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"The Way You Love Me"
Part 46
by LivE
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Summary: This is the third story in a trilogy that I didnít intend to write! It started with The Experiment and Finding Our Normal. For the most part, this story is about Max and Liz and how wonderful their relationship is!
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: It is advisable to read The Experiment and FON first, otherwise you're going to be a little lost. Also, if you like Tess, don't read this fic!
Still feeling unsteady from her bout of morning sickness, Liz sat among their luggage and waited for Max and Nick to finish the preparations for their trip down to Dendar. She smiled as Shilla came in and gestured for the girl to come sit with her.

"I wanted to give you something for being so patient with me and Max during this week." Liz handed Shilla a pendant with the Antarian royal seal that she had asked Max to make the night before. "I feel like you are the only Dendarian that I know and I want to thank you for being so nice to me. To us."

Shilla smiled broadly. "No, thank you! I really enjoyed working for you. AndÖ" She wondered how much she could say without giving offence. "And Iím really glad you two are happy again."

"Yeah, we are," Liz said, fighting off the flash of fear and hurt she felt at the prospect of seeing Maxís former bride again. He loves me so much, why canít I get past these irrational feelings? Maybe because Tess had once turned Max into someone even he didnít understand himself. What if she could do it again? Liz glanced at the bag carrying her new supply of Antarian royal clothes. It was in various designs, but all were either white with dark green markings or dark-green with white markings. She still hadnít worn any of it again after that time that Max had the flashback to his past life. She had an awful feeling that it was seeing her in those clothes that brought all that on. Seeing Max in such pain had been horrible, not to mention that it included him having flashes about Tess. And you, the little voice reminded her.

"Shilla?" Lizís voice stopped the girl from leaving the suite. "Would you be able to join us on Dendar? I mean come and help usÖ me, when we live in the Dendar palace?"

Shilla was nodding already, with shining eyes.

"Iím going to need help with the Dendarian customs andÖ and help with hiding my condition for as long as possible." Liz watched Shilla anxiously. She was taking a big risk in telling her about the pregnancy, but she would need Shilla if she stayed with them.

"Your-your condition?" Shilla had paled at the statement. She rushed over to kneel at Lizís feet. "Are you ill?"

"No!" Liz smiled down at her. "Iím pregnant."

There was utter confusion on Shillaís face for a few moments. "You mean youÖ you still have the baby inside you?"

Liz was frowning now. "What do you mean?"

"I meanÖ How far along are you?"

"About 3 weeks, why?"

"Oh! Well, then its not too late yet."

Liz was starting to doubt whether she did the right thing by telling Shilla. "Too late for what?"

"For harvesting the cells and putting them in a breeding pod." Shilla was looking at her strangely.

"You mean women on Dendar donít carry their babies inside them until they are born?"

"No!" Shilla exclaimed. "Itís much safer in theÖ" Her voice faltered. "You carry the baby the whole time on earth?"

"Yes." Liz put her hand on her stomach, seeing the faint glow moments before she heard Shilla gasp. Looking up at the girl, she said: "See, how can I not have this magic happening inside me? Itís a little part of Max and the feeling is incredible."

"Can Ió" Shilla reached out a hand and Liz allowed her to touch her tummy. The glow stopped as soon as Liz took her own hand away.

"It only glows for Max and I," she clarified when Shilla looked at her questioningly. "So, will you help me? But you have to promise me that no one else will know about this baby until we feel its safe."

"Of course!" A lot of things were starting to make sense to Shilla now. Carrying a baby inside you for such a long time! How strange was that? But if Liz and Max felt they wanted to do things this way as well as keep the baby a secret, she would honor their wishes.


When Max came back to the suite later, he found Liz in their bedroom, wearing the Antarian royal outfit of white with the dark green markings. She hadnít seen him yet and he grabbed onto the door, holding himself steady as another flash of Liz, sitting and writing in a book, tore through him. She was always alone in the visions, but he could hear his own voice, calling her Shani. He concentrated on steadying his breathing, but Liz had felt him and turned around, rushing to him as she saw his pale face.

"Are you okay?" She sounded distressed. "I KNEW this was going to happen again! But Shilla told meó"

"Liz, sweetness, Iím fine." He touched her face gently. "I just saw you again."

They walked over to the bed together and sat down. "Max, what is going on? Why does this happen every time I wear these clothes? Shilla told me there would be an official welcoming committee and that I should dress like the Queen. Iím sorry! I donít want to hurt you," she babbled.

Max caught her hand. "Shhh, Iím fine. No piercing headaches this time." He rubbed his thumb over her wrist soothingly. "I spoke to Nick and we still donít know why I see flashes of you. There was no one like you in my life that anyone knows of." He didnít want to tell her too much of what Nick had said about his marriage to Tess, it was too confusing. "All I know is that my marriage to Tess was arranged, so donít worry, okay?"

Nodding mutely, Liz leaned into Maxís shoulder. "Did-did you sleep with her when you were married?" The question was out before she could stop herself.

"I-I donít know," Max sounded defeated. "Iím sorry."

Liz crawled onto his lap and nearly choked him with her embrace. "No, Iím sorry. It was an unreasonable question. Iím so sorryÖ"

They kissed each other desperately, trying to assuage some of the hurt and uncertainty they felt. "Weíll be fine," Max whispered against her mouth, wishing he really were sure of that.


