FanFic - Crashdown After Hours
"The Passage"
Part 1
by Lori
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Summary: Max must help Isabel and Michael in an alien right of passsage...
Category: After Hours
Rating: NC-17
Isabel entered her room to find Michael pacing in a troubled way. As she walked further into her room she noticed Max gazing out the window with the same troubled expression on his face. Neither male acknowleged her presence. The ready smile she had at seeing Michael died on her face. Something was wrong. "What are you two being so gloomy about?" asked Isabel not really wanting to know the answer. She slowly put he purse on the chair and sat on her bed.

Michael jumped at her voice. He had not even noticed that she had entered the room. God, how he hated this. Max had seen Isabel pull into the driveway and enter the house. He just couldn't face her yet. How would she take this? Isabel shifted worridly as she went to sit on her bed. They were beginning to scare her. "Is something wrong?" she asked them. Michael and Max looked at each other and then finally at Isabel. "We need to talk to you Isabel," began Michael. The bad feeling was getting stronger as she answered,"Okay, so talk." Michael sat on the bed next to her and immediately got up to pace again.

Max walked over to Isabel and looked at her and then away. "Isabel, do you love Michael?" he asked her. Isabel looked at Max surprised. How had he found out about her and Michael? Had Michael told him without discussing it with her first? She looked at Michael and then at Max. She nodded her head slowly. "Yes, I do. Why?" Max closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "We have to talk then. Michael and I ...well really Michael decoded the book and it..." Max looked helplessly at Michael's back.

Michael heard Max's hesitation and turned around to face them both. "I discovered something I wish that I hadn't," he said. Isabel searched their faces and saw pain. Fear creeped into her as she asked,"What did you discover Michael?" Michael sat beside her on the bed and took her hand in his. Then he spoke," Max has noticed that we have become close. He asked me about it and I told him that I cared for you. That I loved you." When he looked at her,she saw the love he felt for her mixed with pain. "I told him that I want to marry you."

Isabel felt her heart swell at that. They had discussed this, but for him to admit it to Max must mean he was very serious about it happening soon. She looked at Max and saw his eyes close. Why? Wasn't he happy for her and Michael? Destiny was working out for them in an unplanned way. They had actually fallen in love. "I don't understand. Why aren't you two happy about us getting married? Max aren't you happy for us?" Isabel asked him. Max turned to answer her. "I am glad you and Michael have found each other Isabel. I truely am. But there is more that we have to tell you that is not good."

She looked at them and demanded, "Will you just tell me?! You are making this worse by dragging it out." Michael squeezed her hand and said,"While we talked about us, I decoded the book. It said that when couples of royal heritage on our planet want to mate, they must meet a certain requirement. If it's not met,when you conceive, then you will die in childbirth." Isabel looked as confused as she felt. "I don't get it. What do we have to do? Is it something bad?" Michael took a deep breath and answered,"The bride must have her viginity taken by the Ruler and Healer of our people."

Isabel laughed. She couldn't help it. She just laughed. This was crazy. Michael had just read the book wrong. But when she looked at their faces she did not see amusement. She saw dismay. Her laughter died. "This is a joke right?" She pulled her hand from Michael's and got up to pace the room. "You read the damn book wrong Michael! Max is not taking what belongs to you!" Michael got up and stopped her by grabbing her shoulders. "Isabel, this is not a joke. I wish it was. We both went over the book dozens of times. It is very clear. We even went to Tess and asked her to look at it. She has some memories of this, but not many. She wasn't happy about this reminder either. She and Kyle want to get married, and she has to tell Kyle that Max gets to take her virginity too." Isabel looked at Max. He was staring at them with something she couldn't name. "Say something Max! Tell him...tell me that the book is wrong, and that you are not going to do this. I'm not going to do this with you!" Max came over to them and said,"Isabel, the book said that I have to do this as King of our people with a strong healing power. If I don't do this with the royal females, then you will die trying to give birth to Michael's child. Do you want that to happen?" "You are talking about something that may never happen! And just how is having my virginity taken by you supposed to keep me form dying in childbirth?" She leaned into Michael's arms and held on to him. Max said,"Something in me when we...come together...makes it safe for you to deliver children. I don't know why." "I know you are not my brother, not really, but you are not taking my virginity. That is Michael's right. My gift to him."Tears began to fall down her face as she buried her face in Michael's shirt.

Michael stroked her head, and held her tightly as he held back his own tears. "Isabel, I don't like this one bit, but I'm not having you die. We don't know if human birth control will work on us, and I'm not taking a chance with your life.I can't be married to you and never make love to you...that's to hard now," said Michael. Isabel began to cry hard now. "I don't care if we don't have children." A lie. She wanted his children more than anything. Please don't let this be happening! "I'll be okay. I'm half human, that should negate the alien problem right?" she said trying to believe it herself. They looked at her sadly, and shook their heads. "This has to be done Isabel. No other options. And Isabel, it has to be soon. You've reached the premating stage, and soon will be fertile. It must be in the next few days," said Max. "I'm sorry." He left the room and went to his own, leaving a devestated Michael and Isabel alone.


