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"The Way You Love Me"
Part 1
by LivE
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Summary: This is the third story in a trilogy that I didnít intend to write! It started with The Experiment and Finding Our Normal. For the most part, this story is about Max and Liz and how wonderful their relationship is!
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Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: It is advisable to read The Experiment and FON first, otherwise you're going to be a little lost. Also, if you like Tess, don't read this fic!
Max slammed his book closed with a satisfying thud and rubbed his face tiredly. Finally, the assignment was done. What was wrong with these teachers that they could give such huge assignments so early in the year? But now, at close to midnight, he was finished and could go to bed.

Arriving in the bedroom, his heart softened as it always did when he saw her. She was sleeping on her side, one arm curled under her pillow and the other flung out to his side of the bed. So she would know when he joined her. His Liz. She had wanted to stay awake with him, so he had had to bully her to go to sleep earlier. She had been dead tired after working at the cafe until ten.

They were in their senior year now and have managed, with some assistance, to dodge any problems about their living arrangements so far. And thankfully their families and friends had gotten used to them living together here by now. Because it had been very awkward in the beginning to say the least. They had had a long talk with their parents when they got back from their "honeymoon" at the Evansí cabin near Carlsbad about how to handle their situation. Obviously the school authorities would not be thrilled about two teenagers living together, so the cover story was that Max was living in the apartment on his own, while Liz was still living in her room upstairs. With her parents. Max had been uncomfortable under the scrutiny of Jeff Parker in the beginning. After all, he was sleeping with the manís daughter practically under his own roof. But thankfully Lizís dad had not said a word. Max wished he could make Jeff believe that he would never intentionally put Lizís future in jeopardy. Itís not like he could really promise anything, accidents happen, but he could assure her dad that he was taking all the precautions possible to circumvent an unplanned pregnancy.

Their new home was a small apartment at the back of the Crashdown, no more than a bedroom, bathroom and living area with kitchenette, that had been given to them by Jeff Parker after their second bonding ceremony. But to him, this little flat was the world. It was home to him and Liz. It was home because she was here.

Pulling off his shirt and jeans, he slid into bed. Taking her hand, he kissed her knuckles lightly and smiled when she mumbled "Max". It was not very modern of him, but he liked knowing that she was his. In every way possible. Heart, mind, soul and body. He brushed her hair from her face gently and waited for her inevitable squirm towards him. They couldnít stop touching even when they slept. He would wake up if he couldnít feel her somehow. Of course, their friends would be gagging again if they knew this. Max and Liz got enough ribbing for not leaving each other alone when they were awake as it was. But everything theyíve been through to get to this place in their lives had made them treasure each moment together. Even when they slept.

He wrapped his arms around her when she instinctively snuggled close to his side. Mine. My Liz.

Max was warm. He always was. His body gave off heat even in wintertime and Liz had often wondered if it was another one of those alien things. Like making her see flashes when he kissed her or talking to her telepathically when things got intense for either of them. Liz was in that place between slumber and wakefulness as she pressed her nose into the place where his neck and shoulder met, breathing deeply. He smelled so... Max. And it was amazing that being allowed to do what she was doing now was still such a pure joy to her. Sharing a bed with Max, touching him whenever she wanted, sleeping in his arms all night. After all, sheís been doing it for longer than a year. "I love you," she breathed just before drifting off to sleep again. She needed to tell him that as often as possible. They have learned that every second counts...


"Honey, have you seen my bio book?" Max yelled over his shoulder. He was stuffing books into his backpack in preparation for another school day. Summer was over and they had been back at school for a month now. Liz was in their bedroom, and he heard her giggle at his predicament. She had such wonderful laugh and he was grateful every time he got to hear it. His life was glorious.

Liz had so many dreams about her future. Dreams that Max planned on helping her achieve. Studying molecular biology. Marrying him legally. Having that little boy and girl they saw during their bonding ceremony. But first he had to find his bio book and get to school on time.

"Liz! Please, I need--."

She appeared at his shoulder, holding his book out to him with a smile. "You left it in the bedroom."

He caught her around the middle when she turned to leave, pulling her back against him. They found each otherís mouths instinctively, kissing slowly and deeply, savoring the sensations that came with the kiss. Max sighed into her mouth: "Good morning."

Pulling away, Liz grinned up at him. "You are the best kisser, but Mariaís coming to pick me up in a few minutes." She stood on tiptoe and kissed him again. Maria needed some help with a history project and Liz promised to go with her to the library before school. Besides, it didnít hurt that she and Max arrived at school separately every once in a while. The honking of a car horn outside ended the kiss.

Max watched indulgently as Liz skipped into the bedroom to get her book bag. "Hey," his voice halted her on her way out, "I love you." That earned him a brilliant smile and another quick kiss before she ran out.