Meanwhile, Maria was driving everyone insane on the shuttle. She could hardly sit still and she was chattering incessantly about how she had missed Liz and "even Prince Charming" and WHEN were they getting to the other ship?

Michael was starting to feel like his head was going to explode. He was just about to yell at Maria when they felt the soft bump of the shuttle docking. "About damn time," Michael muttered under his breath.

The doors opened to reveal a smiling NickÖ and behind him, Max and Liz.

"Chicca!" Maria squealed, shoving everyone out of her way to fling her arms around Liz. The two friends hugged tightly, while Max went over to hug his sister.

"I missed you," he told her quietly.

"Me too."

Behind them, the luggage was being carried onto the shuttle as the Antarian Royal Family, their friends, Advisors and guards all filed onto the shuttle.

Maria, Alex and Liz sat together to catch up, as did Max, Michael and Isabel.

"You look like you belong in that outfit," Maria told Liz enviously. Maria was wearing a similar outfit in dark blue, but without all the markings and seals. Liz glanced at Max and he smiled at her encouragingly. The guys all wore Antarian clothes too, snug-fitting pants and vests with a billowing robe over it. Max was wearing the dark-green of his family, while Alex and Michaelís outfits were various shades of blue.

"This is SO bizarre!" Maria continued. "I cannot believe I am in some strange galaxy wearing a weird clothes. Hey, Iíve never even been out of the US until now." She glared in Michaelís direction.

Liz was bursting with her news, but she couldnít risk telling Maria while they were surrounded by strangers on the shuttle. Knowing Maria, her shriek would be heard in the neighboring galaxy. Shilla appeared at her elbow at some stage, bringing her a snack. Liz caught her arm when she turned to leave. "Everyone, this is Shilla. She will be working for us in the palace too. Shilla, these are my friends Maria and Alex."

Shilla bowed her head to them respectfully. "I have heard so much about you."

"Yep, the super humans from earth! Thatís us," Alex grinned at her.

Maria had been staring at Liz with narrowed eyes. "Whatís with the snacking? And why are WE not getting any food?"

"Oh sorry!" Shilla exclaimed, glancing nervously at Liz. "Iíll go get some moreÖ"

"No, itís okay." Maria waved at her. "I just really want to know why Liz is apparently eating enough for two nowÖ" Her eyes widened. "Oh. My. God! Liz Evans! You arenít!"

"Maria!" Liz tried to catch her friendís wildly flailing arms. "Shhh! Calm down would you." She shook her head at Max who was on his feet and ready to come over.

"Okay, what the heck are you screaming about Deluca?" Alex was staring between Liz and Maria.

Max had ignored Lizís indication that he should leave her to handle this and ordered the group of friends into a nearby little room. He grabbed Lizís hand and followed a still hyperventilating Maria, a perplexed Alex and an irritated Michael and Isabel into the room. After the door closed behind them, Max pulled Liz to stand in front of him. "We have something to tell you all," he stated.

Maria kept on muttering Ďoh my godí over and over until Michael put his hand over her mouth. "What is up with you two?"

Not really knowing how to say it, Max brought his and Lizís linked hands up and placed them over her stomach. He could see from the stunned expressions around the room that the glow had started up again.

"We are going to have a baby," Liz said softly.

"Wow." Alex was the first to say something.

"Lizzie!" Maria screamed again and launched herself at Max and Liz, only escaping knocking them over because Max braced himself against the door. She hugged them both tightly.

"Iím amazed that it took so long the way you two are normally at it!" Alex again.

Max was looking at Isabel. "Thatís great, Max," she finally said, sounding unsure.

Michael was another story altogether. "Iím sorry, but are you insane, Maxwell! I canít believe you would do this when you knew we might be going into war?"


"Whatever! You always do what you want anyway." He stormed out.

Holding Max back, Liz told him quietly. "Iíll go talk to him."

She found Michael standing in front of one of the windows. "Itís not his fault, you know. Itís mine."

As loudly as Michael always yelled at Max, he never could quite manage it with Liz. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, this was not planned and is entirely my fault. I lied to Max so he wouldnít find out and leave me behind."

"Why would you do that?" Michael sounded agitated. "How are we supposed to protect both you and the baby?"

"I-I just couldnít be without him, Michael. Itís selfish, but Iíd rather be here with him when something goes wrong, than to be safely on earth and maybe never see him again." She touched his arm tentatively. "Please donít make this harder for him. You know Max, he is already freaking out as it is."

He was silent for a long time before sighing: "Okay."

They turned around to find Max watching them from the entrance to the room. Liz walked over to him immediately and snuggled into his embrace.

Michael walked past and just said: "Congratulations, Maxwell."

Liz felt Max relax and press a kiss on her head. "That went well," he said laconically.


The crowd awaiting them on Dendar was huge. They disembarked the shuttle in a large building, with Max and Liz leading the way. Max held Lizís hand resolutely, not allowing her to slink away and blend into the rest of the group. The commander of their ship led them towards a group of formally dressed Dendarians that Max assumed was the King and his family.

There was clapping and singing and when they were a few steps away from the welcoming committee, a small blonde launched herself at Max crying: "My husband! Youíre back!"

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