It was going to be tonight. Her stomach hurt her so bad ,and she had thrown up from nerves twice. Max was going to take her virginity tonight. She hated being an alien! All it had ever done was be a curse for her. Except for bringing her Michael.

Michael sat down on her bed and brushed her long blonde hair in slow strokes. His hand shook from nerves. He hated this! He hated putting her through this just so he could have sex with her...have children with her. He had come over earlier, and he had given Isabel a bath. He brought her favorite bubble bath ,and shampoo and, filled her tub. He had lit candles, and played her favorite CD. He had undressed her slowly, and helped her into the tub. Michael had washed her hair using a sensuous massage on her scalp. He had soaped her body until it had glistened with bubbles. Her body had responded to his touch automatically, after all, they had done everything but actual intercourse in the past. He had wanted to save that for their wedding night. But now he wouldn't even have that. Michael had dried her off and toweled Isabel by patting her skin ,and hair gently. He had rubbed lotion into her skin , and brushed her hair dry. She was relaxing. Max and Michael had agreed to make this as easy on Isabel as possible. On all of them. Michael would prepair her, and Max would deflower her.


Max entered the room wearing only his pajama bottoms. He took in the sight of Michael brushing Isabel's hair while tears fell silently down his cheeks. Isabel sat still, her eyes shut, but tears also silently falling down her face. He cleared his throat to let them know he was there. "Uh, you guys just let me know when you want to do this." Michael quickly dried his face, and stopped brushing Isabel's hair. "We're ready." Isabel stiffened. Now. It was going to happen now. She nodded her head, and opened her eyes. "Okay." She stood up. Michael came to her and took her into his arms. He kissed her with lips that were strong, and yet gentle in her touch. His tongue dove into her mouth , partaking of her delicious mouth. Isabel returned his kiss with everything she had in her. Michael was her life. He was giving up his chance at her virginity so she could live giving life to their children. She would not let him down.

He slid the straps to her gown down over her shoulders , leaving a trail of kisses on the skin it caressed going down. Her breasts wre revealed to him and he cupped them gently and massaged them. Her nipples had been perk at his kiss. Now they hardened further as he leaned down to suckle first one and then the other. She threw her head back and moaned as she ran her fingers through his hair. Michael's hands slid the gown to the floor revealing a naked Isabel. His hands ran down the length of her,caressing her hips and bottom. One hand snaked to the front of her and down to her moist passage. She went weak in her legs at this and he caught her as she lost her balance. He laid her on the bed , and her legs parted for him. He ran his fingers in and out of her slit, going deeper each time. She moaned his name as her hips came off the bed in an orgasm. Michael kissed her and encouraged her to reach orgasm again. She came a second time, crying out his name again and clinging to him. He kissed her as she came down from her heated high. He slipped his fingers from her and stood up, turing to look at Max. Then he left the room.


Max had sat in the corner of Isabel's room ,and watched as Michael had brought Isabel to orgasm. He had felt himself leap at his first sight of Isabel's body. He knew she was beautiful, but had never dreamed she looked like this. His body had hardened quickly at her reaction to Michael's touch. He had to still his own hand from relieving himself of his ache. Now he watched as Michael went to Max's room and closed the door. Max then went to the bed and looked down at Isabel, who was still coming down from her orgasm. Max stepped out of his pajama bottoms, and kneeled on the bed.

Isabel's eyes flew open at the shift of the bed. She had barely been aware when Michael had left her, but she came fully aware now that Max was on the bed. Naked. Isabel looked down and saw Max's throbbing penis and felt fear. Fear of the unknown and fear that her relationship with Max and maybe even Michael would never be the same. Max saw this and stopped, knowing it for what it was. "Isabel, I'm going to try not to hurt you to much. Just remember I love you. I love both of you." Isabel nodded and the tears began again anyway. Max came close to her, taking her into his arms,and began kissing away her tears. He moved slowly towards her mouth and pried it open with his tongue. She was startled at first that he would do this. She had thought he would just enter her and get it over with. But he was going to make love to her. Max was going to make love to her. And the thing was , she was enjoying his kiss. He felt her respond. Her mouth opened more to him, and her arms went around his neck, caressing it along his hair. Max then moved his hand to her breast and kneaded it and then the other. He lowered his head to one and sucked gently and then tugged on each nipple, sending shivers through her. He moved on top of her and she felt his penis hard on her stomach. She moved her hands along his muscular back and shoulders in circles. He placed his knee between her hers trying to spread her legs. She tried to keep them closed. "Isabel, you have to open up to me. You have too." "I don't know if I can do this Max. I just don't know if I can." Max lay his head on her shoulder and thought. Finally he asked,"Do you want Michael to come in and stay while we do this? Kinda like he is the one doing this with you?" He really didn't want to do it that way, but if it would help her then he would. He also didn't know if Michael would do it. Isabel thought about that. That would hurt Michael greatly she knew. To have to watch Max make love to her, she just couldn't do that to him. "No, I can't hurt him anymore that I already am." Max nodded and again placed his knee between her legs which she opened this time. He placed himself at her opening, and then he kissed her and entered her swiftly and deeply. Her cry was muffled with the kiss. The pain was swift to come, and also to go. She began to move with Max as helped her find a rhythum. He thrust into her over and over going deeper each time. The sensations filling them both rolled over them in waves as their orgasms were mutually reached. They both screamed out their pleasure as Max's life fluid flowed from him into her coating her womb prepairing it for the lives it would eventually carry. They held each other as they regained their normal breathing. Then Max moved off of her, and lay beside her.

