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"The Way You Love Me"
Part 39
by LivE
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Summary: This is the third story in a trilogy that I didn’t intend to write! It started with The Experiment and Finding Our Normal. For the most part, this story is about Max and Liz and how wonderful their relationship is!
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: It is advisable to read The Experiment and FON first, otherwise you're going to be a little lost. Also, if you like Tess, don't read this fic!
Feeling like he would rather just ignore whoever was making a fuss at the door, Max pulled himself from Liz’s intoxicating embrace to get up and drag on his clothes. He gave Liz a hot look and leaned over to kiss her hard before whispering: "Don’t move, I’ll be right back."

She hated that he had to go, but she was sleepy again, so Liz decided that this would be a good time for a nap. She concluded that she would have to train her body to nap whenever Max was busy with other things, that way they could make the most of their time together. But right now, the release of all the previous week’s stress, the adrenaline rush of making love and the fact that she finally felt whole again caught up with her, making her eyelids droop before Max had even opened the door. She rolled over onto her side and pressed her face into Max’s pillow, inhaling his scent that still lingered there. Her life was perfect…

Max opened the door to find David and James, the two guards he had instructed Nick to post to Liz, trying to bar a distraught-looking Dendarian girl from entering the room. "What is going on?" he asked, watching the girl’s eyes widen in shock at his appearance.

"Sorry, Max," James said. "She was going on about some mistake and that she had to see you. We tried to keep her quiet until… until you could see her."

"That’s okay. What is the problem?" Max turned to the girl, who looked positively frightened now.

She bowed low before stuttering. "There has been a big m-mistake with y-your room. You should not be in here. T-this is for a normal p-passenger. My Commander is furious. I-I humbly apologize for this!" She was looking at him as if she feared he would order her execution for this mishap. "We need t-to move you im-immediately."

Max had trouble not grinning at the poor girl’s panic. "That’s okay, uh… what is your name?"

"Shilla," the girl whispered fearfully.

"That’s okay, Shilla, we were not inconvenienced." Max wondered what Liz would think of having to get up now. "Uhm… let me go check on my wife and I will tell you when we can move."

Shilla just nodded mutely, apparently struck dumb by the fact that the King was not angry about the whole mess. And boy was he tall and good-looking!

"Don’t worry, he is not you run-of-the-mill royal," James informed her kindly. In fact, he was probably the furthest you’ll get from one, he thought amusedly. Not that that made his people love him any less.

When he reappeared, Max told Shilla that Liz was sleeping, but that he would move her to wherever they needed to go.

It was a strange procession that trekked down the corridor. David and James, each carrying a bag, followed Shilla, who kept looking over her shoulder at Max and Liz in amazement.

Max had bundled Liz into one of his sweaters and wrapped her in a blanket, before picking her up and carrying her to their new room against his chest. She hadn’t even stirred, apart from mumbling his name and curling her one hand into his shirt.

The chamber they were shown to was huge in comparison to the one they had just vacated. It had a lounge (or audience room as the Dendarians called it), two big bedrooms each with their own bathroom, a kitchen and a dining area. Max took a quick glance at everything, but didn’t take much notice.

Shilla pointed at one bedroom. "That would be the Queen’s room and that one is yours…"

Max, James and David faltered at the statement. David and James stared at Shilla in mild shock and then looked at each other meaningfully. Max merely turned around towards "his" room.

Shilla hurried after him. "Ah… the Queen—"

"Stays in my room," Max informed her firmly. "Always."

James and David waited out in the lounge area for Max to put Liz to bed, but Shilla had never heard of such a thing so she followed Max into his room, not sure how to handle this. A man and woman sharing a room? It was not that Dendarians didn’t have sex or form a life partnership, but they didn’t share rooms for long periods. Or handle their mate like she was the most precious thing in the universe. They cared about each other, but it all took a backseat to intellectual undertakings.

Max put Liz on his bed gently, making sure that she is warmly snuggled into the blanket. He had to sit down by her side when she wouldn’t let go of his shirt. Smiling slightly, he rubbed the back of her hand until she eventually let go of his shirt and grabbed his hand instead.

Shilla felt awkward, like she was intruding on something. "Uh… Was-was there anything else you needed? I-I was assigned to be the your servant while you’re here."

"You could get us something to eat in an hours or so, if that’s possible?" Max felt weird ordering someone around.

"Yes Sir," Shilla said quickly, all too glad to be getting out of the room. After observing that tender moment, she realized that she better not be barging into this room unannounced in future.

David and James were grinning when Shilla came rushing out of the room. Lesson number one for the Dendarians, never try to separate the Antarian Royal Couple!

After taking their luggage from David and James, Max retired to their room as the two guards went back outside to stand at the outer door of the suite. He looked at his watch, seeing that it was late morning on earth. He had just joined Liz again when she reared upright with her hand to her mouth. Max, realizing she had no idea they were in a new room, jumped up and helped her to the bathroom.

Liz felt wretched, hanging over the sink until the nauseous feeling got better. Max was hovering behind her in concern, holding her hair out of her face with one hand and rubbing her back with the other. Somehow this all felt like his fault. If he hadn’t gotten her pregnant, she wouldn’t be this sick.

"Please stop, Max," Liz managed weakly, still bent over the sink. "You are upsetting me with those thoughts."

"No, Liz… honey please don’t get upset," he sounded worried. Good, Liz thought, otherwise he was going to drive me crazy with all the guilt-trips. "Is there anything I can do?" he was clearly lost.