The school day was uneventful apart from a new teacher for historyÖ and Tess coming back to town. Liz nearly dropped her books when she saw the blonde in the hall for the first time. Tess had disappeared after they had broken Liz out of Timís clutches and no one had heard from her ever since. Now, a year later, she was unexpectedly back. And Liz had to wonder why...

However, all thoughts of Tess flew out of her head when her bio teacher told her just before lunch hour that she had been chosen to go to Boston for a two-week biology course. The school was sending her because she was the best biology student they had. She nearly hugged Mr Davies in joy. One of her dreams was coming true!

"When do I leave, sir?"

Her teacher smiled at the way she was dancing around. "At the end of the week. Iíve written a letter to explain to your parents. They will let you go, wonít they?"

Lizís smile dimmed a little. Two weeks without Max! "Yeah, Iím... Iím sure they would."

He gave her a thick envelope. "All the details are in there. We can talk again before you leave."

Liz practically sprinted down the hallway to find Max. He was waiting for her in front of her locker, smiling broadly. He obviously knew already that she had some good news. Liz felt a tug at her heart. She dearly wanted to go, but this would also be the first time in more than a year that she would be away from Max. She walked into his outstretched arms, feeling them wrap around her.

"Letís go talk in the eraser room." She stepped back from him and pulled at his hand until he followed her obediently.

Max locked the door of the little room behind them out of habit and waited for Liz to share whatever it was that had made her so happy. He had been overwhelmed by her joy earlier, feeling it crash over him in a wave.

Instead of talking to him, Liz launched herself into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him hungrily. She pressed herself against him, tasting and teasing his lips while pressing herself against his bodyís instinctive response to her. She had caught him by surprise, and he groaned as he cupped her bottom in his hands, lifting her more securely into him.

"Liz, sweetheart--."

She kissed him into silence. "Donít talk right now," she whispered against his mouth. "Kiss me, please." She silenced him with her lips again when he wanted to protest. "Just for a few seconds?"

So he gave in and slanted his lips over hers, thrusting his tongue inside deeply, tasting her. Tasting her surrender and her passion. And her desperation to be with himÖ completely. Now.

Max reared back, lifting one hand from her bottom to run his fingers over her cheek. He stared at Liz searchingly. Her happiness was still there, but he also sensed some sadness. "Whatís wrong?"

She clutched his shirt, torn between her joy at the chance she was getting and the sudden panic about being away from him for two weeks. Get a grip, Liz, she berated herself silently, itís only two weeks! "Iím going to Boston for a biology course. Itís sort of an honor. Because of my grades. But Ió"

Hugging her close again, Max felt his heart swell with pride. "Thatís great! Congratulations!"

Starting to feel her excitement return with his enthusiasm, she smiled against his throat. "Yeah, but MaxÖ Itís in Boston! And itís for two weeks!"

He pulled her face away from his neck, looking deeply into her eyes. "Yeah, and Iíll miss you. Terribly. But this is such a great opportunity and we have the rest of our lives together, Liz." But he knew it was his mind talking, not his heart. His heart didnít want her to ever be out of his sight.

Her eyes turned smoky and Max knew he was in trouble.

"Weíll just have to make up for lost time nowÖ right?" Her sultry voice slid over his senses like smooth chocolate. Sheís had a year to learn various ways to drive him crazy and there were many. He was so nuts about her it didnít take much from her to turn him on. He tried to be careful, really he did, but sometimes, like now, when she was wrapped around him and looked like she wanted to lick him from head to toe, he forgot whyÖ

He was wavering, she could see it. His eyes were growing darker, but his mind was keeping his hands from doing anything just yet. So, he needed a nudgeÖ

Taking his hand from her cheek, she pulled it down until it hovered just above her breast. Leaning in, she spoke with her lips just brushing his: "Quickly, Max."

His harsh indrawn breath only barely preceded his hand covering her breast.


Maria was giving Michael a lecture about eating healthy and trying to force him to eat some fruit out in the quad when she saw Tess coming towards them. Her mouth dropped open. "What is she doing back?" Of course everyone spun in their seats to find out what she was talking about. "Great! Real subtle, guys!" Maria mumbled, glaring at Isabel and Alex.

They all exchanged glances. No one was sure what to make of Maxís bride-that-never-was. She DID help them get Liz from that evil Timís house last year, but she had also been quite scathing about humansÖ and Liz in particular. Not to mention that she had tried in various ways to keep Liz and Max apart.

"Hey, guys!" Tess sounded cheerful.

Too cheerful, Maria thought. Last time they had seen her, she had barely spoken to them after Max threatened her with death if she ever came near Liz again.

"UhmÖ Hi Tess," Isabel slipped into her perfect hostess routine. "How have you been?"

"Hmpf," Alex muttered under his breath, "you mean WHERE have you been!"

"Iím great! Itís so wonderful to see all of you again." Tess waited two beats before asking: "So where is MaxÖ and Liz?"

Maria and Alex looked at each other. Here we go again!

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