"Are you okay Isabel?" Isabel was quiet for a minute and then she said, "Yeah I'm okay." Then after a minute she added,"Thanks Max." Max smiled a small smile. That had been really amazing. He had never had sex before and this was just awesome. If it was this good with Isabel, then when he had it with Liz, whom he loved more than anything, it would be amazing. Liz. He had not told her about this. He would have to though since he would have to do it with Tess to,and Kyle was sure to tell her. He got up off of the bed and put his bottoms back on and headed to the door. "I'll go get Michael."

******* Michael sat on Max's bed and cried silent tears. He wished he had never wanted to find out about their alien half. Look what it had brought them But then if he hadn't, Isabel could have died giving birth to his children and then he wouldn't have wanted to live. He heard them scream. They were done. He heard the pleasure in both of their screams and the tears fell harder. Max always was first. Even in this he had been first. Michael would feel like Isabel's second from now on when it came to sex. Would she be thinking of Max when they made love? Would she compare them? Max was always better at everything, so why not this too.


The door opened and Max entered. Michael quickly swiped at his eyes, and stood up. Max stood by the door and seemed unsure of what to do. "Uhm, Isabel needs you," he said. Michael nodded and started towards the door. As he came even with Max he stopped and asked,"Is she okay?" Max nodded. He had seen Michael crying and knew why. He felt badly for him. Max couldn't help it that it had to be him that had been Isbael's first. He knew Michael knew this but he hurt anyway. He hoped their friendship was not ruined by their alien passage rite.


Isabel lay on the bed looking at the ceiling, tears falling from her eyes. She heard Michael enter the room ,and she held her breath. Would he still want her now that Max had had her? It was one thing to say the deed had to be done , and another for it to actually be done. Michael knelt by the bed and looked at her tear stained face. Max had said she was okay, but she didn't look it. Had he hurt her badly? "Isabel, did he hurt you? Are you hurting?" Isabel heard the pain in Michael's voice and turned her head to him. She saw his pain and the tears came harder. She cupped his face with her hand. "No, he didn't hurt me was just for a minute. I'm crying because it wasn't you." She closed her eyes and the said softy,"I'm crying because now you might not want me." Michael's heart broke at her anguish. He loved her so much, and she thought that he didn't want her. He kissed her lips, and stroked her hair softly. "I love you Isabel. I'm just sorry it had to be this way." He hesitated, "I'm just worried that you won't want me, that you will...will want to be with him." Isabel was shocked and touched. Michael, I only want you. Know one else. Make love to me." Michael shook his head. "No, I still want to wait for us to do this on our wedding night, but I will love you."

He pulled off his shirt and pants and pulled the covers from her body. He kissed his way down her body until he came to her moist passage. He opened her thighs and flicked his tongue over her clit. Isabel moaned and ran her finger in his hair holding his head to her. She moved her hips as he dove his tongue deeply into her, eating of her fragrant honey. She bit her lip as he teased her clit and sucked it until her bud was hard. Then he pressed his tongue to her, and she screamed as she came hard against his mouth. Michael licked her until she was cleansed of her juices. He crawled back up to her and kissed her deeply. Isabel slid her hand down to his hardened organ and gripped it gently but firmly as she began to pump it along its' length. Then she kissed her way down his chest until she came to his throbbing organ. She took him in her mouth and sucked and licked his length. She fondled his balls as she swirrled the head and lapped the droplets of cum that began to emerge. Michael placed his hands on either side of her head and pumped into it. He came in her mouth over and over until he was spent , moaning her name as he came. Isabel came back up to him, and they kissed and held each other. "I love you Michael." "I love you to , Isabel."


Max was lying on his bed when he heard Michael and Isabel's moans. He smiled to himself. Everything was going to be okay with the two of them. He hoped it would between the three of them. Now he just had to worry about Kyle and Liz.

The End

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