"Could I get some crackers…" then she remembered that she was on an unfamiliar space ship, "or whatever they have that is similar? I don’t think I can stomach anything else right now."

"Sure," his relief in finally having something concrete to do was evident in his voice. Liz was still clinging to the sides of the basin when she felt Max hug her tightly from behind. He kissed her ear and murmured: "I love you." Then he was gone.

Wow, she felt like she had been put through a ringer. What happened to the woman who just about forced her husband to make love to her a few hours ago? After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she eyed the shower longingly and decided to try again.

The shower was in a different place! And much bigger than the one she got stuck in this morning. Liz wandered out of the bathroom in amazement. Wherever they were now, was huge. Apparently Max could not only do magic with his hands.

Walking around the suite in an effort to find Max, she rounded a corner into the lounge area and surprised a girl with short black hair that had just arrived from the outside.

It was Shilla’s first good look at the real Queen of Antar. They were about the same length, but the Queen’s hair was long and shiny and their eyes were a different color. Shilla thought Liz was beautiful, even in her disheveled and strangely clothed state. "Oh, you’re awake!" Shilla exclaimed and bowed deeply again. "I brought some food and bread like the King asked."

Liz felt like a complete idiot, standing there in Max’s sweater (how did THAT happen?) and being honored for being a Queen. And why does the poor girl look so worried? "Thank you very much!" Liz could feel that her bout of morning sickness had left her hungry. "What is your name?"

"It’s Shilla. And I am your servant on the ship."

Walking closer, Liz smiled at the girl. "Hi Shilla, I’m Liz. I hope Max wasn’t too hard on you about my food?"

Shilla was stunned. Who was this friendly woman? Shilla had heard a lot of stories about the Antarian Queen that found refuge on Dendar so long ago. And how sad it was that she was widowed so young. However, a lot of other things were whispered about the blonde Queen as well. How she was living it up and lording it over other people. Then they got the news that the King wasn’t really dead but was coming to the peace summit. And that he had another mate. And that the woman on Dendar wasn’t really the Queen! All this was really confusing to Shilla. Everything but the fact that this woman with the deep brown eyes was apparently completely different from the fake Queen. And that it was very clear that the King had no uncertainty about which one was his mate. Just wait till she told everyone!

"Where is Max?"

"He said that he had to go see Nick quickly and to make sure you had everything you needed."

This made Liz’s smile broaden. "Since you are going to be around Max and I often, I should warn you that he tends to go slightly overboard about me. It’s best to humor him, that lessens the tension considerably."

Shilla found herself grinning back at Liz instinctively.

"Do you think you can show me how to operate the shower? I desperately need to clean up even more than I need to eat." She didn’t want to tell the girl that the sight of the food was causing her nausea to return.

"Oh, yes! Of course," Shilla said eagerly. She rushed into the bathroom ahead of Liz and proceeded to give Liz a lesson in Dendarian technology.

"Tell Max I’m in here when he gets back," Liz told Shilla as she shooed the girl from the room.

Max arrived a few minutes later with Nick and Grace on his heels to find the tray of food still untouched in the dining area and Shilla hovering outside their room. He frowned at Shilla. "Where’s Liz? Why hasn’t she eaten yet?" He was past Shilla and into their room before she could answer him.

He found Liz in what could only be described as the "drying cycle" of the shower. No dirty towels will be lying around on this ship! Max was amused when she eventually emerged dry from the cubicle. "That is handy," he joked.

Not wasting time, Liz crossed the distance between them and pressed herself against him. Twining her arms around his neck, she told him: "And this one can take two of us at the same time…"

She had barely finished when he was kissing her. They had so much time to make up for…

Liz unbuttoned Max’s shirt and splayed her fingers over his warm chest, feeling his heart race under her hand.


She ripped his shirt from his pants and stood to tiptoe so she could deepen the kiss. Hunger unfurled in the pit of his stomach, but…

"Liz… Nick is—"

She ran her tongue over his, rubbing her nakedness against his bare chest. Fire exploded between them. Fire fueled by intense need and desire.

"Oh god, Liz…" His hands fell to her hips, lifting her until she could wrap her legs around his waist. Both of them groaned at the contact.

Max put his arm around Liz’s back and the force of his kiss arched her backwards. Liz had her hands in his hair, holding his mouth to hers, drinking from his lips.

Sanity returned gradually to Max, reminding him that there were people waiting for them outside. He pulled away from her, but nearly gave in again when he saw how puffy and moist her mouth was from his assault.

"No, Max. More," she tugged him back, "I need more."

The plea made his gut clench with desire. "Nick and Grace are outside. I asked them to come and talk to us about the pregnancy," he told her hoarsely while his eyes clung to her mouth.

Liz battled with herself. She was torn between her need for Max and her need to know about their baby.

In the end, Max made the decision for her. He gently extricated himself from her arms and legs and led her to their room. "Get dressed while I take a shower," he ordered her softly. His dark eyes swept over her hotly one last time before he left her.

A tearful Grace rushed over to her when she emerged from the bedroom. "We are SO happy!" she said as she hugged Liz impulsively.

"Yes we are," Nick added with a smile. "This is a wonderful time for our people. One we never thought we’d have again. You and Max are giving our race a great gift."

"Thank you," Liz replied, touched by their intense interest in her baby. She put her hand on her stomach, causing the faint glow to start up again. "Now I need to know everything about an alien pregnancy!" She grinned suddenly. "And how to handle an overprotective alien husband and father-to-be."

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