down on the beach to catch some rays, careful to coat all her skin with the really strong factor sun lotion that she had brought with her. She could feel Michael’s eyes on her as she stroked her hands over the firm skin of her legs and stomach, and enjoyed the attention that she was getting. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, but then things changed:

Something or rather someone was moving around in the house. She remembered that Sheriff Valenti was with her mom, and they had been having sex, but then she listened carefully and realised that they still were in the main bedroom doing whatever they had been for quite a while. She covered her head with the pillow again and snuggled her face into the cotton-covered mattress. “God, I so wish they would stop making so much noise.” She shrieked when she felt something warm brush against her instep, sending a shiver of fear and arousal jolting through her body.

When Maria felt lips brush against the tender skin and then a warm, wet mouth close over her big toe she thought she was going to shoot off the bed in shock. What the hell was happening?

Frightened that someone had broken into her room and was doing sinful things with her feet, Maria moved the pillow off her head and twisted round rather uncomfortably to see who was with her. “Don’t turn around, Maria. Just relax and enjoy.” Maria recognised the voice, it was Michael. What was he doing here? The last thing that they had said had nothing to do with ‘Michael, come to my place and lets screw like maniacs’. Well, it might have if she had managed to sum up the courage – he must have read her mind!

She felt something being rubbed into her skin, it was slightly crumbly and cool. When she felt Michael’s tongue smoothing up her legs and he groaned she realised that it must be food of some sort. How did he know that sex and food in that order, were always parts of her dreams?

“Michael, what are you doing?” She sighed as he slid his hands up and cupped her ass, before planting a light kiss on her taut butt cheeks.

“Kissing you. Am I that bad at it that you don’t recognise one when it happens.” Maria could hear the smile behind his voice event though he sounded rather petulant, like a child who had been told ‘no’.

“Not at a…” She stopped what she was saying when he parted her cheeks slightly with his hands and licked at her puckered opening with the tip of his tongue. Oh did she hope that he wasn’t going to stop what he was doing any time soon. His tongue was as wicked in real life as it was in her rather perverse and definitely frequent dreams about the gorgeous alien.

Michael licked his way slowly up her spine until he reached her neck, and was lying almost full length on her, his growing erection pressing into her thighs. He slid one hand beneath her, and began to burrow in the course curled hair that covered her pussy. She was wet and with every stroke of his fingers she grew wetter. He pressed a light kiss to the back of her neck before pulling her earlobe between his lips, biting it tenderly. “That’s it, blondie. Tell me what you want.” Her sighs and groans were enough to tell him exactly what she wanted of him, she wanted him to fuck her. Her movements were making him harder, making the erection more painful.

“I want…I want you to take me…Take me now!” She almost groaned when she realised how what she said must sound to his ears. She wasn’t a slut, she had no experience at all, but with every touch of his lips on her skin, with every brush of his cock against her thighs she wanted more than anything to feel him inside her.

These were the words that he was waiting for. He moved away from her for a moment, and stood at the end of the bed, his hands curled around his hard cock, pumping it, whilst watching her on the bed, her hand beneath her, her fingers thrusting inside her own pussy. He had never seen anything more erotic than Maria on the bed pressing her body down against her own fingers as she fucked herself.

Michael could feel the tightening starting in his balls and knew that he wouldn’t last much longer if he continued to stroke himself, so he stopped. He moved behind her and pulled her hips so that she was kneeling in front of him, her thighs slightly parted, her fingers still buried inside her, until he moved her, grabbing her wrist and stopping her from plunging her fingers inside her dripping pussy once more.

He moved his hips and brushed his cock against her ass a few times, then slid his cock along her sopping slit, lubricating it before sliding it inside her, inch by agonisingly slow inch she took him inside her, clenching the muscles of her damp cunt around him, squeezing until he thought he was going to explode.

With one full thrust he was fully inside her and she cried out, part in pleasure and part in pain as he broke through the barrier that proved her innocence. He reached around her and squeezed his hands around her bobbing breasts, at the same time he licked her neck, then sucked at the skin until she flung her head back and began to moan, bucking against his hips, pulling him even deeper into her before releasing him with a forward motion.

“Michael, I never dreamed it could be like this…” Her breath was laboured and she wanted nothing more than to get to the darkness that his cock inside her was offering, no promising.

Michael could feel his orgasm was close, and with one final thrust he came inside her, releasing his warm cum in her pulsing pussy. “I love you, Maria…” She spiralled into nothingness as her world disappeared.

The last thing that she remembered was Michael kissing her lightly on the back of her neck before slipping off the end of the bed, getting dressed and then leaving via the bedroom window.

“Goodnight Jim. I had a lovely evening.” Maria heard the voices dimly through her sleep-addled mind, and climbed out of bed, pushing the covers off her legs before scrambling across the room to look out the window whilst her mom and Sheriff Valenti said good night. She wished that her mom was quieter sometimes. She had been having such a wonderful dream.

“Strange, I don’t recall leaving the window open.”

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